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Thursday, November 9th

Deke gets the picks of the week from Vegas Runner of and Brandon Lang of


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And good evening or to the found out defenses owl eats out of do we hear it there tonight argue from Vegas we thought think they'll depicts the week. If we don't waste any plan to go to the all Vegas run a judge has now. BR I drew. A different color bank today so I didn't bring my vague and right now it repeat verbatim. I've won a dual listing I think it was what to do with them. Not killing. We've yet to win one scene non college. And yet Thomas stopped off to do you still want it on the Inman belt and went into the week somebody com. When he listeners we EMC the data collector that we. And he has stated we get there are seventeen and one I'm not sure that's accurate but that you know own it. That yet that's out right because the last. Readying to reveal people look that in the and they rightfully should they should be pleased but. You know was what astronomical. The last three weeks of one week with even in one I think massacre will be below five are and in a few below five ours so. I get those numbers or what even on the bit brighter a few weeks ago. Yet but assured him. Over yeah yet you don't see that you know it's from it's a marathon not a sprint. He's in it right. Aim for that steeper and with what we've seen even if people will be here you might get there. And but music is. You know it had known as long as tight knit than being in Vegas for twenty plus years and when that guy that you did portly and actually you make money that sports and the value if it could be that put things here at the here. And unfortunately it's all actually did you know winning 57 apparently injured and truth be told that he could get it deep I'm at every ponder it you never have to work again it's hard to do. You know I worked at sixteen boards where but we tackled properly it's time to. Not about right side of the ledger. This right and B this let's go reverse or might be honest so what's late weekend this thought on Gaza. NFL plays of the week you've got the flu. All right that's all that before. One that new England and the Denver Broncos. I was wrong with the Denver Broncos week. I thought there'd be would be able to hold and unfortunately when the ball over. Here the other team short field it's pretty hard to keep all the scoreboard. Special team that's going on all cylinders. Like that they'll be wise the only problem is that no team that has been able to. Walk. And now is what it is they possibly can come all force late losses but let's not forget. Losses work on the road. And they were important doubled in two. So it's not that you know losing to teams that were supposed to be now on the ear cup in New England Patriots. Who are comical extra time to prepare. They've got into Denver every single play each other this means that three year. New England in the spring time favorites all three times. Granted last year in part though. And trouble they'd be important eighteen to 26 feet in 4058. B 24 at all. I think this added to harming what's happening now. I think you've been leaning warplanes you're paying a little too want to completely importantly in. Because I think the wind didn't want them to take the point with the Denver Broncos are short on Sunday night. And then but to. Witness. Double digit dogs in the NFL you can lead them since 2003. You are 53%. Apparently. Profitable. No Uga double digit home base rates since 2003. Blindly you pay 60%. Now 60%. Return in its way to double digits com home ball. Company with two out double digit road out and that's the Cleveland Browns against Detroit. And if there's one thing towards the end of the year he should be laid to take these teams. When they are still playing personal and right now. Cleveland's one that was seen that actually still point or something I want to get that deal all the law the win column to finally get that we. And more importantly the right team. And now we truly comical. Green on the divisional. Game it would next. I divisional game world with the Chicago Bears in between the Cleveland Browns get is that prototypical. Team which. But that the truly want means not only be like green eighteen that was with a cooler back on Monday night I think they're a little too much respect you're giving this many points out in Cleveland the twelfth. And stick with. All those points I'm gonna tell. Like the Houston Texans isn't one. Push works out will be one might bigger pets this week game and the reason is simple. And then last week and six point Faber walked out right to Indian let's not forget. Asia Watson went down late in the week you know he'd do it is an edited out the kid did not have much time at all to repair. And his team didn't do very much help. Because you're being toll on two points format that the law saint it was plain. I mean this one has just continued to climb up. Any potentially be it gets to a point where. You know about it goes from teammate between day. And right now I think that are sure that they don't seem to match and you made it very well I'll think that they need I think they keep these game winning touchdown and get the rain this scare so we're gonna. All all of the blocked on the on the all the Cleveland Browns didn't. 101112. Point and the same thing with the cute infections to all of those points on on Sunday. Hi Vegas sun as it would this give me your game three big Balkan dogs elected Denver Broncos at home at two road dogs. Leave then getting double digits at Detroit and likewise the Houston Texas. Texans. He knew what 1011 them and had. At the LA rams beyond now onto the college football scene. Quickly obviously the teen we eat it and we know more times in which team is bad when they walk on the football field. But despite becomes the equalizer. Here you know that teen daughter insists that Arnold we have seen that he you know he think there are deeply. You know the bigger jets are six and two against the spread for example now eligible for a little bit differently from shall hear and it's off with a lot actual and that came to intact it and I believe disparity between. I'll certainly mine his dirty work and I still don't think this line it time and not contacted Google split four games. And here the chance and that they'll find inside and reach five under for these. And in com that most really up into this with Gigi and I'll see it's I mean that the team which has scored. When. Their lack. Two road games. And I stayed around a lot of problem not anything against taxes. And they're deep and who hasn't been able anyone and that. Less than 38 point one. All season and that was when he went up thirty K in this case I think tech is gonna put a lot of points and had no problems covering this number. What weight at 31 which taxes. And it's still ahead and take the total. And it's Texas Tech and Baylor at that time total usually. Expect a lot of points and I understand that and I'll make fights and styles make games this year Texas Tech in our set up a little different than to see this. Remember in 2000 payment toward eating in. In 2016 it was 82 million. And over the total. You expect people with these two teams but you read different team this year and that's why proposal was touched horrible. It was just two seasons ago and it's still way too. And it could be the holy men on the beat on I think there's still a lot of what you on the honor obviously going to be a lot of course. One pound in the last two years though that to me it's 71 hold the line down you and then finally I'm like. With state I mean here. And I know that that wish the so called professionals doubles lines and even beyond makers still fail it would be paper. Over every one except Alan. I don't know I think he essentially make adjustments. But I do know one thing they should be much bigger statement against Michigan State. In all that we came against the Penn State. This is the update. Top. You can imagine for the Michigan State teams travel in all honesty it's common off. In 31 point loss at Iowa. Someone's gonna paper. And it's going to be Michigan State's again impressed that we again and day out but again let's not forget Penn State turned the ball for free over three times. And now prosper 65 or not there style football I think our state. Has handled them easily. I'd like thirteen and 141415. And now like at and T. Sixteen and a bye I think they win this game. More than three touchdown comfortably into the blowout. So will go out states and its taxes minus the 3334. Under one intention that Baylor. An Ohio State mine on the seventeenth against Michigan State plain talking college football. And the three dogs approach used in gaining points at the ran the double digit though. Clean in my closet double digit dog at Detroit and yet but at home at a home adult they could phone beyond Huckabee the people we deal on social media. Check me out actually done this poor gambler Greek underscore gambler on Twitter of course over at the big movie dot com and turn into good week beat down the holidays are common options shall we got to come through Purdue listeners. They construct the all the talk next Thursday night thanks for me. Ride and we continue on with you from they use. He EU'S_P. Colin Brandon mind mentioning that. And it just jump right in my brother you've got the floor where you've gone on the college football please. I'd like that be again David. It is about these the idea as like cabinet professor body you know the yeah. It didn't and when it people. Just the TCU and Oklahoma. And say it was about Gary Patterson the last few years Gary Patterson has had a losing season. The following year my man has come out about eleven and one straight and twelve and one straight out. This man flat out get it done tension at six and a half number I'm all over TU in this ballgame. I like their defense who is a matchup of Oklahoma more. More importantly. And Oklahoma defense gave up 38 on the Iowa State's 52 on the road Oklahoma State. Value played here would be surprised he TCU would be game out right up to the sick and have been the appointment by the plus seven. TCU. Plus seven. But we're gonna move on to Colorado on the sanctity. Colorado trying to find a hole about Hewitt he from clinching the the cell division in this one. But I've got to place them and the trojans are five and fifteen against the spread their last twenty games as they double digit road shocked. If they're 1818 with a win percentage greater than 500 essentially they're taking a winning team. On the road as they double major road talk they are only ten against the spread. Their last ten. In their last eleven home games in this season. Colorado about ten in my against the spread you give me that use these thirteen and a half number. I'll take the buffaloes plus the thirteen map over USC and last but not least among during the two main Adam on the web site. Beating LAQ they dominated them and the outcome Alabama nearly double digit number I don't know they can shock the world. An uptake in Mississippi staples plus the fourteen. Over the content. Demand. He is they all act conclude this week TCU plus the politics it's Oklahoma. Colorado put the politics if you miss the indecency is they. Thus the pointing to count against Alabama he does not play. Brandon Lang on to the pros. Be Lowe's got off in the NFL the infield. We'll take them here again. They get a chance that basic in. Brian David Fitzpatrick men never seen an interception he'd like to throw one out yet it to pay him back now takes you through and then the quarterback of the yet one thing I mean you know about New York Jets. Is when it comes to facing it seems like it's at bay Buccaneers. They flat out of them since 1990s. The New York Jets there nose straight up and against the spread in this series against Tampa Bay they Rhode paper guy but he knows they now like that would it have been competitive in every single game this year with the exception of the game out at Oakland. If you look at pitch yet they've been in every single game each year. Better team plain better right now on the momentum load topples in on let's put that step and strengthening its spread. Not like and I like doing it lays out the kids lay in the points. Against the the books on to pick number two. Atlanta and Dallas over the posted total. Quietly and I. But everybody product and seek this and see bad but what they don't realize is that cowboy and has put up 28. 3031. What were the 33. And 28. There linemen and and here come the dirty bird back Albany new beginning delegates that Dallas secondary which I believe they will. It's posted total was 49. I built these scenes again again and point he's somebody reaching thirty and that and that's when over the post until. The 49 and and last but not least. And got thrown under your way last week we had Jacksonville Cincinnati under. Slipped a little bit early fourth quarter but never got there to date on Sunday we're gonna go Green Bay in Chicago under the posted total of 38. Green Bay's defense played a little better but yet. Through this key. Going Green Bay defense conversely that bears defense is what she did I'm on the road. Let's go Chicago Green Bay under thirty yeah. Hey hey Ben how much did you disappoint you do other radio shows this week of this land you talk about the bears' defense. You give them those that those smooth talked with say and the bears defense. Like Luther Campbell back in the late nineties nasty as they wanna be. We have to accept and and you have balance of three yeah there was a pretty odd take an active candidate. Like mom and it means that say they can do it quickly. It. A Brandon laying the man is that man giving you the latest his picks of the week Manhattan people people with you and tell them how they can get the motor is good information. Yeah we're trying to go for it straight winning week web site. 150 diamond number two once it was an international plus the announced that an outright over UT SA 147. 150 diamond number three in a row six of my seven. You can have that part of the and he realized the past ten best that you sign up to they're morally complex Saturday sending it that -- is well. Two for the price of one which is 01. Dale like this that have been going back now. And the name game bands that that we see you didn't want it to Oklahoma Colorado at home as a dog Mitzi. That needs to be state T tan Brandon he's in Tuscaloosa is number one Alabama. Yet they know that yet at the roads they've built with Tampa yeah. Political Ford in and Palestinian man isn't in the ETO in on this. 38 the posted total Green Bay it's public so you in the DC and blame main thing that I abandoned. Always a pleasant com and we shall talk next Thursday night. Take this year haven't you when we. All right it is Brandon Lang and that is the view from Beckett retired it's on to another view that you fancy football moment on at the top. Point Guinness and Lance leak and who's up this season and what do you guys do scrambling now remember. The Elliott has announced about two and have now as the go. Atlanta will be no court tomorrow it's veterans day so he's definitely out. His son back they definitely have noted don't you got that kind of stroke. You got that many Benjamin's you can make a few people do extra work even though. We'll come back to fantasy football report next here on WW.