Veterans Day Activities

Newell Normand
Friday, November 10th

Newell shares a couple of big Veterans Day events around town and asks how you are planning to honor our veterans on Saturday.


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Good morning New Orleans and so glad to be here on tgif. End of the week great weekend coming up. And tomorrow actually opening gay dark currencies and thinking about Don Dubuque. Where he had done an yacht there handout to the field somewhere. And also veterans today tomorrow and huge. Huge Ellis she game huge saints game. And we have a great show today in the last hour we're going to be talking to Mike to Chile AW W. l.'s NFL and college analyst. About the saints says they traveled to buffalo. Where we understand it's going to be a little chilly. A little wet in a lot windy. So we got the trifecta working out there but I am confident that the saints arm. Focused and disciplined in ready to take on a challenge and we'll talk to him about that in his second hour. Blood in the water Democrats circling. To the Victor goes the spoils they win. Three big races in Virginia and New Jersey and and cards are attributing that to the lack of popularity of Donald Trump. And then there are those on the other side that say that the Republican candidates broke with the trump message. And therefore a lesson learned. Need to embrace it totally. And not cherry pick it and otherwise this is what will happen. And in the first hour we are going to remember our veterans and the sacrifices that they made. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice as well as of those that came home. And have. Gone back into their communities. And you know become productive citizens in the trials and tribulations. That they face and Jonas and join us on line right now. Doctor John Fitzmorris welcome to to show John. Well good boy. These fuel and happy veterans day and not equal. All Marines it. Absolutely we'll John is a professor of history you know he's also the chairman of the league few veterans day parade and board member of a toast to our heroes. Which is part of canines. For warriors and you guys actually are sponsoring. A something today at Deutsche house I think this afternoon or this evening. As well as the parade tomorrow on Harrison avenue that will parade between canal and are gone boulevard and it. Starts at 11 AM moment you tell us about those things John. Well let me tell you first about a ghost war heroes. Group committee. People got together some use that and realized that rate. A veteran suicide. Is really get the air and many about batteries coming from. Bob won but double towards. Overseas. We're needed support. An organization called 89 warriors. The security dogs. Or better stay and help them acclimate themselves back into some light as opposed to our heroes. Is designed to raise money to. Trade bill. On rescue dogs bring them. And trained the better all along with the and so. Our. That night will be designed to raise money that caught. As we. Deal with these issues in and you talked about the high incidence of suicide. I had to I guest in the other day Howard Hibbert who is a purple heart winner. Wrote a book curse of the coloring book and you know he was saying that we often times think about what we should do you food veterans and said really what we ought to do is lobby congress. To make sure that when our vets come back. From overseas that they go through an assimilation process three to four weeks. To help them assimilate back into the community. Get their house in order. Before we just drop them off and a plane and have a walk out walk back in. No it is that we. Model the way we treat veterans should come back and sore side. These men what we call war and warrior mentality. There's not a civilian and so that to simply and to transition immediately memorial. Its civilian and it is unrealistic. That is counterproductive. And it deprives society. These individuals who. Would be helping. Contribute to the greatness of this country in some light using skills that they have developed in the middle. You know doctor Fitzmorris. I've been mystified. Not having served in the military so I don't have that experience. But we have been fighting wars. Since the seventeen hundreds here. In Ohio and eighteen hundreds and if nothing is changing you think we would have gotten by an. You know because when it when I read in history. Weeding college PT yesterday. And and a whole lot of the names sport but it was obvious and in my readings it was there and it was present and it was real. Gandhi and great statement that said that when old men Sheehan get along they sending men to go fight. And column. This is this is the price we paid for storing wars that world and for the most Courtney post. But sometimes on just sometimes they weren't just nonetheless these young men from home. And he or yen. There in distress. And you just mentioned the word PC OST which were first post traumatic stress disorder. And there was one. Veteran who then became psychiatrist. Plea or said. Take the deal with posttraumatic stress it is not a missile war it is rather quietly war response. To bury disordered situation. That this war in my studies were better and to show on the peace or. This is the way humans there in the human mind. To powers to combat and seeing people kill. Auto battle that is that is traumatic experience and that you. Magnified. By the fact that many of these young men the pivotal moment of their lives that we scenes early warning that we are doing grievous harm to a patterns and that we're compounding or we dutrow veterans. Adequately re integrate their mentor. Where you know it's it's it's kind of interesting because the most current science in the study of the brain and everything else is that we respond emotionally first to those Strasser is right. I believe a part of the brain called the mental and that's that's just the way we were we're wired so when you say eliminate the word disorder. I couldn't agree with you more because you know we in the study of of police related shootings when we look at how we respond. To that and how we're wired in how we need to give the coping mechanisms and then. Raise the level of intellect in order to deal with that it is the same training that comes right outs to right out of the military. So that's why I'm often confused by the disconnect. I truly am. Noted it's it's disconnect. All the civilian society that perpetrate war and and don't get me wrong I'm trying to say that there is never a reason for war you can defend himself as a country. You have to maintain security. But if you going to do you have to accept the consequences that come along what an oftentimes many of our politicians whether they be form. The first world war in the second World War II Korea to Vietnam or Iraq and Afghanistan. Often do not like to accept the consequences. That come along. Was sending young men and young women into war. Well I you know it's always the fact that if you're going to be strategically. Perfect. You have to know that it's gonna have a ugly ugly outcome. No matter what. So we're gonna take a break at this time and we'll come back and talk to doctor John Morris and let's that John let's focus on the positive things now about what's gonna happen. Tomorrow with a parade and then hopefully we can get a bunch of people out there to stand up and and celebrate. Of the life in the sacrifice of so many. Young men and women that have fought so hard for this country. And we wanna hear from you 260187. Near Texas at 878 cent a neat this is Noual Norman on debit area. We're back door talking to doctor John Fitzmorris professor of history you know and also the chairman of the lake view veterans day parade in a board member the toast our heroes. It should part of canines for warriors. And doctor to mourn night action excuse me tonight seven to eleven and torture so 1023 ridgewood drive. Do you guys have the a celebration fund raising gala. Four wounded war heroes in canines for warriors and music by lost in the sixties I've heard them they're great they're good it's a lot of fun. Not a high ticket item but it looks like you have a lot to offer. Yes there are. OK and so are a we have a lot of prizes to walk to where aloft tonight we have plenty of food and drink from a variety of well businesses and have been very generous in me and Tony. Of the devices spouses actually located where. American legion post street lives we will is headquartered and they are in a report this as sore American legion post Treo 7UP there own and then the war war is post a 97 victory will be involved. A variety of other organizations as well. It came console wars and that'll be able your great music Ingrid gave great food that you actually get to meet the veterans themselves. And he gets in law. Immediate talks now who wore and so oh personality. And so many of the people that BP and. And there's so many different activities going on through the weekend and our jaguar per ready. Opinion poll will you participate in honoring our veterans on veterans day 80% of the people say yes 20% no come on 20% as we've got to change those numbers we want a hundred. Percent. It doesn't take much you know Indy and certainly. It's not much of a sacrifice in comparison to the sacrifice that the men and women of this country have made on our behalf by any stretch of the imagination. So let's get with that right. No we have a great deal of debate in the last several months about National Football League and people taking the and so on so. Just respecting our veterans and obviously that it simply means protests and we're not in the debate that. But what I am here say is simply this those that or upset about it and or thinking that this that denigrates the veterans here's an opportunity for you'd be positive. And come out and support. Our veterans Troutman just saying that you support the veterans show simply by showing up and saying thank you to these men and women who served. It's that sometimes and not for some of these folks. Absolutely and also. Let's talk about the parade they're honorary. Grand Marshal for 27 team. I guy happened you know great guy mr. William Bill Ryan the United States marine course it was star purple heart and navy commendation. Medal in Vietnam quite a guy. B is an extraordinary individual. As an extraordinary number of stories itself. And he's a man who was elected with posttraumatic stress we do about whether the line instead he decline yet. And he started a company called tried more industries. After giving as. Well education from two ways here and all its and try mark industries is one of those companies that makes it a goal to hire veterans in the local community put those men. And put those women back to work. Building about a commune. And you know you hear more and more. Of that. There's hardly a month go by world C a series of articles of it. Whole another dozens upon dozens upon dozens of groups that are out. In doing community out reach searching. For veterans to common work for the company. It is so important problem of when we talk about close and talk about the problems that our country. We have well. They work force in our military were coming home. Who they have the skills and have been known to most importantly they have the dedication. That this country could be so much better than it is that we engage these individuals. In peacetime the way that we used war. Absolutely and I was I found this actually may have been something that you sent me. Which is a passage from stops soldier suicide dot org and says I'm a veteran were PT yes I'm not crazy I'm not to be feared. I need to know it's safe to talk about my personal hell. I feel guilty scared sad. Hopeless and lost without my unit I need to get past this. But I need you to get past the stigma of the mental pain I fight every day. I mean that's. And that that's telling. It what these what these men and women need to know is that we become the unit yet to really be used. That is as almost anywhere with being human bodies in Iraq Afghanistan and Vietnam Korea the Pacific forever. When they come home they have to feel as safe with us as a they dipped Wednesday and we we need to work on. And this parade is just one way of doing it it's a very small gesture on on the part of those are put together three years ago this so much more that needs to be done. Both of these police individuals more than anything you need to tell veteran well. Just welcomed home. That's politics. And then and that's and that's starting point that's European Court. Well John not. Unlike any other situation there's not one panacea solution it's a collection of small efforts that deliver big outcomes. At the end of the day said doctor John Fitzmorris thanks so much for joining us on the show and share in this Georgia house tonight seven to eleven. Parade tomorrow at 11 AM. In lake view let's show up in big numbers in let's show the troops how much we appreciate their sacrifice thanks so much for joining mr. McGregor. Digital and and thank you were giving us time to promote this your dedication to the community as well Serb and this goes on the record. And you continuing that the radio show and we all appreciate keep up the good work. Thank you that's most -- have a great weekend will be right back with. Bill doubt Waller from the World War II museum and we'll continue our conversation. We're back in and joining us on line is bill dealt Wyler whose the past national commander of The American Legion and a consultant for military and veterans affairs. For the national World War II museum welcome to the show bill. Milieu and I've been friends for a long time hadn't seen in awhile though so it's good to hear your voice. So again it may take time that thank you for all you've done with the veterans particularly those jumpers parish veterans and senior organizations. Always seen it an American legion bands those guys needed an opportunity to get around them be brought to a museum or to an event. Yet people always. Thank you very much what your department contributed to help these people. While there are a lot of men and women of the GPS that word incredible. In many of whom served. And were always willing to give back and you know was always the beneficiary of their effort quite frankly. Well I diapers appreciate the kudos. So anyway the World War II museum. And you know I just wanna throw this out as most people probably don't know this. The number one destination. In a city in New Orleans yes day in and day out talked about across. The world not just the United States the world's meanest thing is almost up there. With the shoreline and quite frankly it it really and it's unbelievable yell always growing and always giving. Fresh things for people to visit over there. Well thank you very much now this is planned not Miette ash and I passed ball museum. Back in 1990 I guess it was somewhere 1996. And when it became a member of the board and then over those years it's been real passion for me. And that we've we have we have a great product with great story itself. We're number two in the world museum watch from trip advisor and number two music rhythm of the abusing him and nation. Well according to trip abroad. I did not know that but I'm not surprised. And this this week. They just started driving pilings and not get the site ready quality. Something that'll be really spectacular and that's going to be Higgins go to jail. We're building now hotel. And it's going to be spectacular on the corner opinions in magazines can be relations and actually so I was got something new going on and today. This weekend's big weekend for us veterans day. When we honor those who or serving and those who answer. And this we should have a great time tonight we have. We have an Banco victory ball away we we honor the men and women who in service and those troops are. We have a special guest and I backed special guest. Colonel gave orders who is saying medal of honor recipient. From the Vietnam War. And then a little honored for the listening audiences the highest award for valor in action against than any we've. Force her right. Yes and yes it is and if you would. Listen to this side station that was read. Present that it was President Nixon when he was awarded the metal mean it's so it. He was engaged in a battle over three days and was wounded at least three times. And continued to rally his men and check this man and two or toward victory. And that battle is honey press said the villages Dido. Dido yes. And they'll be witnessed and I you'll be with mister Maurice guest speaker more at the at the veterans day ceremony or grim remembrance that vehicle haven't caught two moral. In the United States freedom of billion start off with. Have rock concert by The American Legion of Metairie host band Mercury went 75. A big shift PP span now and will be a great program. And everybody's welcome public welcome will have members of the USS all the intent that is an amphibious carrier that's in town. Dot that they did Julius street. They'll be in town for the weekend and we hope to have met members effect crew it witnessed a warrant and I haven't seen at times but I understand the ship is going to be opened over the weekend. Sometime today tomorrow and I'm not sure about Serbia. Bill we got to take a break if you could just stop right there would come right back to a out of the break stay with us if you want to share a story with us give us a call at 260187. Or Texas 87870. A C folks on the line please hole will get to you. When we return would build out Waller from the World War II museum this is Noual Lauren and every Dario. We're back veterans day originated as armistice day on November 11 1919. The first anniversary of the end of World War I congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance and November 11 became a national holiday. Beginning in 1938. Unlike Memorial Day veterans day pays tribute to all American veterans living or dead. But especially gives thanks to living veterans who serve their country. Honorably gear and war or peacetime and on the tax line they sheriff by Graham pod John Revere passed away you know to vote would like to thank him. For service in the navy on the USS Rochester in the Korean War. And new and the New Orleans fire department bill if you could hold with this we're gonna go to the talk lines and talk to Jim in Metairie what say you Jim. Jim do I'd like to get real if you comment. Arc rather. Gave me. To. Serve in World War II. They were. Actually would be considered older persons. Around 1942. He was dirty war. It is taken Internet. But. It became a court. And saw battles. And job. What to administer. Medicine. To move. On the battlefield. There will be crying out for Morrissey. Traders more. And they were. You he would get. Because it more. The statement afterwards yeah. And those who saw combat never talked about. Order did you talk tomorrow. Yet. That's true I've heard I heard that many a times and and I had an uncle in World War II went in at the age of sixteen. Often tried to ask him about it and never did talk about it. We never did. Asia and just two or hurt it or. You BK mark bother you or star power. He could never. What bowl. My mother. And. Right. Jim thanks so much for sharing that story with this in. You know. Tribute to your stepfather and his service in in the military bill the other stories all the time I'm sure you got out. I just don't relate one story that I didn't I never knew I work three years. In the four years in juvenile court and I had a very close friend and I knew many years until he died. I'd judge yeah. One of the judges and yeah this particular judge Ned Jarrett generate a lot of never ever talked about his military service I didn't know anything about it servers until. One day I came to the museum and I happen to walk up to one of these machines where they have the oral histories that are available. And I source picture and I played I hit it adolescent that is is oral history and this man's sport and Pacific. I talked about how tough it was to fire that weapon in the first. And what happened to him after he fired the weapon the first time and first chill. And how it totally changed his lights. But he never ever tools stories he never talked about his military service and this guy some sort some serious. I bet you and I have a lot in common friends and I've heard that story. You know I. I'd never heard that story from Egypt from Jameel common you know I know entry years right and I. Yeah Italy or. And we hear that quite a bed we'll go to line two and talk to Kenny real quick Kenny we just got a few seconds what say you canning. Oh thank you for the panel but the second my father was Charles weeks he served in the or two. He was on Guadalcanal. Me and doing it really took time and yes they don't talk about it but I look deputies. Company and did some research. And it was a machine that are instrument smaller cannons that they would blowing onshore and night they would go out and and what to Japanese Knight and so. Kenny we got to get to a break god bless you and god bless your your father and his and his service to this country will be right back this is annual Norman on Davida Leo. We're back in on attacks line high annual Tana my dad first sergeant Jerry toll served in the army in world war two and received a purple heart thank you know thank you and thank your father. For his dedication to this country. My dad Willie saint care World War II two purple hearts won bronze star won silver star. Thank you to mr. saint Pierre. As well well bill I know you got the victory ball tonight. Other Victor bills playing. Big bills will be at it tonight and entertainment food. I like they aren't they are the greatest. They are super they really do a great job and I'll whole plethora of activities tomorrow at the World War II museum so we really need folks to come out on a per ready jog more opinion poll will you participate in honoring our veterans on veterans today. We moved up 81%. We only got 19% more to convince bill weld. You know to let the perfect idea that every day it's veterans day but on veterans day in the that is special they saved banks so that. And go out and John lebed. Bill thanks so much for joining us and if you want your your father are art loved one honored suddenly attacked will trying through the rest of the show getting in. Coming up next Ron tocchet from a political analyst and president of Claris research group and we're gonna talk about the surprises in New Jersey and Virginia. And find out from Ron what he thinks it truly means stay with this will be right back this is dual Norman under the WL.