What can be done to make schools safer?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, May 21st
Tommy talks with security expert Tim Dimoff about the best ways to prevent schools shootings.

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Tommy Tucker semiautomatic shotgun and is able to fire shell after every trigger pull without needing. To manually chamber another unease Levin's use gas blowback or re coral operation cycle the action eject the empty shell. And load another round. And it was created in 1902 that's and is developed by John Moses Browning. The Browning auto five. 67 Tina I'm seeing in some controversy. About what kind again we used to morning Brandon you're on DeVon W well yeah. Goods or what's up. Bob. Caught sight taught you about the art is what I said accurate or not. Yes OK yeah if you go out the most common three rounds look. The end you know we. Reject it out about him. I needed to do about getting sixty. Brandon when it comes a shooting in an addition and I hate to say to me another one I hate to say but there's gonna. What do you think the answer is for all of this are the solution. I don't know more laws because this kid broke. Sawed off shotgun which is illegal dual two young which was really. Explosive which was. You know what you do. I thank you Brandon let's go to Tim dim off our guess security expert founder and president of sex consulting and investigative services incorporated morning Tim. Are more current last time we stability we say we talked to you again unfortunately and I hate to say it but I know we'll talk you again after the day next time this happens. I've been doing some reading and I'm trying to find out wasn't a sawed off shotgun many news. Are my information wise is dead it stabilizes sawed off shotgun. And I would think that he would want to keep him bring it and it transcript will be able hide it very much more easier. My guess is it probably Warsaw off to some degree. And that's again that's the other question of who did that because if the father headed their way that's illegal is a non. I yap. And out or it doesn't take much effort off and make insurers use that hacksaw and they need right. Yeah gas and I'm sure they'll find an answer out. Am. Tell me to M palm you know on and on I said earlier when we open the show that. This kind of takes away the AR fifteen argument because it's not what he used I guarantee you had it been. A so called assault rifle that would have been the talking point here now it's common now semi automatic shotguns I heard mark Kelly yesterday now 1 of the Sunday morning shows. I heard the new president of the NRA Oliver North said he was trying to enroll more. People would join the NRA's that they would have more voting power. At the booths and make this a real. Political listen the points for her for people when it comes to Second Amendment. Not and to engage you in a political discussion but who will wait what it what is the way Timmerman any of this in the future or is there anyway. Yeah and let me just say you now all air it teams in the world. Welcome to this school which was shot Geithner likely you've met you know dollar rifles shotguns. They'll come with semi you know policy and models will come revolvers CJ collar callers away. They'll come to school with a crowbar baseball bat because the solution to the problem. Isn't the weapons it is an NRA debated in Andean. We do a very good job ironically once it shooters in the building our our object has been to really train our kids. Respond evacuate lock down by guilt that fans survive. As sorrows now that. And actually were really pushing hard once that. Aggressive behavior person or active shooters in the building were failing and masterfully. It is. We're not stopping at the door for the door and that I mean both physical security. Armed security police security and the Marshall talking about monitoring social media also. Recognizing that these kids in other shooters in businesses adults. Have mental and emotional problems and in most cases were identifying and we know what all this year formation. We have the ability to monitor and now they're talking to other people they're giving clues. We're doing a terrible job. It gathering and in information and stop them off for the door to match where the issue is. Everybody has their own. Theory as to how to stop it and hum how they tended. Change what happens there or mold boo what happens to fit their narrative Tim Dem losses I guess security expert founder president of Zacks consulting. And investigative services talking about the shooting in San a saying hi sue killed ten. Left ten wounded one other thing I'd like to talking about him when we return our school re sort of resource officers. In this case the officer reacted. Almost bled out in critical condition. Ten people killed at park when there that we don't know the resource officer did not react and seventeen were killed. Now when you mention a crowbar it Psycho Casey Tilly people and understand that's better than ten but. That's still doesn't address the problem to me and so when he texted did instead I'm very disappointed in new com. Dead use started by talking about a year ago just are big part of the problem with school shooting she gave no condolences to the families are to the teaches family. That is from the state you instead went straight to politics so insensitive like the killer was said that true but. The only thing I will say Tim them off security expert founder and president of sex consulting investigative services. Is that now it seems as though after one of these things happen. Tom how are you hear a lot of thoughts and prayers are useless that doesn't really count the thing that counts is trying to. Try and solve this problem keep it from happening again. Yeah and let me just serve pack or number one problem for all the shooting all the active shooters area is money. And I hate to say but we have the technology. We have additional defensive tools that we can put in the schools for lines. We have the ability hire ex military retired law enforcement or fully trained in who could be accommodated to put security and we have the ability with metal detectors or scanners. We can which theaters and now they can stand fifteen to monitor people walking through an area. Indeed tech all sorts of things. We have the tech now we have. Social media geo fencing will weaken we can GO fans. Virtually in areas such as a school and community and we can came out words like shooting killer's suicide yet. Well we have the ability that. Debt that Matt the issue we have we can't afford it they're preschool I've talked to a cross unit that stage. Tell me we wanna do more we don't have that money to do more. And there are other things we can do they don't cost a lot of money. There are good defensive type but things or Irish bond types but the bottom line is. The site affording the tools and mechanisms in the technology. We are not seeking out. And we're not usually counseling. Services mental health services cynicism just for students. It's for adult shooters that they all responses. To businesses churches into nonprofits. I'm tired of people saying we can't do it we can't do we have the technology. We have the health care ability we don't have the money. What I want to do. Is Allan shared national campaign I wanna resent force and by and somewhere in there took down a gash across the country. I want a 100% of that money going to schools week it. Finances saying. Very easily away by it would be on the date three cents on the dollar crosses country. To put a 100% of that money into the schools so that it in his armory. Tim appreciate your time I really do I think we first connected with you after the shooting at new town sandy hook elementary in we've had a lot of conversations instant. And bush plan and we're gonna have some more thank you coming on. Thanks to him to date indium off security expert founder and president of sex consulting and investigative services. Incorporated.