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Wednesday, December 6th

Bobby & Deke get the picks of the week from Raphael Esparza of and Brandon Lang of


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And it's time now for our viewers from Vegas in a basket things started Raphael as far as the biggest boards info orthodox boards that comment. An idea aside Dax bullets on Twitter if Leo thank you so much for the time and what it looked now before we get into a some of the probe digs. Not doubling in the bid to the final four Theo before a team playoff. Where dogs Oklahoma started off as a ticket now. You have some that while they went Oklahoma was a favorite now joins us season via one point favorite. Sad that oil port the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day at 4 o'clock Georgia Oklahoma. They can I quarterback. And dipping economy right now is and buyers and opposite clicking in and I there was indeed an opponent because of the opposite the shootout. Think of Oklahoma. I had the law and that all outdoors you wanna establish the run early and maybe keep speaker may peeled off to deal but I think you why Oklahoma is done and I think he's going to be happier I think. I like Oklahoma is right now it is just moved to most of Georgia institute of giving up to an Oklahoma which public dole continued big Georgia. Oddly to pick up in Oklahoma and being politically it is an outlook again. And then when you look at the Alabama game you know a lot of people you know ten updated ten to go to Clemson because what they've done for you what what they've done as of late where as Alabama. Three at a depth of glass full days of bears toss him which you know they had a tough time we LA issue in this in the state and they lost to Auburn. But anytime you can get Alabama. You know giving less than three points started off as so mourn and a half or half now it's. Alabama minus 21 has been no way you look total. Has about 47 and a half foot and they'll be in the Sugar Bowl size of the Alabama Clemson when you look at their right now. Yeah I want to be Alabama. Because of the revenge factor but. Tomorrow the club and most teams have a hard time I think Alabama. Has all has packed and loud beeping quarterback. It can run around in the pocket book we remember which I mean men doubt about Alabama and give them the can do that. Controller running I think you can beat them by. I think you're looking at Alabama humans the number it was opened up that one I think there's double continued decline in the public look at Alabama would not be shocked if it closed that these are like Alabama paper negate that you now. But you like climbed to ninety way to kick up the I would be shot is equal. And let me privy I think that the low scoring game looking at the cool side would be that we can't act. Let me there and played thirty 31. Blocking a portal if you want and at one if indeed even the belt were leaning toward under and is one. Now Raphael would you look at the final four and obviously. Two win a championship in. We all know because we've talked about a number of times to Shawn Watson. That's why is he faces Alabama. You know he has basically a thousand yards. And now what do we government mailing you win the championship. When you look at. And he's going on the the Heisman Trophy banquet circuits so to speak baker made field. But. I mean to what is your take a more Oklahoma's because I. Almost figure projecting bacon mayfield will step up but candy gets some support from his defense but it. It when you look at all the teams evolve. That Cologne bigamy fear him and baker may feel kind of speaks for itself. So to speak but the global what is your does that come into play when you China predict gains in considering that the play a baker may feel. It. I would toward that last week I would period. Beat Auburn bench Specter's. Been active game. He is right I've been in and out painting and well you know odd cornerback. Like ECB may feel like you're like easy right now. It would belittle the Eagles he Drew Brees the quarterback in the run the ball over the law and indeed. It's believable that meeting held that he's you don't seventeen point in West Virginia scored very well. I mean besides that he's CU only scored 33 point it in about eight point two way can. And keep you were in Oklahoma beat each you put that India. It can't be game I'd give Oklahoma and about Jordan's money in complete control. And a good target you know being in the second and I think they. They can you know grow our need to build the machine in the tide and that is being again cornerback. Academia cornerback in this one and you did you play point of the shot it urges that the clear favorite Monday January birds. Now Raphael look at led the NFL and obviously. I know you on the bandwagon and the Eagles they go to Seattle obviously on the West Coast that now being got a phased out the rams and do so what is your take because. While we go by parity in the NFL and teams that are relevant. And oh who was in the playoff hunt maybe needs that you know I've evaluated considering. You know it changes year to year you look the Packers rout air rises and I got the vikings he looked. And no giants no cowboys right now and thus not over. And you look at the egos and you look at the NFC south the F three teams in contention did just break that down. And as far as going forward. And I'll whether states or rat. Traveling because a little look at the points spread saints and falcons all of assigned Atlantis favored by one point in his swings towards the saints and we all the little more desperate team and how tough it is to win on the rope bridges. They're about the same time we do go to Atlanta. And considering what they claim form and I know the the say is don't have to win the problems they have to win or it's over. Upward for the thing that talent and think and that you're still being respected and it was. And the one thing you're winning in the Beijing it is well that day. The patriot that they record it and objectivity it was coming into the game player in major or becoming an Atlanta. I would in Green Bay and being recognized that he did and I would mean to have this thing and the additional unit makers. Being used in short does now believe that that being. A chance to win all have a chance to beat on what the elite teams and that the money Munich. The Eagles maybe he ought to be acting intentions of the engine Tebow winning game got beat by writing another rate army. Yeah in under the radar here but everywhere career reports that you it for the for the evil. Media and law that. You know the big game we need to Seattle. And even cover it right now granted that eagle and in Cuba and created the spread. An agency as talented combative and how that. I'd be leading it in Pittsburgh which normally those are heavy debt teams look at eagle and do I'll be along as we gain a couple of games. Being doubted he'd come over and won last week in the and the lead toward the abuse because the battle game. And you know ramp or nine lead but ultimately organs to spread America he could be. And all of the public but being. I was does mean that he would I mean Thursday that being I think it via and shall he be developers and game. Now Raphael look at that also you bring out you know obviously was that are Carlos Sunday. I mean Russell Wilson. And he couldn't be better than he will what he was able to do an appeal. Against Philadelphia but now having Ted is like a different country it's almost like going to England. When you Glover of Seattle to Jacksonville is not quite Miami would I guess what a half an hour 45 minute difference with Seattle at Jacksonville. Me both so what is your take on that considering how well Russell Wilson is the dogs played. Because I because I know right now dog date right now I look at the jaguars. If they had Kirk cousins. Our they had Drew Brees it didn't really had a wise thing uses a significant quarterback. The jaguars could overtake Tom Brady the patriots I think the jaguars squad is that tough. I believe they did jaguars went and deepen the game but he giggle out there and know. And the knowledge that the labels real movies. Played game by. Jaguars win these games with a deepened that you know is there any sport out although we are probably beaten related we. And I just being right there ever being the only thing Seattle in Seattle in the ball and put pressure probably weren't early. In the number that would mean out too and it happened at Jack and an odd meter probably going to be playoff team bus. Yeah I haven't really made that you might not yet to keep people on the principle what you mean he Italy ten point. I'll let it was it was very impressive I'd be CO oh win that game remote eagle four. Inject look but it deepened the count in business. And I guarantee I if you would go he would a saints and falcons give us their take one more time foolish to go. But now one. On the that they under and as well one that the patent and I think it'd be great value in this one but that the Beijing Games there's so art community there is they gave in the presidential. I want to see me win that we'll but it that there is the game in that they. Seven days a week and twice and equipment that there is a game it's almost like a coin flip. Matthew as positive on the dot sports dot com raffia always a pleasure kibo within made the as I'd docs bullets on Twitter at best it will talk again next week. It. I'm all right Leo that's Raphael combat will get to Brandon lying and the need to Tennessee football report to as well. If you make it continues right here on saints radio home of the tigers WW. And welcome back let's get out to let's see 260187. You can Texas and 8787 operating jaguar opinion poll. Which says he's out team do you think the saints to face the playoffs we beat Carolina and Amanda both unneeded. Cast your vote online at WW dot com yes he's thinking well. They got this takes in I guess is folly. Have about half an hour gold moved. And because they'd say it is a legit apiece. And is said Drew Brees. Goes on. To win. That's a good through bowl let's say this season and the saints uniform. I'm not I don't know I was gonna have a the next 23 years I've done that about this year. If you went on to lead the saints and they used to Ruble chance. Where were they Drew Brees rank amongst all time great NFL quarterbacks. I get there right now for sure top five NA Nieminen commerce Haitian. Is not even close. Top five to shore. Don't argue would be. As ties them with three. When you look at the likes of Tom Brady Joseph Montana Joseph Montana Tom Brady but after that. I think considering would you meet the youth team. And what you've accomplished right drew Ries it be in net number I that's why I say I don't wanna sale like he'd be true for whatever. Ollie it's a if he leaves the saints. So world championship this year. Considering the longevity of what he's produced in his state uniform. That'd be top five it that that that has not even a question. Not to say. That you put him for sure we saw a beat behind. Joseph Montana Tom Brady then you can have an argument the top five as though argue. Brandon Lang Brandon Lang that time I don't is now Brandon how are you my man. You know body he's in the top five right now. He had an. I agree with that being in the. Right. Which way it will be very very hard. Against that New England. You know it's just new factor in the way they just dismantle it in the New Orleans you can make adjustments but at the end of the day. It's it's it's Tom Brady and and you just it's interchangeable parts and saints have a big year. You can. The swing and in this and LA. Against the and the way they in and in on a neutral field. Beat New Orleans especially you know. To get beaten split slippery commend your house is on view. Actively pumped him and the the neat thing that is I'm so frustrated. Because over the posted total net game and didn't get there is that. That was when the new England Patriots defense was getting shredded by. Everybody's and. And they couldn't do anything against them patriot defense is playing lights out what we know what's gonna change. No it's it's not too bad personnel matchup for New Orleans. And when in the Phillies haven't beat Chilean daily. You know what's happening with the Minnesota beat Minnesota continue to win. All of it is. They were inside and people they had to make in my memory is. This is what happened on the field on the fight scenes and just imploded it. In the red zone to legendary proportions. While I remember that game so vividly that. The point. That night. With. Brandon. I. Any hang tank coming didn't the picks of the week from Randy lame mailing dot com the first up 862 CBS Sunday. And welcome backs. All right along with Bobby there Brandon Lang wrangling dot com at joins us now. Brandon let's take a look does not much on the college season let's dig a little deeper into the pros of before we start off. With your picks of the week on the pro level. Size up tomorrow night's game the saints in the south. That's a pretty the total. Word for these two com. For the first thing that jumps. It is. You're watching him struggle offensively against the vikings last week I I don't. It is it's weird I just 52 it was a big number. I just don't seem demeanor for for whatever reason. I don't think Atlanta. In and I can't get in the mind at the end Quinn pumping in Quinn can save themselves look in the film. I want shoot out these guys. I don't think he feels he can win issued I don't now we're witnessing defense is playing in the way in the last week. Defensively so. Wheldon in the 21 and in the end that we can't take willingly deportees the garbage TD. Thank god they added over the posts total but yeah. Back to Tokyo. Ice keeps. There as well. That the unity it is kind of odd total. That's the first thing jumped off that mean. Wrote papers and doctors tonight shall we still digging and easy but it but just seeing live from. I Brandon Lang main main downtown I do love let's go with you atop. Plays of the week Dillon do this for you biz picks that we can prove that. At. Every game we've won. That's on him. Know that memo I thought I was an embodied in a break at that point time. A New Orleans was I think nine and two in their previous eleven as a road dogs of the on the sprint that's why we know leaning their way. Like you say you know it was a bog them down in the red zone that's a difference in cover and again. You know what you can get that through quake this planet just the one and that this. That pretty much is what take. Good teams two great. Is anybody can attest to this and Bob knows this body played and it felt Bobby knows. If you can't execute that and in the red zone use settled for field goals resident touched down it is gonna bite you in a way that the general sports and does not understand. You leap towards saw that I would. You need four point that third quarter of air in that fourth quarter you're seeing himself man. I wish we call them dip and on third and three from the and then listen. If I ever catch on you know no room like completely like a list the play call he's made in the red zone over the years have caught the child that way. Convert that you've even done that didn't yet. Wounds memento that the 25 years doing this for a living there is a few people on the being made it lifts. It right now. They didn't do it. In Denver for the complete freefall in implies that you can maybe when I get up via touch on this but you decent some food for thought. But every once in awhile and you get to this point this season kicked guide plan for coach. Our coach. Yeah update any coach the coach loses that team. And when you look at Denver in their centenary Korean won and now they dominant player. Where they've lost. But he gains in the rose straight out beauty and zero against the spread. And you start now and your applied for Denver defense. And you allowed the worse going off and in the end up now. Up on Q. You're telling me you're gonna rally the troops and come back home and play like your life depends on it you got the lead didn't suspend it. The locker room divided Lance joked it was the wrong call Elway got Cox in the paint job with these two stooges at quarterback. It's just dysfunctional. And highest level one thing about that yet my friend faith. Don't quit the jets minus the ones. Jets mine as one over the Denver Broncos in his first pig go they would pick them but to be. Yeah also a first and foremost it's a really tough board this week nothing not to like last week. Seattle choked off the page at me plus the point over Philadelphia. Eagles and huge flats but obviously he's he can embody. Nothing jumps off that these so we're trying to. Mix and match you next step Green Bay and Cleveland. Number number two run defense in the NFL no quit in the browns feisty out Nellie against the chargers. I tell you what publicly Cleveland plus the 3M I'll buy that hat points in the exit when he went Dick Cleveland plus three and a half I'm not into any game out right. But I am particularly on the odd I may regret this take. But I Obama ugly dog that day a much see Cleveland that I can take Cleveland out plus three that over the back. And a brandy were you look at and obviously. The game playoff contention teams. How hard pressed some of the Seattle the big win they had against the Eagles now across the country. To play and I Jacksonville what's your brain dead down. And then you look at the Eagles being on the West Coast. And obviously. You know when you look at whether red brands purses the Eagles. And then he got there rams add the Seahawks. Why is the range you know they for real then you look at the Eagles the challenges they've had go to Seattle and and now I'm playing out against LA. That was Iraq's human to kick. I'm gonna go in Seattle on the other you billions Philadelphia. But you're not valued number with Jacksonville under three and I just don't think Seattle offensively is good enough. Took the Jacksonville's. Defense. Late in that two and number. Seattle as you said Bobby as early next week. Monster divisional match. Traveling all the way to the East Coast with Bobby at this scheme by the way. Over the games out of Seattle. Ahmadinejad mind to it happens you'd let them situation you'd just beat Philly on Sunday night he got a trial Jack instead defense. Dan Quinn. Not Quinn but. Maroney. In the assuming the I'm telling you right now Jack Newman two and a half Seattle looking at the rams next week. And then definitely the without in the grand. When against Philadelphia last week plot that you know open at six went down 43 aptly lot of Seattle money. I've got the win there but momentum back on the Philly man right there down in Orange County at the Ritz Carlton in Newport Beach. They're work it out at the angels stadium. LA angels were nice that put that's got over the dirt infield that allowed abuse facility for the week children. Though is it amazing as manga and attack at a tournament I don't know what their. Al my sources tell me they're relax. There are focused give me Philadelphia. All by that absolutely up to three and look for the Eagles to bounce back. All I did did its bottom on over the Denver Broncos when a free fall is taking even as a home dog today eggs by and two and a half global cross on determine Seattle. And Philly my claws but they already out dig dignity to take on the rams plus two and a half these Brandon Lang Brandon Lang downtown. Mellow I'm nowhere does she got up on the site. One victory I think that it's there for you like you know and people you have been the web site commitments that you and that that's absolutely free and if you sign up Thursday or Friday. Do it's Saturday or Sunday free as well. Like I and a diamond in the upscale yacht last week but the sooner rather we won we went out last suddenly that's been that's been Rogen. Brandon Lang and Brandon Lang dot com and always a pleasure my man we shall talk again next though tonight. I'd rather thank you so much succumb to Matt we got to get just fantasy football report. We do love you from Vegas on Thursday night but tomorrow night this time Bobby now will be digging. Including write them in the heart of the first quarter the saints take on the town that. You can make it CA gold B is say try cage again and fired up tomorrow night saints and falcons. Right here on CA's radio WW Mayo gay crow.