What’s the definition of insanity?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, January 3rd

What’s the definition of insanity?  Is it Sewerage & Water Board?  Well, drainage repairs on Napoleon Avenue that took so long and caused major grief to commuters, homeowners & business owners…are being ripped up already… right before Mardi Gras. WHY? 

This Hours guest:
Paul Murphy - WWL-TV Investigative Reporter


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Come on in New Orleans in the cold weather continues in a city in Orleans everybody's bundled up there's all kinds of challenges I just could not help but chuckle. Yesterday there was a warning that the sewage water board says that the water system is distressed because everybody is turning their deposits loans to prevent. And the freezing of the pipes and what I find completely ironic is that every morning and we've been talking about this leaky fire hydrant at the corner of city park avenue room and punch a train expressway. It is still leaking as of today. And yesterday they had to put up barricades to prevent people from slipping down a little bit he held there once the water froze over it was an ice structure yesterday it's back to a waterfall. Today and gonna talk about distressing this systems. It might be that the approach ought to be fixed the things you control in one of the things you control or leaky fire hydrant so. More on that afterwards but we have Paul Murphy joining us. On the show this morning welcome news show Paul. Thank you could talk with you and I wish reading your article. Again. Kano once step forward two steps back tell us about what's going on on Napoleon avenue up to now. Well you can imagine that is that in area we're talking about Napoleon in between magazine and saint Charles and of he traveled that area were live Vinatieri you know all too well this was. Part of count that was or now. Seem like for years. As the Army Corps of Engineers. Did that very important drainage work up there that I get wrapped up about a year ago so. People that area thought OK it will grate the work's gone and have the benefit of better drainage. But I guess what happened to see the new. Neutral ground it just yesterday Tom they started digging up again. And we Clinton. Investigated. We have member mark step that live in that area that alertness to. This story and as it turns out. According to the city when and the army corps contractors were doing all that work. On Napoleon. They forgot something they forgot to put in the underground conduit. That contains. A fiber optic cable that connects all the traffic signals along that area. So now a year later one McGrath has taken when new neutral grounds looked great. The city. Or actually the contractors for the court had to go back now. Entrenched. The length of the neutral grounds two to replace the conduit that went down the first time around and in talking to. Neighbors in that area you know it just seems like it's so frustrating sometimes. Word you'd you'd get a but he gets it it's a temporary inconvenience permanent improvement but it seems like whether we're talking about. Road work or sidewalks are or what have you pretty you know we seem like. Once the work he's done. I know the truck shows up and start digging it up again in and that's certainly. Is day a major source of frustration for. The folks that live in that area it is it is an area where where you've had your street torn up in all the sudden they're big and again because they forgot something. Obviously they had to put up with the inconvenience for a lengthy period of time and Iowa obviously hoping for some period of time to have a respite from all of this. Have we been able to determine the length of this project and wood well how much time they think it'll take to get this accomplished. According to to the city were told that that this work should be completed. By the end of January and and keep in mind where we are. About four weeks away from the first major parade step off and that area it's as most people are are quite aware that this is that. Step ball very afford the uptown and downtown. Mike raw parade route and a lot of family like this ban on these neutral ground and and watch the parade come by and it's going to be a muddy mess apparently. Unless they can get some grass to take between now and a month that from now but according to the city they're hoping that this work this the replacing of the Condit with will be completed by the end of January. And the operative word is hopefully and you know I guess it's a little bit too much to expect you know being that fiber optics is kind of a new technology right and synchronization of street lights that's. Kind of knew was well. I yeah like I think the mandate if it's very frustrating at the driver as sure it is the youth. You know stop every other block because the light turned red. What if you get it to where if you go to the speed limit and again that's the operative word the speed limit you should be able to. Keep going so maybe that'll be a good thing. You know legacy as I said earlier this one step forward two steps back mentality. As is really trying the patience of a lot of our. A citizens around around the city you heard my lead in on the fire hydrants were talking about water we're talking about this talk about that it seems like. We're not handling the things that we actually control. And you try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. When are things that are outside of their control but when they're completely within their control that he you you just got to shake your head in wonder well why and what's going on. You know I am on a normal day it's not a major problem though when when you see something like a freeze or or. A lot of rain then it really over taxes the system that in in in the first place is and in very good shape. And that's I guess which are saying in pockets around the city are these. Well ice mounds that. Cause some problems on the roadway. And your ID UC EDU should be able to it to exit things that you at least see. Enemy and you know I've been saying this on a radio show now for a couple of weeks now but this one fire hydrant that's leaking incessantly. Over their own apology train expressway right by the Zia's under the Metairie road overpass there and it just doesn't seem to have a go away that somebody at one point wrapped it with. Cloth I guess in an attempt you have the water diverted from the street so that it wouldn't freeze over I don't know but you know. As I said before new technology fiber optics and a synchronization lights obviously presents a challenge for the court contractors and an Angel terror in the neutral ground up yet again. About it and not much of an apologist. For the city but in this case it was an inspection by the department of public works that actually. Determined at that the contractor had not. Replace the cabling like it was supposed to I'm not sure why it took a year now to come back in and do that work. But the city's actually caught it in and now via contractors have to make good on it. Well it could be that the new lights are Gilani and now they realize that don't have the fiber optics to connect to it I mean the point is is that you should before you start closing in the neutral ground. Someone should be looking to see whether or not the conduit the fiber optic all of that was there that would be the more appropriate time conducting inspections. Certainly nodding in a year later but I mean I guess we could go on and on and on this is not anything new. And we see this happening repeatedly and do it at what is your confidence level that will be completed by the end of January. I I think that this that there are under the gun to do to get things done in time for mod abroad and money grow really. As you know this time your at a ruled the city so hopefully that would be inaccurate incentive for for the contractors get it right so. Fingers crossed in and hopefully. Against people gonna have to bring at par about the other night you know Monday on net that neutral ground. And that speaks volumes at the monogram crews carry more clout than in just a a. The prayers that. The turnovers were Georgia number like Singapore. You know I didn't know how much authority empowered came with that otherwise I would've wave the magic and wander a little bit more during that year. Do wield a lot of power white tight. Right exactly. What the highlight of the year putting on white tights. Well Paul thanks so much for the report we really appreciate your time in are as always and we look forward to your next story that comes our way right. There thank you. Will be right back after the break give us a call 260187. Near Texas at age 7870 and let us know your thoughts are the latest challenge. Maybe we're crawl out to the morning Barack crew captains deceive we can get them on this issue as well we'll be right that. One attacks line if our politicians would stop hiring her friends they might find a contractor that measures twice and cuts wants. That would be a revelation and you know would when I was talking earlier about fiber optics and synchronization lights is being new technology. New. It was tongue in cheek votes I've got a budget talk and text saying oh man on from where ever and they've been doing that for years over there. Really it. We're just kind of figure that out but you know we talk about the situation with Mardi Gras and what they've had challenges are there going to be presented on there and an event to go to the inconvenient for a number of years. And having to deal with Napoleon avenue being. Torn up and as Paul Murphy said obviously for good reasons the improvement of drainage and drainage drainage drainage that's what it's all about. But the fact of the matter is is that now they're being asked to be inconvenienced again in and I was you know just kind of kidding as well with the with the Mardi Gras cruise they had to bear than inconvenience and staging area of their parades and now. In fact. This Saturday January 6 to twelfth night starts who will be. They'll be going down south Carol to an avenue down saint Charles so right past that Napoleon area. Two lead circle and heading back to where it started witches. And twelfth night falls on January sixes and assess that in in. And its shares ended that expresses kind of the beginning of the Mardi Gras season embargo as early this year so. Right around that same time. We will be engaged in that same activities give us a call at 260187. Near Texas beat 7870. We wanna hear with which you have to say on the pro ready most of opinion poll after years of construction on Napoleon. Finally being completed. Are you surprised it's being torn up again 100% of the respondents. Say no. So it. There it is a mean a lot of folks are saying we're not surprised. At all. By the situation you know is talking about the the fire hydrant earlier and I didn't not to go on. A part about this thing with. Where I just kid and couldn't help but laugh when yesterday they issued this warning sane at the sewage and water board is worried about the water system be in distressed because everybody's running water. We have been talking about the leaks in the water system for numbered years and here we have something that is completely over has been brought to the attention of the city on many occasions. As and it's not just a draft a mean water is coming up pretty good going down that little hill there Golan into the bus. Turn lane in and the other data had to put up barricades and everything else because it iced over in the store in with the down. The cold weather and we had a hard freeze in iced over obviously somebody didn't see the cones they went right through that they had one of those. Plastic barricades there they blisters this thing I mean just busted it up into little pieces of probably went sliding down the hill. There were pieces of an automobile there as well. Four appear to Tom I didn't see it this morning. But the fact is that Combs is still led the league is still there are supposed to have a hard freeze again tonight obviously today the sheriff's department is aware of the fact. That this is a hazardous situation. And still. We've not addressed the situation. Somebody's gonna get seriously hurt there because that's where you kind of dead and it's a two lane running right in front Aziz is there. You know has been brought to the attention to the city mayor of the city many times and that still we haven't seen. Any any action or remedial action should say. And you know about on attacks line says look at bird street they just put on new concrete the other day they busted up all the concrete to put the blockades in. You know the media and that's true they busted it out to put the sleeves. But the volume said that they put that they put their that are necessary in order to protect the the walking publicly yet once again. Little advance. Thinking planning. Strategy thereof of putting it in and then. And you know and just got a text magistrate I just drove past that 500 that you speak govern water is pouring out of there like a war fall. You know and it's just. We've had the firefighters call in to say that they were notified the city. About the use leaky fire hydrants and instill. There seems to be. No management of the complaints no management of the remediation. And we're not getting anywhere fast and in every time I bring this up again a bunch attacks. From people about other areas of the city that are that exceed the same. Thing busted water mains busted fire hydrants. And you know and then we start complaining about the distress water system. When we're facing a very hard freeze and in a community that has a lot of razed houses with exposed pipes that run. Both verdict horizontally and Linear from the front to the back of the structure. That are exposed and subject to that you freeze. And in many cases elderly folks that can't afford to have somebody go under there wrapped the pipes can afford are not able physically to do it themselves. And what's the alternative. For them and and in here we are. We can continue to have these issues in these problems than that that it knew were faced with them we don't have any remediation. You know and in on detection honors while I love new Wallace but the city. Is being ran by idiots in and then that's a thing we'd love this city. We always try to talk about the highlights ahead and you know started off to new year. With a lot of different folks talking about the good things that are happening here. But it frustrates us and many times site here that we succeed it in spite of ourselves and I think more and more we want to succeed. Because of the hard work because of belabor that we're doing because of the vision and the because of the strategic planning because of. All of the positive things that you bring to the forefront. That's why you want to succeed in you wanna be able to lure people to come and live here in this great place that that we call home. Where we can make a difference for all of the right reasons not for some of those other reasons we're metal on one talk to John on the West Bank what's going on John. John DOU. John tree here yeah I got ticked. Your pre prepared you know much Robert Wood shop. Real quick John Lilly got about twenty seconds. Picture. In the city won't get the statue of Robert. John I got two very foolish if we appreciate the comment ever happy new year tea. You know sometimes you got to laugh to keep from crying bit unity that continues to present itself each and every day if you're on a whole stay on hold gonna come right back to the talk lines when we return. We're talking about the leaky fire hydrants we talk about fiber optics and synchronization will be right back after the break this rule Orman on debit via. We're back in where we're talking about the issue on Napoleon avenue the fact that they are re. They're pulling it apart again in order to put in some fiber optic lines and synchronization of the lights and the pro he must opinion polity as contraction on Napoleon finally being completed. Or are you surprised as being torn up again 71% of the respondents saying no little on June talked to JD in New Orleans. What's going on trading. Annual you know I agree that the egregious. You know what I think you'll get beat up on a whole lot come. And I don't hear anything about the suburbs in the deficiency barely there they're plentiful. You know as that you're guessed it a little while ago. It was something they didn't know editor Eric and accused putting via cable and our outfits and it's you know everybody what's become inured like Corning New Orleans by. It's genocide it it's it's a little disappointing that's all you hear about your fault and neck. Well I mean I think Judy we spent a lot of time talking about the positive things as well. Throughout the area in. We didn't bring this story up it was brought up by the neighbors they were the ones called and complained about it that's what created the story and you know and they carry are expressing. Their discontent in there. You know their belief that this should have been done and it ripped up and in fact the original plans called port to be done at that point in time and obviously they allowed them to close the neutral ground and close everything up. Without finding out that. That this conduit as well as the fiber optics for the new lights that you see the only. Was not there in a year later they uncover that it was not there and now they're ripping it up again. Right you know I'll come at citizens perspective from that isn't going to be here in I'd bet I'd yeah. You know I get that I think a lot of people on board can't I can't. Oracle is important we don't even when I get it and put that it there it's inconvenience. But I learned at all. I just. So why does that upset you living here is what the defining moment is I mean a lot of us did live in the city in New Orleans and ended up moving to the suburbs but does that mean we're any less new world lenient. What course to death because you opt to go where apparently think Tammy I'm going better. You know my brain where on paper asked about you know just because you people can't be beat market. Cop and the competition that you work like in Portland but not like didn't Hitler taxes. And have a vote yet though when you have a vote you can go over the opening. When you connect just. Well how do I do pay taxes that support or owns a pay state taxes and a lot of the state budget is actually spent in the city in the world. What sharing the reason that he can't ignore it that there there ultimately it was up and I think you'll. I think there are a lot of counties in the state. And when people get that likely that the bat it's altered the into the pack he's putting one. Which it cannot let them beat and so the other. Okay well ignore principal. Obstacles we'll get well. And that ain't normal but only one of the debate. So I. Saying it immediately. It's a company. We were high that people actually all the time. And basically that's my bet that the kind of bad but the content work here. It's not if they come to work state here. Definitely. But I'll ask. It at. And I think it's quite that. Yeah and I think it's quite I think it's quite the contrary they come and expand their dollars here in spite of some of the risk. Well I. Mean I I I do it every weekend. I talked about I talk about love and calm down the quarter eleven to come down to where you're just understand understand some of the risks that are there. But on one that believes it you know that. By pointing out some of the obvious is the only way that we can ultimately improve ourselves and some guy on the obvious is very painful. Go read a few hundred people we thought I'd guess that the parents you know in any barrier on the canal people who aren't that certificate talk about marriage and there. The will it be good at what happened not on our ability to stop it on hot hot it'll. Apple app that could hit it there op credit being the all it. All the planes that New Orleans is a city that is beat on. The mile and act like you know that. Menem and I think I tiger I appreciate. I'll look at things that go all these little and about it. Everything you touch how to do it on with a cup action and war does the web and. Well I don't know that it's harsh charge under the cover because all of the issues that you just talked about have been previously report reported on and and have been previously reported before I came on there. You know which is just a short period of time ago. Yeah trust me that the opportunity as a relates to any number of different geographic and geopolitical read regions are gonna have. There are there challenges as well and we've talked about this we've talked a lot of practice. And you talk about that your are and that they are opting the bad I just think that it equipment again but. It's definitely. It's important there. That everybody be up annual happening all that kind of looking into that don't happen about one thing about the original book I. They felt they just it does not even if that definitely you couldn't. It is being lol happy that everybody did who got. Once he got one more to. JD thank you so much fear of us who really appreciate you colony and happy new year tea. You know I think a lot of what goes on is that we speak out because. We do care and we want it to be better because. I don't think about things and a parochial sense of New Orleans Jefferson saint Tammany Saint Bernard. Plaque amends or otherwise saint Charles I think about it as an economic region and that we are gonna succeed together. Are we are going to fail together in the choices SARS we'll be right back after the break this dual Norman under the WL. The credit Mazda people up to years of construction on Napoleon finally being completed or are you surprised it's being torn up again 68% of the respondents saying oh. Thrown attacks on I was born in new worlds and it was my home record for. My entire 22 year military career lemon Jefferson now but will always. Be a New Orleans style that's kind of the way I look at and I think. You know one of the other. Folks that texted in. I thought was done on you know where you where you put you hit it yet head on the pillow to sleep at night is not necessarily where you live you work do you play you entertain. In any number of different areas and that was the point that I we're trying to make is that. I'm very much care about the city and I'm very much of said that this is a third tier economic region and that includes the New Orleans saint Tammany. Saint Bernard you know all of the the multi parish region around the Lake Pontchartrain basin. That we will all succeed together or we will fail together and I said that previously but the facts are that we can't be so parochial. To look at these issues just within the optics of whether or not we actually actually physically have an address. Within the city. You know where you are traveling here spending our money here all the time and we talked about tax contribution to the city. Every dollar that is spent two year whether we be dining are going to play here. Or any number of activities that that are here. Belong to Mardi Gras crews are parade here have done so for years and my family my wife's family any number of folks. Then you know my wife's family lives in in this city in New Orleans I mean you know. Eight new you have multiple connections and I don't think that that de facto means that you can't stand up and make observations about. Things that are going on that just completely and totally frustrated. Folks now I do appreciate JD's position. JD's simply was defending the place that she calls home again it. I I understand that and I understand that there are sensitivities that go along with that. And I respect it. But the fact of the matter is is that I think people will continue. To whether it be Paul Murphy at WWL our or you know other reporters say when people call in and they have issues that they wanna talk about that they ultimately get reported on and talked about on talk radio and other places. In the hopes of that changing. It would be very nice for for any number of folks to not talk about leaky fire hydrants. But when they continued to work car and we talk about the challenges of pulp capacity power capacity. And all of the use those trickle down issues that we have covered extensively on sewerage and water board that down the drain investigative reports and everything else. The facts are. That when you drive around the city and you continue to see these these things are frustrating so we wanna torture thing to 60187. Year Texas said. At 870. 87 me you know and have knocked up on the Tex excuse me tell JD that where you or where you are as part of living. Work being. Fond visiting spending not just where you put your head to sleep and I and I'd I agree with that. Are there other challenges in other areas in the metropolitan area. Absolutely. Absolutely positively so it gives a call 2601 except your Texas City 7870. Will be back right after the break. We're back and we've been talking about the situation on Napoleon avenue where they're digging it up again after just recent. Lee it over the past year finishing a lot of the construction and gone on for the necessary repairs to the drainage system and so forth and it seems as though they're putting in conduit to run fiber optic cable for the synchronization of the traffic lights and in that location and if you notice a lot of the new traffic lights are now LED lights and fiber optic lines or march faster way. Of sending the messaging to a lot of these computer controlled lighting systems and traffic control lighting systems around. Patton the parish and in. It was called for any original. Jobs to be Donnan and ultimately someone at the city uncovered the fact that it was not done and as a result thereof. These contractors for the corps of engineers. Had to go back and start taking up the Napoleon avenue's new round yet again. In a lot of the neighbors are very upset about it because they've had to suffer the inconvenience for several years. Of that more than necessary repair work that was going on and we understand that and you know and in and certainly your. Sensitive to that innate in in many cases and over the neighbor spoke companies in the just can't believe this is happening again. The they have to put up with the inconvenience of the equipment that's around and in this and chairing in this company just got the grass to finally fill in on a neutral grounds and now. They have to go through this process. All over. Again. And you know there's some of the callers are called in some of the tax. You know talking about the fact that. We who spent too much time talking about some of the negative issues here. And in other would be intense simply this is about creating and an environment and an opportunity for change you have to look at yourself critically in a move in the mirror every morning and understand what the deficiencies are and whether or not you're gonna. Go about. Trying to resolve this issues one way or the other it's it's the whole situation of investigative reports of reporting of opinion pieces in the media. Is to talk about issues good or bad obviously. Bad stories get more press than good stories we tried yesterday we spent two hours talking about good things happening in. In the city tri Centennial. A lot of the convention business come into the city a lot of the successes. You hear me repeatedly talked about the crowds in the city the success of the Sugar Bowl. Didn't have much of it a bit of a crime issue is which is a testament to chief Michael Harrison and neither and the efforts of the new loans police department and others. And we talk about that all all the time. You know and and unfortunately. A lot of what I think people are tuned in new here. Is more of. The the negative stuff. So you know it issue is interesting. You know that. That is a kind of what the outlook and feeling it is some people but understand we're JD was saying she was just being very defensive of her city her place and she calls home that she loves and some place where she obviously works and lives and and that's okay too in the next hour we're going to be talking to Cindy brown Barnes who's a director of education and workforce and income security. With the US Government Accountability. Office the GAO they're the ones that do a lot of the reports and looking at government in the efficiencies thereof. And shall talk about 'cause some things that they uncovered as a result of a request by I believe it was members of congress as it relates to the unemployment insurance. Program. In this country. We'll be right back stay with us.