What could happen with the Justice Department and Alton Sterling case?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, May 2nd
Tommy talks to Ken Levy, an Associate Professor of Law at LSU, about what could happen with the Justice Department and the Alton Sterling shooting case in Baton Rouge.

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Wanna talk to cam leading an associate professor of law and LA issue the Elton sterling. On the decision by the Justice Department could come down today. And we want to talk about. Not necessarily the social ramifications isn't it we'll have money in time for that but legally what's going on good morning can. More. I'm wells are new. I. Tell me. I was under the impression and maybe this is a common misperception by people that there is no federal murder statute. Am I wrong. Well I think if somebody's murdered on oh property her. Europe FBI now the error. You know their academic and be prosecuted. It for murder count on those grounds but yeah you'd read it. Civil rights violation I guess when I'm trying to say and is this what they're looking into with salt and sterling in the police. It. Is clearly there are there ever are slaughtered yet they crime. What what he apartment what he had a letter. It is what Colvin a reported hearing in Hewitt he reported Q. Violations. Which is. A criminal that would be an eight constitutional. Right. It the right allied. And and under that were there looking and it and and now I am a prediction about. It even if they you know the Beers under records for the victims bullets let Sith lord criminal recourse. Boat it's so mind your record my critics that the department adopters of the middle of Louisiana. The court. Sum it up changed their attorney general just options. Migrant and that argument that is you know you according Q violations. Outlook to help in a cause. Outrage and anger. But then. There's that there's to a record one. Vacancy under. A nineties they can make it 93. Claim as well a tort claims. And then this city. Louisiana and all the prosecute war. Negligent homicide on. In terms of the standards board of I guess that number you quoted as civil rights violation. And what it would the federal government have to prove. Well no need to reclaim that claim it as civil right corner and there apparently agree com. About one in. And then they would basically have to prove that. The police that you are out there. On count there is a part of early under you're right but why they used excessive or. And are doing fine and constitutional right but why. Is it means that got pre need. In our news the officers under too important to quiet about it being the United States. Against the officers. It would happen or not you're it's not a war. That the oh early in the competition are alike but also that it will bowl. At the end and it did buy them a constitutional right about what might ridiculous. And there's no evidence. That means and it did buy it and I was up his right there and it would be pumping life. Rape are common accompanying. The healing. War. Email indicating these forward and Morgan of that act oh and something like that premeditation evidenced. Premeditated and well on there and basically at the viola. That is there a proper fusion and merely acting with excessive force but you bet you have to show more than. In terms of process who did the family have to wait on the outcome. Of the federal government's investigation before they filed the civil claymore would Leo where they in essence sledding on. Federal government do a lot of their discovery form. It. We easily in the way for the government might might. I could be wrong that never there by the Sunni. That the department of Le let let let let's look at it before you. Files and planes and want you make recommendations and you know. I mean. An and my again. Forty in the middle. Of criminal violations are fine. At that point I would all the predict that there will be pre action filed again that up as buy them. 11 victory there are two different when the civil war criminals so one doesn't preclude the other. Thank you cannot appreciate your time. You have a good day can only be associate professor Claude LA she.