What are you grateful for on this Thanksgiving?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, November 22nd

What are you grateful for on this Thanksgiving?

This Hours guest:
Karen Swensen - WWL-TV Anchor
Angela Hill - Former WWL radio show host & WWL-TV anchor


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We're back end get a we've had a great a couple of hours we try to make it a little light today will for the Thanksgiving holiday and in this hour. What we want to talk about it is you know Thanksgiving Day isn't national holiday. Celebrated in the United States that didn't the Caribbean as well maybe candidate to. You know which is about giving thanks for the blessing. The harvest and so forth of the previous year and so we want to hear from you are and you know is what are you most thankful for or grateful for we'd really like to. To hear which you're thinking. There's been a lot of stuff happened in the last you know a year ago I just not only from the beginning of the year but gone back to November of last year. You know is and hold an election in a new leadership in this country we now just come out of the may aural oral elections so. A lot of things different you'll work call in the first style we're talking about. The the mystery to the success of marriage and our pro ready jaguar opinion poll what's the biggest bone of contention in your marriage money is 37%. Sexist 30% and others 28% has been kind of that way. So we wanna hear for mute talk lines are open to 60187. A what are you. Most grateful for in this past year and you know I'll still I'll start by it's been a lot of changes for me. A year ago. Two weeks ago actually a lost ball fall her and that was. A huge thing for me we're very close. And you know been a lot of changes. Deal with that. But you know what I've been thankful for is that it of all the changes in my life I've had a lot of support from family a lot of support from friends. Oh walking. They're retiring from a job. Is starting a new career. The folks here delivered every L be an absolutely incredible images. Received me with open arms and and was very proud to have led the GPS so for. Ten years and having served forty years as a as a public servant and really enjoyed that and so I've been thankful. To all of my family and my friends setting that they've been there and to support me. Through all of the changes that I had. In in this cashier's so. Give us a college 260187. New York Texas and 87870. And let us know. What's on your mind and what your thinking about we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back to talk lines when we return. We're back in word we're talking about what we're grateful for in this year and on attacks line got a that was pretty darn good for first timer mr. Norman talking about the interviewer do herb Tyler. First time doing L issues so I'm appreciative to that and also budget. Texas well about it. People are grateful for us here at WWL and one of the guys says it's great listening to you on that way I don't just talk on the phone like everybody else while in the car. And I'm also grateful for college that's on a line with this and welcome to the show. Karen Swenson in the job that you do is and WW LTV news anchor for so many years welcome to show caring. Well we great. So we we I'm sorry we lost Karen for a second and I apologize for that little technical difficulty on the board this morning. So we wanna hear prone to 60187. He about what you're most grateful for. In. On attacks on I'm thankful. Then I'm leaving Louisiana and moving back home to Georgia thankful for thankful for my son help and if it's good that you're being able to get to get back home we're. So hard to see you go but you know obviously home his home so that's. So that's a good thing. So give us a call 260187. NER Texas said a 7870. You know many times and also one on attacks on many folks are saying. They're thankful for their community. They're thankful for this Plaisted. That we call home. And you know it's not only what you get from the community but what you give back to the community is went. Is several people are saying I'm thankful for my job and thankful for my family. And I'm thankful for science. That's a that's an interesting observation. Lot of good things that I think we got Caron back. Karen I'm thankful that you called in the show and I'm hopefully we're you we have you on this time. I'm. Howard news and so very nicely for you to join us this day and you busy. Now I'm an you know that we are elected be thankful for abort that. Always a pleasure to talk about good news things like that right. Absolutely there really has any you know we we have a great place a great community where we live this place that we call home and I say it all the time and as cliche as it sounds. It's very very an all too important. Absolutely you know what I what are you grateful part always you know patent family and friends that have that you have everything which you're right at. Our home into the next and that fourth quarter of the saints game. He gets I am very grateful for. That was it that was a beautiful thing on ports Leon listed because I thought it was over the how walked in and loaded additional water like that like a dutiful husband that I was ordered to do and that's what I did you know. Well I'd much that we went out to eat in that we met the first three quarters and he. I aggravated it is. My parents aren't on the line. But we walked in and out at that at the top of the the sport court it is if we had been. Made one game that from now on we are on the board. Bought an absolutely absolutely. So what are you grip what are you grateful for from the preceding year and then celebrating. Thanksgiving MRI. God you know I'll come again down to my family my friends great that. Our everyday hell you know it don't take anything for granted and I'm like you said our home anarchy unity and scorched. You know the first one that may sound corny but it's from heart our first responders yesterday it was looking at a montage of of those popular clips and troops coming home and seeing their and we for the first time it was something that was. You're going on and on FaceBook and and and and I mean thank you to everyone there and thank you to their Stanley. And who are making sacrifice that I don't know the together with their loved car. Yeah you know it is it's funny you say those video clips of the military God's love in and I'll remember which showed does it when they surprised their family and apparently died knowing that their back and major show on nobody's right. I'm a softly I get a tear in my every time policy. Matt Sarah might tell. Beat here but. More and try to get the call Mike got it but yeah I did a it may sound trite but it's not the most important thing right being together with the people. At holidays and and so I am so grateful for. Are all of the community and and and in particular close friends. That you know we're here. Oftentimes we take. So many things for granite. And pray and you really I think have to pause and reflect and look yourself in the mirror it in. And understand how fortunate that we are day in and day out with so many things that were Blas with. And we just walked right by and sometimes Annette that's kind of a shame that we don't. You know reflect on it more and it's just you know kind of at Thanksgiving once a year I guess she. If force you to sit down and think about this things. Right in the wonderful and we have some very very dear friends our family to our British. And they love this holiday they don't have anything comparable and they can't believe that the tradition dates back in it. But the tradition right whether it turn out or that later and it goes back generations and and I'm the opposite because and it makes me even more grateful we have a day. That is much denial and Chris Smith and all the other holidays it's just about being very well and being with peep in love. Well let me say this and and you're busy and you have to ago I am grateful and we really enjoy watching news you always have a smile and your pace thing and when I don't see that all the time and you know everyone has trials and tribulations in their life and in some folks. Are always able to have a smile on their face and I think you're one of those immunized in and we really appreciated anchoring the show and and it it's always good to be on that positive side so many times and thank our thanks to you. That means a lot to me coming from you and and thank you for your service didn't get caught I think well or strike that they expect him carpet. Thank you for the decade that there to get the nurse and a whole community and it's a ball thing yeah I'm he could not are not the dark side. Come. Come to light come to them like mark. None I asset early appreciated all the support from everybody it's been huge it's true it's really been it's been fun walking and under dark side. Let's let. A there there you go with thank you so much for column Colin and and have a great Thanksgiving Amare and a great holiday season and in stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving to all you're spamming all your colleagues that they have a great what. And I know all of our listeners appreciate you calling in thanks so much we go to an attack line in and in. We got one here my husband. That's who they're grateful for we experienced two losses this year and he has been my Iraq. That is so good to hear an ego. Another one let's not forget about the workers who work offshore making sure we have all the petroleum knees that keep America running. They're not here for the holidays either let's not forget them. Same thing with the you know the first responders and mean as so many in the first responder community that have to work. Every Holiday Inn and not with their family and they're out there doing the things protecting us you know we talked about the tires under the overpass yesterday. And then it occurred to me in the middle of the conversation. That what ultimately happened there too when you have this this line of events that occur. Is it we had to call out the fire department and put them at risk in in dealing with that issue and a lot of times we miss that. We missed that we've caused a certain sector of the community to come out and respond to behalf of us. For our safety and security and put them at risk. Because we're not minding the store. Day in and day out making sure that that we're doing what we ought to be doing in and inward. Have to be very thankful for them on attacks on as well very thankful it's that so many things. Cancer survivor great husband of 41 years. Amazing grown kids. An eleven awesome grandkids so. That that's that's great to hear you know we had a that text earlier about leaving in and out think. They text back saying oh that didn't send notes on a perfect you know your you have a place that's that's your home with where your family and you grew up and it's. We're all very excited. The fact that you're able. To move back in in in re live those experiences. Of of your family in an otherwise. Yet again no harvests but thankful for the family. In France it's good to hear. So we wanna hear from you 260187. Air give us a known attacks line 87870. About what are you grateful for and what are you thankful for. You know we just came out of the elections in national elections local elections. We have a great. New Orleans Saints football a year a good L issue football year Tulane has had a do a decent football year as well. And so they can about all of these things that are going that are going well and although we've had our challenges in the city we've had a lot of great positive things that if that is happened here that is. Continues. To succeed when you think of the south market district and all of the development gone on there. A lot of the or rebuild of some of the old buildings to warehouses into new hotels and in new condos and new apartments and things of that nature that that are common together the redevelopment of of canal street which is being huge. In many respects and we're redefining ourselves the other night I went to see The King and I at the Sanger. And I'm so very thankful for the sign your comment back we take that for granted all the time. And there was you know when you're able to go see so many SR Chicago they're not too long ago in NC and The King and I there the other night was. We just got a great experiences also. Always walking around the quarter and then. And and go into that to the theater and heaven or a great meal down in the quarter and and walk into the theater in heaven a great time. There should give us a call 2601878. 87870. All there's another text here thankful so much for 27. Year cancer survivor our new president our new governor. Didn't like the previous two. Obviously like the ones that are it is existing now there's so many different things. I am thankful for my priest and all members of the clergy dame they ministered to so many people in their various needs but our ministers have needs. To. So as we continue this we wanna hear let's go to the talk lines we'll go to line two win talked to time did you on the cell what say you tundra. How are you to be doing well how much is self. Currie. So what are you grateful for this year at Thanksgiving time. I'm grateful that so many things I'm grateful alight. A sound mind and wonderful family member band trend. I'm great and haven't. But they don't call it Internet it's phenomenal that I am so proud of him he don't know won the port by an essential in everyday going home forward. And welcome pets in this and cabin in the like he'd go he'd done it years thing of course we are proud of him and it's one internal. Well thank you so much has very kind of view in did. This has been an interest in transition. One where I haven't been so certain of myself but as I said. I've had a lot of support from so many people I know and even people I don't know and I and a right. Tell everyone think ally guy truly appreciated and I want to I. I hope that you have a a wonderful day tomorrow I'll be saying oh. Remember and remember to put that seat belt on folks everybody. This happens to be while driving one of the most dangerous times of the year. You know as many times is that as long as I've been in the business I didn't recognize that that was statistically what it was. So we wanna hear from you 260 thank you so much times 2601870. And let us know where you're grateful for. Will be right back at. Where black and we're talking about what are we thankful for at Thanksgiving time and what do we grateful full go to line one and talk to Ferdinand in river ridge would say you print. I know what kind of grateful for most of the hold on 1112 years ago. Electrical Lucia street diagnosed with gross can venture and who right before Katrina my mother in law and stroke are comparable. About thankful for the true quit making sure what I'm really thankful for is. That my wife. Made it home. Do you elective mastectomy. He's ago Russia's Jewish. You know a lot of people. Were pushed to. We lost the sisters and involved about eight years ago and should be still pulled away and control for the. That that is great news and at that that is so awesome in and induced in their so heroic in in the manner in which state they battled. That day in and day out and I'm sure that that's what you feel as well. Yeah. Currently. An amazing thing. It. Welcome thanks so much god bless you and have a great Thanksgiving we really appreciate it yelled here and we were very fortunate we'll go to line two Angela hill from there you go audio as well welcome to the show Angela excellent column. Absolutely. I'm grateful for your annual Scripps. We're thanking Hillary right that's very kind. You you are always one of my heroes in this year you're the the head of the Susan komen walk in and you did an incredible job and and I know what your battle has been an up and one of the highlights from the east so far was you common in studio. To talk about your journey. Well thank you thank you that opportunity because when people that people. Women but yes and then two year. You know that you you kind of have to take charge and you have to be. Aggressive and getting mammograms because they're in line and that message can just be. You know. Well every day it would be wonderful and I'm sorry I just caught the tail end of what that meant talking about for about his wife having that on the two main. He lost. Sectors in the mother. Yes and and his wife is still alive and well and in you know fighting to fight each and every day and he just saying that he was so thankful and grateful for that. Well I'm I'm telling you we what we have to lobby for. Is incredible medical care we can't in this community and I think everybody knows what in Houston I have great care Birmingham but it's right here. Right here in New Orleans and we need to be very well there are a lot of communities aren't so lucky. But I but I have to say all the thing. I truly am grateful for it people. Because it is the strengths and people forget shoot through very bad times and are there in the good times. And just think about if we didn't have special people in our lives whether it's a great husband too wonderful for them like Allen and an. People like that that just keep that going hot it would be beyond a bully in our lives if we did have. You know Ellen in the first hour today and July had doctored jolly and his wife good deed Taylor jolly who. Our co author of a book make love make money make it lasts and talking about marriage. In saying that you're you're spouse. Needs to be your best friend and and I know that's what you have in your life. Oh absolutely and don't think first second I predict and thank god because. I'm just so very lucky yes I'm sorry and that it's going to be on right in the. Yeah I'd agree on a podcast but it it they were a lot of fun we got so many good positive comments and attacks and of people say man I want them to move to my house hit a nobody was in it it just embrace what you just said I mean this that you know having good friends and it begins with your significant other you know in in the role that they play in your life in India and being grateful. That's right. And working hard to be a good for injured. Absolutely absolutely and and into it it was funny they you know some of the lines that they had in their book economic does suggest everyone to read it and it's a quick read but he. It kind of pointed out the obvious and an interesting fashion. Well but. We needed pointed out periodically. You know we get to run all the time. You know how many times do you think your someone has sent you know we're at this time ago because we're an overload sometimes you've got to hop. I say I appreciate the work let me brie or. You know sometimes I'll say to myself I'm not only didn't smell the rose I couldn't tell you the color of the rose. Thought ma and you know sometimes you just got they have that gut check and I know the probably in your career at some point you experienced that and it's like I I just have to stop. And in learned to appreciate things and slowed down a little bit. You know in my mind nationally. Alley. Or you're one. And we are here. So we'd better appreciate it. Well that's so true thank you so much for Colin and I know you're busy we really appreciate it and we really mean you know that we want your family to have a great Thanksgiving in and and appreciate you and all the years that you served this community. I'll thank you very much you know and you and your beautiful bride that's. Great Thanksgiving and to everybody. Great thank you so much Angela when will be right back after this break give us a call 260187. Here at Texas City 7870. Let us know what you're grateful for. This is Noual Norman on debit or yell. We're back you're talking about what are we grateful for on Thanksgiving and and attacks on I'm grateful to god. In the multitude of people who help me achieve seven years of sobriety congratulations. To you. Have a happy Thanksgiving let's go to line one and talk to marry in mid city. How are you marry. Did get to pressing. I am grateful to god to get me through the vacuum that I had been through. Almost. And by the board about forty years ago and I've been very missed interpreted. And I'm in love with somebody who's married so I'm not gonna do anything an audience and if I'm lucky all she wants the year but there's nothing in we don't do anything to get smiling preacher. And I just grateful that I still have common sense. I'm grateful that I have kept to admire it christianity. Christian principle despite all the thoughts about me that I have not. I feel grateful that I can still wall. I'm grateful that I can smell the roses which I did a lot because there's nothing else for me to do. And I'm grateful that I can read and I am transported to many different places and situations. So I I try to make the best for myself I'm grateful that I can do it and I live in that terrible match. And and good friend of mine committed suicide the other day. And I just wished that I ended down and talk to him more because we both didn't back him. And I I didn't realize how depressed he wants. We you know Mary I think you. Recognize that there are a lot of positive things in your life and are also a lot of challenges. Regret as one it's hard to deal worth unfortunately. Day in and day out and and around and I'm thankful for you for calling me and I'm thankful that you you recognize some of the challenges but you also recognized the bright side and a silver lining to some of the what you. Perceived is sure clots. Well as setting the a lot of people can't hear I can hear. I love to re and I love your show so I'm grateful for that. Well thank you so much and have a great Thanksgiving Day tomorrow night safe holiday season do not forget to buckle up did not realize how dangerous the highways are. At Thanksgiving time. I'm thankful and grateful for the bigger birth of mob baby girl one week old today congratulations. Love of family and friends good food football good health great job and most of all. God's grace. It's so nice to hear from folks I'm thankful to the lord for giving us a beautiful world to Livent. And all he has given us in the world family he has given me. Very nice as well and happy Thanksgiving. To you we wanna hear from you 2601 A itself many ardent. Give us attacks that 878878. Among the many things I am thankful for and thankful that when I'll listen to your radio program you always so respectful of your guests in your college Europe's exceeded my expectations when I first heard you were joining. Debbie Debbie oh well thank you so very much is very very kind of view and happy Thanksgiving. Until you give us a call 260187. A time for break its annual Norman on Debbie Debbie now. Rebecca we've been talking about what we are most grateful for will go to line one and talked to Susan a Metairie how are you Susan. I'm not at all are you happy Thanksgiving Day. Same to you. So what are you grateful for this year. I am the person Greg great all of the great. And amateur and I've earned. Angel add we have the world right now health care. Here in the New Orleans area. We are fortunate. Clear here. The truck urgent our hot little people come from all of the world regret certain. Came here and I am thankful for and chill out there is such a wonderful advocate. We are very fortunate for that. Absolutely. We really car and I'm great all our people could have manner and or. All that. Attraction trash end and not streak and. And interestingly Susan we got a tax that someone texted and said they were grateful for the trash men. So that there aren't very kind of them. 08. At my god I'm thankful for I. So. Granddaughter and I am money. I think actually I have a granddaughter is well known before in January and they steal your heart. And all that hurt and etiquette archived and an eight. Well. Oh Susan thanks so much we really appreciate you calling in and have a happy and it. Thank you thank you so much let me take this time under really thank everybody for participating today. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We got a big weekend football wise would the same personnel issue and others in. You know it just I hope that everyone has a great weekend. I will be back on Monday. So with that thanks for everybody thanks for everything and young have a great weekend we'll see on Monday.