What is the craziest Thanksgiving disaster that has ever happened to you?

Wednesday, November 22nd

Do you dine in or out for Thanksgiving? What's open, what's closed and what's your option for a memorable feast? What is the craziest Thanksgiving disaster that has ever happened to you?


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It it has made Bob Mitchell the real Robert didn't force go to in the afternoon talking about everything Thanksgiving did you have a a favorite Thanksgiving recipe you wanna share with us. If you're friendly goes something special for Thanksgiving may be. A Thanksgiving tradition. Called me at 260170. Shared with me. And I never had one of these Thanksgiving Turkey disasters. You know something something crazy happens like he put to Turkey. Put that happened he went up but the Turkey in the oven. And let it sit there for a couple of hours and didn't realize that in turn the oven on 260187. Let me read a a couple of quick text messages. 260170. Text mate at age 7870. Right before. We took the break I was talking as somewhat more public frying. A Turkey but it wasn't loyalists. Turkey friar. And a couple of text messages about that where did and you've never heard or seen in oil was friar vaguely remember taste just like fried Turkey that you have cooked in oil. Now I have a couple of messages that war. Responding to that. I don't care what they cited I'm not saying this a brilliant xmas John Carroll what they say. Oil those fraud and is not frying it comes out similar but it's not the same thing. And that's the way my mind thinks if you large cookie did an oil how could it be Friday. We hope to get a whole conference Morrison a little later on and we'll ask him the same question. And here is one that's is. I'll loyalists. Oil as Turkey Fryer a good but nothing beats a real fried Turkey now lie I'd like fried Turkey. But I don't like fried itself. I do the smarts seeing. I'm by that I had a couple of touch most used people want and aware of and maturity. There is little little restaurant in Slidell and Robert wrote I don't think. I don't think you could still get one you might be able to go by today and and beg a navy. But I'm not really sure and and that's where I get my fried Turkey from about Tora did much for the merlot falling dressing. And boy everybody the pom pom. Come busting myself now everybody thinks that we do the dressing on home. Well just we do we pick it up from there and heated up Sylvia I guess we are doing and all let's go to Mike Mike. You have a disaster of Turkey disaster you wanna talk about. Yes sir yes sir one thing happened that sure Haley what my mama my mama Apatow OG. And it in law it is an effort they are able. Region that god in the backyard gate bridge news. Well I economic outlook at this map and we yeah and drug everything you're Graham. Air bag. How how big dog was bogeys. Other Latin a Latin and at a rapid. Well. I've got one things allocation. Market on a hole. Quite different dealers they did put it just. And that the biggest but tonight it paid ballot number one it rest. Real and it come out of spirit they've by a main Adams. And they aren't being hacker they're Smart they're it's somebody's attic get now they've opened all right this season. You along. And open only one day to see during speedily. These bad. And now going to be yet evident that there rub bell light is audio on and not thinking grow bigger and this sad that a Paul beyond me. I tell you one thing odd I know people who well not from here and don't always understand. But the sit down and he's a good dozen to a fraud a sharp told oysters that is that is wonderful. Politics and on the news about your light shoot an arrow right low man. I didn't get an impact right about bad would happen. They're gonna have the work on moratorium. Get these oysters are you along that many things grow as a problem with that. Yeah they say because what's happened is since refrigeration is better you can eat oysters around the clock come in Doug 365 days a year. And at the world want them right or right you're right Mike thank you so much we're gonna go to. Amanda Amanda you wanna share of a Thanksgiving cooking disaster that happened and your family. Yes I am in I'm. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner at and the country. When they hadn't been an outline in that she prepared stopped Turkey. Clearly there and after a couple of hours horrible. Now emanated from the habit and you know it turned out there that Turkey would be cooked with a little nest full of mine in line they and they. Are all Graham wrote there grows to one nation weather in the church here in the oven. Right and literally out. That's gross I think that it would really thumping in America and then round I would had a lot of had to leave the house and leads someplace else. We can't we had we actually had a it. Well a tragedy. A tragedy I had. One year the radio station. Gave everybody a free Turkey okay. And I don't. I had to go pick it up and I cannot remember world was but it wasn't you know you didn't go in July. Rouse who's and get a raw Turkey it was it was to Turkey. And it was it was in a box and that was from one of these places that you can also did reductions and things like that okay. So well on a dip the Turkey it's it's it's in a box. Can ride away I'm assuming one thing. Mr. he has got all you gotta do is heated up. And of course like most men. That a bother reading directions up resolutely not why would you read directions and I'm gonna take this April. It's the oven heated up. So people starting to come over and that's about maybe two before time among lives as. Let's. Let's heat deterred it will put it in for Obama's half hour before people tumble. Well guess what Lynchburg it was not vote. And we had to push everything back for hours and hours and hours that's what you get for not reading directions. Yeah. A million and had its bell. Wood on had to get a new oven which we do have to that. Well they didn't think I don't know is an active you know clam up there. We haven't started yet you know deleted it might shipment. I've I've heard some disasters but that view that is down number number one on mindless. And from now on what went on dude is subject. I a fact I'm working tomorrow morning I'm gonna repeat this garbage is no one no one to drop this Amanda you you have a good Thanksgiving okay. Want to easy yeah. All right 260187. Talking about. Thanksgiving disasters can you imagine you've got to Turkey in the oven and it stinks and you open up there's. Nest of mice and side while. I'm only ever will only Turkey again we'll take a break and then we'll come right back on WW well. Oh. Where we're talking about a Thanksgiving cooking turkeys cooking special dishes and if you've ever had any great Thanksgiving members something new did every year. Or some Thanksgiving disasters like with the head. Racially remember I think it was yesterday. We were talking about bringing guns to church. Well here's an interesting story police in Tennessee. Say a man accidentally shot himself and his wife. While showing in his gun off in church. It seems like the member of the First United Methodist Church were talking about guns. And George great subject. After service at eight. Let's talk about guns. When one member pulled out eight. 380 caliber. All our Ruger a rounder I'm not a gun export handgun. Remove the magazine cleared the chamber and showed the gun he put the magazine back in and returned the gun to was poster. When someone said can I see your gun. People put out saying the gun was not loaded and pulled the trigger. The bullet sliced the man's palm and then entered the left side of his wife's abdomen and exited the rights it's a problem. I'm going to draw a conclusion here. Probably. He shouldn't play with guns and church. Let's go to a Jo-Jo thank you for calling WWL. So Bob Sutton and in this city saint do you. That are about Kirk he's. That idea giveaways as much for sure traditionally with the way it was you enable some break or Lugar. But. We do in are. Are you in inaudible. You know it is due to a more. I in England and even in their Christmas bird. That crop but without forced. All right Joseph what do you think of these or a list. Cookers. Out. Oh well. But I don't I don't like. It is you know but it out out of it and you know those. Is bought out the oil. I. Like. He. Where it. Is it. It is or any is. It important for these are there. Yeah. Or. There are make it clear. You're out there. And who would want Kirk is not seat the you know. You know. Is he is. Yeah is that it would. Here is. See her sister are okay where you girder. The yeah right. Write it or what is it. We are. He. How long how long does it take on the rotisserie. Who are okay. Ever ever put it and it's been. It was with the you know all or. You know. All. Yeah. Is. That. You know. He. Short. Yeah we respond. I. That was. That it is but there in China well. The oh. One. Oh yeah. In Aruba and its in its couldn't children it's. You know. You know what the curtain that. In mortality or were you. All Ballard. And all of that is the best thing you've ever it even better in my side are now how many people will you travel for Thanksgiving. Probably. And that all of them probably about. There we've we've vary from. Cult 2425. To thirty plus he. All of them are about analogue. EC where about thirty people comment but there. I'm on my. Oh it's pretty pretty. The most unusual Turkey I've ever Cotto does not. Start to say I Sarah my butt you know just look at this you know I mean you get the last minute idea and that that's when I still had a a smoker. I'm sure the Turkey but I baste it and this is gonna sound crazy with butter. And orange concentrate you know under the orange that you have the editor in to make orange juice. And Joseph man oh man woman on usual and great flavor wasn't. And not a a just and probably took I don't know port five dollar flow of smoked a very very. Slowly and just a redundant based with a butter and and or drape ruling gave them a good flavor. Let is that you know what it would at the moment. You know it could be king. About four or oh (%expletive) in. And then you have got murdered in. What. Oh in. And the crowd back on. Once they coo Bob and them in for you know you know we. That's what the and I thought about in silver dollar ship like. Him you didn't put them. I agree. But I don't even think about. And that they can. I'm hoping. What I'd like to have for this Thanksgiving but probably can't get a 'til maybe Sunday. Is a roasted ram. The saints. Play rant. At an open book thank you Joseph. All right let me get to a couple of text messages from the start though. Pile up ball a little bit here loyalist Turkey Fries or amazing of them them both ways on over for one again. Pop it's as great fried turkeys. Best front Turkey's hog lord. Here's one we have Thanksgiving dinner at our company two years ago talking about. A Thanksgiving tragedy with Thanksgiving dinner at our company two years ago bought 89 employees. And the food was delivered rotten. Well may and all the turkeys. Were rotten. Here's one this is directed at that the ladies said that disaster was they had mice in the oven when. In the middle of poking their Turkey you forgot to ask her how that affected that nest of mice in the all of in the first place. And I can think there obviously they don't use that often that much. I'm I'm you know bombing does if if if there was a models in the oven and then you opened the door of the album short of the miles would that would take off so obviously. They had not used that club and too many times. Let's say Bob. It's all the point of view over centuries start talking about roast at. Well roasted miles Mike cat has been licking his chops and sniffing the air. All right let's see one more may be too mores but two more before we are able to have to break. For news. There is there is another one of your idiot callers the infra red and the oil those forms are exactly the same. All right. Let's see what do you do with the oil from your friar you can filtering and use it through a screen. With a couple of paper trials and and and reused I don't know I've I have never. I'm I'm I'm never fry a Turkey I don't have a friar. Here's one that. What was as far as the the lady with the mice she said it was a country home. Here but still if you don't you know it. Surely if you eat if you use usury you eat your other assure you open oven door if if you do on a regular basis but the mice are not going to. Stay in the on the elbow and think about it. All right we will take a break and get back to a more your phone calls right after the news broke on WW well. And we're just trying to spend some time with you got off the couch to come in today and pebble pre Thanksgiving. Fund with you guys does your family. Have a special Thanksgiving tradition you know maybe something that do you do just that a bit of family that Thanksgiving time. Anyone make up a special dish. That would be considered non thanks and we have a with a bunch of lines open. And we're not gonna I'm gonna guess is going to be you and I just talking about the Thanksgiving. And do you dying end. Or dine out so far everyone I have talked to god dimes in. At at one time. I don't remember if we did it for Thanksgiving but I think an a for Christmas Eve. Our friendly tradition would be to go over Tony angels which to shut down now. And have dinner at any of you have got a family tradition. Of eating out may be eating at the same restaurant. Every Thanksgiving you can call me at 2601878. And is there anyone that still needs to shop for their Thanksgiving dinner I would have to imagine. The stores have got to be absolutely. Crazy and pop Art Carney have you going to be do any. Three Black Friday shoppers says nothing I'm I've never gotten into. This Black Friday shopping because there have been times that we've had a Thanksgiving dinner. And some people. Well at least one month dollar would. Would break away from dinner to to to go shopping of I've never really really gotten into that. Shopping on the holidays are getting in line. For a waiting. For the stores to open. So have have you ever experienced a food tragedy on Thanksgiving. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food that is always served at your Thanksgiving meal. Is that the Turkey is that the dressing is is that a side dish. Is at a special dessert and there's some misses some diminished happened to me of who what when I was just a kid just. Wrong but in fact I don't know how many of you remember the city table. I know my family we have to kiddie table levels of the I was that the kiddie table for. Quite quite a number of abuse but do you have. Do you have a relative. The always brings their world. Famous dish that they are so problem and they think it is so good and it just tastes terrible. I had that when I was a kid I had an aunt I'm trying to remember the whole thing who seem to remember half. Oval pair. On a leaf of lettuce and that was mayonnaise on the on the pair. What I think like cherry on top. And there was something else some type of special dressing Sheehan with a that was absolutely. Awful. And of course my mother. Would say you're gonna eat that boy. Actually in your gonna tell you tell you at how how good it was so to do any of you have I have ever anything like that word you have relative. And they have they coach summed it and they think it's great but it's just not you eat it not to hurt their feelings and as far as. Traditions. Let's see here is one. And and my dad had this tradition. Every Thanksgiving going to the fairgrounds. Here's one Bob mob family eats at the same Chinese restaurant every year for Thanksgiving. And assigned Darnell from Covington. There's one and our I don't really know hall untraditional this is especially. Here in New Orleans. We make chicken undoing Gumball for Thanksgiving and we have that before meal calico a little. Pre Thanksgiving style I think that's an absolute. Great idea. I would do it while I get home but I don't have the Tom Tom I'm gonna write that down that's that's wonderful pebble Gumbel before the meal mobile maybe a little cup of gumbo just a gala. Satisfy your appetite just. A little bit. 26018. Somebody we will take a break and we'll come back what your text messages for the future. If you wanna get through this morning you can we don't have a lot of lines that are filled up both of armour opened. So you can get right through 2601. Except. Oh here's a folds and and just second Jeanne hold on a humbly with your right before I just embryos talking and we're talking about people. That bring dishes. To Thanksgiving but they think are absolutely incredible everybody loves them and you don't like him which lie about it anyway. And I start talking about a salad and someone as text may they cleared it up remarks over the care. Mosul manage and she's. The pair. Had shredded cheese on it NATO and cottage cheese. Next and then a cherry you're absolutely right and then here's another one of social my god I had the same half our Shalit. It was awful but I opt opt for a hot. Tougher cop who tortured they wouldn't so what about you any of you had anything similar where someone. Shows up at the friendly dinner with the meals something cold or a dessert that in their mind they are convinced that is wonderful. But it's not let's go to a Jane Jane thank you for calling WW well how are you. They are desperate to all who Bob why do. Hi amber are you ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. We're getting ready right now are well taken care of business rival. So what are you doing are you shopping or your cocaine. Oh well go back and I'll could go wrong. And we'll be doing some book regarded done some shop that. And word south bound to remember that go to daycare at some business with so it is possible gaps in my pay these bills. I'll Paul Benedict. Are the stores I'll probably wasn't store. There are pumped brawl did was shopping today. Oh yeah one bad luck bad we will let men go off to law those little arc goal and ago. And no we did no problem which stopped when X is an old man bill would be a problem. We with pillar of. Jane what time would come on Turkey are you going to coach smoke steak fry are also now. All I doubt about the validity and I ask that from battery demand he build off. I don't know exactly what I'll lands off. But we stay out I'll always just a few stories well yeah the last circuit. Received the possibly beyond then. Absolutely that's that's the way to the way you have to look at at us men. We think we run the glisan. The best advice. The vote no though. We're just gentleman that they can order a little late date do ride. I welcome the the best advises when your wife wants you to do something you have two choices. Do it right away our argued two and three weeks and then deliver like either way you gonna do it. All the pop and our idea how many people you hammy for Thanksgiving. We don't know it was gutsy move by an opera acted not well yes it. I don't know ordeal wolf while Leo he'll have a bit of this stupid and all of that next. Day. Although that it and via. As an opiate in it. They tip they're booted out all right thank you Jeanne presented so much a threat there and you know we all hope. Our agenda alleging let's let's let's let's be hopefully that's hoping that Sunday. Instead of leftovers are going to be eating signed. She needs a day out so they'll go all screwed up WEB. Student directing you. Ought to at that moment alcohol Rel late or too well right. All right Joseph diligent I'm I'm hoping to be even smoked ram Sunday night. Jerry Howard you. You wanna tell us about a disaster unit one Thanksgiving. Well out at about 1213 hit attack an outlet in there. Are. Oh my hair yeah see again and it came out. Latin call before only by. I put him in the chase were right back off I would assume. She looked you know all of that and how bad is it. It was horrible. And a child a child well it kind of royal bank given a little. Went there when you are grown it was drug did your family have they called it city table. Yes and and you had to get old enough to move to the main table. Yep yep we've been in net some bad. But Graham. Treasury can be anti she can come out where that week. You know. Meyer. My amendment that I remember a about the to the table finally. I had I had the year that I was it and eat at the adult table my mother told this is going to be you're you're you're gonna move to the adult table and man I was waiting for that. And then at. At the last minute. The less than a dead so all month for an so and so we we have almost like an open house for Thanksgiving night okay. And our grandma my dad said up front so and so is going to be eating with us. And he's taking your spot at the big table and you go back to the kiddie table just killed to ruin my Thanksgiving that year. Well I have outlined a secret it's our minds are. And it just it just felt like it around and well we don't eat Turkey in Latin Alexio. Least. That we. Cornish and you can see all of them debt. We will check. It out and then I'll make on you want. But how much are. Well I'm gonna I'm going to be having a a great Thanksgiving. My son is coming in from Houston along with my granddaughter and are you ready for this. Two great grandchildren. So that's going to be great. Well. And you know my attitude is they can eat anything they want if they wanna skip the Turkey and go straight to dessert that's OK with me today. Pops is gonna give them literally won't. I don't. A pet happy Thanksgiving to you. Are all right. We do. Okay we're gonna take we're gonna break Chris. You hold on and we will be right back with a more your phone calls and your text most of them. Right here on WW. Busted back drug telephoned or talked. All Thanksgiving note today and sharing Thanksgiving members Christian have a good Thanksgiving memory you want to. Gerald. It's anybody. Who is. Trevor. A statement. Sort of most important. Better outwardly probably a good lord that matters in our local ma. Political. And oh and my plan of course. Anyway. Wanted to share on. I want to. That the opposite. Is true what. It's. And we're getting. President to being and it is. Yeah it would do well. It's Asia want it to. And it's. Outlawed. Well. At. Going to be a bowl. In its. Silent about. Oh. You. Get to point where it's going to be folk and took it to break. It. Is. Two. Mobbed by remote ought to believe is likely to outside. That's all right Chris and and always. Always remember and be nice to mom because and put it all mom mom mom can't. Gentlemen good program probably. I'll bet that there. Are. A little bit up and you'd better or. All right good did you ever meet Chris thank you about my mom is gone and and I regret not not spending more time with our all right we're going to. Take a break for for news or thought you have some memories you wanna share what is our. Even even maybe a disaster that happened maybe took some of the food on Thanksgiving and if you have anyone in the family that always brings a certain dish. Every year too friendly get together and they'd think it's wonderful and it's far from wonderful but you would never bust their bubble you continue to tell them. How good it is just like right now I'm about the say wait until you hear this next WWL news Jim hands goes up and he's great. Yeah.