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They usually are at Greek underscored gambler the big moves dot com BR how are you don't meant. Never betterment thanks for me. Here. That sure why the future to do. Things that would have been pending for me calm as well last week. It's a pretty good playoff brawl at 10% and one against the spread. Optional born where ordeal went beyond that we could go regional for the books. And finally the teams are six and two against the spread which again all. At this time where casual bettors recreational batters money. It's so overwhelming compared to professional matters social money. That accurately what the books are more worried. And they had a top couple weeks to see in the paper is well. But the play. Well so for heading into the conference championship. These are last week some appoints Greg climb between Minnesota New Orleans at four in the past five and half and ended up at five. How crazy was it for a lot of those batters they got in on the action as GSA's underdogs by Simon asked to win by five because inking Fischer point. You know it. In all in one at a time. And you know if it was won and games where that don't read it. Because. In. What I mean by that is one plate change. The entire. The adding clean keep it from. All over. It will land on the saints will be an on line on the ball in your story. To. Straight off and it com. Saint Koppel in two possibly pushing even listening. Dot. Com completely pain for the it did okay. Like that they had to. We can't. Perk and all that much either way but they were not at all you know to upset when it turned down. Now love the are looking at the quarterback played as a two part question. The start off would AFC. Blade portals has been like doctor Jack homicide Macau. When he ran for more yards and threw against the bills will look how efficient he was against the Steelers tonight gone against Tom Brady. And now wait for the press Thomas tomorrow dealing would then hand entry so so what is your take on that and also break down. That you look in the NFC. I mean who would have thought I mean I guess it is footballer you do have injuries but you have nick falls going to his case keying him in the NFC championship game. Gang in the first one you touched on in Jacksonville where you know significant line move based on the Brady infamy came. I went into this week line opened up pretty much all of the bookmakers here it would. And now lies there and have a situation where the public going to be like every single week. And they count on that that is common in Jacksonville and the reason for it because. They go against the New England Patriots. For awhile now. Few weeks and New England continue into calmer this op. But that bill shore money from trusting them trusting analytics and they like the in this match and we adjustment right away open. Around you know 9910. Whatever. Right away. On social money objective don't not surprising now. And now there. Rating situation so it can't even more money because this. Now I mean I know it's Thursday evening but these things someday and then until something happened and and west shortened nine. You know council matters. But believe. Me it's you know people that April apple has. Most recreational batters in. Connecting deported even much dependent Comstock had you could pretty much conclude. When he isn't it sharply against the Patriot. Act like I said last week. That happened last week and I will stand in front of the New England Patriots because he could well be an expectation that there. We. Reached. We like the opposite that there aren't bound you'd like this. This team continues to outperform the market so the only important to. Wander around Utah and that's the only thing scare me because. Jacket built upon Jacksonville. These lines could be used to I think the first set up the beat this team and opt in because actually late portals. I think we're missing the point here. Is expected to win this game is not expected to dictate it would be completed in an option. I did a very via our via jaguar fans just want you don't want him to lose. Thinking. That I think is the kind that needs to go out there and I am short and the ball forty times I'm gonna try over on your. To Egypt wants to be. Different by talking. Com and you have a defense like this can keep you became the like the dike and some injections and I official money and again. You know match against New England it usually happened and where you. Delete all Jacksonville because. That shortly and I agree with it. Like to. Think they should be worst point and time now for a touchdown in a low scoring game he you're trying to keep the I. And that he liked it because. Each sentence and defense and just the opposite here in the defense that is there. Com I think if you get the utmost in them. Teams had a week when they went over come and you see the number forty and it's 46 every time. One other beyond their Sony lot on the forty and I agree with them now in the acting. It's topic at home team in the playoffs actually in this conference championship he's gonna win and times get plane it won't match history tells us. You know so. It's helped you have good reason to stay home kit will begin talking about a team that the World Cup to act. So it's the against Philadelphia in this. Com it was part of the week off so fortunately I was on the right side that won in. I honestly cannot come right now at this game. It was night time money and the bad it would be on the Minnesota Vikings I think they are cheap Philly it was. The great queen what it would Atlanta I think and it cooperated with them I mean Atlanta played awfully 86 yards rushing on 95 yards passing. And I think. A popular topic could be you or without it's top did the final two weeks of the season. And so for me. I think the only. And I like that that historical probability that we integrate in this game but I think Minnesota's much better. And wait one week I don't know that momentum than. Tony that if we do in Philly style I'd like. Being in Jacksonville and the under in the first game in the second game I don't like too much so far. But again I think that it sort of looks like the bright side the meat is what police to be the first team in plain Super Bowl and now state. Vegas alright Greek. Underscore gambled big moves dot com Vegas runner tell folks how they get in are actually with some money meant. Yet hit me up electric on this particular match I'd love to answer any questions or I'll let you know if I got an opinion compact in my opinion with money. And again helped you guys cash and take it this weekend. There goes the usual Friday thanks. I've from one expert to the other brain lame brain allaying dot com Brandon. Holliman a big week AFC and C title games and I'm going back to last week LSU is same question asked. They use runner losing got in on the action between Minnesota new worlds at five and half were really disappointed. For number reason they mini me kick extra point in the game. Well listen I did the biggest play in my life Saturday night and Philadelphia Atlanta with a 200 diamond bra gambling dot com which is big ago by the way so. That definitely need. The game. First thing we came a little little you know little left with with with a rating. I radio Jacksonville beer me against buffalo the nation when we were story. But they decided decided not to cover but let's just put it that way. I said Jack symbol will probably go to Pittsburgh and it will be on. Because they immediate hope out there and so I used Minnesota it one thing we element web site we only buy an apple. But that's when you're dealing with a 37. And 141721. Numbers in the game normally. Indian gambling circles. Five that's what we call it dead number gained never won by now when I close the place about 7 AM. In the morning. I brought about by an idea that I did beat by the. Didn't seem to Mike Timlin and it's a debt number you know by now why wouldn't you know it. For me at the end of the first that from watching the game with my life. And power that comes on to kick the field. Now look at my wife and I ago among seventeen not that drew robbery and that New Orleans off and they can't stop him right now. Sean Payton made some adjustments they -- right than had been tipped interception vigil right through the means that the field goal until they can't stop them. I need to get to 27 over the numbers get the saints are common. He misses it and the demo I think that three point right there that can be costly and sure enough it did so to operate but government take some right now. People who eleven that Minnesota defense. Let's be honest guys the last six possessions but saying that again that no one defects. Touchdown touchdown field goal field goal on field goal city couldn't stop it. Boy remember a move redwoods that being said now. I drew region go and he falls and egos on the illegals gonna wanna run the football. And is seen by the Rand chip Kelly's offense when he fate that. You know dive when you look at the spread and he was able to girl's land Ras just think the vikings to be ready for Whitney folds her trying to throw Adam. From that game is. 200 and number 30 and it's up on the web site presently accounting building get right now police in the forties early that's a much of the game a lot more than life itself. I think I sure fire at the winner. Well sealed delivered. You can go there and take humans who went to Israel has patented immensely free I don't care it's fair to look at your later. Simple as that the web I've broken them into me. That game in Philadelphia comes out of one thing. If you look at the game and a few questions and your answer to the question will give you the winner and here's the question. What ever offensive line. Protects your quarterback. Against the respected defense and lines that are common. That you winner. Actually put out for Minnesota trying to particularly trying to predicting an important role in world. To keep them it's a mistake when. Nichols in the mistake we captain Bobby. You played in the NFL you know one thing fracture or kill pressure make any quarterback look like he's in high school. So that the question because I'm Kelly. One of those defense of wind is gonna dominate their respective offensive line in one of these quarterbacks has been making huge mistake at the wrong time. Ball game we HD line dominate. The other and so. And Brad in the that is requested. I ain't the vikings the line and Eagles line defensive line is Dominic sohu. Who would you go. And yet again that. B Bobby. What offensive line you'd say you better. I think that Eagles. There's your answer that's your answer. If you Eagles offensive line is matter in the bio diesel use. Accurate answer now I don't know I'll answer that question differently now no good play you answered the question right there. Now Brendon look at that coolant anybody would think. Tom Brady. Verses. Brig Blake portals now. If you would Tom Brady on the jaguars I might be the largest. Spread ever night and luggage Belichick but I do is look at the supporting cast in the team. I mean I I've been on the jaguars bandwagon the whole season because I think. Their roster and how their structure like Tom cobbled come on board. I mean I play would Doug Moroni was a bag involvement sublime and in the late eighties witness who will with the saints but. It is hard to go get the previous I don't know whenever I look at new England and and you wanna say well by denied the same patriots are meant seven consecutive seasons. In the end what day AFC championship game. Obviously that's along the streets as NFL says 1970. But I think. That coach Ballard checked. And Tom Brady you know you airman their oppressors. They're denied bullets welcomed you know what when they said no we got to evolve as game to beat the jaguars. Because I think you're truly know they have that kind of ability and what DB face even though there at home. Here's my take. When you look at the jets and definitely in the last twelve weeks of Vienna though who as the number one scoring defense. Is that is that the jaguars are not known OK I got to. Number what's going defense they have felt it was that I was uses. Belichick. As his defense right where he wants it right where it needs to be at exactly the right time time. Just give it your back pocket and number do you look at Jacksonville and you look at Tennessee what you have. Similar offensive line big physical so we'll say the offensive line tennis he's better than the offensive line in Jacksonville that number one number two. People try to run the football number three Tennessee got a quarterback that can run like that year. Mortal can it not like material. That patriots got to hand that not one not two but see. Times. Fact on a quarterback. That can run like it. Can he scored to go up 7UP and Belichick met over make a couple of adjustments tight and crossed midfield on fourth quarter last drive which sent it over the posted total. Belichick is the best to do in life. Taking away like you want to know. Didn't foresee you can beating him for sixty minutes was something that you. Want to do. Throw the Pittsburgh game now on the toilet flush it. Walked out it doesn't matter Pittsburgh doesn't have a deep and Joseph Flacco went in there and put up 38 on them with that was we. Yes Doug this is done this new card anymore. Now it was there to Baltimore thirty. In the air put up twenty. So my point at all. Is the office you urgency on Sunday is off and that well made him look like when he played the box possibly. Throw dubious right to habeas he can do this stroke of the sport and. Brenda and it is so Brad there right quick do you think you saw gamesmanship. What Tom Brady's hand. Absolutely I don't think it and mine is of this size and right now. He said another big master bed with the kids smile and and we problems. Grant and we appreciate the time railings on there's professional sport that is granite.