What Is The Best Nickname For The Saints Defense?

We discuss Marshon Lattimore's new nickname plus debate a nickname for the Saints overall defense. Then we talk to Ralph Michaels of WagerTalk.com on the best bets from Vegas.


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I. Awesome and run an hour to. Double coverage double confessed say here on W him well enough in the dot com said the lab rocking the vast. Tens of our mash control Christian Derek Q it's 11 o'clock still to come. Carter Bryant at 10 o'clock our host the SEC country osu podcast and host of the Carter Bryant showed Arkansas south Arkansas Lawson won the fans hellish UT on. The razorbacks this Saturday in Death Valley Ralph Michael still look on this hour also. Our mid season quarterback rankings we do that before the start of the regular season whose change who's moved up who's moved down and to learn medical needs in mind that. And they stated that they stay healthy. Popular higher on this list full lines over a 504. 260187. Text 87 eights and assessing a bonding is. Bucking like here longer gain. Now I don't wanna know that sounds assembly somebody might not wanna. Well I'll love ala king Crawley safe to visit back to explain it though that club an athlete in all Sunday. I getting back to it and you know here's can call explaining what. If you notice that during the the introduction of the secondary in particular. They go out there they have their index finger up with a thump like this way like that like the OK sign whom how was I mean. The bone again the bulk game. BOO. And kicked the ball game the ball game is really from in Zagreb where. As a comedian that would basically like steel stuff and then make a big joke about it so. Still awesome and savage. Look. What I'm I'm finally got through on this now I'm sorry come on Christians don't drink equally a year that's just a terrible nickname Alice. Terrible and that's and so there's so you're so in the bubble today it's it's incredibly neat by incredible to me. You cannot see how absurd that nickname is you're talking about. What's wrong going up against nicknames like the dome patrol or the legion of boom and getting old block game what it's all of it. I'm sorry here's LA is committed player. What are your scandalous and boom so early in I'm happy are you talking about it I'm sorry we can say whatever one of them parched. But you cannot use annual net realized among game. Who does outlets somebody Collins they actually like it now on them put their name and a Twitter handle on their social media on here develop them on record Sammy actually like this. Current crunch he gets trapped the allowed. And EYEE assaulting today and placed a scientist writes I am calling on calls going out on us and I am calling you out on her nonsense today and does not have an interest in. You can you look if you if this was any other secondary in the week if this is a a Tampa Bay. Coming up with the bought game. What are. LL leave the sorry I didn't like OK and outline what I heard on the same but this was it any other of its it was the falcons the bought game you'd be all over yeah he's the founding outside our way right now they're Ford for wine getting shredded. You miss in the point man. They had seen here near your job women as the fire got my laundry or Seth actually truthfully a yeah it's been sold liquor well there I am I am being an arbiter of objectivity and vitality lawyers saying we like I'm okay I'm sorry for people that love this franchise and wanna see them being great and I think they have a chance specialist secondary to be great here. It's about blogging man we talking about and labeled them. Lot game gone for us Lausanne this averages all the savages would be great if they called themselves the savages I'd be all for that let's not count on original. The ball game is its its trendy and it's trending have you heard about the bond game before angle you know. I denounce that message you heard about the volatility we're well ahead now we're very gonzo it's I had heard a legion of boom is there if you haven't you are what come. Democracy and you've heard of Allegiant in the boom they can't remember Jason industrials go on Jason come RS humanity on W. Man you know it's not in my top five. Get out of here and hang up on you goodbye. Not just kids who is Kim got it's it's a. If they did some hyped up for games that they do it's completely at that point I think it's an excited. That adrenaline rush and held completely there poignant. Almost forty or what they call them. No I agree that Jason lay out what you look at all these cells and every one acog you play like this are sure area. I'll call and in Portland State's defense because we're right now number two in the conference and we're gonna make a statement the rest of the season. If you call yourself the you know the the pussy willows or some for all I care at this point seriously just keep playing like yo I'm I'm completely with you there I just think you have either as much cooler nicknames out there it is my back me up Bob what should it be that what should be. I I'll master of nicknames Seth and and Jason go ahead. Humor army. Q I only know what I would love the marsh land if they called a whole secondary in the marsh land to be outlets that the one player let's call a whole defense witness. Will they be. Don't you mean this week this week to Homeland Security what is what you're trending toward a seventeen. Steam. The blackout game wouldn't be right look at they are like. College scene that probably defense like a defense and I mean that's about it quote who can get to yeah I'm not. I Tacoma I had to get some time on that. Yeah I'm meets or am I gonna try to come up with some here on the spy on that show prep for this come on but I acted to truly focus on better in the bonding but look. If they don't acknowledge those that get on them and keep playing like that I have no problem with a I'm just saying that. Gotta be some better that I don't know how we are listening main topic but this be cool man late. March Marshal on Lattimore has earned the right to call whatever you want. Yeah now tiger tigers that Assad yeah Jerry Allen 77 foot plus the decks lies in the levee can was set is right he curled boozing and points. And right now and you I'm not if for man points I would be clear. I just like how like it's its original I mean have we heard emails the ball game and really soon here. So as some techsters because of suggests a witch's. The dome patrol part two. The know the dome patrol is their own entity that their old legacy. So it's not don't tool part to come on to something else feel like the bunk and make a one month the ball game is pretty original want to say it. Tonight and let's think about this here I I I could come home submitted by Crescent City protection are. Off the previous start until it was that aren't. About. Which is true and oil out eight sacks this year. And speaking of says speaking of how good is that aligned into speed means too on Austin left last week with a chest injury he was he did not practice today. He's been some time this year Larry wall for practiced and a limited basis but also leave at three starters three that a missed time in the regular she's not counting Max Unger who was injured or trinkets of four of the five starters. Have not really been together the entire year ours is training camp and look how good the yard run with a balsam than any NFL rushing arts and protecting the reason and at. There's not enough credit for Dan route shipped via the office alike routes are. I came to. No you're right there he says and I'd put I'd is. The stats pretty nice and have what you just that's pretty much sums up what I'm thinking about this nickname. From the 95 is the bought a game like the little house schools. Or the Brady Bunch going yanks know look at the ball actually goes on NC gram gold in the and the bone videos and it's going to be my change your mind as a test of 177. The goal patrol on the thanks. McConnell lukewarm. Is beyond the vehicle patrol Staley from patrol went to dome patrol has only selects. I don't know. Bill just set your research got our year you very well resource and in red go look at the ball. Videos on instruments go who veterinary here's the thing I am pretty social media active and I never heard of them so it's got to be pretty huge here. These Hillary of these big these big words of each these these OK similar points. It's got to be very. It's secular I don't know wrestler on board. I don't know man nieces and usually elements that needs is a pleasure to use bag on your own look at Melanie she is in the east now since the big were those prior a wrong war wrong way to describe it as one of these. Hips forward to each like even now I think despite your knee just gone like this normal hours they Aussie. Okay like that is it's okay well events it's short it's a litter native. OK but again it's it's it's still passe and it's still hosing it's time hackneyed it's it's it's one of those deals. The posse. Who for we've with the Washington Redskins where the posse out at all comedies somebody salmon bought. Gainer Barkley is pretty big wow defer to you I'd never amendment and not just an affair and aren't due out next four and a half minute time out here then look up the bond king. On on his program and tell if it's different come if you if you differ in your opinion. What should did the saints' defense be nicknamed. The lightning names are not win a final four. 260187 text 87 meets him at the bottom of the sour Ralph Michael's our check in that desert and dust. We'll check in out there on the points where is it college football and basketball league next here on the Lenovo. Says he has just taken Amman the ball game. Yeah it's like I can't I'm not saying I agree with the nickname big S 3.5 million dollars so far more names than I thought but what some like this I was saying and it's just coming up on the fly most famous yes sicker anything but. To some man. Like the gold squadron for this defense. That's relevant it's a pop culture reference Star Wars which you would love they were incredible and air defense. Not some civil you have the gold squad are not them like the bar being. On a subway located at we got a pulled through in the bought gain and the gold squadron and it looks. Let's change it to its interchangeable. You know what would you name the date the defense the Hmong gang are illegal squadron. I visit to the top two choices have had so far which is are you throw a no have a lake. Three different ones anyone from Garrett anyone from ever flowers are located at odds market OK that'll be years ties a total global one as well Ortiz of the opinion poll. On line W the roller com Dan into all those who want any RW well again. Hey I out it was then. Good Christian like a bird but Bob's game I think did. I started thinking and in trying to change and are now I don't think in the Big Easy bonkers. It might work in. Not as good as gold squadron are great. Hey yo eyes same same route though mean system is to be easy bunker and whatever you call him. But so far abandon that it. I did things a little on yards the bone yard. The Zune lone. Player who dude you know new BM WR and I market girl what's going on and around Iraq. Markets. They would go and lets them do. I'd just. On the way to and others that we've. Seen it could. Set. And this former French Open well on the injured. Him on the radio. And Gator dungy. Oh. Tutored and be a little Larry the Kyoto are reference who I loved by the way I heard that with three of his seasons. I can my you know my PlayStation name when they made its way back his college. Is Gator down two days excuse my college didn't it world coups in the the rankings Iraq without swine man they control their own destiny in the pac twelve. Mike Stoops was due go groups ray in Arkansas was a menu on W all right. Czar Barbara. About. Thanks well around the swat. And that is now possible swat team the slot. You know I like slots him that's the odd that battered bond Yangtze aura an agreement in the red obscenity I civilian and that's our Perugia where people as well not bad re pretty it's just wouldn't this be a would just be swat like you know like that's needed to do is be swat. Swat. Alex one. 1540 or fifty F 5040 forces how about that give clung gang that's almost 2009. Hole to clog things crop crew. The curtains and call crew are right maybe if we if we got to modernize and actually was that Mason was climbing on WO. Hades and got one quarter of terror squad and are you ever heard of ports are. How Marcia fire at higher if they're cute and was fired I don't know man behind the camera that's still elective a theft. I like. I think we're in the right vicinity here's but Yang I have a feeling this guy. He's doing his started going through burning very brightly Aaliyah and it's not very long. And some of the want to animal and on talking about balk on tides watches them is videos play and I don't think. What do the best select the kid I'm not sure. That his star role burn brightly for all that. How about strip club. Now that's seven days and on the next line that's gotta fund our original but Ali really known for the strips are for the reflections or for life. There interceptions. Or sacks like Jacksonville Saxon hill right to hustler club. Hosts who year. You're entering murky waters now that he actually my lawyer man but not bad actually that Clarence and homo. Call in the North Shore since I know give back to your phone calls as well we have Ralph Michael's. Handicap for wage talk dot com act cal sports LV or use our weekly trip out to the desert to get the latest on lines in the states are. Three point favorites last I checked some two and a half over the woeful bills we begin in. Knew our stadium up there buffalo new ways of Ralph Michael's next year double coverage southern Christian here on W glowing from the dugout. I want my double coverage Clarence and home let's go bombing your W that will Clarence. But given. All of a bumper of the nick Mary. Brilliant but it is from. Here what is. More the rule. Sport and the following operated and. A man and a good way they say they are good it would yeah. What are your outlook for human milk that whole Lotta whole whole whole middle of the pack will they last three years. In the cellar they were awful on defense terrible here they on the middle attack already in there halfway and it. In the season so where could they be. By week's bye we 1516 the top ten and are you satisfied then I agree with the middle of the pack to win over the numbers yesterday attrition and you were gone for the most part the between nine and sixteen and pretty much every major sad but remember if you take out the first two weeks there top ten top five in most relevant and look at his thing scoring defense where are they there and Thompson. Scoring defense in. So. So much importance that nickname. Like that swagger out and this wags. So I'm very lakers'. I guess all attacks on dates heavy selling no latitude. And no latitude. Crown of bad pretty original clearest he's a phone call Paul on the no short what's up menu on W grew up. Both brokers in Britain are to work very to. Record in the well. Select only. He's still. So ample apparently orchestrated it and it. Regular course in real quick was so what Mark Phillips been in my in my mind that would be. Patrol. Suarez. Price there's a there's a swamp there I think you I'll my kindness that that makes my heart warming because not only he provisioning and hear our conversation last Aaron that was in everybody's face now what are Martellus Bennett. He said he's gonna retire he said this'll be. 00 what he is at least saying use this will be his last year I'm not sure I believe that he's still a top probably 58 to ten tight end in the sleeve he's a nice one of the NFL draft of what 2007 right in Italy ten years Seattle he's. I would be it's surprising to see much and I think Michael Madsen plays for the 23 years would be really surprising to see Michael play longer Martellus. Coming Arafat's I think he's a pretty good run. And you see a bit of a trend here and in football players that they're trying to get out little earlier than it ultimately. Team BA star result a lot of guys are you look at look at Calvin Johnson Patrick Willis all tiring. In around 3031 because they don't want to do Wear and tear they've made their money I don't blame if I if I was title yet anyway possible and bar them. Based on what we know about CT in similar. Some injuries UBU face later on life some you know the joint problems javelin on let's play this game. I get that'll oh orally to oppose this failure too late. Very on the nor shall what's going on any on W. And I'll sort this question about what. He. You know KST your youngsters Morgan gangsters yes. And or just a question reference and test when Nadal was up remaining. They've been aspirin actually. It ball that went from an incident that each time that don't ask the big. Pain in India and. Not bad not bad they with the highest bidder Mercedes and so it's and I want to not bad though I'm like house of Payne. Various things vocalize I will subway. Could come back here Ralph Michael's next here on W. I wrote an hour three. Double cover silicon next hour. That Carter Bryant Eckart of the power front of the program host the SEC country osu podcast and host of the Carter Bryant show itself Arkansas one of some one. Who the fan elegy taken on the hogs this Saturday also our results and take six. Seth I'm cutting into your and you're sizable lead you are a little bit I had it an a hole in six week couple weeks ago it's terrible. Now wasn't here to feel weird Raff who picks herself last week. I'm Brian it's a he went a solid stream throughout that grant tenure you you're terrible when you you have is you have a rough go out of the last three weeks hey how about from. King Jansen on Twitter talking about saints nicknames like this one deal Homeland Security. See that's not hand yesterday. And that was used in toy thirteen when they were top five under under Rob Ryan like it. Now. Not a fan a haven gold's fraud. Eagles what I I can get onboard that they would use some WEE. Wrestle mania tickets away next hour as well also stick around double covered rules on our 37. Christian here on W grow in the from the account.