Is voter fraud a major issue?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, September 13th

Tommy talks with Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about the possibility of a third party emerging and about voter fraud.


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Andy Smith joins us right now the a friend of fires that it has been withers and so I don't know the presidential election began. Although uninsured ever ends. He's director of the university in New Hampshire survey center any also testified yesterday before. The president's voting commission meeting with claims of three to five million at least that's why they started this committee with claims of three to five million people. Voting illegally in November and not enough that's nationwide or that you just in New Hampshire. Come. Into Smith joins us right good morning ending you. Good morning. What's population at. Where about one point four male authority and what if there so the people may have came in from Mexico and enough money coming. Came up from Massachusetts today yet. So let's talk about first of all third party viability. In fighting between Republicans in signing between Democrats. To me that seems like you know president less trying to think he had three. Policy and so forth that seems a meat to be exactly what he should be doing in these on the train anybody when he sank. Well it is too political parties we have in the United States are the oldest parties in western democracies. They've been around for a long time largely because they're able to. Of absorbed in political energy. So when the Tea Party movement came around in 2010 and 20092010. Republican. The party was it to harness that Democratic Party and you'll do that similarly with the energy that they've gotten from some of the more progressive left movement. But the parties. Their job is certain is pretty key power to win and keep power it was elections. And as long music and keep doing that their business. I don't. I'm not very optimistic on that there will be a third party simply because we haven't had whether such a long time so it's always better that the but the trends. Because people and for the most part vote for either party and they vote for the party not out of that particular. Ideological loyalty it's a lot of it is just happen. Your vote Republican for the same reason that you view group save the Yankees should you vote Democrat for the same reason group for the reds up here it's more of what happened it's more something that you picked up when you're on the mostly from your parents and it's. Very rare that people. Change their partisanship or give up there are chipped and of course they elect. Philosophically though in terms of where or even policy where a third party would position themselves. I don't know because that seems like Ayers. Black and here's why in in the American public at this point doesn't have a whole lot of action a pick those colors lord almighty. There's there's blue in there is. That light blue dark blue and nobody has a a taste or an appetite for middle blue right now or doomsday. I think the voters that. So we do think of a good rule of as the most voters most people don't really care about politics most of the time by the people who were the activists within the party of the ones that are secret key parties is ideological. As they are not the voters and I think that there's an opportunity for voters. Did too. Move the parties more towards the center. But they're really pushing against people with but who won who who benefit from the parties being more story. The Libertarian Party United States has been pushing for this for a long time saying they're the natural Mittal party. That they represented the kind of fiscal conservatism. Of traditional Republicans and a social moderate social. Liberals as a mobile Democratic Party but they just never been able to. To catch on in large part because people. Return to voting by app when elections come. Barring any. Big infusion of money that could lead to an ad campaign that would say and what you just described is me I'm fiscally conservative. Socially you know excellent dinner mean communicators self I don't care. But the I guess an insane would people be willing and leaves either one Republican or Democrat if for whatever reason. There was this huge infusion of money for libertarians get their message out there. Probably not but allow a third parties analyst bird cat. Is up. I'm not very optimistic that it's likely to happen chipped it because again. Most people don't pay much attention to this I think definitely be key to remember the theater really understand politics in the United States into and other countries is that. You know we have elected group we elect people particular political business for so we don't have to weed that pay attention to. And well for most of the news the year except in a good time right before elections. We to a pretty good job turnabout. Political switch off and our minds. While wanting to predict the saints Super Bowl chances to lower added we take a break. A text comes in Indian says with a announce we have enough flyers and the Republicans and Democrats already we don't need any more so perhaps you're right. There is no flavor or no appeals for a day a third party. So the president. And again it's odd to complain about it an election. That you won and Ike I can't help laughing about that because that's if you like the patriots gone back and say wait a man and god. You called holding army and a third quarter let's go back and review everything because I date we could've won via I don't understand and at all either when you lose but. Founder and commission says. Our or that that president trump first claimed that three to five million people voted illegally in the country in November. I guess the second hearing was held yesterday at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Tom and Lynette. Well kind of interesting but bored and tired of interrupting the pure political scientists would like to. Turnout they've some of the data that looked into while. Oh and voter records and vote out so well. The he did the meeting itself from the testimony that was given was. Some compelling ended in the terms of the weather things that I overboard about it how old wounds and sloppy. The election data systems that we have in the United States aren't album laws that look at. Potential voter fraud are really. On the force in large part because the people who maintain the elections in but in in the states which are the secretaries of state almost exclusively. I'm doing it would hold off for the monies or our ability. To prosecute fraud. And a lot of the floppy abrupt turn. Captain by accident so for example there was a a woman was running for congress in Maryland. And it would achieve to clear her opponents. Circuit do an opposition research on her about the cheapened voting. Four blocks several cycles in both Maryland and port committee election for. Oh but that would found out that she went for all. So that kind of thing that that it is really kind of interesting right is it that the number of people that potentially vote twice. And that pitted. Almost impossible bind but it happens to come up in some other investigation. I'm confused as to how all that would happen is it. It because the loosen what did you say sloppy way that you register or how to as voter I'm Dunwoody college motor voter registrations at dollars. Well the when when you registered to vote for up there remembered their fifty different systems were doing this should keep different applause for governing. Who is eligible to vote how you register the vote what candidate sister kept. And in a most of it has to do with the process of registering to vote when you registered to vote in in several states you don't have to. Prove that you are in the upper part of the state you'll have to do that saw forms that they be sure your your site identification. And that and that nobody really bothers to check it to see your citizens need you to vote illegally. So that I can't they let me in erupting indeed the myth that. Illegal. Immigrants of ago were Cullen now but whatever it is undocumented immigrants. That they can vote that's not beyond the realm of possibility because. You could easily obtain a fake ID and if nobody checks that then they vote. Yeah an error and then there is evidence presented yesterday but you're not. Fairly routine it in the United States to not an uncommon thing. But it's also. What the truth about the United States and people think as we tend to Obey the law most of the time. So Padilla this stuff. Can't go on. But most the time it really doesn't go by the time we do what was supposed to rain in the column to morning and Devin WL with professor Ian. It's. Illegal start undocumented. It generated caring. And can shoot these. Its sides of the inauguration day crap out. And I think that there and I think that it's been an camp yet. Possible voters fraction of people or marginal. It may or may not by. When they see it jet boats coming for what we're gonna be real strict about it registration. And it's here would be street always what's beneath would be. Playing into a Republican. Like Donald Trump and equity. Well then there's that certainly V via. The criticism of that commission. But I but I I would push back a little bit just because they know. One of the people on commission the secretary of state of New Hampshire don't partner. And secretary of state for forty years and he's a Democrat and he. Probably one of the most straightforward and honorable people would work fine in politics. So I don't think that it's him for the entire commission inaudible. I can't put. Voted into why it was forms so much of but. There is evidence that shows that if you make. Boating restrictions. Tiger. It doesn't reduce turnout that actually improved turnout and in many cases not novel but many cases because if you think about vote. But we've irrational act you know when we vote our individual vote really has no impact on win or lose in the early by lottery ticket he kept syncing to win but he by workers though. Are you don't it is correct and that it's usually. Get elected lecture brother in laws that go with the election or something. And there are real cost of vote you know takes time to learn about candidates and so forth. But the only reason people vote is because they feel it important thing to do censorship responsibility. And duty to and by Dayton vote here each year we have seen increases deterrent. But in some weight who were voting has been. Dispatching Mexico in 1991 as a great. Turnout skyrocketed because now people believed. That their vote act we did count equally people I'm not apathy is one where the other. But insipid they're quite that data out there that are far less conclusive. Then they presumption that it can make voting. By hikers were tight restrictions that is actually going to exclude people from voting. And moderate voters between each. Party actually like an eight the middle. The middle of voters. I think that there some evidence of that I think you're in more recent years it's been more of the ability to motivate your piece to get out and vote. Not so much getting those those moderate voters in the middle that historically has been the if the way to win elections as you just try to get. Richard Nixon said view you run for the right during the primaries and run like they'll go to middle general election. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore seems to be more effective strategy. Two just make sure that you get more voters so pumped up and angry. They show up and vote against the other guy's not take much attention to qualification of the candidates are just bode. Puerto party here in the party. Keeper. Thank you ray for the phone call. Comes up that I see here that I signed it you're seeing Andy that you told commission Cassidy is a main reason why people don't vote. What other people it is people don't vote because Barkley didn't bother news it's inconvenient the Census Bureau and asking. I've been doing surveys that election going back several double cycle. And it has consistently that the reason people vote is basically it is going to be out there. And it's 3 o'clock gala issues get re kick off like couldn't answer command a market like parenting. As opposed to them as opposed to some kind of political philosophy of audits are animated humans and it would be that you like different voices and don't. And I've never had a radio Everett and acting glanced. In my life. As opposed somebody in close look at the vote through anyways what good are both psyched it's more a matter of the guy wants neo issue games and forget about the lines on man. Screw it. Yeah I'd that more than what happened in voting and expect but my point that. Or rather cynical point of boat people but here about voting most of the time that. They would be economists would say it's what it's rational not to because. In reality your vote isn't gonna make a difference Fiat that anybody individual vote making one candidate wins and loses essentially broke. So loved why bother you so because it's the right thing to do you feel good about it job with each vote. And then when you may bode reached restriction tiger goes the argument. That makes it more special to vote. And noon today some years cynicism it's right it while I don't think you're cynical as much as. He just even a real man you don't insane that's my hip replacement used to even a real man. No seriously you are I'd say and some people don't wanna hear it but let me get to this text real quick. Timing thing distinction needs be drawn between illegal voting and organized voter fraud there is a difference did you address that please there. Yeah I think that is absolutely the case in most of the most of be illegal boat seems to be captive in the United States. According to the testimony people that we we've looked it is more carefully. That record yesterday is that illegal vote. Seems to be a crime of opportunity. We're like somebody who. The state of Maine for example the secretary of state remains on commission Maine has more technical. And any state in the country. There are a lot of people in vain that they would you know I've lived in Maine and my. I've put up there on the continue to vote up there but I'll retire them down the order and you know into the front four put down your order. Under the boat into and a bit ago. And it's that sort of thing that we see most of these illegal voting goes on tends to be that. A crime of opportunity T you can do yup if you get Carter essentially zero so one. The fact that it's Maine is that primarily due to the bushes in Kennebunkport. Oh. It. A long way to communicate and they got a lot of it was Bush's atlas at nine. On him now real quick so. If people and we gotta go here in the second but of people are not motivated to vote because they have other things. Then what would motivate. Undocumented. Immigrants into the country to vote. If other people out here is what we're saying is Americans. Whose fly ancestors fought and died for the right to vote they don't care but the team's gonna come and in this country who are not American citizens. Are more inclined to vote or not. Though they're not born on him and I guess that interfere in the eleventh shows there's massive illegal voting. But people were noncitizens in the united. So that would be I didn't hurt that the Democratic Party wants to ease up immigration. Laws so that people that are illegal can obtain IDs and vote etc. I don't book the summit of the media but I don't think there's there's much evident to chose that it's organize this stage there are some observers to work goes on. There's voter fraud in every election in the United States always yeah but it should be acting did your callers. Point about is it is organized. And how we have been is that is relief be cute and it seems that for the most part it's not organizer for the most part it's not that prevalent. I appreciate you time in the is always your friend makes cents on the new Holland stop night. I will be there you are saying is there will talk again soon Andy Smith director of the University of New Hampshire survey center.