What artists' race did you guess wrong?

Thursday, August 16th
While remembeing Aretha Franklin, Scoot talks to WWL listeners about what white artists they assumed were black, and vice versa

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She was the queen of soul. Every Franklin. This was one of her huge hits. Aretha Franklin passed away earlier today at the Asians 76ers souls. We were prepared for this return is so we've heard that she was gravely ill and under hospice care. And so we knew we system a matter of time. So let's remember the queen of soul at least is that the beginning part of our our our show and an end and it's fairly throughout the show we're gonna play some bumper music from Aretha Franklin and a lot of this hour. But just who the show as well as we remember her because people. Tune in at different times I'm Mark Geragos who tune in later to know that we are remembering Aretha Franklin. I have memories as a kid in them in in the suburbs are growing up and in listening to my transistor radio walking around the streets of country club homes in Metairie. And I remember Aretha Franklin but you know what else is interesting about her passing away today in August the sixteenth. This is also the day that's the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. Passed away. And making it even more interesting. Madonna was born on this day sixty years ago. August 16. Will be remembered. I wonder if there's any kind of conspiracy stuff going on about to. Aretha Franklin and Elvis starring on a bit the same day. Anyway so let's let's go back to him. Let's go back to our use it if you're part of the baby boomer generation or you know maybe your youth was back in the eighties when you heard songs like who's human who. Freeway of love. And I submitted derivatives of more recent hits pirate to frankly I mean she this just the amazing thing about Aretha Franklin. She was contemporary even to the east generation. She was. Still doing the hits and I I specifically remember being 1997. When disarmed whose human who came out I loved the song and I thought this is awesome I mean Aretha Franklin is Lewis is back. And she never really went anywhere but she had these like major here it's very early in her career. And then here she was back in the eighties doing stuff like coos Newman who would. Freeway of love which you've got coming up going into this break and the song which renewal played duke going out of his coming out his last break. On I knew you I knew you were waiting for me Aretha Franklin and George Michael. So that was set about what 1986. So she was she was relevant time even not even for the degeneration a growth in the eighties. So is this white kid in the suburbs. I remember listening Torre to frankly. And I don't remember thinking about race. And here's why I'm gonna talk about this. Because this a time for us to think back on when we did not speak about race. There are times that you and I don't think about race. And when I think about Aretha Franklin I think about how as a kid in the suburbs finals transistor radio which I thought was just the coolest thing in the world. They were his. I guess a little bigger than a cell phone. There was may be. Half inch to an inch thick can't battery unit you can walk around with that I mean it was like awesome. But that was like a debt was like Dave took the way we walked around with music Becton. So as I think about that I think about this stuff that I listen to when I was younger and I didn't think about race. I think about Aretha Franklin. I just heard. The music. And what this was a time when you integration was just starting. So it's not as if race was not an issue because race was a big issue. But the cool thing is we didn't think about that. And maybe maybe you and I need to find more opportunities to talk about the times that we don't think about race to remind us that it's not always about race. The saints game tomorrow night. We don't think about race. Some people do but for the most part you go there you just enjoy the signs. So who wish at that you remember listening to with your wider blackest or whatever. Who do you remember listening to. That really crossed the that the racial boundaries for you that you did not think about race. And all you do is think about the music. There were a lot of white kids in the suburbs listening to Aretha Franklin oh I just on or somebody else. Otis Redding. I just always sitting on the docket today. And it was a big deal would Otis Redding passed away I was burly young but I got thought wallet he passed away young. And I think about another song on the song was. To do to duke of Earl. And I think the song was gene Chandler. I remember that time I think. I don't know was she black. And that maybe that's the other thing that we can talk about to implicate you know it's it's summertime and by the way have you noticed. That there's so much going on to Washington. And I'm not going out of my way to talk about trough. Honey come home we all need a break don't we I mean there's going to be a time we're gonna have to get back to that. And his a lot of politics and I love talking about politics. But I just you know I I want to take a break from that and I know Unita if I need a break from a and I know that you need a break from it as well because it's like chaos it's crazy it's insanity is like every day it's something it's this or is this it. It is mentally and emotionally. Exhausting. And so we can take a break you know we will. Here is a Texas says Charley pride which some party that tell you didn't think about this as being black here's detection tears of a clown Smokey Robinson. Edit text deal withers this text says so yup Hendrix was an incredible guitar player not a black guy who played guitar. See I like that he was an incredible guitar player not a black guy to play the guitar. You know if you think about it and Jimi Hendrix was. Jimi Hendrix was rock. I mean he was almost. On the heavy side of of a rock music he was Jimi Hendrix ways alternative. At a time when most black artists we're doing like R&B kind of stuff. So that was kind of revolutionary. Here's a text this skinny white kid had the hots for I am talking about himself this skinny white kid has the hots for the the Pointer Sisters. In in the eighties. Gadgets are they or their kind a remember once and been on seven I don't know why I'm remembering their store 1 morning I am I posed the question would you rather be bitten by. On the Pointer Sisters or hammerhead shark I don't know why that came out British used to come to get a handle on teeth you know there's a football and that it was excellent tease going on there. So who do you remember listening to when when you were a kid. I ran into the sky in a CB do you answer while he served quite often genocide ever of Bart. It is still in the way in in the past bike path from my apartment to. A Burma street. And I I used to run into here and a boy and I are used to go to and they CBD. And this guy used to listen to me every morning in the United Center. And here's a black guy. And his taste in music he says is because of me. This guy likes Morrissey. This in this he likes dancing queen. He likes all of these like really whites white these groups and songs. And you know I don't know if I introduced anybody to do it today had music but that's certainly reserve was really big. At at at the time but who wish at that you remember listening to Ted that you really didn't think about race. I think about not talked about this often when the topic of a cultural appropriation has come up. I've talked about how as a kid you know I thought The Beatles wrote long tall Sally. I thought The Beatles road to roll over Beethoven. And The Beatles like The Rolling Stones. We're taking songs from R&B artists and Americans they saw the wisdom and they introduce a lot of white kids in the suburbs like me. To. R&B music. Later finding out that The Beatles were covering those songs in fact I think it was The Beatles first concert. In Washington DC. And how interesting is this I looked at the playlist. The set list. And The Beatles opened and closed. With R&B covers. They played their hits in between so this does is goes to show you how much those. British invasion bands respected or in the music in America and a lot of us were introduced to that music because. Of our groups like The Beatles and and the stones. So if if you're black and who do you first down in today's different because. He he he he really probably don't think about race when you hear music. Maybe you don't like crap so you think of Valerie Stan maybe don't like heavy metal so you think about BO don't think about race you just don't like the this John. But I'd like to know if if you if you're black. Who do you first remember liking and not even thinking about race. And if you're white like me and you and you remember. Growing up in hearing music. Who is that they do you remember hearing the music out and you never thought about race. And then we can also enter the conversation. Who is white that you thought was black. Who was black if you saw was white. If you wanna join us of the comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Terry code 5042601. A seventy. And it checks amber is a 7870. Is a text I'm African American and love Stevie ray Barnes. Here's a text like a Ritchie another Luther Vandross. And other The Commodores. Here's one for me it was Chuck Berry Bo Diddley Little Richard she was really cute. Fats Domino. On the nicely Brothers and the coasters. Got me loving American music. My parents. Race we aren't Louis Armstrong and I grew up in New York. Here's a blue runner foods poll. What I put an iconic performer like Aretha Franklin passes away. Are you inspired to suddenly buy or download their music. Give us your opinion by going to our web site every if you don't I can't I'm scoot to hang on we'll be right tack on Devin Euro. And this afternoon we are remembering the queen of soul Aretha Franklin who passed away at the age of 76. And when I think back on the younger years soon solace into music car on the radio and I heard Aretha Franklin man I never thought about race. And that was a time when race was a big deal because there was segregation we were just becoming an integrated. On society and in New Orleans that was that was a rocky road for all a lot of people so we were very very aware of race and there was a lot of. There was a lot of discrimination backed down when I heard certain things like Aretha Franklin I didn't think about race. So what artist did you love that you relieved loved and you didn't even think about race for the year and you're white or black and also we're talking about the artists today. Maybe you thought were blacked. But we're really quite. Architectures is UB40. Thought they were black yeah I can see that Bob I've heard a number of people say this this Texas Michael McDonald. Are yet he does sound like Hall & Oates. You know they're known as one of the bands that features a blue eyed soul music. Led Zeppelin I got to Texas as I thought Led Zeppelin was a black man. Until I bought their first album and saw four white guys from Metairie Anthony here on WWL. Yeah very good I'm good. There are lawyers are so right there are. You knew they were wiped all right. Go to regularly but you didn't think you think about race. And hear that news that news you know. Oh well. Bobby Caldwell is due out. At me but thought he would lose my parent out there like. You know what I'm sure there were a lot of people who first heard. Michael Bolton. And thought he was a black singer and he did he do he did soulful songs are B type songs to. If they go ahead. I've I appreciate your call and I liked talking about this because. Race always devices. As a here's a chance to talk about the things that that we enjoyed and we didn't even think about race from punch to Sean you're under the W well. Yeah the year. I'd seen fit to OK on Jewish segregated coup but like a good who. And the jig is suing you brawl on president apart. In Beijing quiet which to prom all this week. So would it be illegal and wish great fortune money and we all booking. Photo. And listen a Little Richard caught go out and truck. It is the big deal it's all Goebel. And our now we've done. And vote and it shall. You know the man not so. And we're not yet oh white out like. Uninstall or lose weight but the fact is that logic to it. And we do have to think about it on the center 20. We were cut but it. That would Israel ever true enough. But when it got to be out on school board possible it up. Bush on this is a great example of how you know young people and didn't see the difference say they didn't. Young people didn't understand racial divide as much as a Dell stated so you know here you words of students and you wanted to Fats Domino and you didn't think anything about his race. And then he gets sent to the school hierarchy and boom. That they're talking about race and they don't want it to happen. And quote. Well quote history. Yeah. Like these young people. About seventy K okay the other critical. You know people and we didn't walk and of what is. All I thought except that life is lost. And now. But no change to other traders. Go to outrage going to be cold remedy it like in all. Shall that was really great sit back artisan or. Opt for what that's you know that war. Sean I appreciate the call I mean I I love hearing this this conversation and what you were doing this as we celebrate the life of Aretha Franklin and one of the first things that hit me when I I thought about her. Her passing was. You know walking around battery listening to Aretha Franklin like transistor radio and realizing that at a time when race with such a heightened topic. Such a a big issue there were so much discrimination and that was the beginning of integration. I was a kid. Even at that time where race was sit not a heightened level and our our conversation. Hi I didn't think about race. I so wish to listen to and you never thought about race are numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 5042601. A sanity in our text is a 7870. On here's a Texas says a Diana Ross and the supremes. And the Texas I seriously thought Madonna was black when I first heard or on the radio. Yeah and who did you think Boris what was black but they were actually white. You know tower of power I thought that was sort of black Sox. They're not they're just good musicians. Aren't hang on we'll be right back. Current hours Joyner morning show on V 97 in the mid eighties I remember thinking this song made Aretha Franklin relevant again. I'm still we are remembering the queen of soul Aretha Franklin who passed away about pancreatic cancer has return killed my father. And each address where occasion for us every six ironically on the day that Elvis passed away and on the day that Madonna was born in sixty years ago. Here's a Texas says I didn't even know Aretha Franklin was black until I saw or heard in a movie and someone told me that was her. And of course a lot of people were introduced Aretha Franklin victory she was in The Blues Brothers movie. Here is a Texas says I love to Nellie when I was twelve years old got a poster of him on my wall. This is when I first realized in my family just kind of racist by popping yelled at me and called me and and offer and he had never used that word before I was shocked. Delhi's first CD. And I'm a white girl. Hello well so we're talking about those those bands that you know you heard of artists that you hurt like Aretha Franklin when I when I was young. And you just didn't think about race. As source it's good to talk about times we don't think about race. And maybe that's gonna do to look. Do us a favor and ends and spill over into the way we've overly should be it's also interesting how many performers. Are people thought were black. And they were really quite pretty you know during the break now art studio producer just said that the first time we heard Britney Spears song on the radio we thought she was black. For shell met Jacqui thanks for hanging on welcome to our show. I'm gonna. Are you there Jack. Okay it as house like we can launch a comeback she just a moment tied dale welcome to WWL. Do you. On trick you. Are. You back. Place and art. Percy Sledge. Election a classic. Oh yeah. Jim. You. That's what she saw you didn't think white or black you just thought singing and music. Him dale appreciate the call or it to Jacki for Shawmut distract British Jackie go ahead. There are you gonna. A year ago I was fortunate that it crichton's. David hood in. They are members of the social and inspection. And it unit they are recorded and including Franklin. Back whenever you are getting known. Someone they told this story. A big name recording artist forget it Eric got there a double or someone of that caliber. Who ultimately personal record would be. And they won't the first courting India and while for why. They that we. We saw that securities. And that where he met thank. Not the son according. Began work why he has Atlantic later. It's a great story so it really doesn't matter what color you are matters just how you do year you're your your craft. And has a great thing about the and I ask you they did interviews later on saint. They didn't care what right side it was a music and that he could clear intent it did not matter. You are. Yet and I guess in in in a few cases there are some people that have more souls and other people's that you think would have more soul so it's it's a it's a great story Jacki and going to color show. Here's a sex I'm black wham and Boy George get so what if your if your black. Who are the bands that you laughed. And you didn't think about race. Here's a text I seriously thought Madonna was black I first heard on the radio. As a sex has socked KC and the sunshine band best white soul. Disco. Another tax says sell music transcends race. And it's too bad that we can't keep that attitude the rest of our lives. Amen to that I Jessie here on DeVon avenue or good afternoon. Based cute sound like a couple people shall like on her ankle at peak years that they. It they're a lot like minded people out there and my comment was set Iowa's these it was pure years. It is trends and it all races religions. Every mr. city edition that we don't live or David realized that way. And pain that they're real people from my perhaps you and your generation can remember. You know the segregation things like that I didn't grow up that. Geneva race you're talking about art races as dumbest talking about their hair color you have stuck and it's just something different about all of us for this. Everybody wants to separate essentially a group. And all it does is causes division and stich it's really kind of archaic and dumb. It's interesting and an an and that's the purpose of this conversation for us to think about the times when we didn't judge race and then when we realize that somebody might have been of another race. We still didn't care we might have been a little bit shocked in some ways the we didn't care. Well I'm humble I'm young you know I should say you know or you're as you're ever listen and you'd be on B 97 trying to you've beaten me. You know in any industry for a long time in you know people much older than both of us can always talk about how. You know music as always and uniting factor where he music city you know and you can about some of the large that's ultimately look below it back to Woodstock. Yeah yesterday we talked about yesterday were the days they were stock started and so it was continuing an upstate New York going to stay and in 1969 and then. On tomorrow we're going to celebrate the anniversary. On the celebration of life pop music festival. In now I think this point could pay parish in McRae Louisiana. And that was in 1971 Serena spent some time this year talking about about Teddy sent. And you know they were black performers like it everywhere stock on the sly and the family stone were one of the vans. Jerry under Jimi Hendrix yeah. I'd want that. Christian musician who aren't in my opinion of course tight. Are you only voice you've was one incredible guitar player. You know received its so sad when somebody like that dies sorely decoy issue wonder what they would be doing. Later in life I mean when somebody's like Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin Jim Morrison or. Any wine harder or Kurt Cobain people who are really early innovative. When they when they kill themselves all of them at the age of 27. Then. You know they they rob they brought generations and they brought society of seeing how they would evolve over time. But sometimes when we met of course it has happened is it actually propels them onto the stage. But it would otherwise. And so it becomes here once again you know that there's nothing else to comment as I like that was Bob Marley agree. Some activists. Since the great conversations do you know in thank you for taking my. I just can't I appreciate Scott Harmon thanks if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Taxi 7870. Here's a Texas says psalm. Scoot I thought to I thought Tina Marie was black. Yeah remember that song lover boring. Now what books will pull that up for you just a few minutes it was a mid eighties hit. If you're on hold stay with a signed scooter and we'll be right back on W zero. And this afternoon we remembering the queen of soul Aretha Franklin who passed away earlier today. Here was a medley of Aretha Franklin's one of her biggest and shock icon our listeners. Go girl. Sorry to Franklin doing up I'm every woman Shaka Kahn and wherever classics respects. We're talking about Aretha Franklin and you know one of the first things I thought about today when I heard about her passing Boris power as a kid in the suburbs soon as this white kid walk around a transistor radio and I heard Aretha Franklin and it never occurred to me to think about race at a time when race was a really really. Big heated topic of discussion in the south and and around the country. I his XX I thought Bobby Caldwell was black nobody columns of white and anti missile he was was black. Here's a Texas I've Robin stick was black and also casino regular tougher Indiana Ken welcome to our show. Ardea. Argue it out premiered joined city for some have been here. This want to take on cottage or no law are American pop on the belt wac whatever it. I listen to this. Operating. OK and not listen to have played basketball in they do it is Larry Bird. It is cats are bought a big threat is or translate in pop up to do with what I want to go to city. And play when he played and that is why but again we're oh wait. That's right it is sure Jan. And and and and I is an amount in all of what Donnelly black radio station there and what do. What are not old story of the day. Caller well lap and about I think but well. You know La I really enjoy or not produce side and a small space and India and this year on site. The people here nor nor. Got to get out orally or. There have been so lately I have not experienced one and right there. While white people vote black and oh yeah everybody here they've just been so I mean and so. Well why are gonna come back out and we're gonna go back the jets yeah. The people that. Don't know that crime like everybody the people here at love we show we love that music especially with the rate that today. It captive because. You got it got it. Like top endless mile but yeah today. You know got. I Kim and I appreciate that very much and remember you know through radio dot com or Debian year old icon you can now you can stream our show all the time and I do like sending an email and tell me about your station I'll I'll I'll stream you sometime I just sent him an email it's just it's scoots hatch still. I'm Rick Scott harbored our kids don't okay pop up on my I'm due on the weekend for the swap shop which again. That's Arnold's and guns and I'd let you know. You know that big cat Larry Bird and you know. What got debate. Got to be brought out so I don't thing where where are you wanna. Nobody nobody played ball is. And and and you know it worked it worked in regard. That's our Ken and I I appreciate your call and thanks very honestly and enjoy your time Indiana I may enjoy your time here and I have a safe trip back to Indiana. I if you are listening and your somewhere like here in New Orleans and you have stuff on the show and and find it an enjoyable when you wanna a couple of sick every afternoon from wonderful or you can streamers. Confines. Find our station at radio dot com or W real dot com hype here's are getting some some text about dissent this performer this was mid eighties. Tina Marie and people thought she was black she's a white girl. Target journalists say whether signed scooter and we'll be back on definitely realms. DR morgue to disarm very sorted Aretha Franklin. Sing a little prayer and a lot of prayers recessed for Aretha Franklin mr. Israel found out that she was gravely ill. And hospice care. And Aretha Franklin had passed away earlier today at the age of 76 so this afternoon we are remembering her. Here on every every well here's a Texas says psalm I'm a black man and I like the music of a musical group Chicago. Now the sex as screwed African American female was in my teens in the eighties and a person for me would be Boy George I'm sort of put George would be George Michael. A beautiful soulful voice and it was a duet with the recent. Yet he didn't do it with a wreath I know I knew I knew you're waiting I knew you're waiting for me I'm gonna play a little bit later so we'll have some. We'll have some Aretha Franklin music terribly throughout the show as we remember today of coming up next hour I wanna. I wanna get your opinion of this Pearl Jam poster. That is being highly criticized and or we're gonna have the that the poster I'll put our FaceBook page is relative haven't seen it up from Hammond Dan welcome to WWL. A skater I am doing a great topic today thanks calm. On. I'm. A home. Doctor John. Was one of the what I really didn't do you know you'd. Girl singer. Taylor being. In building has had a whole Islamic. You know could occur in your program. But I mean in mixed with that was apple green. Robin. When you have both parents were great also Merkel and other. Eight CN. Yeah you can say yes you can and you see pixel whistle then I mean just great. Are currently well and am currently each wall. Or should reach the yeah mentioned I'll. And I'm asked on and have to leave it there's got to Covert he ever ran I I appreciate I appreciate you calling and you are continuous Tor show. Hi it's time to the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest the code word this hour is fame text FA ME. Fame 272881. You can win a thousand dollars just by texting fame to seven to 81 extra work coming up right before the top of the hour news at 3 o'clock. We never charge for taxed at individual plan Texan generates may apply please. Do not text and drive. Had you seen this poster from approaching and put out mourning their concert in Montana. Well I'll explain it to you we've got it up on our FaceBook page tell you all about that also if you're Arnold stay with us because we will continue this conversation. About everything.