What a crazy Saints win!

Monday, October 16th

The Saints beat the Lions in a crazy game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome yesterday! What do you want to say about the Saints’ up and down performance?


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Official on this weather the weather finally change is going to be chilly tonight and chilly and windy tomorrow morning that's gonna be nice tomorrow and a nice tomorrow night and the following morning. So finally we get a break from the heat waves in fact we're actually gonna be lower today than that average we've been above average for a long long time so. Yeah this is nice and L issue comes from behind 220 had nothing to beat Auburn of Washington game ended outlook off from was tenth ranked. And Ella she was now pop back into the top 25. And Ella she's got a big job and SEC schedule coming up to travel to hold miss this son next weekend. And big exciting time trailer should they looked really really good at and I just a line like the fact that they they came back from such a deficit says a lot about a team. And then the saints and you crazy crazy game yesterday will will start talking about that. In just a few minutes I wrote an op Ed blog for our our web site. And it's our it's titled National Anthem. And what I saw in the Mercedes-Benz superdome on Sunday. And I also put out on a video post today our our daily video post on FaceBook. Hunt every every real radio and just screwed on here. Is about. The misunderstanding. And the timing of the players kneeling. And the beginning of the moment of silence in the showing us a picture of slain in a PD officer Marcus McNeill. On defense got the wrong idea of why. A some of the players were we're kneeling and that's a very typical of the world that we live in Paris today because of the timing of that was just really. Really offer for for both sides because I just don't police it. Any of the saints wouldn't ever in fact that the saints themselves told us. That. They came up with the idea of having a moment of silence as the players wondered moment of silence for officer McNeal. Out of respect for him his family. So they're not gonna Neil let's say if they asked for that. And I thought it was really interesting that I did not see maybe I missed something but I did not see or hear. Our reporters asking. The players about their intent to Neil. And aside. Stood in the dome right for the National Anthem was gonna be sung I watched a lot of players kneeling. And then the fans started to boo and it seem like they did the boos got a little bit louder win. And they showed declared the picture of top officer McNeal. And here's what here's what it sounded like him don't. At this time we have to. Actually went saints and Benson family. To observe a moment of silence to recognize and honor the memory of officer Marcus McNeill. The New Orleans Police Department who was lost to us in the line of duty Friday morning. My statistics are getting out. Mean they're well qualified this point. Yeah so I did not misunderstand why they were white were nearly but it it has it seems like their recess on this idea that they were somehow pro testing. Recognition or thirty were they were protesting against the police even in light of a slain police officer which. Is apparently not the case. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601. A seventy. Perry coach 5042601. A seventy and are taxed is a 7870. So here's what it sounded like when Kenny of a car recovered the fumble in the end zone. And as he fumbles the football and the saints while. And there's still pointed toward the bottom of the bottle because like Kenny Britt back will come away with the football. Three defensive touchdowns it was amazing and Mark Ingram ran like a beast. Two receivers to that side. You're saying her second and and for the touchdown. After the game Shawntae Dade college it was one crazy game obviously that crazy games. Credit or defense for point one points. That was significant. Not been involved in a couple games were. Do you go from them a big lead in the New York it would have been should 2002 walker gaming in San Francisco when. We did enough things. In a similar fashion in this game a punt returner or punt coverage stunk. Whose four. Adopted turn over the last in the second half of poor. Do a lot of dumb things proportionally or defense a lot of good things. That that's true but you know the defense did did some bad things too I mean look remember the saints have a 35 point lead. And it's. It got him to a seven point lead I mean how in the heck did that have I'm sitting in the dome and I'm I'm taking my notes and I'm I'm I'm getting that six feel. I'm getting that sick feeling that oh my god you can what Disco when they but the but they didn't which is good. I mean the offense came back and play when he needed to play and the defense came back and did what they had to do. And it was just swat balls on evolved out of the air slime balls on a staffers hand awesome to watch here's where Drew Brees said after game. Collison. It's cut confidence builder just in all of it you know hey there. He had a huge lead and all of a sudden they they cannot. Scratches claw their way back game and and and you know plays need to be made and and the team makes them to win the game. Those are always big moment. It's Perry Kim Jordan tipping the Stafford pass Carter himself ran in front gives his first career touchdown three touched despite the defense. And a final score was 52. To 38 and it was less than five minutes left a colleague a call for interference call which I incite followers are kind of kind of entity caller could've gone either way and the lines went down to the saints 35. Staffers pass then tipped by Kenny a car intercepted. And that's when the the states 145 reflect kind of you know little over four minutes and thirty seconds so much of the game so. You know over all the saints did the they had to do but there were times when. I yeah it got really scary and after the gamers listen to the other post game show. And don't Bobby Hebert said on it matters how you win and and I agree with that and and carry her. Drew Brees actually created talked about how look we can't let games get disclose. Anymore because they had such a huge lead and and while I'm optimistic. It it was a little scary dead you know one thing that you know fans and and people have recognized for a long time is. The lack of killer instinct so I'm look I'm thrilled the saints won and I am I'm proud of the way they want. Part. You have to recognize steps. In all honesty a 35 point lead. I'm diminished U turns to seven points or one point and that's something to address glad they won that they need to address that David John WWL. It's good I'm good. And so the way they want them on the rupee was referring gold twelve and full bleed through yeah I didn't understand about this game but the Baghdad. Thank Italy want to leave and when they came upon the pocket that 162. If ship in. Why mr. green. For the believe that the team it is Latin clock down ship and it and Lebanon and then again at one time remains to restoring complete break. Even on how you timeout could you not think the things that don't well. Or is time management because the would now. Whining that pot now want to be able to keep your feet sixteen effect that you went into Greek ship anabolic and ignorant about it and understand. Comdisco edit wine. And I feel city going to well. Man I hope you're right David and and they they certainly look a lot better than after the first two games and you know Drew Brees was right after the first two losses when he said. He said all right you know look we're we're closer than you think. He was right about then. When my god how great was it to the falcons were ahead of the dolphins. They lost. How great was it being I almost feel sorry for the falcons. I said almost. They choked again. And next week. They played the New England Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl in Foxboro. I think he'll rack up another lost then so what we're pretty good shape I'm skill will be right back on WWL. Hell yeah. Well yeah yeah. And so NFL layman that don't yesterday. Pal yeah. Sure felt good also let's head of the conversation. The on the protests continue around the league in the player that started at all Colin effort nick has filed the lawsuit against the NFL claiming the NFL owners. Colluded to keep him out of the leak. That means they all got together to keep him out of the week. And by him for not having any firsthand information I was got the impression that these were decisions stand the individual teams were making. About what they don't they wanted him on the team and didn't Colin cap and cast to offers. Did they have an offer to go to what team but he wanted more money. There wasn't enough money. So he he turned down an offer to go to an NFL team. I mean that would make this lawsuit. Null and void in my opinion. And then. Didn't he have an opportunity go to another team but he wasn't going to be the starting quarterback. So we Heidi how do you claim if you had offers to to play how do you claim but there was this collusion. Against shipped half of Slidell Larry here on WWL. Grade school that is one thank you but man does report facts and not beard off and to your personal. Personal life whatever you're up like a radio so you probably able to such. And number of people get them off now. It's what this is our guy out of the way out CEO. Just the fact. Appreciate that. Well Larry I appreciate the under the comment I guess he's some alluding to the fact that I never talk about who we're gonna vote for. I guess that's what he sees hard Americas and again I I don't I'm I mean I have my personal favorites and I know who like our new poll I'd vote for. But the society that does that I announce it has been my policy really don't throughout my career custom shell Matt Howard welcome to Debbie WL. You. Get off on it died at the data room. And the Oakland game back and running back and beat this thing a blood on me point out the bottom. Just one did you come on that and it's option that would make of that capital of the term unemployment game and not our guys came down with the football and that was down. And Denmark where hands on the ground. And it really haven't changed the complexity of the game and that's when Nam. He dropped one though what pseudonym or about prop the football when he received the and in camera runs. Com Ingram well like you know and it just like current game and then. We're kind of potential freak out mode when that happened to intrude into doubt and in the end zone and he just can't give you can give. And so what he means that I'm omelet. His own war began and the second was achieved this offer then. Well he's he's he's human and they're going to be a different moments in different game recently wrote. A while but it. Look look at how many times we slotted down the passage from Matthew Stafford and on third down and stopped well you know sometimes you and look I'm I'm not defending breeze but it conspiracy to breeze on sometimes you don't know whether or not I'll breeze through a bad pass where the receiver was not in the right place. You know that one world and that. He threw ball sort of right hand side because the role of Ottawa and aren't material for now but it's just the bed this and we're real. Top 401. Bump and it's finally finally I don't. I don't I'm getting lighten. I don't get this feeling that. Just. You know the Monroe. And so option. I doubt on the ground guy is on between them and fallen on the ground. And then were put out. A look if you're on ground and you thought you. Young. And they were there were definitely. You. Are and appreciate the call I'm never I never thought to Drew Brees. Freaks out. If freak out penalty was freaking out to yesterday. I'm as excited as I was with the wind. When you when you to get a text a moment ago and if I protections for sit. And I guess this is just part of this always attack. Always find a reason to criticize. So I shall we deceased I'd never had a 35 point lead. I guess they never had a 35 or leave when it was 45 to ten. In the third quarter so they never really had a 45 of 35 point lead. Hello. I mean seriously. Addicted people sit around and just look for reasons of its recent. Estimates are out. But I get the feeling that it would it be is lately things turn complaining into a spectator sport recreational sport. Place at that can take a leave early you should see some of the stacks of candy and share with you but really this whole business about Colin Gabbard excellently NFL I think is bogus. Chris Tucker we Mark Geragos is the attorney who were Michael Jackson's journey he's been the attorney for lot of high profile. A celebrity so you know maybe he's doing it for the pro Bono policy I don't know. But I just. I just entered the societies is bogus I mean he would have to prove it to mean that would have to be a paper trail between all the teams. But it seems to me that the teams have collectively decided to make this decision that they don't want collar Catholic but then he was offered I thought two positions and turn one down because it was going to be the starter and one because of the money. I'm scoot moving back. And yet most of the game assays were on taking care of business here's our party general opinion poll art it was a great win. But are you more upset with the offenses overall productivity. Or the defense is a lapses. That led to losing a 35 point lead. 67%. Say more upset no 67% say upset. Not me it was a win maybe. 33% say assembly that he says his lapses that loss to 35 point lead to 17% say it's seventy offense overall productivity. I thought there were times in the offense it with a with a big lead the offense got predictable. And John. It just seemed to be protecting. The lead in any third Bobby your dues talked about this or org or deep. Talked about there's so after the game did he seem like they had gone into this mode of playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win and I don't care what the latest. If it's not. Very very very late in the game you've got to keep doing what you did to get where you are. And I did not get complacent with a lead us from New Orleans Andrei you're on WL. They kudos go good. Armed and of course urgency. Homes. Chair and it would all reporters and decline mean in the accurate oh with a would be all they didn't bring them in the work and then with the ravens. Home. I Vietnam declined to bring him in there that is girlfriend made a comment about right to a changing orange. Yeah I have yet that was kind of I don't think for prefer her to do you know what I'll do is all on the I'll look a look into that Kazaa a wanna perpetrator and if it's not true but I I got the impression all right my impression has been that he did have fall for pretty. He wasn't happy with with the offer. But I'll aren't until chicken and Andre. I appreciate the cult and for a man to jail captain Mike welcome to WWL. Based group. A caller called in about that place that interception. And he was absolutely right. That particular route that the decode crew. That. Flagged for a long for. You look for stuff that we're. Well you know there were some there were some bad calls and I thought the bad calls really went against the saints and you know I I think there are teams whether officials one who admitted to or not there's no doubt in my mind that some teams get preferential treatment. Over the change and I don't think the saints give preferential treatment. Format. Never seemed worst call that a calls we get our own homes then. I mean that that particular place. Like receipt was down. We contacted he had complete control that I didn't have on the ball. So even after he was down and many just grab it after the fact. It's on all this other guy came on the team needed. TV refereeing and improve. You know got a complete. Whole scenario of going and keep the ball at the effect of marijuana is already on the ground. He actually made second move in on the ground down and have good ball. So you know I sometimes. Do depletion. They blatantly wrong. Yes sometimes I I get the feeling that did that deep down inside and I have seen this not just with the saints or with other other teams as well. It's almost like officials have this sub conscious sense of how the game should end up. And then to the the saints with the season that they have had so far they shouldn't be beating the lines like that. And so does that on a subconscious level does that feed into decisions that referees make. I couldn't argue with that I think we get the worst calls home field and worse than anybody. I assume that overuse. Stimson and allow launch on patent. Edwards and to rip Mike you weren't even. Against a strange. And the more obstinate. That particular paragraph. He. Needs to retire. Captain Mike and I Byron referred him appreciate the Coen yeah amino a lot of them need to retire but I really. You know I think as as human beings we tend to be driven by what lies deep in our sub conscious. And we charge things and make decisions based on that in our lives and in the lives of officials and I think that they collectively have this idea of the deep inside of a public game should be going and humbled and should not be losing like this and I think that. I think that dictates. How they make some decisions. Because there are some really bad bad to say if you look at certain quarterbacks. Who get better treatment than other quarterbacks. And I also there was a study. May be back in the eighties. It was all about. I'm officials calling. Bad bad. Bad calls against teams they wore black or had blackened their uniforms compared to those and blue. And if you had blowing your uniform. Then you're less likely to get our call for as many penalties if you had black eyed I mean I don't remember where that wants but I remember reading something that needs to the uniform. Gave a suggestion. Subconsciously. To the to the officials I don't know when that's still true now the offense is special teams gave up fourteen points so you don't think about that. If you're Arnold stay with a suns coach will be right back on WL. Yeah I don't think the players were in fact the players asked for a moment of silence for a slain and a PD officer Marcus deals so I don't think assays were kneeling. Utter disrespect for that moment of silence and it appears that that's what some of the fans thought from Metairie Patrick here on WWL. I Asia dispute that's a great week in and Lou you know all about the other LSU game that was the hottest game back ever there now I'm. Was totally totally worth it. I was hoping to tooling would have done better down in Miami but they after they lost by a telegram from wanna I wanna come back real issue. It was absolutely electric it was amazing bit I mean come and things and there are players that opinion. But I. I have an opinion in its back I don't care. If the saints win every single game one point. It's long they went every single game I don't care I'm reap it is just part one point oh women's. I I I I agree with that but I think the point that Bobby was making an appointed I guess I I've I touch on when I I I talk about what to move of the lapses. Is she you know you get concerned that because there have been so many times that they have little lead go. That if there's something to addressed and they need to address that because going from a 35 point lead to a seven point lead mean that's something to to acknowledge. Yet to answer. It absolutely but hey. If you win every single guy about one point oh yeah you've won every single thing. Totally agree that Patrick. I hear is some another nice moments from the game yesterday afternoon. Isn't a shotgun in her highness right here. Brees retreats well. You hear kind of shallow cross takes at home. Manny stretched out on that winning got a touchdown protect thought doctor Dan I got time for a fast comment. I'm good. Tiger I. Love it. Major. Yeah. I endured. Game yesterday. Oh would commented on satellite and they're never. Amazon's. Here's Greg good to see enter. That would Ku. And the do Rio a man married now. Be there. Oh yeah it was what it was it was nice to see their doctor Dan I got to leave it there appreciate the call I if you do wanna join us. Well actually out of when I'm I'm not going to be able to squeeze in a call between now the end of the show. And I take was going to be fun listening to Roger Bobby Hebert my 22 EA line from the silver slipper casino on the beaches of Hancock county Mississippi. The second issue comes up at 4 o'clock. The saints coach you sure 630 was Sean Payton followed by a secondary coach Aaron Glenn. And then it's a 730 Monday Night Football the calls and the titans. Will have a lot to talk about two tomorrow and I'll I'll I'll tell you one thing that I do wanna talk about tomorrow it's. It's about something we talked about last week but there's so on new information domestic companies to be discussed I'm still hang on we'll be back into the if you don't.