What is an assault weapon?

Newell Normand
Thursday, February 22nd

Newell talks to Dave Workman, Senior Editor for the Gun Magazine, about gun owners who are dismantling guns. 


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This seems to be on social media some gun owners are getting rid of their rifles and posting pictures under the hash tag. One less gun. And I'll start with a FaceBook video that was viewed by more than seventeen. A million times of a self described responsible gun owner with a faded tattoo of the right to bear arms. And said that he was so moved by the Florida shooting and he sliced. His AR fifteen he went on to say that I'm going to make sure. This weapon will never. Be able to take a life. And I'm just I'm haven't a real difficult time figuring out how. This act is gonna prevent some whack demo from shooting down a school or gathering crowd I don't I don't make the connection I don't know about you wanna hear from you 26 or 1878. Joining us on line is Dave Workman senior editor for the gun magazine. Welcome to the show Dave. While site immediately peppers. Dave. You know there's other people on the other side of this hash tag that that are saying that this should be. I hash tag one less idiot or one more idiot excuse me what. As it relates to this because I don't see the canal I don't know I miss in this maybe it's an act in that happens a lot but you know I don't see the connection of the simp I understand the symbolism but I don't get I don't get a connection at all. A responsible gun owners are responsible gun owners. Well you know you've got to keep my Inglewood. You'd symbolism really being among people who wore. It at their core core. I couldn't control proponents. I know people who own view and who are really in Jupiter and no water. They just believe in incremental school controls. And then simple like this happens so they've done it get their fifteen minutes of feeling like yeah but in Russian. Finding the nearest TV camera or announcing that they're going to be this team is completely them. And they they cut their rifles shortly be destroyed therefore our personnel. Aren't funny in your camp on. You take and make policy work from seven tool Liverpool ordered all hours and destroying. Just for fifteen minutes but came. Wa is just. Beyond. Which took me. It's like bit. Or two and you see rewards well that takes a special it's been. It importantly. He gives you look. And yeah idea that there what was bill and they're well. There's somebody there on the street that Russia to a drugstore and buy another and so you know you're replacing it and you know remove it choir groups shall. That does it also not this serve as a distraction from the real issue. Yeah your right it does and the scene that's the unfortunate part about this. As you know I'm a flight crew stumbled with a country. But it really does is all normal time and also with some of the publication blues in the didn't make it work for. I've been covering this for years covered other entries or the year. Ended. We don't need to finish corrections. I think with the people are looking for worse some real. Positives Saul. Solutions that that they have achieved so walking kind of but there and work. Forward saying you won't work on wall background checks more expensive. It's so. That's. And so for not work there were thousands of pure laws on the where have they permitted. These single for people like this from happening. Eight when you can answer. What we know all printed. That would day where would you put into the category of positive solid solutions. Well. In fact I was talking to a guy yesterday about this. Another reporter. And I think this. 01 of the things that he has been in the collected. Like people waiting it is. Little hill we need to I believe. Put more money into the mental health system to. The needs of people who have a crisis situation. And are supplemental to. This so there. Apparently sit all kinds warnings. Out there in the actual trees and this Gerry. Four years is for our Q feature department that useful. Several. The FB as we don't know. But it didn't tip off what this guy at least twice in May be essentially did not. Some of the kids at this. School that are viewed production. Inning after the DA so it goes it beautifully yeah. We saw that it was going to be we shoot he'd be. It features news this guy he had been posted off limits and it school league and special. Us so tell me just. Who is to take support that they two to work these forties but you've got a problem here. Take some action A I don't know dislike about this stuff to devote political cycle that might be able battery entry. Yeah you know I mean I and I said that'll all long in the last couple shows is that. Everything innocence and is not completely revealed itself to do an adequate and it and an appropriate after action report on. And word jumping way ahead of ourselves trying to place blame. And we don't even really know where blame needs to lie if it needs a line anywhere a bit. Were we ought to be looking at this from a critical standpoint it based on the information at that were able to gather and what I can. Continue to find a little. Unusual. Is. The manner in which the sharper in Broward. Refers to all of the times that they went out to this guy's house. And they have not completely revealed the nature of those calls. And there must be a reason. And not it just raises my curiosity after so many years in law enforcement. Well and he you know you're Pirro and you know detail on this a bit on that block. Many many times. I think you're get really warm here dual core. For for a long time I used to people we still to. You know what right about police thank it around in control first you couple street cops are pretty sport you know. They ended. The pills that are just you know the sum and doesn't sound. And makes you need more curious so it'll as the shakes out are gonna find more. Dave where would you be on these red flag laws that seemed to be getting a lot of traction right now and then. You know Irish if you have somebody that may fall between. You know some. Manifestation. Of irregular behavior. Then. Being institutionalized. Which are a lot of people that fall in that cracked. The ability to if they have a weapon to remove the weapon from them. There are some purple. We're and even some war and a tractor around the country you pro Natal where. Certain. Actions can be taking Munich court Rory. And take. A the problem with that idea is you problem speaker and it. You disarm which we did. You can find that we would commit me in the two inch. They're unique in that are getting most fuel. He made boy it triple for mobile. Beanie world that you people Keyes or in some way. To commit the heinous act that is kennel worker around in his small. We've we've seen it happen many times before. Well as four is. Yeah. I've lost. If somebody puts on social media. Bit under the become professionals school shooter but it signal dual picked. And when you pick them. And Alan's not subject to interpretation is. They're. Not all we've. Or it all went it and you know what would you do. There what we we have that if somebody. Dirtier and more force it to me. What it does get this message for jokes that block your season it would become a professional school. Was the spring that would ruin your. Lockett says the men and women in our bureau took that very seriously and they dealt with that and we used to monitor and still do monitor the social networks and have a close working relationship with. Down here it's not a perfect system in any time you have humans involved is going to be mistakes on that one it's jump an all of the FBI. Because you know. It thirty some thousand people work and ad agency people drop the ball and unfortunately. You know sometimes it leads to disastrous outcomes and you get an iron to try and mediated days. No one's perfect we're humans and we're in perfect. But to try and set up a redundant system to try and catch those mistakes they don't happen again. You know and and as you collect as much as possible I do believe the federal laws lacking though. Especially in mental health and reporting a mental health I had our coroner Roland in here yesterday and there's no. Avenue for sharing of information within our state of people that have been. A committed or attempted to be committed. So if you move across county lines and across state borders. There's no central clearing house as it relates to this so we're gonna get meaningful about it it seems to me that's the lowest hanging fruit that's where we need to start. Well you know what. You know just do what I suggested to. Another gesture talk about this you know what. We got to think outside the a little bit. And instead of just should open open for them or TV camera and screaming about what we have been in the eventually got. Peaks of these do have rights away from where we go to just experience durable. Your site and outside the box at least that that particular. Dave you know we get a lot of attacks in a lot of calls what is the difference between an assault rifle. In a long rifle. Russell. Is seen military weapons it is what weapon in the fire either. All or semi automatic. Or maybe pre show up first. The utes. Typically shoot two troops. Our country and in other countries agree what what used to be a long. Coverages literally it'll. What are semiautomatic. Will go like probably. So they are you seeing it semi auto is I consider an assault rifle. Now well. The media cult of but it's not really not technically in missile war. Semi automatic look like I know people what could into orbit with them. It's CNET actually usable pocket or form are currently. Anywhere from twelve to fifteen million slings and credit inquiry on. It and for some but he just it would be Adam and this is delusional they. And it course that you get triple elections look correctional fortunately were on off on it used which shall. Of the players I'm in it do it any other thing that's unique about an assault rifle is that it's got a pistol grip correct. Well and I. The group but I understand that group but the military version had a pistol grip. Yeah. Cities version of missiles were able as a pistol grip. Back in my dad's pretty missile or what an important orient. And and one car being or the year collection cause. The bigger the so Wright's views. Yeah and they didn't they release him or groups registered. You know. The Tommy John is that touting gun did the forty yeah of course. So a machine gun rights so that that the porn I'm trying to make is that. It DAR fifteen normal light that's out there. Is a semi automatic weapon it doesn't shoot any faster than the semi auto long. Rifle. The only. Laredo fire is the same everything's the same. So when we say that we would want to ban the semi auto arm lightly and our fifteen the look you know the than the knockoff. How attic and there's just an arbitrary line. Because well the others you know guys up as I pointed out that you can get expand to clips you can make a clip clips not that difficult to make a mean you know inches. If there's a will there's a way if you wanna get to a thirty round clip. Yeah that's. And of course in. It's actually bay with the LA exactly. Yeah it'll but debt. I guess what's that like technical side about Niagara. You're right if somebody once and made you picture of being used orbit at Oreo. Trust me they're gonna do it in their garage with. Was submitted to and nips and had a little bit actually meant it can be done and the but there are so many of the meaning it may seem out of millions. You're not going to be able they're mostly you're gonna get circulation. The capital of the basic. So I think it's a hollow symbolic gesture at at the end of the day because. You know I don't wanna get into the the nuances in close quarters. That wouldn't be the weapon of choice anymore. Not do more often than in what is considered. A weaponry which is clicking at the you you could take a look at Chicago where one of the bank merger will be true of the deal by the bushel. And today and nine times in the that your use hand in the midst but what and obtained through some illicit means all. Yeah the camps are simply seeing sensor used a couple of the year which is. And they did something else. Thanks so much for joining us who really appreciate it or liquor.