What are the Saints' keys to a playoff win?

Deuce & Kristian take calls on the Saints-Vikings playoff matchup.


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Yes indeed sent her five set for Friday in who dat welcome at the fans and approach here on W could well anathema dot com if you heard many sports bar being grow on Fulton. Street next to Harris New Orleans who will be here from 48 PM Deuce McAllister. Kristian garic here with a six all time leading rusher deuce is an outside of the itself the key to autograph signing it what do you want signed with. The saints' all time leader must do to Gartman the playoffs can be a fun on Sunday at Loudon with fun. Yeah man and I'm I'm I'm waiting on these fans here amending the get a little excited me like is not Friday afternoon we'll go. It is Friday afternoon. I mean it may not be possible plot here but it's 5 o'clock health care. Hey let's get this let's get this out of it right now so at some point here next thirty minutes. You guys suffer if we're gonna play that hit the Sean Payton song okay rather do hit this on and about thirty minutes here I mean we all of that no. No no had been on how fast and loose though I'm a dog to the audience today they have to visit our our bar area over there before they can hit the show. Yeah yeah like you don't make sense. Validated that that's part and an expert salute will it do that here a little bit to go live on W Mellon also live on a FaceBook page so. You guys you race you best Sean Peyton rendition did you see bodies and I Solio. It's do questioning and wondering and scratching and the the small amount hair but I have a mine is just trying to figure out why it. Mario don't. What do initial hit this don't they can watch the news craze which I really thought they even should I don't know eagle. That's the problem still seeing at the end of the game like his dancing moves no I've gone the other key is doing and what is. John Graham Republican. Why tournament. It's a about it's that's the just say you know our our boss nine Newman. Told me tell you hit her. Yet you're or radio coach. Says it you have to do in this Sean Payton dance of India that it in the in the I'm a round out the clock out in effect that's let's go have a normal clock out at the mandate now to meant data yeah o'clock out. After a couple of out outfielder. Serving drinks or something probably about me. We're gonna get -- really get used to do it it's on trusts tonight will it do that by in the next thirty minutes we're out here minis were great environment out here. There's a five in this city right now but in particular about the many hang out with us here on fans' approval for me it got about a gazillion. Flat screens whatever you want would have you a lot she would anyone take in. Sporting standpoint you can take it in here. And also meant what great bar over there the left the lesson that's a great environment we've been here several times. Here makes Nolan and thank you so much for perhaps one thing that also brandy Cole when wide receiver for the dual season out for Sunday's divisional showdown with. The Minnesota Vikings with a neck injury how they replace that production is that we need. Well I mean I think you know obviously Willis knee would be the first data comes to mind me in May be enough to leave and also car. To be worked into you know he had been up one game I think this whole year as far as activists concerned so maybe a situation where he's called or. You know it may be another situation where they call somebody up from the press squat you know that's something that they obviously can do. You know maybe they see something there that we haven't seen so. I think you'll fit them in the run game and I think that obviously his ability to be to create that big body that this match. You know that that's something that they're gonna miss but other guys have to step up. The lines are open at 504260187607870. A rematch from week one and do stuff highlighted a few times. After you'd agree. As the players have said both on the vikings in the seats that these are two totally different tees and that we want Monday night opener and then I wanna remind folks that you had sitio caliber that day playing at right tackle. For two thirds of that ballgame pretty much because of the injury is actually he had at one point spots in Paris are starting quarterback. Opposite of march on Lattimore. Yet Ryan ran track Ryan Grant technique is first of all start from right tackle we have February please retire or leave it left he was at left tackle and then that ball game. So there's so much change here how much is a player. Can you learn by going back and watch in the. Tape that we want or you can pick up schemes I mean I think that's the biggest thing you can look at maybe even some habits I mean and see if they were doing we line. When you look at Scott a particular player position seeing that they were going week one what they were doing we fifteen week sixteen we thirteen. Different things of that nature genome there may be blitz award and look that they show week lawn that they had not showed into maybe we team until. Really you go back and sell scalp for about the past four games Indian media player an opponent that you would obviously looked at tape but would it be in the first game. So much has changed you know you can look at it which are really looking for tendencies not necessarily. Tennessee from a player in the teeth from maybe. Paul but you're really gonna look at the last four games. Deuce a Christian you're out Manning's on Fulton street that Harrison new world forty impolite to open final four. 260187 text 8787 I see Andrew David Steve you're up next saints vikings Sunday at 340. In the divisional round of the playoffs right here on saint radio W him well enough mint dot com. Deuces woman up to hit the show on here a few minutes live it may innings on Fulton street here you'll not hear what he says moving it and do it. Hey I thought I invite I talked I talked to the bosses in I think I'm and it's got to deal with some. Adult beverages in its jewel events we can targets on the line. It so difficult polite to open kind of war. 260187. These sorts of love with the laws now as I was walking round on Tuesday alto will root store. Everybody was decked out in black and gold today it's going to be work environment Allen to and our building. So awesome guys and gals walk around the city. With the bleachers he's Nazi regalia I mean there's the five and it in this city. We have felt them three or four years has done nights this well it definitely is in just to note that it's still in compensation does that mean normally you're talking about language overdraft yeah it would get ready go to see your bull and looking at the prospects of who they pick up. In free agency so we could be in that finally number. It feels good to be back in conversation. Back to the phones we go Andrew and content to what's going on interview on W to a. I guess I'm just alone are about this weekend. Now and my question and and hang up and listen. I know how much additional classrooms at first game. Andrew Andrew. You know what house money so I don't know why you're nervous you're playing with house money right now. I don't and I got my question in the meantime though loosening those two things have changed didn't really change. And Tron who are who may gain or these were obtained this because as good. Although that good but they also coming they didn't know how to use outlook America I didn't know Adrian Peterson was in this mix it and how they're gonna handle that they had as we mentioned deuce. Two offensive tackles that war really planes that were playing out of position you had. A player quarterback has now on the practice squad CI a lot has changed now a lot of change from Minnesota to Sam Bradford had a game of his life that night. And I get case Keenan was zero playoff starts and I think that's about as fast induce what's the biggest factor in this. That is obviously the vikings defense is so good we know that. I think is a real real pressure on case keynote with zero playoff start not to mention Minnesota Vikings as the host city. Knowing that. All the pressure's on him yeah I don't think I mean those sites are being picked to win and whose bigness and the wind. You look at the margin of I mean just look at look at what makes this man who's picking essentially it the other part of this is knows alluding to look at the buyout week. Yet whose home I mean who's expected to win this game and again go back and look at. When there's been out a team in that in the playoffs that that is hosting the suitable. They have meted out of the divisional round now. I mean and so when you when you say has things change a lot of things I mean it and it would not take anything away. From the vikings because I do believe that they are very very good team but I mean for the saint perspective and to say that. They're the same team that went up there during week one no that's not the case at all. And do that answer your question and. I mean you know I guess. Claim to have. You know mostly on top economic thing fan and a hundred plus an appointment employment. That money and won't or won't he won't and I don't think. I did. Money over the details of fake money plain and outs when you play it would house money ethnically related to an appointment via. I don't act like I had to Buddha. Go into the rescue weekend David Mobile, Alabama who detonates what's going on the you want to beat him. Akers made him by him doing today. Love the under on OK man I'm Mike. Paying my eight. This a national media. People got in aid that now. We beat out. A plea all. Being. In the OK. I. Think very. Few. Ago. Allman older and imitate now being accurate it would be. It. And they'll. Can am. And yet he ought to nobody would you know. We gonna help a good against them I think we'd be. Fourteen ball. And. Look I hope you're right Dave I'm I'm I'm in Iraq. Find out how hot out I tell you Dave by the reaction that we're getting the guy next to me about right and also the need that here at Manning's. There shaking their head that they don't think the saints can beat him. But by fourteen point spreads wanna pack. But wow now if the movement of five but this is a few local team that's what's it come down it's gonna come down to close. Yeah I mean I predicted there early Saturday in my college to be 12119 doubled it would it surprise. You probably talked with 124 some saints win close who cares if it's by fourteen are are are about want to win. You move the author of the AFC title game. That could hear the world's first take their Minnesota but you'll you'll you'll know Saturday night if you teams' styles how much of the fact is that in their mind diploma from the from the saint perspective knowing that if they go out there when and how much extra motivation was there extra motivation and they've won't matter I mean east field notes via the glut Nick's Q that's what that's what had happened I mean what. When asked that as well with the game that's on the field. I mean that that's motivation for it and hate so be which you would go Saturday night whether or not you get doubles. Steve in the east what's on the on the role of well. We know you're out on the announcement. You do. But where do you. You your gap with runner that. Leprosy. Brees in it you. Gotta talent against. It all. OK okay look did you. Which haven't made it now a real hopeful. Outback dictate more reasons against it you pants which is a group we deplorable bought back. And get it out will you care or be it I've ditched you all there but it's in key war. Correct. I'm wrecked you can point. What's my take on I mean when you look at it sucked some people think it matters and it does to a point. Case Keenan has the right place you have to make him make plays and I don't know looked at this silly just because there's the playoffs and he knows that next week. If they don't win they don't advance but. You have to make him make plays and his ability to be able to scramble and row or his ability beavis and in the pocket that's what you have to face. And so. Drone you know that he can win a ballgame for you when you talk about against their defense. Now they showed you some different stuff yes that's what they and that's what they're gonna do that's what are right the number one defense in so. Players have to make place so when you talk about Davis Alec is there authenticate team him and drew against their defense in and basically Mike Zimmer. Couple things come to my specialty. Field position. Artists saints' starting backed up you know artists thought hopelessly out of there are they winning the turnover about are we winning that they're hidden yardage battle. Those all things that they have to be able to win and to be able probably would be field tonight. All the other stuff made his funeral itself out. Steve takes a phone call phone lines open final four to 60187 text 878 setting another factor I think in a crucial drive at some point he's Keenan. It's going to have to make the plane make him drive make the throat how does he react in critical moments the biggest game of his life. And Drew Brees has been there a few times and make those throws well you have confidence in drew being able to make that play but it does at same time. You know is that case what case. The crowds building near the watch dues paid the show on in a few moments. He gets sick is that all he wants. Really get a role. Welcome back to the fans and pro. Do secrecy here on W him well enough on the dot com deuce how many highly folks around the country if you look this week. Took the popularity how many how many folks advocates it's this game all the divisional round playoff games I think this is the premier match. But the weekend. Yeah I think so I mean you obviously you have some interest in the Pittsburgh game and obviously you know we have a lot of interest in Philly Atlanta game that. You know from he would admit to bed and just because. We can hit it don't mean to me in my mind frame is. When we get off the airplane and we had difficulty you know that'll be the only time that I really have to deal with the weather. Outside of that I mean it'll be room serves circle Taylor and when we get up Sunday. Good all the books that will be out one last time that I have to deal with the elements on after the game to. In. I would expect the winds I don't care what what happens there so you you go out there with a jacket and I'm gonna lose now but I understand. Minus thirteen has that as a itself don't no I know you political web at ball I mean. Miners in the game modest thirteen. That does not sound news whatsoever but in about. If reluctantly we war with when if you give them and be really happy Florida. He Sean what's going on T Sean you're on. WWL. I don't do. Good how you doing. Moreover what real well it is a day went on their own minds about who the people would be equally great. I don't you know and a little. I knew. That he'd be. Popular with Condit we had a bit. It. Equitable motto don't know is he doing. At the garden thing and I I would get him well we'll look forward. We teach. People. Repeatedly problem but Arnold you know how well we knew we had great. I'll I'll I'll be right but here's here's the deal. For the last two weeks we've had communication issues on the back. And AJ Klein David Carroll. Which I didn't Wear with which may be true I mean and and and and last week I think it was a combination of things I think it was how they wanted to play great goals and I think you know Nolan what McCaffery could do if you left it more don't want. That is something that you have to have cleaned you cannot have the communication issues that you hand the last two weeks the other thing is. Against Minnesota the first game. We struggled we use the troops look we struggled with three about one look and that diamond formation. We cannot have that and and not only against Minnesota against New England as well I mean as the season went along we got better. But you can't allow some exotic formations to give you payload man I don't know what a umbilical who'd left hand out. You can't allow motion to throw you off and so opposes those concerns. You know concern for me it's we've talked about Islam play is ladies and dolls. Lady until the cannot cannot stop what you're doing offensively. No wonder besting the saints have done when you talk about this year run game is the power run well we know that you won't have you know you're starting guard. And soak elementary has the feel in epic are you cannot allow Libyan chose to take over and disrupt the middle of your offense and so we know. One of the ways that. We've seen it's often struggle is bill press. So we hit controlled a gaps in the B yes we're a stroke. He had Max Unger had a hard time with him that we won't let him whose first game back. Max had a what the best game form but it was his first game back like Max in this matchup here I mean and in the got strong. The guys from I wouldn't be surprised for the saints to go maybe no little thought temple. To make them have to adjust maybe not necessarily running plays. But maybe not allowing them to change person mails size up the loss of injured people me at left guard two huge loss of me because not only would he play an outstanding at left guard but you know he was your emergency backup left tack. Until now something happens there you may have to flip you right to apple over. You know in out elementary has the bump out to left tackle so it limits to what you can do from my versatility standpoint but. You know what would it. Under his feet and inside and would letter war effort into the Max Unger. They did an outstanding job would double team and they did an outstanding job would just clear. Yeah game and when I talk about GAAP game that's the counter game that's the power game you know double teaming up to allow backer until. The saints can still do that. But it'll be a little bit different element has done it this year so you're not necessarily where this is different bodies don't. Pete on the West Bank was lumpy on W him well acres and argued a couple of guys appreciate take my calls. Your second question for you little diversion from pump talk complaint that was wondered if you could break down what your thoughts are on falcons really being. I know that you are scenes that add to that and in both locations again that he goes home and and away. Something peculiar going on in the area where. You know before last week's game you had folks open the big picture book it's silly because it won't take their paper the weaker team. And now they're open for the bout and the winning you know and I understand the emotional aspect of that post and then at C championship game in the in the column. I was just wondering what you thought was going to be the outcome of this game from purely experts spam point not an emotional one. And die and if he goes through the art that we are seeing shouldn't paint and still be. Hopeful to get up there and play them. Lot that the Eagles would only be weaker team because of quarterback I mean and that's the only weakness when you talk about that he boosting. Losing their MVP candidate of possibly it's his caliber that it hurt him and so when you go back and you look at what people's view it. Outside of maybe one game he straw. And though that the thing that they've had the ability to do during their bye week was really tailored an offense probably a little more to him so. I can look you can look to see nick fold maybe not run as much ArQule stuff that's what they were doing when it. A lot of times where its ability on third down and went to building boom. In the pocketbook may cancel special he was really really act that's not that's not the polls and so for. When you when you talk about that eagles' offense they steal one booster with the ball but other playmakers have to step up form for Atlanta bomb. Give Julio ball. Get grilled ball. You can double move those Eagles corners I think they gamble just because they know that their defense a lot of so group. You can double move on but he got to have time and I don't know if Atlanta office to lie in view of. Men at the time that he needs. So do you do you think it the better option for this thing to play at home and out and support to go out there which bill and championships and area. It is it if they were playing. After Sunday after the saints play. Then how would have a preference right now I don't care what what happens outlook to play at home in new loans. You know my my my focus. Has been on the war so it doesn't I mean yes outlook play at home but who cares if the saints only. He takes a phone call got a text here. At 870 eights and talk about case he would not have any playoff experience it meets another look at the freshman quarterback to a time that title viable. From Alabama to totally different circumstance. To submit a budget we're committed to international attention game it's totally different. There's no way you can look at the preparation. That. Case Keenan has put me into work. Taylor hurt and freshman to toll zero votes them at Alabama not even close. Deuce Christian here out it may innings on Fulton street won't buy. Say hello YouTube itself be an autograph you'll for himself he's been. After it fits in management and up into judo but I I wouldn't I get when he itself was too now on itself with you again and again and a few throughout the week and also on game days phone lines are open at five before. Music Zoellick said the text 870 eights having this is sinks radio on WWL IMF and dot com. The one out hit the Sean Payton. A few moments five when he or so will make it may get hot here. If the staff out here it all up. Fans hit the shot they look at over the menu used to have a hard time deciding that what I want here and we are cheaper we'll see. Fried seafood platter the Cooper the Cooper that's caught your eight ounces. Angus bacon cheddar and descends on a sign of Davis and it's not. Set. It would hall bullet or you know now they also if you if Unita you can also come out and celebrate the pills the pills are playing tonight what. After a disappointing game. I tell you that against yours went down if you get let down on. Well hey they hear it in almost fool fool I know but if you hit it down on a weekly basis I am still called wolf. A year that's line. Animal willful. Full line to open final four to 601878. X 870. 87 come on out to itself the Wii is the saint ultimately much reduced accounts are also. Get an autograph bringing your dues McAllister Jersey football what have you know eat it up. Do start using it on a cell phone you're on the redeployment but now. Hey guys yeah. Good how you doing I'm go about it Christian out not to let you know what you told nick how you meant to be armed. I bought the night on the way up but. I quickly. It again. Given that we've seen with his appointment. All of gene on lap pools. You think it's been better but it thing on topic and it took place inside again and so. Or in the west again Philadelphia. And not good luck got them back up to listen. I coach nick statement. The knicks so much on the me and you would have loved to have played Philadelphia and you know eight to 37 degrees yeah I mean which you may get he'd give you may get that opportunity. You may get that opportunity but I mean for the saints. The draw almost played Minnesota and you know they just happen to have the dome so you'll have to worry about the elements as far as outside and so for him. It's conference this the path that's best for the saints on staying indoors and mean with the prospect of if Atlanta helps you out. You're you don't blobs outside for playoff game at all you never look in you you never believe but don't they go home anyway you never leave a moment as far as playoffs are concerned so. Yes. It may be a tougher opponent in the divisional round for you but I mean at some point you gonna have to pay some dues what do you make of the division the saints play in that division that the vikings play in how the effect that is. In terms of how good it might just makes it makes it out to us and it just makes your relatives have been the thing is the vikings played. Those teams as well you know they played against Atlanta they play against Carolina so you know there. There are quote unquote battle tested as well you just had played those teams I guess twice. And so you you feel called to win a close situation you feel comfortable closing out a gain. You had to do it against Carolina. You've had to do against Detroit so those those moments are not too big for it and then the other piece of it is. You feet have gotten a little bit witness for the playoffs are concerned. You know how much Walid week off yes it helps you to be even get healthy but how much Willie week off help you with time. You know when you talk about talk about from an offer to sample you talk about just in tackle he would hit. You know that's something that you you you really had done in May of political but there had been in tackling in the in in Minnesota as far as they're concerned. Deuce Christian young fans in the pro at meanings in New Orleans right next to Harris poll that streak going by will be here till 8 o'clock tonight. In itself it would deuce topple saints football. It soft 8504. Twos until point seven text 877 ample back to the kitchen meant from a from a public advocates staff to do shopping day so. We not human RB. I close the show athlete now. You can go back and burn some off its hands in the pro here. On W Malia and got them. I coming up next hour to be talking saints and vikings also look at the other divisional playoff matchups. In the AFC and NFC. The lines are open at 504260187687. Meets at the WL divisional playoff rally. But that rally at Rouse is market Middleton all new 203 PM with. The big key to go via the key to Canon obviously we're at meetings. In New Orleans here outside of Paris on full signal might take it reduced McAllister. An autograph as well autopsy football here on state radio W him well enough dot com.