UTSA's Wilson on Saints first-rounder Marcus Davenport

Bobby & Kristian take a deep dive into the game of Saints first round pick Marcus Davenport with his college coach at UT San Antonio Frank Wilson.

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Our pleasure to welcome in now frank Wilson University of Texas San Antonio head football coach frank thinks that time how aria. Oh. You bet look. I do miss but it caught the gate right away and ask you about Marcus downpour obviously coats and there at. You TSA and I know you guys were excited when when he landed with the saints. Of course we were can have a young man who. Friendly. Have ranging in we are in New Orleans in the we have an opportunity. The plea for that organization it was a tremendous feat for he has been correct or worse being. We're just super excited that he yet that opportunity as well. Now outbreak. Did you notice that Marcus had that ability. From the giggle or was he like a late bloomer. From a physical standpoint and also ability or was he like looked like a basketball players come in the political law are well when you first set eyes on him. He yes you do about this case you aren't hearing yet he would. He was a basketball player. I would say that he would forget that developed. You know a lot of people would be everybody's this stone but I don't know I deeply people Mitt when he was ready made. It took him time and development. And fortunately you know he would any place where time was on society he had an opportunity to be developed. And wouldn't you know meager 210 politics that we keep hearing the few sixty well look government. As a tremendous speed until he the amazing thing he can get bigger. Faster and stronger. Job as time went on board. We got glasses when we felt like that we had seen before a cat in earnest Olympia been Coca quarterback they can go out been under it peeking into play with eating the curve the tickled with it that that tan and eventually EPA. Coach what do you say when. You know a smaller school on time the NFL NFL critics might say you know we didn't he where we're concerned about the level of competition would you say that. Yeah well you know is listed to again win they comb forum. The steps and I get calls when you work within mobile. If you have any questions you'd think you can get Canada and they can't catch him miss Christine Alabama over the issue came. Put him against them. That he can you do you implement it in the NC. And Q question and I and I think. I'm mobile it happened yet again and then he was tested and stretched in Prague. Could see woody wouldn't who he was. I think yet the question that's solidified his spot. Now break. Boy you know they are hard to find because every once our number of individual players and specialize on the pass rusher. I'm stout against the run and I can may begin to sag now and then and it is hard to find. That every down glowingly cam jar and first second third down. He finally got recognized and only his approval but all of parole. When you look at mark is Davenport now I don't think is gonna throw mob there every down home. You know and hopefully gauges contribute and and for from the gaggle the point being do you think he has that potential though. Like on first down. He's in the he might be playing a running team big Iran right Adam deacon holes on and do his job and an obvious pass try to situation. He get to the quarterback Izzy has that ability. Debated every down these nets have been. I think he'll you know. Being around those kept clear for many years. I think he has those tackles they attribute I think he's greenish current. It could be able to to Russia quarterbacking. And baca. Check quarterback. Bush I do think yen in the curtain of fortitude and strength to hold the point. At once toward him. Certainly nobody has the ability to issue an account from on a week. As well. Arnold booty he understands that which. He understands how to use campaign. And how to disengage from an all that clear to put an open position. To be involved in in in the tackle well yeah but I think he can become an recount every down back. You TSA head football coach frank Wilson here on sports talk go to look at your schedule for the rule rajoub W as Arizona State and Baylor he has come out the gate. Swing and on. Haven't done that before it got here. But Billy. Arizona State Baylor and in the league of the men and cancer the appalachians they still. Relatively current affairs gave bring harm that would mean the you know match wits against him excellent a lot of fun. Yet there they're talented king quote coach it was an outstanding coach and have done it all combat high level with great success so. We look forward to the opportunity. To compete against equality. Opal program. Now frank you look via background that you and I go way back we've coach Leo and you look opportunity. That then you really should that you develop records show and you look now at a University of Texas San Antonio and and one thing I know you know how important recruiting as in coach O the same. But being in Texas San Antonio and you have the University of Texas right there in Austin in your backyard and and all the universities there but. To me there's so many players in Texas. They came UV. Difference maker and entice them to go there but is that a case implied also that even though they have these number of players in. In Texas that you still. Have a lot of ties to Louisiana and garlands river parish region then maybe you give an opportunity to a diamond in the rough for a player. To go play for yet the University of Texas San Antonio. Here so we. Good question certainly understand the importance of recruiting I think we've done pretty gaps since he's been here. Texas certainly is is fertile recruiting ground and called the multitude of players into your numbers allow us. To be the recruitment. In state. In the end to a very did you in doing well are to be able weeks in. Ought to Louisiana into the other southern eight this is important to us. We kind of weird this year from the lead and it and they're two years ago formal manner. We have made clear committed war when he when he formal manner and so. You know that we were able to pick a fight in the income in the area. By the guys that they that the program for a and get them out here and so we. You know we intend on contained having the ability to do that it should lean back. A Little League and they do go up. We'd like an option. University of Texas San Antonio had the ball coach frank Wilson we appreciate of his legal road runners and thank you get more burger. Right fielder doesn't like a like that finals of attacking can flat out coach.