What are your thoughts on last nights mayoral debate?

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Do televised debates or 3rd party PACS influence your opinion about the candidates…and your VOTE?

This segments guest:
Clancy Dubos - WWL-TV’s political analyst and co-owner & political editor of Gambit


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Good morning New Orleans and oh we have a great line up for you today. In the first hour we're going to be talking declared to do those same. Wanna know if you watched the debate last night which I think is. One of the last debates that will occur and how does that affect you in your decision making and how does the commercials of third party packs who are. Allegedly not affiliated with any candidate. That spent a lot of money trying to influence. In your decision making and then are they successful in will be talking about that in the second hour. We're going to be talking about. The whole issue around the NR say in everything else from bonfire stocks and what we thought is some consensus. Seems to be unraveling and we'll talk about that we wanna hear what you have to. To say about that issue and in a third hour we have some updates in Las Vegas as well as updates in the NFL controversy and we'll have open Mike you we'll talk about any number of things. Always like to start to show off. Which some things that are positive because or a lot of good things happening in our city and just yesterday there was a release. By the Federal Aviation Administration that Louis Armstrong new loans international airport grew in plain mince by 78%. Between those six and sixteen. Making Louie Armstrong the second fastest growing airport in America over the ten year period. In 2016 New Orleans had five point five million total in plain minutes 15% higher than pre Katrina levels and that's the good indicator. Indicating not just to return flights lost post-Katrina but also an influx of new flights to the region. The airport now has 56 nonstop flights including six international port total of 150. Daily flights. British Airways has recently added a fifth day to its nonstop 787 dreamliner service to Heathrow. And the new terminals scheduled to open in 2019. Has added gates to accommodate expected future growth. This is a collaborative effort by everybody in the region just wanna wish congratulations. To everyone quite an accomplishment. This this I got this information from Michael peck over it. Gee you know Aiken if others have good things that we wanna talk about accomplishments meaningful accomplishments. Positive outcome send it to me so that we can get it on the air we can talk about these things. So joining us at the present time is Clancy Dubose who is every no real TV's political analyst and co owner and political editor of gambit. Welcome glancing. Thank you know that's always good to hear your voice and that the on the show appreciate you having me. Thank you for taking time out Clancy you know we would go to the debate last night at. Think that's the last one of this season for the mayor's race on May be mistaken but I believe so. And what did you think of last night's debate. Well a couple of things that typically in a debate the candidates wanna play it safe and less than you know. Trying to swing at somebody and gain some ground but most candidates do which would be trying to play defense. Called the bum Phillips approached negative three point lead settlement for the rest of the game. And that's kind of what most candidates do they just wanna what do they wanna try and knock out their opponent they wanna make sure that they themselves don't. Committed unforced error what they say something that just comes out all wrong. Or they get losing by one of their opponents. Nobody scored a touchdown and nobody's fumble that was just it was okay I'll beat China okay. Of the initial front runner in the in the race going back three months four months was dithering sharpening. In the recent weeks. Because she's been under attack. She's following a little bit to a point where she's basically tied to virtually tied. With council member LaToya Cantrell Michael back Naira. Has been behind them but not so far behind that he's out of cities within reach. Depending on which poll you look at it is statistically you know within reach. So you got three major candidates who have been out there but still up in one form or another some months. And I think that the one that the candidate that people like me we're looking at the most which carbonate. Well because she's been under some intense criticism from taxes you mentioned earlier. And we will look at this sea of Republicans would and it's probably a global terror you know just took. Lost some political broadside that her. It was a little bit of that but nothing that was what I would call a direct hit there was no knock out punch there was not even anything that great or I thought. So and that's set I think she did well because I would suspect that her main goal was and not make any big mistakes and not let anybody. Sort of Lebanese any political punches on. And and she accomplished that the other is basically held their own each of them gave the chances that they've been giving nobody's staked out any new territory. And the last thing I would point out that said that on channel four last night in this morning. A lot of critics this field have said you know this is really trying to the second straight into the B team. And I've tried not to say that as I respect all three of these major candidate and frankly. In all likelihood. One of those three is going to be our next day here. So a lot of respect for the office but it wouldn't say overall second string but it's true to his last night if you had an opinion. It is confirmed your opinion because nobody really stood out. And that's. You know that's a shame because it would be nice to some but I don't care what you want to think I think highly Altria. If somebody at some point. Had been able to just grab the public's imagination and you and I've talked about this affordable and have some luck some models on and you put it well. Yet these candidates are conspiring to of the the voters in usable maybe the voters to inspire the candidate I think to some extent that it happened today. It kind of a couple of little more but none of them still stands out. They explain far listening audience how the undecided has undecideds running first. And you know and how that typically breaks out and why that plays into. And I think appropriately so the way you calling did they play it safe in these debates to not hurt themselves because the undecided typically breaks out how. Well typically. At least the way I was educators in politics but people like Ed Renwick and Joe Walker who would to. They're not active Joe's deceased and had retired but doesn't like you like in and both of their polls always with an appointed two of each other they would very legitimate very ethical and honest pollsters. An election a poll just today or not but those are the ones that I really do. And a way to explain it to me was especially late in the game like in the last two weeks when you have pulled. The undecided vote a lot of that boat doesn't vote at all. And when you think about the fact that some of these polls are showing. Anywhere around us seemed like when they only had 12% undecided and others have anywhere from twenty to 30% undecided which is what typical. And when you consider that the turnout in your wallet is probably. Going to be less than 35%. Possibly even less than 30%. That tells me that we have between 65 and 70% of the registered voters are undecided. And an engaged. Tickets they give it that way and that doesn't mean that everybody. Could tell the polls of their undecided isn't gonna vote does not correct. There are people who say Umpqua acts but why is still no they just get busy they forget you know people who have been alive. For guys like you tool. You know politics is really important that we we kind of live eat sleep and breathe that stuff but. Did average person out there a reason family truck regret paying a mortgage and living their lives. It's important but it's not the most important thing in their lives and you know Saturday rolls around and Mecca of the son's or daughter's soccer game or whatever and they just forget that happens. I don't think there's a quantifiable way to say this percentage of undecided won't vote I think there's a large percentage of the but Republicans would probably married. From election to election and it certainly. It is absolutely. I guarantee. That a large percent of the voters. Crew favor one candidate or the other still won't vote. He knows interest in about last night's format nothing WWL. Did a nice job with like Karen did a very nice job for. So professional should look my wife that you looked like she blog on network TV really did. Absolutely it they tried to shake it up by getting on the say. Some then you know nice about one another and then you know what is the one thing it's not so nice about the other one in her. And if that didn't really move on too much. You know what that was the opening to them just you know it would that's an it would do but it was okay for them to two. Took to social will be kind of blocked a few volleys at each other but did you. And it would surprise me into the street and they are attorneys who've been judges. They should know how to. You know ask a very pointed questions. And yet they couldn't and they should know how to read but in none of them really did very well not surprise me. Did surprise me too but. The one thing that I left that evening as is I commented to my wife for a city if nothing else. I know that there is a much larger disdain for one another now than there was three months ago. And that that's not a usually you're not seeing enough elections to note that hopefully Delgado and consistently meet these fields and. So when we come back Doug Clancy let's talk a little bit about the council races and where we see those going in and whether or not there's been. Anything shaking up in those particular races if you have a question are you one way and give us ecology 6018 temporary tax state 7870. This is Noual Lauren on Debbie Debbie L. We're back there with Clancy do most every WL TV's political analyst and co owner and political editor of Emmett and we're talking about the election in. Clancy. And mayor Landrieu has issued his endorsements. The council races. Some. And you know had a lot of people ask me why now mayor. You know maybe he just. There's been a lot of things that go into an endorsement Asian American you're Pettitte had to bring you chosen to issue that sometimes and other arms of chief market might be because. He's not that impressed with any of the candidates sort might be that. He feels like it would be inappropriate or maybe they're a quarter of the vehicle would help almighty cart you know Burnett which is jokes. The people that you want to help it out and torture opponent. I don't know why haven't spoken to a man I don't we should really read it she leads all that well. Sound icon of funded a little is well in in. That formula. This little 11 other thing it might be history helped shape his decision. In my lifetime. We know there are norms I belong there at its successor. And those who have tried and failed. Everyone. That in that that's a good point that's that's probably very true as some thinking about touted as well because. Typically coming out a lame duck it's it's always had a difficult difficult situation. Right mayors tend to be at the low point. In New Orleans and elsewhere with big mayor part job. In and you consult any mayor Andrew oh. Especially now sort of report debacle. He's just standing. Tomlin but. I think his is political and what took a low right now and so what were part I think would be opened in March and then another tape is. In my theory wearing out equipment equipment and other such where he chose to. To try to plus there might be some candidates to go what it is endorsement summit kittens and all those things are expected into. Absolutely so guard Clancy when we think about City Council district today I think the only person I've seen on. TV has been George Jerusalem. Iraqis start opposite early front runner who remains of our. There are several candidates and that rate brace for both of the waters are doing the most competitive. Our challenge or dead or should or should striker nobody can come and it is oddly McClintock species. So what who worked at City Hall she was a legislative needs for. Current council nominating Ramsey who represents is actually. There's an African American woman who has just gone on radio sorry that's a bit. So that that can. You believe so tendered so. That's a competitor right consultancy incompetent choosing gentry is term limited. Sure you'd you always feel very competitive race yesterday even when companies. Should bigotry and need it I'm getting reelected should Berkeley age. Also that she is the first incumbent to be real about it being here. That she just turned over quite a bit. Absolutely I mean historically has been and in a very volatile district. So district be. This should be you have excellent candidates two main candidates and Guam whose body good outsider challenge. Two candidate to a better now are. As well that's up all the local school board member shall not seek reelection to school board. They have gotten a lot of endorsements but a starter candidate committed data rate. And young African American attorney. Who has really made quite an impressive outsider. So this is picked up I have all the endorsement. Are done very well the debate so I think that would be illegal or runoff. And probably. I think the the morning line. It's going to be banks and bloom in the runoff but I would not be at all surprised if committed David Ray. Squeaked in about. And in place of being the bank's problem. And as we go to Algiers in districts see this one resolves itself probably in all that I think there are only two candidates right now are also resolves itself and there will be no runoff. That will be out there it's into you because you have two incumbents running against each other Kristen all or. What if they want term incumbent and chose not to run for reelection four years ago Nadine Ramsey one term incumbent was current council member. That district that there's no easy district or the district is that topped the district represented. Algiers always as well historically like a stepchild. The French Quarter of them irony and by water Altria those neighborhoods of very. Active neighborhood where people very engaged and not about put it all four of them. Geographic cornerstones of that district Algiers French Quarter. Barney are war. There are all locked in because they're active in it then that the council when nobody field to talk district to represent. And that would Jude has had. A lot of turnover and it's always a very close race sprint is probably a slight favorite cheese doctor American. Missiles and polymers. They at all people all along racial but it's a general trend there. Are. Branded and supporters. Are based analogy at both candidates from Algiers is just think the east bank of that district could be the section that determines who wins and double. Especially on the get out the vote effort yeah for sure. So district he is another one that resolves itself a belief this time water on and on sorry you're right. But for different reasons. We. That district had an incumbent who's very heavily favored. Clancy can you say just a few more minutes with us after the break we're gonna get to the bottom of the news and I will be right back would Clancy do hostesses Noual Norman on David audio.