What to Americans think about racial tensions in the US?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, August 13th
Bob Mitchell in for Tommy Tucker. Bob talks to Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about how recent polls say Americans feel about racial tensions.

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And we're going to bring to the show right now they director of the University of New Hampshire survey center Andy Smith Andy thank you being on the program this morning. So a year later. Since the the deadly rally in Charlottesville how much do you think race relations have changed if at all. Well it probably the same or worse. I think that the some of the polling data support this. There to uphold the just came out recently from sepia and and they took a look at race relations. And they they basically say that. In the past year 61%. Feel that racial tensions have increased in the United States. 10% say they have decreased only 29% states cities stayed about the same. And it's interesting scene is the same sort of polarization with that we've seen in a lot of other things with the trump. Administration. Democrats think they've gotten much worse Republicans think they've largely stayed about the same so we're seeing that kind of that that. Lighting up with behind trumpet and then lining up on what people like proper don't like trial. Do you think there's any. Who know what would it take you think to change the job on the outlook of some people. You know it's really. Because you know we talk about race relations in the United States that we that we beat ourselves I think just Writely and sometimes not so rightly. Invaders you go around the rest of the world being realized the united race relations in the states. A pretty good compared to what they are in other places in the country are they in the world so it I think it may be something and it just. Basic human nature. In ball does it's gonna make it difficult but you know but the biggest thing to do is just be open minded talk with other people realize that everybody's got to same problems that you do. And I think that some of these issues that we have a just a lot of people. Don't get out they go to the other people get their own little circle of folks and they don't relieve have to see the world of the people's. Win but when you look at at the numbers. Fuller more minorities that. Feel that things are not as good as they were a year ago. Well when you when you looked back questions about do you think things are. Better or worse. And they were a year ago you know you look at. People who say there. Blacks. 78% of blacks say that racial tensions that the increased only 56% of whites say maybe increase. 62% of Hispanic it racial tensions that increase so yes. It's it there is significant different but still more than half of flights David racial tensions that increase over the last year. Andy can you hold all have to take a break or a right you talk and Andy's who have director of the University of New Hampshire surveys that are. 21 minutes after 8 o'clock it's traffic Tomlin WW well. Hey Tony five Bob Bob Bob Mitchell and our special guest. Is director of University of New Hampshire survey center Andy Smith and let me did you a text message teller show drew. I just the mood of a lot of the audience 2018. And we're still talking blocked and the light if we stopped talking among black and light. May be folks will have nothing to talk about shame on us but revealed talk about you never gonna solve the problems. I think that's the quandary that we're I think that really reflects what's going on there that. It's kind of a it's it's it's interesting I was as we are. Waiting by looking at some old Gallup data. And do they have a question that they've been asking going back to 2000 so. How would you say relations between whites and blacks are very good somewhat good somewhat better very bad. And did decline hasn't the big decline wasn't during the trumpet right it was during the Obama era as president. So this is something that I think is has been don't legal and it's been. Certainly it's something that looked of the media light because it makes great media fodder and then I frankly think that lobbies. Does that take it groups in Charlotte Charlottesville. Were really just. Taken advantage of knowing that the media's gonna covered and so this. Is hype things up more and more gets hyped up and more people concerned about this sort of stuff so. Some of that I think is that generated by the press. That which relate that bit of the look the year your call you politics. Well with up 61% of Americans saying that the racial tensions have increased over the last year. Heidi think that will affect the mid term elections. Well in mid term elections are all about getting your parties based turnout has overall turnout goes down significantly in mid terms. And I think what you're gonna see is that democratic base that part in particular African Americans and Hispanics who tend first up African Americans. Overwhelmingly vote democratic and and Hispanics have been trending more and more to vote democratic they're like the you know it's like Whitaker Republicans. So it is something that I think that the more. We see and hear about racial tensions the more that in the paper Democrats in the election in the fall just because they're gonna get there. There base voters. More concerned in wanting to get out and vote. What do these polls if anything's say about how the out. Presidents always attacking sports figures. Well in the interactive when they're put the other question in here about whether you approve or disapprove of Trump's. Attacking. Sports figures. In in in this to me a little bit on you a little bit there because it it I don't know it's so much races it is justice another issue but it gets lumped into the trees. Questions 68% of Americans say they dislike it when Donald Trump attacks. Sports figures. Is that Republicans and Democrats are mainly Republicans. No it is again it's. Split so ninety. 3% of Democrats say they dislike it when. From the tax sports figures only 35% of Republicans 65% of Republicans say they like it took in this is that same sort of divide that we been seen or whole host of issues where people lining up behind their party and I think it's more party and Donald Trump it's acute. A sports teams you attacked my in the distance might sports team whether good or better like not because they're my team and I think that's what scenes with this question here. If trump does something Democrats are in the dislike it and Republicans are in the defended. Andy thank you for being on the show this morning. Always a pleasure to talk you.