Was it wrong for CNN to show pot use on NYE in a state where it is legal?

Tuesday, January 2nd

CNN’s coverage of NYE was criticized because one correspondent, Randi Kaye, was live on a pot party bus heading to a pot party to celebrating the arrival of 2018. If the consumption of alcohol is part of a New Year’s Eve celebration – then is it wrong for pot use to be part of the celebration in states where marijuana is legal?


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You see how smoothly that worked you know as soon as they're talking stop there the song hit rivalry wondered too. That's always try to do over and it's like radio and sometimes you know it's it's I guess it's the equivalent to Drew Brees sometimes throwing an interception. Or are fumbling has always work out that way. So yeah I was actually at a Wal-Mart. Yesterday and I heard the song being played one talk over the line and I couldn't believe that Wal-Mart of all places where is allowing a song to be played it was about drugs. This year CNN's New Year's Eve coverage was hosted by Anderson Cooper and his longtime friend. Not lover not boyfriend not partner his longtime friend and eco. Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin has hosted the countdown show with Andersen in the past. But NBC severed ties with her when she held up what appeared to be the severed bloody crisis style ahead of president truck. So the decision for her to post that are caused a major backlash against her career and many people including myself are ecstatic. Over the idea Kathy Griffin is no longer part of the CNN New Year's Eve special or anything else every plan to see anytime soon. CNN sent host Don lemon and Brooke Baldwin back to New Orleans again this year to anchor the New Year's Eve celebration in the French Quarter. John and Brock. Kissed each other midnight. They were doing some shots. Earlier Don lemon kissed his new boyfriend. Who was a guy he met at the same bar last year or doing new years eve coverage enormous. And done mentioned earlier than Brooke Baldwin is now engaged to a man she met in the same bar two years ago so. And that bars got a really good return on investment for people who are visiting that bar maybe CNN a short sending they're single people out here to learn to be people in New Year's Eve. But CNN since correspondent Randi Kaye just female Randi Kaye with a knock. To. A site they ended up attracting. Some attention and criticism. CNN's Randi Kaye was in Colorado. And she was reporting live on a pot party bus. Heading for a party called half past and paint. And I assumed that this is the kind of bus The Who sang about when they did that classic rock hit magic boss. When I was playing the song is a young DJ has screwed in the morning years ago I often thought about that kind of boss. At one point Randi Kaye a live on CNN says quote I think I'm gonna get a little high right now. Randi Kaye another time model to a gas mask bond. Which I don't know you know if things continue to heat up with us we're saying North Korea nuclear threats this year. Next year may be the may be the gas Massa bond would serve a double purpose actually I saw one of these for sale and head shop on our canal street wants. Randi Kay's comments. And her mere presence on the pot party buster criticism. One tweets accused CNN. Of promoting drugs on the air. Another tweet read this is where your morals have landed in 2018. All ladies and gas mask bond CNN las pot hash tag fake news CNN. All right let's start with the absurd and inaccurate description of Randi Kaye reporting as fake news. Fake news is any story that his fabricate it. It's not true it's fabricated. For the purpose of attracting attention clicks listeners or viewers. Fake news is not real news. Randy case alive reports were not. Fake news and this is just a reminder as we begin this new year of 2018. I've brief football got a lot of work in terms of convincing some people what really is fake news and it's not just the news. You disagree wit that that's not fake news. Is a criticism of CNN's decision to have a reporter on a pot party bus in Colorado headed for apart party is that criticism fair. The recreational use of marijuana is legal and say to caller on. So that means that CNN and reporter Randi Kaye we're not breaking any laws. But more importantly. If CNN and other media outlets covered the drinking of alcohol to celebrate the arrival of a new year. Then why would be wrong to show people smoking pot in a state where smoking pot is legal. I wanna say this again for the record. I don't smoke pot. I have talked about this on the show before. I have been honest from my past about my past I smoked pot in the past. And I haven't smoked pot in many many years. As it was legalized I I have no desire to smoke pot at this point. So my defense of legalizing pot my defense of CNN showing pot use in a state where pot is illegal. It's not based on any personal agenda of mine. My personal agenda is I guess. Remaining consistent. And the comparison. Hum of the use of pot with a comparison of alcohol I think is fair. If you gonna drink. On the air. And they were doing shots not only on CNN but that New Year's Eve they're they do shots on TV. If they're doing shots for the party then why not show smoking pot for the part. If it's legal in the state where they're showing. I mean if you argue that pot is a drug okay but then you must recognize that alcohol is a drug to. And people smoked pot and drink. For many of the same reasons. Supporting the drinking of alcohol to celebrate the beginning of a new year while criticizing the use of pot for the same reason Timmy is a height of hypocrisy. And discontinued condemnation of fond of pot. Really goes back to the US government's campaign to depict marijuana as an evil evil drug. Even as evil as heroin. In fact today marijuana and heroin are both listed as the same schedule one narcotics I mean equating the dangers of marijuana to the dangers of Carroll went. I think destroys the government's credibility. In assessing. Drug use in America. CNN. In my opinion did not do anything wrong in reporting the open use of pot in a state where the recreational use of pot is legal. Can CNN's decision have a correspondent on the pot party bus is sequels to. All of the accepted coverage of toasting champagne at midnight on New Year's if and even if you don't smoke pot. You believe that is essentially. No difference between drinking or smoking pot on television. A New Year's Eve if you would like to join us in the comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Terry coach 504260187. In a text number is a 7870. One thing we looked at going to show is a point out the hypocrisy say we we deal with often in this country. And to me this is very hypocritical. And as I say it's not a pot smoker don't plan on smoking pot. But the point is it you know to a two attacks CNN or to attack anybody for showing. Legal pot use on New Year's Eve. To be it it is a mistaken and I and I do believe it really does. This hysteria over pot hearkens back to the days when America was trying to create this irrational fear. A marijuana. I gotta get to the news here but if you wanna join us with your comment on this with CNN. We see in right in and showing us 2601878. Or text is a 77. I astute hammer coming right back on every ago.