U.S. Senator John Kennedy with Scoot

Wednesday, May 16th

Senator John Kennedy joins Scoot to talk about the Harrah's Casino deal but Scoot keeps trying to get him to admit he will eventually run for Governor of Louisiana...but Senator Kennedy keeps dodging him. 


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Art Harris they're deal is obviously all abouts the money and as senator John Candy from Louisiana joins us on WWL Stewart's talk about the Harrison deal senator welcome to the show. Our system to worry or are you as a president a senator in Washington DC or use of concerned about Harris new deal. Are well because not represent every portion and Louisiana and. Because when there's that we see him run short of money either because it is. Over Spina. What I achieved in the recent. Thanks for running deficits because we. We can actually do live on the run deficits squeezing out because we can't do much but they they almost always. Competition for caste Indians say. You know we all our money at stake you know some federal money. And it just seems to me do that. When when. When some policy makers and members channel my gosh we're broke which all the money. We don't wanna cut spending. Shall go and corporation taxes that they would. Forgo the opportunity and one of the biggest financial transactions that equity gauge. To be at it. Now I know that the that the remote and duration of the stay was in Purdue's pension committee outlawed by Inca. Chairman Dieter Schmidt Purdue on he did a great job easy getting money out. But the truth is that that the legislature on the additionally the governor and legislature. Has Ian via. What that licenses war. Because they have meted out and they haven't even hired a financial analysts. Two 22. The way they're just go on what terrorists it's. And I'm I am here as a bad company it's a wonderful company that urged jobs look after error. And I driver's ability it was like possibly. Our job is to look after the tax payers we have a sand and not think they want to hear Schmidt made it. A better deal he got extra money the state. But we're still fly on. And the operations that expire for six year. Problem like I don't know why the governor Adams. You know I must focus and an. Amount sit here tell people would raise their taxes. But I can't even count on how much from licenses warped but yet on the side deal Arabs that makes no sense. So as governor you'll do a better job. I'm not you know states amateur but I but I pay not struck it. Pay tax I pay taxes. And I'm I'm one point short money that comes to the federal government the American taxpayer it's okay I'm dale that's what Amir form. Our senior center and guessed it feels so I'm. But should hold. Up. In here and have this this hugely. Valuable. And they don't week. Financial analysts tell on what war. They don't want to be how. They just do what what are some obvious errors still on the. Is anybody on the state level even higher ranking people without naming any names do you think anybody is benefiting from Harris having the deal. You know I don't know. I don't want to thanks so. Blah blah and and and Harrison is how I'd give people credit they're taken care of harris' issues in the air shareholder essential way to bring more and more. And they have our 21 lobbyist and and wore no longer. And they have walk in and out of the legislature. But that's ski huge problem legislate or not to do the right thing in the right bank and I'm not tell what the right thing to do. How much licenses war. I have been told. By people they have analyzed the deal. And I haven't seen it written analysis. Then in the original proposal by air we would make a 125. Million dollars at Michael for Billy. That they would like to their selflessness and this week we have agreed to license an economic or 500 million donation. Now. Like they don't share a bit more information see. Harris is holding apparently a Payer it is. And were acting like before racism we prepared it and racial equality oh please. With the this city but the casino will currently man. You know and that's that's distance especially says that is that this week is no good and well. And a Senator Kennedy if if you were governor. We June. Be able to do a better job of getting more money for the city of New Orleans while the state needs to reap the benefits New Orleans has some concerns. New Orleans does. Feed the whole state when it comes to two of two money because of the French Quarter and and tourism here. But yet it seems like we don't get a big enough share of the money since we have to house all of this year we have problems that they don't have in the northern part of the state. Here's what I think we ought to days. And it amp amp up the governor to effectively if you watched it yet Tunisian government is this some decent respect not doing. I think that that that the state needs the site parish we appreciate your interest. We thank you for your investment we see now what you your the year marxism which are forcing she. There's no far. Toward more normal stock. We're gonna go out and Japan must I think it would cost about 40000 dollar are somebody who knows what they're doing to tell you what licenses work. We're gonna stop but we're going to do that. We might be out we may. I would dated it out but but but it's a very ma'am we need are published to tell us what the taxpayer asset is more. And that that's just so I. Tips center aren't and I know you saw. I know you can't I. I know you can't and you can't say to spread between you and even though we're on the air I mean I'm Smart enough to know that you wanna be governor. And I know you can't say I'm I'm a smarter smarter than you. Of course you have an off course you have to say that. That. I hear you but I I've represented via. Are my wife's and my mortgage is then I'd like him usually indeed few years governor. And I. And that this suggests that don't otters and I'd just doll. Out. This spectacular much. Governor to taxpayers and dimes today. We're both. We've got fiscal clip yeah we have fiscal Clifford urged Weaver one man is innocent generation. And it's your moderation taxes but I don't wanna go out with this valuable asset in war. If you were governor Paul if you are governor all of that would change I know since your I've got to get to our break here I appreciate your time you're always welcome our show. All right senator John Kennedy who I'm in is going to be running for governor one point.