Week 15's biggest games + QB To QB

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 13th

Bobby, Deuce & Deke preview the biggest matchups coming up in NFL Week 15, plus Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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And that. The great wonders Macau's as he witnessed too as well to a minute conversation what asking you to saints made the playoffs what seed you think the saints Romania in 23. 45 or six you can vote on line supper ready jaguar opinion poll. And WWL. Dot com QB QB coming up in about thirty minutes as we speak with Drew Brees Bible fourth 2601 eats and the isn't on the give them all. You can text us at 870 eights and not a big match ups in the National Football League this week induce including now moving close. College football games getting into the bowl season the FAO now. Has Thursday Saturday Sunday and Monday match ups and Saturday deuce a very go win. First place on and I Errol hitting Kansas City the 76 cheese and the seven and six. Los Angeles charges square wants five and though then now what two in six in their last eight Kansas City cheese. And he wants Owen for NASA and into an N Lesnar and loss ends a solid word you. Harder to aim them charges and AFC. Coliseum you know you could probably save maybe Jacksonville Howard Dean is one more in their innate in that span in the industry in Pittsburgh well yeah Pittsburgh on any amendment about how to alienate swing at Louisiana State Pittsburgh and I'm here right now is ethnically a when I got to the charges present so many problems. Because one making give after the passive and in Phillips. Philip Rivers ability. To be able to distribute and get rid of the football the as quick as he does is what makes them a dangerous team. Their ability get after the passage though system up to be able to do a lot of different things on defense until anytime that you can rush to pass. He gives you a chance to win as can be a pretty good game between those two teams and I was CF playoff implications of it. How I would be interest to seek hints at Kansas City cannot find that mode so that careened hunt ahead early in the season. Can they get the big plays some Tyreke he'll like they had early in the season you know one point. Alex Smith was up toward the MVP of the league now you've got people calling to basically go ahead and play in the holes that's like art. Start start start dia a few too with the young quarterback so that's a big game and at that rarely it right and scholarly interest. I'm David jaws and you look at this because we choose induced a pair atrocious just and they they're one of the best in the league right now seven into and then there's ninth. And knows and I do agree we can may have played even though it's through one more consecutively. They have played there in the misty knows there are now stretched. Another big game to keep guys on do so they're double digit favorite Minnesota and he is close at the lack of a first round back they entertain the Cincinnati being. Yeah I mean as soon as is basically a formality and an end in at least don't pay prettiest. Though it'll be interest to see Minnesota got banged up a little bit last week. Against Carolina so if they can get some healthy bodies back. You know I don't see any reason that they should even. Play around with suits and editing Cincinnati has filed a path to mean in. Before we Marvin then you know a team that now don't qualify for the playoffs. Though. I'll see Cincinnati being too too big of a challenge for. Minnesota now would love to play our. But I just don't see a day that they banged up left and right as well. Dean has the went out dues to have any shot this still might that be enough against a team that if they won out and now they still the same record as the saints they would be investor five C. Carolina in obtaining Green Bay. The Aaron Rodgers ball and he return of Aaron Rodgers and the thing is what you have seen the last four or five weeks. A mom from Green Bay won't really matter from officer's standpoint because they will be a different offense would air riders under center. The question that I have is how accurate will he be you know that he's gonna hit some passes but can he hit two key passes that he needs. For Carolina they're gonna played at all. They're gonna be a roots and you know get McCaffrey and space a little the player has really stepped up for them is the the receivers since a Benjamin's. Then go home kid that played at a Michigan functions fun too soon and so he's really stepped up of him bonuses the question is. If if a ride is here out of old he is going to gears of Carolina all they won't from offered to standpoint. Well you know I was impressed with the saints beat this morning anything this year is how to play games we played Carolina can you now can you do the bike it's got a kick as the kids. Canyon burned he told what is the Ayatollah yeah I mean that's right then bull. Because I I was word a second time around as they can Zelaya held in the first that we played you take away their one runny head in the fourth quarter against the saints and I don't you have under your arrest. Right because it doesn't what 3233 yard run yes and then I had Zack and it looks a local hundred applicable laden jars with the saints were able to pretty much take away Stewart right and you know data McCaffery got a few players bunched buster coverage that. He was able to score on but I mean outside of that. The saints have had their number well and that they and dues and he got you know you always hematoma compress they with the vikings defense. Will look good gains Stewart had two rushing against the vikings he had over a hundred yards and a David A can you make when trying to tackle over IH office Salina and they they ran power play and the safety win it would camp think and he was on the flaky. And there was nobody to stop them on their power to it now now there's big folds a mean god I'm kind of in Naples and there's not enough quarterbacks what I mean by that I think he is a veteran you know if you have these are good quarterback reality is not going to be right he's not meant to be the data. Can scramble in the pocket mimics the employees like Carson wells went out there and so the other part even some of those redraw all runs that they like to Runnels our appeals yet feel like Sara what house because carts and winds could run he could move in the pocket. Now that's not going to be as effective so from a offensive standpoint. You can look for them to go more maybe traditional old traditional offense a little bit more OP uses got a little tougher but he still got enough play makers that you know. What did he is better will move we've beaten big poles and Jim Kelly led the Eagles we went out to Philadelphia's Cole game one they gained with the Eagles team is still was better now. Then they were then. Now I just look at it not everyone can have a style a stud back up. But I view nick pulls vetted and I Chase Daniel. How does he come on look at everybody's back cut they you have to say Naples. Is. I'm a goal scooter do swear I don't think the Eagles could do this but it has happened in the past all of the New York Giants when they were able to win as. A suitable until there was Eagles just fill sand and now an analyst Jeff Hart and that cost less talking and got a house that period Jeff Costello and it won the suitable anyway and he was tobacco out of I don't think that they have enough talent. It falls would have to play really really whale I don't think that they have that much talent where there there there have been much better then everybody else and NFC exit the giants' defense who's like nailed it on the date right on and so when you talk about Philly yes I do think that they will lock of the number one seat. But altitude and on the pre you know down stretched. I would take it down Malcolm Mac and get to some calls and we'll be induced take on some other big games in league including want Al west then affects the saints and the seeding. Seattle and LA and the birds in the patriots. Preview on this week's NFL games we Deuce McAllister right here on saints radio WW. They're welcome back. How do slide Dale Farm longshoreman longshoreman thank you for calling WWL. ABC news all. All right longshoreman to a good launch on how you doing. Man doing a side note that the updated office man Breeden and just all day but I'm doing better now. Bobby outlook and back out you know and and an Obama cave man so I'm not real good on these computers now dollar charge them on. What the outlook and that fact that you started. What 1987. Was when you. Yeah I started in 1980. Actually throw it at that don't get in 1985. Wade Phillips was the interim head coach problem. And in masters and and in 1986. I started the season and broke my foot. Of against the 49ers and it's and branded and and history Kennedy said. Yet didn't opt arm I'm you know what a few years been. I remember trodden upon that was tough because because back then you ought to do. You know you had to cut a lot of news and what sort of update on the Gordon didn't have a computer you know how I would do 11. Back and hate what year did the I'm never coming up and gave it could be and not get an idea it was. Yeah. 9080. 981 maybe not need to. They yell came out the gates Ivan though and man I was so they'll they'll look at our contract everybody up there around. Now now now being and you know what we and and should Inaba. We think I don't know what happened after that come out on you know what you. Home. As say 91 we had a few winning streaks who won nine games in a row and 87. Owners say six games not what we haven't had a couple winning streaks kind of similar though is Sean Payton and Drew Brees has done Raj that they've had of winning streaks and but they away with the continued. And obviously. We did not it would always had colon two diseases we won twelve games one and having these 1988. We want to engage in May go Boyle who are yet to edit things. And not then not make it but. Yet the bottom line is you got to close out this season what momentum. Yet. A lot of summit today thank you so much Khatami we appreciate was he outside of the dome on Sunday when the saints take on the jet cynical more big matchup did Duce tells him about some big points. Coming down the stretch three regular season games left and mayor worn out west deuce did really has such invitations for the saints. Seattle and Los Angeles or Seattle big crew in the fifth loss on the rams. Includes Seattle the first place and that would be big for the saints that they would have finished with four losses on nest and and the rams and of the CI oaks then we'll put the saints. Into the third position they gave his thanks. You know you keep your house clean as what to say is that the whereabouts. They have to keep their house clean and make sure that they finish off the season. And a right way because there's enough match ups big match it's you know you talk about this when we talked about Carolina. We know what happens at the end of the season would Atlanta and Carolina if you take care of your own house then you'll be in a position that you wanna be in I may not be there one. A two seat. But at worse is gonna be three or four. Yet know what you're competing far and I think he would the league is going to be unbelievable National Football League games on Christmas Eve. And I don't know by playoff implications for instance just what are you got a new volleys are we at 12 o'clock. And yet we immediately got the 3 o'clock oh yeah I know we get that exactly is not know they give themselves a united KGB to go to saint. And have truly that don't feel Amanda has been what you family you need to listen it's not only don't yeah yeah only all the time laid Alba. Well but I but I don't talk to him but at twelve lucky guy for instance you know it's an intriguing games has. Because there's a lot of college girlfriends out there. Christmas season did that at 325 game who does Seattle at Dallas. Well a lot of me was do you watch in west of the big casino. Oh. The what time what what and then maybe in the game that comes back is that the war. I think so I mean a delay has gained no no that TV the NFL they'll love this and then you look at awarded ties Brad and AFC south. The rams but the the reds might be in a situation they can't lose three games in a row they get to be at Nashville. I knew playing the same time as the rams at the Tynes. But it does that mean is that gays and idea that all of a sudden we gonna be watching the score at all that would have merely an applicant is gonna Big Three. Again we got to control we got to control. But it's amazing that they NFL loves this and I think is good this so we need when you have those meaningful gains in U wanna watch. Because they're big twelve title agitators are and about a don't you know from new plan. There are at least right now. Eight to ten teams. That guy they vacation plans are set. Yeah I do by the holy yeah throughout the whole area REIT like and a authority got a vacation plans that they know they note an idea but what do Israeli that it may not in this comes as far as an op on this how much this. I think we talked about this in my view today and Monday night. I did a sixteen NFC teams you know who are still like in the hunt eleven. The botnet well license and not on Tampa's done census does that somehow we have looked at it was nice eleven out of sixteen that was still like melded them like. And in the economy in bowl team this kind of on the back end and and the saints beat them we Rehman that a man most never the lines. Because limited schedule without knowing it's an intriguing this is good today and if. I was in FAO have a show that would like. Almost being like I'm glad to see shared it in Hank Keeney Charles duke you know a football shoe that foaming NFL players are scared of current NFL players. You know I was in joke around analytic on fish and now agreed token and they don't care I mean they I have fun with it you know what. I would do it I'm doing two of them and that's fun they're under a lot of stress and indeed. There at least eight to ten teams that have already gotten. Our vacation plans the moving company is a flow Florida data the usual oh yeah golf is already pay any now you know they are they going to cruise and be a New Year's Day I'll tell you know this is exactly it is Lizzie in 95 or 96 million Arab talent album you know bills. Using it Atlanta yeah June Jones the head coach I'm telling you he's in the players' parking lot. Hooked up his car. We'll let you at all. Andy's going to Florida because you live in a timely and vials. The big MI though that might have been maybe the next year and you know we'll go to wells that that the year before we did. But but I'm telling you. He had it to where when he big game is over you don't go straight in the parking lot of the the Florida when the big city you know hey so Heyward hitting coach Nolan it I. Do this we will see you all Friday. Appreciate it felt all right job he's an expert is a CBS have to. It's time now for QB to QB in TV QB's bark you about to go auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatment centers. Drew thank you so much for donning a sinner over the course of years and no one of the things we talked about his. Guy had done lost any law she does Tom to give back on the field. They did seem like there's been an awful long time with those extra days between last Thursday and this coming Sunday to give back on that field. The evidence that he goes much needed time. It's it's stressful with your clippers yeah. Just in your butter in the amount of preparation but. You know what is that obviously get that we can't to recover and it was news Jessica Parker and here you are bye week so like forever ago you know get a couple of days were duster. You know or charge the batteries and if there's some things there. Thicker body. Broker. Now drew does isn't that a second quarter we were down ten to three. Yelled go five play 66 yards to tidy him up didn't attend. Annabel was kind of beauty don't need a break doubt that this sort of fans that you hit commonly Lewis 126 yard touchdown. And there is gonna bring it up with how many times do you see. Could you lead the U trying get after the quarterback in blitz them in the maybe catch him off guard or. Are you Russian traditional four or maybe you might have a dog would have backer you bring a five bit on that particular play. Using you know you would check it down considering that three men Russian attitude deep concept but you're able to make a play along the side lines that Tony C short touchdown. I thought that was Anderson mill the fellow's only approach you when a three man rush. Yeah and he you know it based on four linemen and they dropped a guy out you know citadel. That is is that trying to if you feel version and its former Russian. And there's you know disguising it easier I think than in than obviously drop back to a soft so coverage and and and drop the deepest of climate as well they try to pick where the underneath throws. By. You know I think in the process of they're the guys you know they eulogy earlier fact it is responsibility which is that he passed the deal that. I'm really denies job get by the quarter and on the sideline and Mike Thompson short route which you know drew a lot of attention than it is. Thumbing her great effort like to say there's a unity itself. Now drool get mad the game in what occurred and it's happened before as far as number of snaps. You know how many opportunities. Do you have an ending we all know third down. Comes in the play in which you know elaborate on that that. I'm looking net not I think this would occur again bill had a previous low is 57 snaps against the rams. Then against land and we had a season low 52 snaps. And use Leo we talked about this sixty fives that plus for instance Alanna had the ball now for 74 snaps our 52. But they only had 37 yards mortem we were able. To attain the point being is there any other. Answer when you look at limited snaps that. Would be similar because we not convert on third down only being three of ten. Bridges you look at the patriots and dolphins game in any we convert on third down and the page in the saints have been number one since 2006. And last year won in two. So. I mean that's a decision to meet third down how the pages struggle we struggled but. When you look at like limited. Amount of opportunities it snaps as it's strictly connected to their third down value braided them. Yeah I'm I think that's the big part of it obviously and then that day. You know penalties. It is going to be for internal situation. You know open things guys you know that otherwise I think we would they are beat up he'll be bailed out about. You know maybe get another drive so bottom line is that these economies about a year. Our look at our efficiency are on their back out you know where were you should be. So and naturally. Usually not that much more about 310 verses. You know a few more to burst your dollar in most cases as just one more work. You know that bank policies or 40% average which is no tactically. Like he says we're used to being at. Peace be at the top so. That's just you really wanna bring it out that way it's just if we get one more urgent. Game you know that would be that would put us oppose the 50% bout which would be which would be great but you know aside I think read about a a look at the felt. The report it down. It's there's so much that goes in the third or so I mean you wanna be a certain short to be certain reasonable situation that increases your chances. But it's you know it's very clear if protection plans. To do we have. Our concepts of place that you give us any answers don't answers. We have guys that are open wide all. Accurately so. A lot because it took but bottom line I don't much better than what we put out there going to be. Now drew and I don't know if you you might somewhat agree with this I know I agree with it. What Thomas Morris said the ponder. You look at you yourself are represented in the players with the players association along with Thomas Morris then who serves as wanted to. Represented as an NFL PA. And I think he was right on point when you talk about a players say the in and playing on Thursday night football. To me I noticed who could be addressed with a few juicy BA 20/20 or 20/20 one but he went on to say to me is very simple. With the NFL should do we should remove a pre seizing game have three pre season games. They should have an eighteen week season. Sixteen games so when you play Sunday. You'll play for another eleven days the united gone from Sonny took Thursday and if you want Thursday night football you don't NFL's argument of any that I give no money. Especially when you're talking about over 900 million in revenue basically a billion. That. I don't know. Driving this syllable that in there being may be late February instead of early February simply because. You look at the TV ratings and the money involve. But actually given players would okay do you plan on Thursday you gonna have a mini by united played that are following Sunday. Instead of only that from the sun it Thursday that makes cents. Without a doubt about it Torre it does make. A lot of things have been thrown around you know they've been talking about shorting the creepy wa. Ought to be NFL. As thought about wanting to expand the fees and taking game track right. It. They're they're that interest in him and try to capture that. That space. In mid and late February and that really kind of a dead space and think about. Sports on television no baseball I've started yet no football he thought about refute these NB about all so. That that player at that day a period of time where. Yeah I think you did great viewership so that's that's going to be that's certainly something to be considered and discussed the bottom line. The increased chance of injury for. On short days' rest and orally is this tremendous you know and so yeah I agree. To see the players that there are lost every year on Thursday nights and some injuries. Oh and you feel like Beckham be credit. Now drew a good target and rejects the close of the game. The intersection. To Joshua was that a case of point maybe is getting a little too greedy. But outlets on the dealers are you always take a for Drew Brees a signal that was a terrible rout by Josh hill not how they can. That Josh Gil ran the route like he did think the ball is coming there. Alyssa a great interception of vertical by DB JD vote ought to Jones but he didn't stick them. Like a coma the need then you get that line magnate turned his head a need for a ride by his hair. It made it to assemble for him to make a play look like Jimmy Johns Joseph was even surprised that you brutal vault him. Yeah. Our officers. That's it it's too risky to root in that situation you know especially. It's one thing you do if we needed four more points you know. But bottom line Google Google ties the game and their intention to overcome it would consider. So that's when you got those points. You've got to you know he's got to the decisions decisions that would be you know where it's true. You got a lot of that happened troubled urban that's that's not about that was which elect out if it didn't need to be taken you know check it down. It will be third down. And seven from the governor got from the and they'll take our chances from that. Now I drew looking at the jets in what they're really play well at home tonight did struggle on the role did beat the browns their. Seventeen to fourteen their loan road victory. But sieve like they've been there and every game except. That last game against them when they lost a 23 to zero. But I look at where in the first quarter second quarter third quarter. They've outscored their opponents. But to have many of the closeout games I'll look the we're almost two to one. They've been outscored 123 to fifty in their fourth quarter broke when you watch the film. They say is like the jets are right there two to two win. Look today Carolina game him a lot of it is because they NFC south. I know and Carolina all aside you get a scoop and score McConnell got sacked and and the new guy Kiki picking a nominee run back a punt but other than that is sales like that bid the jets are right there we Carolina. It's like they've been like that a number of games. Ever been highly competitive. You know at the pictures that report came out in the first. Of their game against them at home should have made it clear cut McCain really got him and I want to pick gangsters so. It is to feature performances salty there's there's there's really go far apart or parts we've seen. You know big strong physical. And it's a fast defense a very fast defense. You look adjustment from how these guys are so. No we got to work it out force we resolve our execution that's beat and. Day. Go back or things we've we talked about you know third down conversions in Spain dries Spain on the field you know be able to mix. You know that's restart that junior is circling in. More and more confidence to his. When you get get a couple first. And you feel like the playbook this opens up but it's like they would that we call run play action drop back you know if you you'll call. You know we can we can make that workers of cuts on. Now drew group crawl you run I was Aniston you know different tees Heidi trying to attack unison like in the jets formula defensively. That they send their inside linebackers. Are looking at Demorrio Davis and Darren Lee. Four and a half three sacks he's talking about him interior line magazine it's seven and a half sacks right there. It just saves like those guys can run it's a vegan is cinnamon trying to disrupt the passing game. Yeah you know there are 342 to structure which specifically. You know that's I mean you're getting pressure you know on the outside linebackers but then there's Passworder drop in outside linebacker a pregnant so factor should also they have the ability to do a lot of that. Those guys are good blitzer you know there are physical and obviously they're they're quick imported attacks so. That was probably ignorant or. QB to QB he's brought you by the go auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatment tennis. Drew thank you so much for the time to look you in the black Eagles Sunday at noon against a New York to it. They drew I'm blown way bigger battery this theory I'll let this stupid thing like all the Willingham a stay at that know how to do a show like 0887. Hobby. It's not going through your notes everyone can hear it. And plays like you know there is enough and it's things like you don't know what you're doing on the radio I don't know are you kidding me no you do have to have notes global what are you a rocket scientists come on in out 087. I like to see you do if you crap and you pay my own low on eBay and would use Intel man whom you that you know and now we know that nobody that Brazilian go on and I even though I'm Amy going to present you. That is states that they got a teleprompter right there I mean we've been date they stand at some they re no vote of things people got notes. And then I didn't mean you don't know which he talking about the Manger wanna be correct is hated hated later about all the momentum roughly that the notes by the immediate death if you want to allow wasn't what light Russell. No long enough he'd rush is now here is there's no doubt about my former nicotine stained fingers aren't pummeled pummeled sitting in a mobile already been so I'm voting. Third you decide to make the playoffs would see within the output third right now 42% of the fans are saying. They think this things we the third seed that's what I think Tony Memphis in the same the fourth seed. 18% of same the second seed. In the senate saying this succeed in 8% as saying the fifth. See you thank you all to participate they got I think we get to host a game in his superdome when Ben 83 hole six so right now six would be its if you if you projecting who's six going to be right now. It's between the rams the Seahawks and the falcons. That's going to be six up the falcons and that and the Panthers found Damon sees the Nortel on those could be for the succeed while others just don't know. Does that I think we get a we gonna have a game in the superdome and we get away and and im gonna go to Philadelphia I'm gonna beat the Eagles Nichols. Nichols and equals that I don't know how it's gonna just the one hurdles dream chronicles crystal ball web site it than this are you thinking identities we moved me and into the death to get to be the two seat. Yet that yeah because I do go to two in the in the and a lower somehow does seem that that is gonna occur right on hang. I'm an illegal Engel in Minnesota. Yes and I feel the united and I costs and went on medical and I guess I shouldn't be scared. Just his song I don't care of its its size is all I don't like mount a man I don't and I don't like that my. His defense now they nested. Net and the they had a chance last week and they admitted he wasn't doesn't mean their defense. They enemy early in the game I thought there Rondo but take credit Carolina tailback job it is to Iran on camera and on you no doubt about it that was a big victory for Carolina. And they host Green Bay this week all right come back. And on that ballot. This CBS sports classic full of the prominent basketball programs in all of college basketball will be some mistakes here in New Orleans. Saturday December 23 including the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Was duke coach Chris called Coleman coming up. Next hour right here as is Ohio State Buckeyes take on the cut price North Carolina Tar Heels. In seventh ranked Kentucky would take on nasty ranked UCM. Eighty. Talk to all those coaches. Previewing that big one not descended the next sending it through the kings and he's Bobby daddy got a big on December 39 as a ML SU basketball taking on Houston here on tiger radio WW.