Warren Sharp on the NFL

We talk to Warren Sharp of SharpFootballAnalysis.com to talk about the NFL the balance of power in each conference. Who does he like coming out of the NFC and AFC plus, which teams have the best schedules in 2018?


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Let's look a lot as promised more and sharp genital writer and analyst at shark football analysis dot com you can follow him on Twitter at sharp football Warren what's up I don't. Yeah probably wanna talk a little way too early NFL power rankings with you today I just. Unveiled my my top ten list but just the top down view. Of the of the NFL are announced opponent talked about was in previous gets the last couple weeks. The imbalance between the two conferences right now might be in an all time high warning the the power resides and I think it is for quite awhile to look at the quarterbacks in that conference resides in the NFC just how imbalances that. It's ridiculous if you won the way that I elected. Examined. Is that keeping Gerald belief in general to look at trying to get like a lot of strength of schedule metrics about web site in. What do think that you conceded that if you look at the pop. Seventeen in terms of the easiest schedule that they will state this upcoming season and I don't look at when he seventeen. Win loss record I look at biggest win total that are projected for 2018. And eight restrictive schedule about it like a unique. Method that I how to create a few years ago. The top seventeen in terms that easy schedule alt reply in the area he if you look at it. Twelve will typical schedule in the NFL ten of the twelve resided in the why would that be what because. AFC is quite look at the game against AFC and the like like against NFC east so you have huge imbalance and as you mentioned. Quarterback structurally it is a patently get in my opinion it's going to get even more so patently with some of the rules changes that they continue to introduce. Making passing more friendly. The quarterback or you don't have a quarterback. And you know a lot of these guys you know the they're building a roster around young promising quarterbacks. And out because he's got on the rookie deal they have for years guaranteed clocked one option year they get in the first round. And they can build a strong roster and Haiti got very little so a lot of the eighteen in the and that's the art building they're in that way. So let's talk about the easier conferences dissect here that's the AFC and the pitcher to kind of boring the talk about I'm I'm assuming more and there there your favorite sorrento. They are they need. Our knowledge that there are very boring community keep getting it done and talked about it in the opt in agreed on is is. What Belichick and do it ground what is it retire but like every year. The guy to come back like clockwork and there are there machines they've got. Brady Anderson they're giving him some protection by its very difficult to be real these guys they improved on even in one thing that indeed independent it talked about a lot. They actually cap they're young first round draft picks. The prior three years they only took one heck inside the top 59. Now they actually Coca took several guys. This past dropped so they're going to be able to rebuild the younger quart it will help your thinks so. They're they're their group B and flee opposite that it should be very similar to what did that in years past. So loyal to the rest the NC. I just I have seen too much of Steelers patriots ever think button to Steelers can beat that team especially in the post season. But I know some other teams that interest me top analysts would be. The Houston Texans and it's a big if here. But it to Shawn Watson comes back with that defense in place and to Shawn Watson performs any what. Like he was last year is this team could be a legitimate dark horse coming out of that conference. Well I. I think they're going to set themselves up and not because they happy eastern to schedule Indian tyrant well like I look at my own. Match or restricted schedule and even though I think the cold to being a little bit under rated state predicted that we use. Their paper is used to regain first uptick keen on the year and a lot being that. Only favored in three of those gains. It really overlooking I think they're going to be there on you know what those projections are but that taxes and happy you you can't read and what are the key things that. I do need to realize and and out of pocket Carolina radio like last week about. Getting that first round bye in the importance of not having to play in meanwhile our round of the playoffs. If its only Super Bowl team it's Super Bowl winners. There that he'd better able to where there that he'd better able to a stay at home we've seen. So we number one he'd make it when he global overlap yours so. It vital to do that I think they're gonna that the bulk up in a pretty good condition of course like centers on a question mark. I think locked in injury could stop early not. Don't bright and talked about rebuilding team on to his strengths now to be seen him what he can do for you gain like it completely. Uninhibited. From any other. You know. Can't cut that they put on him to start this season they let them loose they were scored on a point. They're gonna rebuild their need to surround him with the players that they need I think they're very exciting team and I think the reason why it could. Be in the driver seat is because of the pack in name apple gilded age it's it's it's. Strickland did say it but I think that they could be a dark horse. Sure yeah no I'm with Yitzhak and a war in sharp here on double coverage NFL writer and analyst sharp football analysis dot com I'm Seth Dunlap talking about. An early look at the NFL in my power rankings let's go to the NFC in my number one seems still defending champs the Philadelphia Eagles love the off season they had warned. Michael Bennett I think in the role he's going to be asked to to play in that in Philadelphia's kind of a more situationally inside outside pass rusher. I love Dallas goat herds. I knew what I love their quarterback situation obviously is there any reason to think the Eagles arts the favorites right now to repeat. Is it. It certainly know a lot of people are at least you know from the projections Lott's biggest stage they've got in note that the land and the Packers. Right there Kinect but one thing I think it. Of course you're going to hope the cart and went to be able are that he's in this if not meaning out options there but. They are building the right way you do it from the. GM and the pride in that team outrage in the Beijing at this structured their building's coordinates. They're one of the team that we did mention where they have a quarterback on any rookie deal they just won the super wal obviously they called the one. Technically won that game to get that there it was a rookie quarterback on his not one not rookie true rookie but he got a rookie deal quarterback Carson went. The great impact the a lot of opportunity you'd build up the rest of the roster around and and you're right. I think the pieces that day and moved that they need in the hot seat in do nothing to diminish. The odd that they could make it they certainly have a little bit more difficult schedule that they did last year but I think. And at the east is very applicable if you talk about. It's all cowboys I think they're gonna have a little bit more rough time and let you pass purple ball which is what would outlaw about the way we people ball in the water and now. There will be a difficult time in the weapons that they a lot there that giant. Particular take on bark in the allotted and there would be better world last year course but I don't think they're still that tie between that your legitimately think is going to. Dethrone the Eagles from winning and in the reckon ball up direct impact problems though I think they they are. There are rare good position to win not. Division at winning the division is still war in terms of being able to get back to the postseason and of course being able to repeat so I like I like your op prediction. So short of the saints did and all this I have them like admittedly a little homer call I element number three but the reason I think they might be. The biggest challengers. To the Eagles in the NFC Warren is you've we talked about earlier is the schedule they get. The Eagles at home and they also get the rams at home this year I just think that's going to be massive when you talk about these tiebreaking scenarios perceiving. In the NFC where do you see the saints sitting in the sentencing. Yeah I could not beat 83 overall. I haven't. Yeah I can I had the saints vikings and rams jumbled up three through five but I have the saints three vikings for a rams. Five idol I look admittedly much more down on the rams and the general population I still have visions of that eagles' super team disaster a few years ago and all these old aging pieces coming the other I saw a question marks about that. Right and the other practical a couple of programs like. Everybody so down on your op after a species in I was one of the people who dug it and number pop you're gonna be well looked better. It's (%expletive) year and of course he was by. A lot of their production change it through this scheming and every inch on the day really that cat. And you would think that life into a scene where he was able did you last year came around a major cost weaknesses. That might be a little bit more. Manageable but they do great team saw it in deep Procter. July they are obviously you know deserving of being really getting any contender in your ranking of course they as well. With the morning in particular I think that. For Purcell is important start well and eighteen you know you want to start well conceived via an early by doing we. So the fact that they could say. A number of bottom ten teams that are seen in which they're real only challenge being the Atlanta Falcons week's story on that that. Set up very well for them to enter the bye week that there are strong record the only problem for. That say it and you mentioned the fact that one of the benefits for them. Is that they're wrong a lot of these typical team got home one of the drawbacks or that is that down the stretch wrong. Where they're actually going to play by my nectar from weekly on work. The most difficult schedule and eighteen India now and it buys eight wide margin in terms of the difficulty and put that news. All the bean dinner the scenes are playing typical schedule as well. On it where your whole thing being is it's when you're at the plate the team and for the faint. Fortunately I think for them. They're going to be played eighteen number one app there on Indian and number true. The later on in the heat like that you know when the and and that got up really well fourteen to be coming together yelling happy little bit of reader and going on around so. I agree with you I've got. A lot of pop and it's important obviously they can't sustain any injury to the quarterback position Drew Brees they'll sell rated you're talking about I. I'd go on radio all of the patients and you know wanna spill despite how great you guys. Think about and and how great I know yet. Very under rated in the green keeping it real talk about Tom Brady injury and and Peyton handing it out cold air rocker. Drew Brees in these guys. Like get left out like kind of opera. But he's so consistent he's so great you know as a Buick football victim to what the and I actually really happy. That they were able to keep. Not some of the weapons that they were able to keep from the receiving position. And I love the acquisition had gained last year's he uses a different maker within me the most efficient and successful receiver India well. Last year it was apartment it's on but it expects rate with that ridiculous. And and I do think that this team is set up extremely well to have some except the policy waited their defense is being built up practicing our. Warren sharpton's sharp football analysis great stuff today worn out stocks Ian thanks much for joining us. Our rights and it all right and analysts at that sites are football analysis dot com and docile follow him. At shark football great dive into the way too early but still wait to fund look at my NFL top ten power rankings.