Vinnie Iyer on NFL Draft

Sporting News NFL Writer Vinnie Iyer stops by to preview the NFL Draft in less than two weeks. Who does he have the Saints looking for at pick #27? Plus, where do all the QBs land in the draft?


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Let's bring in Vinny Aaron go now to talk some NFL draft here and a dollar writer for. This morning At Vinny ire on Twitter reveal what some man busy time for is just about a week away from this thing. Yeah. Get ready for the draft and getting ready open and schedules lol. When teams are playing with you know whether they'll be nice note amendments getting real NFL and Israel. Game plan that the insults. Basically gonna get you re also there's always a lot of noise threat coming out of various media outlets. Leading up to the draft and everybody wants to how little hot take at the top of the draft here so so I'm curious here the last week week and a half I'm seeing a lot. Of headlines Josh Rosen possibly overdue Arnold to the browns do you do you give that some plausibility dirty think they do just go to Arnold. A good bit away all the option boldly to and then quarterback. It's. Control. 10 some question marks not that we. Single. In the strapped there's a lot of home. But it's about art and getting them. Seen in the. That big decision for the crown in terms of cool and you've checked the box and what they're looking for the there quarter. And so. No we look I think he would in any of these teams are in debt as it is through. What brown and two. Just go for that's written plan now that you can afford it in one year and correction so. Patient and and the lack of desperation and recordable. All of its. I got asked this many who are some targets possibly towards the end there. Our first round for the saints and take Meryl lot lately. Yeah you only one problem you pick. We will look. Different. Great pick and money movement in quite. Well. You look at the other ought to get tight and so bloated stopped at this stage does does it hurt among. It. A big matter in certain other. In normal in the nineties group the president picked and maybe changed to a trade down as well structure. Do you go. BBC. You know that. Bill. That won't go so that you certainly different than type and the might be the early in the possible in order. Would fall into that well that that would look at concerns also. Think back where video right now might not either as a principal. It's certainly you know one thing that this book. So you mentioned cornerback there which is interest in talking to bidding higher here on double coverage and medical writer for sporting Josh Jackson viola and then another Jackson. Dante Jackson here of LA issue it seems like the cornerback cheered many the last couple weeks kind of moving up a lot of the draft boards seems like this could be. A little bit of a cornerback heavy draft. Yeah I think. Because you look at the relations field position. If you don't. Structure abilities. But reached Erica. You guys that really admirable position in the quote implement. And new boss been pretty. My movement took quote well. The quarters of the deepest in terms of the value again different types quotes to orders. That are going to be plan and we'll go well for a long. And the depth of that and we don't always Sweden's. It seems that. You can never have bought those so sometimes the applies. Supplies and that's what you build or. Yeah and Dante Jackson down the road for LSU what's your view on him again he's can arise and a lot of people I'm in the first round. Yeah I think definitely he is in consideration there seems to affect my goal hired. I think a lot of people looking at pictures maybe we'll offensively but they can beat you're four corners there in the first round of the it would not surprise he enters the first round here. I mean you're retired wide receiver I think it will put more volatile for some teams what. Org or maybe those people usually on the ballot. Although you'll means you're going to be competent well. So there's some news today probably saw this Walter football dot com first reported that a lot of teams across the league. Are taking Lleyton Vander national linebacker for Boise State completely off their draft board. Because of some physical issues and they gave and physical are you giving credence in that what are you hearing about manner as to he'd been linked to the saints possibly. A late round one or possibly around two. If they were demoted. Support weapons it is now when it wants them there. The issue of vote but the comp and so while the mix things new information in the club when archer. They're about and it's not mentioned yeah houseful of so that we think about these things are only two qualities. They're excited they're mutant transit. Cause we've. Crop will be there as well so. Until that happens a lot has ordered well. Our eyes open in and the way he ran out of here is there anything that you you know play more in Pittsburgh up to that level. And let you give them a book it was I mean when you look inside. When Rashad Evans won't ultimately quietly outside moved well with those two schools you know. So Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh in the little dark web work here in addition certain. Well somebody once with kid because you look at all produced done. And I think more important what you see is what you get sometimes of one that would bar or that's what you get the and so it would into the trauma that well one stroke. And apparently going to do anything outside of which keeps saying no but essentially. Interest. And you know what he sponsored an additional one. The cornerback got about a minute and a half left to do the saints are gonna select one in the first ours is not gonna happen if they do Albie been raging for about a month on my show but outside the first right outside the top five quarterbacks. Deal like any of these guys is fits in the third round and beyond maybe like a Faulk over there WSU shout out my alma mater somebody else. Well. Definitely there cronies leak to. First round thirteen of jaguars and Steelers in Spain some secret and the minutes will. They don't listen to quarterback now with President Clinton vote was so we thought what. One of these pop so that so called but we've looked at. Project to develop weapons of the pot and moved here look ma Ferguson extorted you'd hear. In what you do as. Natural. As possible. A lot of work well and what he's done. So it will focus on toxic. If you really want to. Vinny ire NFL writer for sporting they try to get some sleep the next week and a half man. We. Court applied for. Yet really pursued the time that bank. I give my follow on what a great fall at any higher here one of the best draft analysts out there we'll take a break and we come back got to talk about this crazy L issue win yesterday walked off from Daniel Cabrera.