War in Afghanistan: What is it good for?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 4th
Tommy speaks to Major Mike Lyons about the possibility of firing a general in Afghanistan. 

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Enter Mike Lyons CBS military consultant retired army major and united. Retired does this or former student of colonel Jeff my cause and joins us right now we do our researcher Mike. Yeah that's right he is he's my lifelong mentor and ears when I was at West Point in this and imports the command. Under him and comments Latin very special person. Watch what you do Mike is by Yang. I don't even know where to start this the president is once fired the general or at least he asked for that. Last month Sany United States is losing the war John McCain has come out criticizing and I think John McCain and you don't have to respond to this major but. I think he's at the point in his life now we're right doesn't care about the but the party he doesn't care what people think. He knows it is time is limited and lip so be all hope he gets better but yeah the chances of that are not likely now he's determined to do what he thinks is best for the country so. Yeah I need to know where to start major let's talk about policy in Afghanistan and and the other presidents that have gotten bogged down and how long is a war going on them. Well it's the sixteen the year but it's that it's 61 world war and I think that's what one of these issues about how these were two propagated. Explained I had a few well major sick yes you know I have a sixteen year war 161 year wars. Right so. That in general officer comes and takes over command of the situation. And then in classic you know human form them and put their imprint on the situation it's on the ground to guide its current commitment and technical sense. That was president did you know he's and I wanted to be in the high integrity right those kinds of things well trained Smart off the charts. But but he's asking for the same scenario is that for more troops and that's the way you solve problems and in in this world you just saw bodies have been. There's some things about there's talk about sending basically mercenaries and there there print guys back involved and want to bring black border and that would be a big mistakes. I think we're getting to the point where you don't wanna be the last casualty in Afghanistan that you think this president and likely pull everybody out. Will would be the results of the ball he's a person who says we're losing the war and he's gonna fire the general which to me would indicate. He wants a win a war but not necessarily. I'm not sure I think he's going to be told them him he's shown that it's not possible to win without you know that was a larger. Commitment and had a 100000 troops there at some point and that's that didn't need any any more women in what we're seeing right now. The Afghan government just isn't just content can't seem to stand itself competent level. It's so prone to these kinds of attacks infiltration by. Individuals spent they thought they had trusted so it just from means and a lot of it has education and still believe that's the key and in fact I think another generation to fix the illiteracy rate is still 67%. Especially outside the provinces and in in. Move it outside the major cities it it's. They've remained a Third World country and it's going to be that now the president also brought the point about minerals and I totally get them I agree with that look when we need. We're so busy focusing on bringing democracy to these countries and that Kapalua and that we focus on bringing. The kind of tools that they need to start a country I think that would have been a lot lot better off the last fifteen years ago but that's kind of gone. May Julia mentioned the two brave men had died a couple of days ago and every time I hear that my heart breaks there's a a young man here that I notice is buried in the cemetery any audience knows type in a pfc. Bates who was 21 years old and died in Afghanistan and and throws people have lost. On the relatives of or sons daughters what have have you when you talk about these two men specifically in and I'm just taking them as an example. Do we kind of hang amount to drive because we didn't really have the resources that it took to win the war in order to accomplish anything. I think you're gonna give more Vietnam analogies to Afghanistan once. Some time and space in separated from an unfair. What it would have we accomplished especially if the Taliban control and Dexter takes over. Cumberland and you've you've got a situation in 1998 has been treated and he's got. The Third World country. Yeah you know a place where terrorists can train opens you don't got the monkey bars and kind of thing that would be just an incredible I don't know the word isn't. After 171617. And. We're just right back toward restarted it and then you're you're you're gonna hear a lot more Vietnam analogies and did not play the soldiers but in the country didn't commit to what which in these. Few men on army dimmer in a rout Toobin about it feel passionately about the the these two manners brave as anybody that died in World War II World War I one hand via. So yeah I saw an video or news story residential video of a five year old holding gun. And he executed somebody chain new offensive line and Siegel video I don't know it was a Catan piece kind of thing where he really didn't. There's a five year old firing gun at this chain prisoner and and yelling Allahu Akbar. Ices are they've really training kids as young to take XEQ people. There are guys if it is especially in even in places where it is still not strong holes in his pockets of resistance until there inside of Iraq in some places and area. And if it's scourge that that exists in that part of the world that central leadership. Mean to different countries don't. One of the draft. And the Middle Eastern countries after you were 45 years now following an Arab Spring. Saudi Arabia of their leadership is still hold on to power clinging to a very closely. There. All of these countries to Tinder boxes on the on the brink of a revolution. Internally if they're not careful and again gets back to education and just haven't been that separate people very young. They have leads in the video just gets and trying to scrap some hospitals in the country there. CNN's would let me that question as you talk about next generation you devices bringing up a generation of five year old. Our that are taught you know they're using gun exe keep people without any a with impunity without any consequences at all and I guess a mask and in terms of vices. And Afghanistan did the if we leave because that's why we went there originally right to get Osama bin Laden is that lead team. The rise of maybe ices in addition to other other blood terrorist groups there. Well I I'm not sure about that but it could I think that is different to that location you have to still have a population and that. The situation in Iraq and there was much easier to fertilize that kind of environment based on the fact and we. Mobilize and we went to Kuwaiti Iraqi artists and had. More people that they're not happy with what was going on to deter Craig and certainty that environment was a lot easier especially. You know in a rocket gets into little more difficult it's now this is that the population not there. That happens you can I have some people finally get it could get decent openly get there. They create these trained abroad to the Latin beat him that drone missiles now we've got to go after those. Well we know that your environments and can connect and knowing that you didn't do to get people out there that want. In your show themselves to be ready to go fight the belly pulpit and by then we just simply on the ground there to do with. And major in May getting ill we do to the one final question the president being in the transcript it was released yesterday and has a completely different story but yeah talked to the Mexican president about appeals were in New Hampshire that. Carried the state form when in fact in a presidential election he didn't in the primary did. And when the winning when you talk about that and and drugs from Mexico. How does that compare and and where does the opium. Trade Afghanistan fit into all of this and also in their future without the United States they. Why you know the thing is that industries not as big. There from the collectible you know what's even the fact that the Mexican. Can can create so much more supply and demand in this instance just to it voracious about what I want to. But go back to what you're saying it would end in Afghanistan it was only a few people rich it's not it's more or less localized. Type of drug so that's that the markets think you have I think that capability and the problems they just not been able to take those same field that create popular. Acorn accretive to another crop the bottom line is being opium still creates more cash strapped to a few people have to stand vs other than that can be they can be grown in Atlanta. And in terms of that the United States is not an announcement saying they should have observed bunny visit they not done anything to stifle that soak. If they haven't really there's no evidence indicate that we get big. Go to dinner and it's exactly two point and it would just shown that in the past that. It's kind of impossible to go after supplies and unsettled them you'd think that that would be put in human at least try to do you at least keep. The demand from not that keeps the Eva at the end from waging war against you that's one way that's really a war that's taking place I think. But we haven't focused on that that would take manpower as well chemicals to destroy the earth you have a lot of different things that can go but I'll go with that and that's why we chose not to do that. Major it's been an hour with you and your time's limited is I would love to get into the the leaks and everything else and having terrible. Yeah maybe next time we'll talk about that our current group we can you teaser emigrate weaken yourself and things reserves and a minute sincerely.