The View from Vegas and Fantasy Outlook

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, September 21st

Deke gets the View from Vegas with Vegas Runner of and Brandon Lang of, then talks fantasy football with Mark Menard.


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Our ride to say this is one of my favorite. Parts of the workweek would be understated it is a law. You from a Vegas that we get some plays. From the players so to speak and now we've got some guys that that we feel. On some of the best in the distance telling us first at the all Vegas from the pro sportsman and handicap but at the big moves. That sound the all looking back I was looking at my notes in Tennessee tech which as I do want to do are probably. Good week at the NFL three you know in Finnish born to overall we could put 67%. This year will be a great season for the listeners. I am a little that he may not but you know dot and I you've become here it'll be great feet. No doubt about it no doubt about it might be our legacy before I answer that they went out do and give it tied it up looked like give. Our guys the floor a little off but this Monday as about one before we move phobia or. And Astaro with tonight's game. This kind of looks like on the service they called us look a bit but it's odd take enough and the way I am it and they don't get that getting the parent's goal is but it's hard not to. So couple weeks ago Mississippi State with that the reason at stake in Reston Louisiana to Eliot stadium and the cities they was only a seven and a half point favorite. And it was one of being like 51 to fourteen that you want to point one had covered extremely well. Now South Carolina although they didn't do a bit top talk a wide receiver. There at home come and often involves. And they aren't home SEC team at only given Louisiana Tech. Seven so this Dina got seven at home against they got pounded and only game seven away from home. Actually beyond these things start off the ten and a half people started bet no tick in May to go to practice that minute. He had that look like one of those type yeah bettors like that talked about and I'm not trapped within the oddsmakers at it true. It's just that situation that's felt that way. You know only that we need aligned movement we coupled that with. That they'd just doesn't look right and you know. She shortly coming in Louisiana attacked and it's set up like you said it. You know this is one that can afford it appeared that that line column. On the circuit may have looked all. Com but obviously that wind died for them down the road team or shall grant that Y and right away. And I can't believe this game. Com South Carolina coming off that Kentucky lawsuit they acting definitely I can you feel like double digits. All right beyond now let down and beyond. You a top college football plays you have the full. All right we're gonna start off to mark Friday night and not Virginians believe these states listen to bully these states wanted to team that over the last couple of years. You know I've been mid major that gets into. People. I don't think this is as good at what state achievement as this this. Number reflects and the fact it's on Thursday night it's it's GB gain meets that that blew up your pay and for all of that. And I think Virginia is conditional in this game. I really do it I'd like how they played against Indiana and being unable to from the football but I don't think against. Boise State. They're gonna have as much of a problem I'd like verging on I think appointed to mania I'll take plus twelve and plus thirteen. On Virginia. Double doubles this Saturday will go with a total big game the big game big team Boston College. Clancy and you know Clinton should look phenomenally. Perino sprayed opposite you know against the spread. And I'm kind of open on the better I think that this total to well. 5152. X now at around 53 I still don't think that's time enough. And I get it this Clinton defense phenomenally around ten point. You know winning and four point two game at a hole four points per game at home. Although I think Paul McDonald in the put up some points it was they played Notre Dame they played Wake Forest. State and defense and I think they'll be able to put. Point and you know Clinton and had no problem not data is being put up 49 principle get theirs as well. And so on I think the over 53 will go clients in Boston college's final and speak at Notre Dame. Like them a lot against Michigan State at Michigan State team they are the when he is at three dollar bill telling you now these are only record. I think Notre Dame you're its discount here. That you really aren't because of that to one record note I think should be Perino was that loss to Georgia and in a really tough game we knew it was like one more time benighted two point flip. Typing result that could win either way slide into redemption here like Notre Dame over Michigan State reap financial and mine is well they were sent me a point. Last year and lost that game by will like eight points they got impairs that home I think they do the same Michigan State this. Gear much like there was three count Opel. I'll fight the top college football picks please vote the our biggest drama people would be all on Twitter at at Greek. Underscored gambler the big move that time. The Indians blessed to have would have thirteen. But it's bought these state over 52 would have picked victory they have in Clemson in Boston College in Notre Dame spot 33 and a half. Opel basically in state tonight's game the NF bail of the aisle when you look at it. LA rams are on the road take it on to San Francisco 49ers and was to rams about a 22 and a half points they've. Yet disclaimer I. At this FEMA released that that this subscribers either opt to play help on the side where the shock anyway and there on the wing man and a leader not even that the total came down it was actually that the public mourning that any down and shocked actually when overtly hit pipeline guys on the over forty kinda agree with. I think I like Williams you know we're tied it at night and give it down like that that just to disclaim that your ear witness because I don't think there's bound you. I mean this line if you wanted to let you know it's two weeks ago he could it rains plot to. Now that claims mine is bleak and for me that the plight point swing and only two weeks before I can't justify bad on the greens but I can't bed Sampras is still hadn't been able escort touched on yet. Still permits him you know over currently became alone and personally I've left the game alone. Right now VR on today and it failed via our biggest run those top NFL plays the optic that we. All right isn't going to be that that the cheese or cluster on Monday Pittsburgh's going to be in every single piece where they may Serb. Com eight you know because she taught that you may find a way to lose this game I don't think it's going to be as easy as well. I think that and I have to wait too many let's not forget Pittsburgh has more on debt. I'll play you know in the big game for him because. Needed right now as well and they played Jacksonville in English you know and that's going to be it ends up big for Pittsburgh next week. Final note they make look ahead here and I think Chicago that can be painful keep them in the game long enough again and kind of finally blew it. But while and I pummeled Chicago Bears compound and move down. To the same the super chargers and here's why king in this eighty I yet you know it will. But now but the point two weeks speak and they beat England patriots I get that useful how flat the New England Patriots looked that we. And shortly be that that Philadelphia Eagles now they got the divisional game against these big chargers. And other Ebert three point not a line making his way out of whack. I. I think this line should be pick on police that are not that became defeating one. I'll but I took the chargers like Detroit and she did re an. I'd wait until closer to game time everyone's going to be Kansas City comment on at least on the football I know Oakland will perpich. I'd have been there and that once he had 22. Penalties speak at a single turnover. That's not the Oakland Raiders every one knows this. They're not perfect they're not gonna play in New England Patriots. Eventually they re rack. Like everyone else to demean I think it's gonna happen on Sunday night watching him get overlooked Judy got a team go cross country in Oakland. On the lights. People watching in nineteen station lot I think that when we came out right didn't meet possibly that again. I like the Redskins. I'm right at the and the NFL plays and be off Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in the windy city plus 77 and a half. LA charges as a home dog the three gates and the city tees. And the Washington bits into the home dogs and in 93 against the Oakland Raiders Chicago charges watching Gretzky it's college football picks. But did you post twelve and thirteen to have all the bodies they all of 52 feet three and a half. Clinton off the content Notre Dame but but it had its body is in state its biggest round of the off the off pocket people people with human man. Sounds like it's time that jingle right there you can read them and secondly that sound like the kind of money that hole you can bet check manic week underscored gambler Greek underscored gambler on Twitter and of course. That it's a big Thanks again for me every week let's have another winning week the. Vegas run a key vote with him that is the view from Vegas BR thank you very much and do. How I we will continue to get more of the view from Vegas that nicks and delaying a joint us on the ballot via. Count it down big big weekend it's sports we got LSU in Syracuse on Saturday hurt out of myself from wonderful. It LHU and Syracuse to 6 o'clock kick off from Beth badly in the incident this ain't gonna get ups so to speak. As they all owe it to pick to an open Carolina. Sunday activity on the buy like count them kick off a new tickle Bank of America Stadium into all of that Elena right here on century. WW. Youth is continued its optimum game Brandon ain't him put to plea. Man city now I abiding. I don't know. I can't complain and complain main demand and this jump right hand and now accused oh well as you about one will want you to please want to me it almost like low hanging fruit. Due to all. Even just me and had an Arizona Arizona team looks like there I'm ultimately from reading in football coach of Rich Rod. Yet even now he opened up this season against Houston and yet. There's no offense imploded once again and I think he'd dividing them all a really UW play this game you know players. Outside and play. The favorite here. One tocchet complete command of this football team the other. Big trouble it was late for a ticket. Hi announcement in buying the man in knows he's been in his in this lady's man and yet top comets please as we move with a week full of college football's. It. Undoubtedly yes we did. Part is we re now wouldn't I. Is it that way I got is that you know on its CP is very likely to make it birth rate it will dictate Republicans met with the rest. Well I think last week on Chile like India over Kansas State. This fight this fight kitten. I would come back with Vanderbilt here. Put it in an apple route and the number one defense in the country at an Alabama band though number one red zone defense in the country is an Alabama Vanderbilt. Your recent six month that home dog in 2015. Publicly and he used to take our of those points look for anything around here right is on the line now on the team. Well. They want but they again and if they're they're they're you're here. Don't get out of arc of my bet down main street with my Mississippi State Bulldogs. We're so good that we plot that and that alone now that was huge but 3037. Set in. I think they going to Georgia put that and I think they beat didn't do. But he described the in the near you choose you can read any Marlins and mr. staple that's right almost top. All rise. Those two picks there. That's a quick take a gun Ganassi B has great will get Brennan's. They asked how it's being and they will get in the move into prose as that is on on the menu denying two out there in the Golden State it is the rams by two I had three over San Francisco will get banned his thoughts on that make him make his top. Through volleys Brandon Lang is just that took gas demand is talking about the plays of the week for us though. Sports center at Brandon lane dot com BR eight in the O'Hare. LA in G dot. Con mall brand and it just a moment and it will be too fantasy football reports that you're ready at roto wired dot com at the bottom of the hour with. They're in pain while reveling in the duke Vegas next the first look at the CBS 62 upping. Brandon Lang dot com the DO and LE NT dot com we'll call you from Vegas so far brand and took a couple of on the delves. Was eighteen and add at home in music city use they gone with that rock and commodores work. They won't be at home eighteen and handed to CBS SEC game of the week first Danny is home yet it's the game but we. Didn't eighteen and had in Mansfield and Mississippi State on the rope between the heads of a battle of bulldogs. He's going to want to stop Vegas with a big bite taken its estate bust out and had I spent the rest of you can't escalate. That's an Ali that inevitably point logo with the man that taxes sweatshirt in news checked band. Every man knows he's close to that that lecture thing out that the bureau now with this man don't do it can't trust him. I would go with for you plus points over at home Michigan Jim Harbaugh. Rob now Perino in the line this year per do you op a 353. Rabin Batman Hillary gets close seven. Now a point four elevenths they sport is less certain pretty well but that would be well. Another Balkan dull. Both Brandon Lang and bang now we move into the NFL teams and you'll in at bill top players of the week. And keep the dog barking Tampa Bay plus the one element. That Bradford plate be banged up felt like he. Among those at the thing in game Winston. But 82 of their last ten road. We like can't put the ball in Minnesota unit. I'd like on them. You know but it drink and then Atlanta about two days. I hit it. But out and we forget that it was just two weeks ago that they grow and its Chicago though in the year where first and goal situation with my eleven and the quarterback. The losing outright I like the choice at home put the points over Atlanta and make sure you buy that happened just three and a half. All right it fit hand in hand in the motor city Motown. Is to solid as a home dog they gonna get to three you know in the battle to those teams. Seek the Balkan dog at home and number to rebrand. I think the eyes boring game of the week in going to be oak wood and watching him on Sunday night FEMA has not follow that plan work slow over the post. Total. We generator in the tunnel reporting for the last 36 and you look at that they Kirk cousins in England than over eighteen have a 23 and 2013. Oh they'll let us. All right so it in your NFL Tampa as a doll against Minnesota. The Droid at home in the motor city with pit under Meehan column name next advocate an aunt but it's a Yale. And a ballot next quarterback Brian means that he's going to happen and all of it for obliterated and it's in the schools or school. Over it you treat the people. The total loss to open the wrapping up if it for the week. Some adults then a bit at home but they can navigate to Alabama Mississippi State but I'm on the road at Georgia. Purdue getting anywhere between seven and and in the and that but it's. Michigan and Purdue and take him at the doll to have a base at one of the it's like it had their moment that though the man in over it before. The total openings and Washington ran I don't know they'd had they get the ball. Of the Jews. From you you. Who lives Brandon lying down someone they realized this past Saturday Sunday get every bit better absolutely free 8700 dollar value. First time you stop on site the first thing is though it's free on me. And in the main demand is. Working now Brandon thank you so much a man always a thought that there is tonight to visit which it no matter how bad always going to be father. I appreciate that report but in actually arrived edit the view from lake outright with them we welcome back. Will it be to fantasy football now football is the big what's last week even utilities that is best. You broke two records as the most passing yards he had in the first quarter the game and never threw three touchdown pass in the first quarter of the game. Rate we do it again against. Surprisingly. It to a gentleman through two games that don't have a sex. Who would have thought that it's neat to date again with three of Marcellus wiley and double JT TY without a sack. And nickel and that is rate would be to fantasy football report on the bus market that profile and you know with. In the first two weeks disease we'll wrap up the you can make its offensive football next on WW. Home rise. Don't forget operated jaguar opinion poll is online at WWL dot com we're asking you Ellen Hume is up football team by now that is averaging. Tim penalties. And now anyone yell at her contests. That is what they are efforts on the city's. You can say LSU is me I'm discipline ballclub. You can cast your vote online at W did you know that condoning what you can vote you can vote. Yes and if you make too many silly mistakes you can vote no tigers just being too aggressive. I sailor look both thought they played more frisk me anybody they are just. To. Your own you can cast your vote online at that you get you know that town he would see. Which one is. To see we're going to see right now I think you want within using yes I was curious on this the team in making too many mistakes. Point six million point 6% of you think it's a little vote. The aggressive and a little too many silly mistakes 40% of you are saying that a young team they play more for as many anyone drew three weeks. And 3% do you thing no. I guess it does mean. Chris thank you for participating. Game all operating day wall and hope. Well fantasy football took the blow a week long when the gentleman that was pretty much on everybody's high end of drafting David Johnson was. Sidelined for quite sometime within Arizona probably people's grasping put it up. Point getter now on main group every Q for the Kansas City Chiefs as shown out and roll hall the first couple weeks of the season. Tom Brady rolling last week Paul Maine that you wrote that first quarter perfect quarterback rating. And three touchdown passes also you've seen some people come up B. The last couple of weeks it's awful it's a number Matt Ryan with the big game last week we know Kansas city's offense has been churning out some big numbers there as well. And he fits the man how many points which you have with Baltimore they have six interceptions in the first two weeks of the season and it had sex appeal on Sunday. Get a helmet hit it help with talk about the top. Point getters and now the categories of offense is moth went on bought and who racking up points right now. Well Deke. A lot of that one of the people that you would expect to be up there but then a couple of surprises so let's kind of get into the rankings here in terms of quarterbacks. Look at last week first and we'll look at overall. A top five from last week the usual suspects for the most part Derek car from Oakland commandment number five. Drew Brees from the saints at number four Trevor Ximian from the Denver Broncos was the number three quarterback last week. That's little bit surprised that they really put it on the cowboys are kind of boosted. His numbers Carson winds of the Eagles as your number two guy and then at the expense of the saints Tom terrific. Tom Brady you're number one quarterback for week number two you know overall. Now the numbers look like this in terms of quarterbacks you re sort of mere. All right if you if it would be most. Weeks. These through two weeks a top five quarterbacks. No surprise number five Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions they put up some serious offense. The first couple of weeks of the season and make it to take on the falcons this week that should be a pretty good showdown. Tom Brady of the patriots your number four quarterback. Through two weeks Carson went to the Eagles right up there at number three. Trevor simulate the Broncos if you're number two guy in at number one for the season so far still living off that week one blowout. Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs. Is your number one quarterback so far. This season now we move out would want to the running backs and a look at it week Tuesday scoring number five Chris Thompson a Washington. Followed by Korean putt at number four for the chiefs. Todd Gurley of the rams at number three he's already got a touchdown tonight Deke so he's gonna have some serious numbers probably again as a rants take on the 49ers. Hi Montgomery of the Packers. Remember last season he was a receiver that was pressed into running back duty but all their running back got hurt. And this state they kept him a running back and he he put it up last week against the falcons with 29 points and a new number one running back last week CJ Anderson. Of the Denver Broncos. For the season so far you have at number five CJ Anderson the broncos' Chris Thompson for Todd Gurley three. Time Montgomery to and that number one again still living off their week one blowout Korean hunt the rookie out of Toledo for the Kansas City Chiefs. Deke four vote for the season Ty Montgomery the number two spot has 48 point three points. 300 number 171. Point five points it's gonna take a while for people to catch up to what Kareem Honda's done the first couple weeks of the season. I'm ought to take a time out will come back and look it we too big numbers receivers we'll also look at the overall receivers who still at the top in the first two weeks is seated. And ball will there was some novelists who is rolling defensively got imagine Baltimore and Denver and of course they're up there. But nobody. Nobody has higher. Said it in the think next opponent. The Carolina Panthers on fantasy the boy if anything number is up next moment all that without. On WW. Ally eating your fantasy numbers see it we have talked about the quarterbacks and running backs. Now Bob and I'll look give us the top receivers in week two and an overall and what it is and be fit enough. Yeah one quicker running back a day Deke Todd Carolina has two touchdowns for the rams tonight spoke. The rams are up fourteen to seven on the niners Brian Hoyer with a rushing touchdown for the 49ers and Todd Gurley. With two scores are ready for LA's so. His numbers can be pretty high this week look at the receivers. A week to your top five point getters Jermaine curse of the jets would you number five guy. Followed by JJ Nelson of the cardinals at four Dovonte Adams the Packers at number three. Emanuel Sanders of Broncos at you and Michael Crabtree of the Oakland Raiders your number one receiver for week two who now is we look at. The season totals Jermaine curse still right up there that the jets receiver. Had a big first two weeks of the season. At four Tyree kill the chiefs who again toward open week one against the patriots. Jay get JJ Nelson of the cardinals is at three Antonio Brown won the usual suspects in their number two for the Steelers and you're number one receiver. For the season so far. Michael Crabtree of the Oakland Raiders you know he's not even considered the number one guy they are more Harry Cooper is considered the number one target for Derek harper Michael Crabtree. Lighten it up in the early going here. In the young season as in terms of defense. You weak Q numbers number five was the falcons. The Broncos the Buccaneers. And the lions to Panthers actually were not the top five last week in terms of defense they were number eight on the list now for the season. As we take a look at the numbers. Again the Panthers not the top five you would expect that they would be pretty high up would their you know their totals but. The defense the numbers come a lot from sacks and takeaways in the panthers'. Apparently haven't gotten enough of those your top five so far from the season the Jacksonville Jaguars at five. The Pittsburg Steelers at four. The LA rams at three Detroit Lions at two in the Baltimore Ravens your number one defense so far in fantasy in 2017. It's. They are not in the top five for the season or for last week the Panthers are only. If the the pain at the Panthers are number seven in the league in terms of fantasy with 44 points on defense. The Eagles are ahead of him with 47. Jaguars and Steelers each of twentieth the rams with thirty they had you know that. The rest of jaguars made all their money on sacks in the first in the first week the lions at the with 34 points in the Baltimore Ravens. With 37 points on the season they've given up. Ten points so far this season so not far behind with the Panthers do in terms of defense of scoring production. So mom you you did this comment in there. Avid and have a point and point out you know and as much. Six law that all I don't know what they because I mean when it comes to points and you know buys them out you know low amount of points in the air. That's right able allowed six point that they only have two takeaways deep one fumble recovery one interception didn't have seven sacks but you take a look at the ravens have done. Eight sacks and ten takeaways eight interceptions and two fumble recoveries along with a only given up ten points. And that again with the eight sacks at the recipe for number one defense and fancy. Latte you what you QB Tony knows few Saturdays during the fall a teammate and a great friend of her time about. Anthony Booker make fallen well you got to be proud of what he is on and he has become. One of the lead analyst but he is viewed in the short amount at times thought about if there's a great career at LSU at a wind Borough high school and to went to LAQ did extremely well. And became a champion with the colts and also the Tampa Buccaneers and rose up in Tampa radio in the course ACC but now you've seen in all Mike and Mike some and and now he's wanna be lead analyst in the three man Booth. On Thursday night college football primetime game with a week so Anthony Booker make phone and you beat on this later that we Cilic who plays Florida doughnuts on the countdown. To go to tie the tickle LSU Florida. On October 7 go we'll have that for you a few not so with the idea that so that'll be four elation for articles we don't know what time making the Soviet. Sometimes thinking who is and that the 230 game. But you can still investigating lucrative and extremely well in the broadcasting side of things well coming up next it's double coverage ports and boy can't fail. Return an act tonight and it is the rams and the fall organized and color scheme Thursday don't. Let's just give colonial horizontal hole no it is an NFL coach this team Jersey tonight. A lot of thought in the goal for the 49ers. And yellow yellow yellow mustard yellow for the Marines and their color scheme beautiful. Painted that there is a night match ups and lot of these seem to be some bad games. Right now it's a pretty entertaining practice 14%. In the first quarter this as he's been one of the better. Thursday night games do you think about in its name it and scored it was because point. Not purely already scored two touchdowns he's got to be getting close to our yard mark to local seven yard run here. And he's been in the first quarter they'll talk about that it would go behind in Milan take a look at the saints next opponent to know him out of camp this. As a black go to pick up their first one's easy it it's put up which at a time you think the saints beat it down this week. All would it be to ON three and on their way in London and found they've become one of their most popular segments each week they do it it is there. They would say it to me it's real it had to play L for people with him him well defined. The job here. Him and that's all coming up next. On double that exportable posting here and there Dan and the football weekend the updates and both a football around tomorrow night. From seven until 1030 B says and and I want him some big games happening in high school football we've moved some teams not just to play in what we couldn't see that happening in game. Won't be long we talk about the playoff teams trying to gather those health points in three separate we'll have state champions. Four on the I selects travelman consulates that. That's Allstate's suitable for a football around tomorrow night Saturday LHU football that was so it's at 1 o'clock her problem myself a six of article LAQ. And Syracuse since Sunday saints football templates now a lot of ballclub nixonian withstand first take on the clock. With the points thanks them what's on site that it not take effect in studio Bob I'm not on the ballot via. You don't over the saints and the tigers this is WWL. Leading.