Is U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital smart or not?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, December 6th

Is U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital smart or not?  Why?

This Hours guest:
Dr. Harlan Ullman - Author of "Anatomy of Failure" & former Naval officer.


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Where Bakken and this hour we're going to be talking about the most recent decision by the trump administration in there. Designation. Jerusalem. Being the capital of Israel and whether or not that Smart or not joining us on. The talk blind doctor Harlan Ullman author of anatomy of a failure and he's. For more naval officer as well and has insight into these types of issues welcome to the show died. You'll let it be with you and congratulations on breaker and good luck in your new. Well thank you so much are truly appreciate that so you know for the benefit of the leaked of the listening audience can recount in a just really cliff note version. Talk about. And why this issue over Jerusalem. It has account of a recent history and obviously has come a long history but if we could do that real quick if you don't mind. Of course when Israel was created in 1948. Obviously the Jewish state wanted to in Jerusalem which is very divided city in the divided city and as a capital. And all American administrations had said yes we like to chip chip their capital and Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For political reasons. That is an impossibility because it would inflame the Arabs of the collect the East Coast. And what president not that confident about what the administration has done. In my mind it would buys you time and will create a far more mischief on any good. And the question that people that this should ask what. Possible reason what possible value. What possible but it has come out of this recognition of Jerusalem the capital of Israel because it will help the peace process. Well look the top administration had done so far which is positive. It has work that Saudi crown prince prince on the bin Salman. Who has more toward some kind of reconciliation with the tree. So that was very very positive because obviously. The Arabs and Muslims that the you do Israel as the enemy but by recognizing Jerusalem and igniting. All the animosity in the corner in the Arab and Muslim world. Nick Jerusalem the capital city is real it's gonna and you'll. You'll keep protests bowed out in the street and small measure is difficulty. The secretary of state Rex Tillerson is in Brussels and Brussels yesterday today meeting with the 28 other foreign ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In which was unanimously. They also add. Recognizing Jerusalem huge mistake because it's gonna create far more problems than it's gonna provide an. That's the cliff note version of the that we. So in in in your estimation. You don't believe this to be. A positive thing. I think the fact is kind understatement. I think that the potential consequences who can't stop the well will be buried egg. And I don't see any kind upon the achievement except for the Israeli prime minister Benjamin. Who say this is pretty. Working with a top administration as well well Israel. The trio put out means but also Arabs this could be real. But little prospect we and it increased process work in quite frankly given what. You're more apt in the middle what's happening in Syria. We need to do something to try to the escalate the tensions. And given the fact that Saudi Arabia seemed to be better disposed towards Israel this is a great opportunity for them. An up and probably the court. So doctor on the enemy play devil's advocate for separate you know has what court it always confuses me in nominee a fight when it comes to two this Erica. But I'm just confused that in in 95 congress passes a law recognizing to run him as the capitals state. Set allowed ourselves to have the six month deferments or deferral some ways course. And you know we've pretty much. Signed the six month waiver ever cents. And yet. Everyone says that Jerusalem. Is the cornerstone. Issues to resolving this. But if it's always going to be up in the air and we have this side and that side separate on the notion of Jerusalem. Our diplomatic negotiations. Will get it's to a place that I would call a definite maybe. And and that's where we've been we've we've been in a definite maybe state for all of a long time. And it's. And I don't know enough to know enough but much you know and sometimes my gut tells me malicious resolve. Jerusalem Jerusalem's a guy it's it it's over we're at 62 and even over and out now where we don't. I enjoy being deals that advocate but the larger a larger and Jerusalem is multiple problems if you saw the large. Two like its problems are what you do with the Palestinians and Gaza and what you do with the territories that Israel occupied. After the 1967. War West Bank from George. It should. And it could result blows. We're. Takes care of itself so Jerusalem as it is not the critical issue but it. Didn't got a and into center. Swoop app makes some type of extra and by recognizing Jerusalem right now you put an end to the peace process. And god knows what the Palestinians make him make that clear of the war in the question. A Lebanon right now in that state shouldn't. And let me that he and time now Oprah owns. But the situation. And Lebanon have been and Lebanon's been very stable for the last. It's been more or less stable but remember whose company it on the one and march. Who opposed it because of the history all of that now yesterday he situations. And since. In the paper paper and he looked at. You can quote he guarantees that there will be some kind of terrorist. And one two. To ship the increase far more instability would like some major terrorist acts can you really do something in retaliation. Considering you're against Lebanon doesn't make any difference in other words for those people who want to be able. That part of the world that seems to me that this is not gasoline on the fire this is certainly worth a match. That and so on with the capacity to really become explosive. And it could it. So at the risk of offending you and asking you to put the trump pat on your head. Why now. I don't know I know he's made a campaign promises and and and and you know just. It went up put to trump panel my had a sense his frustration you know and that's why I've cornice this definite maybe. You know. And you know as if you are real estate guy you do when a deal in not too in the deal which is not gonna stay in in between land forever. And when you look at the history of this we've been in this. Damned if you do damned if you don't process. That really in in my mind of what little Condo and you make. Correct me you know under a lot. And it it is not yielded. The results that anybody. Warts no no one's happy. Well. For double in my book anatomy if you why and there are reports. The three reasons like he had a presidential experience because they excitement strategic judgment and because they acknowledge and understand. Now that applies to mr. trouble free category. But before you question on the top. In my column yesterday. Raised a question of why did Michael Flynn former national security advisor. Lied to the beyond. It was a guy who is adequate Defense Intelligence Agency had to note that and that is certainly to Russian owned were tapped one in line. And so I can answer that but why I chose this moment. Do about this is beyond my comprehension the only. Couple to be well. With that the Russian investigation is getting very close to. Elections. And it it wouldn't be what eight there are accusations that ruptured well he came to Japan and we just announced and so this could be decent and patient Gershon trop is an excellent in coming up with a rash statements by tweet or whatever. Try to change in attitude in Boca for the media so much I guess is that Clinton and he's guilty plea and to you banks subpoena. That the cops say OK and eats into the patient and simply get. And that's the case this is kind of cynicism because as I said I do not see any include emerging from the recognition. Rodgers got an alert that president trump just did designate Jerusalem as Israel's capital so. It was announced and now the interesting and more cynical thing here is we're gonna move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I hope that you guys with that war. Because that's that he just played out over time were any number of reasons. I'm so I don't think that. Mr. trump whom achieved a great deal except in terms of rhetoric okay we know it and so I don't think that. Action has really been followed and will be empathy but. The point is that he will now collect an enormous amount of guilt well that is not necessary as I said it was. Doc we gotta get torn right and you stay with this through the bright. Yes look at where we're at doctor Harlan Ullman author of anatomy of failure. And we're talking about. The situation with Jerusalem in the designation it'd be the capital of Israel would be right back we wanna hear from you 260187. Or Texas at 8787. This is new alarm and and every Dario. We're about we're talking to doctor Harlan Ullman the author of anatomy at philly's formidable officer Andy and talking about the issues of Jerusalem being designated by president trop as the capital city of Israel. Earlier you mentioned that this situation with Gaza and that may be be in the linchpin that needs to be resolved prior to shoot the Jerusalem issue and can we talk about that just a little bit it is court cursor event that you Jerusalem. Sure that ultimately choose our would you do with the West Bank territory under Jordanian. And the law of return posted some of the forceful tenor and forced Opel. And wanna come back. And that has been a bone of contention since 1967. Along with the gets stripped. In fairness the Arabs have used the Palestinians as a weapon in the Palestinian and leptin and Hillary if you've ever traveled to do. Causes that are able to wish we still have that for her all time and I blame both Israelis and error here using them as political points. But that has got to be addressed but you got. Millions are others thousands of Arabs and Palestinians who wanna go back to land that would be illegally in their view by the Israelis that we. Because they actually. You have to realize that the current trend it could be very likely that the Arab population of which will exceed the duke occupation Israel. And architect if in years which will raise all sorts of interesting demographic problems of that country. But as you pointed out this has been going on 97. We've been close to peace settlements. My argument as we the only way. There's going to be some kind of it is going to be imposed from without with some kind of peacekeeping forces. Sure that this is cool air Israel and the Palestinians. Those are the critical issue and Saudi Arabia play which control because in essence. Is the leader the Arab world and Israel you know sign the peace agreement in Egypt in nineteen. Total war. So you happen making what is an excellent extraordinarily typical. In a scene in the this. It didn't change. On the part of the leadership recognition. The real threat of radical Islam and saudis were part. With the elephant and opting movements. There with the east. And a scintilla. Nattering hope. What I'm old but I'm afraid that this recognition of Judaism because you know religions teach you in the holiest city. Islam christianity in Judy's and and so that is in an enormous psychological impacts the world of the law. More than one Americans appreciate. United typically try to focus on the wise in not the watch what the court what should be in the outcomes but when. A look at this from a a and geopolitical standpoint intersecting with religion. It seems to me that. There are an Epoch really not a lot of possibilities. Good outcomes in and I mean that in the sense of this. The Israelis what what is their priority. It is is their priority Mort Jerusalem that it is Gaza ours in an all or nothing. Mandate were there now. What we've seen silly and Europe and these specific in the case of Benjamin. This is a zero sum game he's not gonna get any. Op and he has a very very conservative government that the bulk of the Israelis think. Appreciate it move towards some kind of reconciliation. But. Let me know who you people who smoked the air account but recent threat. I'm and so with the Greek government there's no chance of a movement. Which is a huge problem obviously. So you know if so Daryn this administration. Then. This route was would resolve one issue but then create all these other issues for the remainder is I. You know I I kind of think governor okay so what's next if if president Trump's plan and I hope there is one. And I know that Jared Kushner and others that have. Both. Folks from. The Arab communities in other communities that are on his mini committee that they have trying to beat this thing around with what's their next step after the smooth. But to bring that to a real great question. I think. Where. Prop won't export gains link is based largely venture will. Good terrific but at this point of the American population. To be absolutely candid. Talk may not believe this I think the administration. And that he should the State Council well. And so outnumbered and and and fictions. But hey it's moving more closely to what. And I think the a but the president. They very well and present pitcher so the heat this mean nothing. Until I people. This. Would be that recognition of some. But some. This in preparation. War at least. I mean to change the dialogue that I'd. Like what going to be so just like Richard who was Watergate. Although what's happening this special counsel but not good report obviously because the White House analysis and cut and trade on the big issues. In economic issues than issues. Are there no Aaliyah. That until we can deal with them but. Preoccupied. There were preoccupied. I think our suppliers and the debate over. Yeah and negotiations. But the country the country's in trouble and and by the way we haven't. Nobody in the senate as threat that deal and shame on them for passing without re. And quite frankly I did not believe that the tax was going to what needed and that's going to be our problem. Doctor Carl and I gotta I gotta get to a hard break we appreciate you join an aside are you able that are well you don't go if ago. We'll we'll talk later thank you so much. We're back on a pretty jaguar can impose the US recognition of Jerusalem is Israel's capital Smart or not 64%. Of the respondents are saying it is Smart let's go to law on wanna talk to Jane Slidell. Let's go live there we'll like. Great. Day ago. I think this is that there. Risky. Agree policy rumors that the would be to make it like is world. Which you went there there's the potential hello. Column our daughter out oh well this though or small pixel where potentially. We're industry. You know like oh well yeah. Year ago. Period. People on both sides. Are in the most. That worked out. What are those years you're blue. In. Reconstruction of the simple reason. I happened. It would be like a revelation that you could work like that. It straight away shall elect a very bad decision. Well thank you January appreciate your thoughts. We have doctor Harlan Ullman back on line sort of losing their dock. Gut for Hillary let's talk you know this most recent UN Security Council resolution and actually his. Comp plan a little bit of a back drop in the Mahler investigation. As it relates to Flynn. Where I think the allegation is is that they were calling around to see what everybody's reaction was going to be an ethic you lose this or call Egypt may have. Put that forward you correct me if I'm wrong. So where are we as it relates to that issue I mean I know you know we've had a number of peace accords we've had a number that the UN has been working on this. I happen to look at all of the UN security. All the resolutions. I mean there and now hundreds in May be in thousands fraud now. I stopped counting. You know going back many many years and it just seems like they have. A wringing their hands every day is well. Obviously people what would get me all of the issues somewhat different. It appears that Flynn was either directed. Or we'll ask the contract to contact. Russian ambassador certainty that we talked about you weren't one. Sanctions you call the Obama administration increased sanctions against Russia economic sanctions and trump wanted to get elections to hold off that was recent. There's a resolution you'll put forward about is conducted mandatory. It corrupt administration won't there at least the late. So that they would have more stability in the with Israel both of those who these people. Why didn't I learn more about those who read the that goes beyond talking about in terms of recognition would. The reasons that may explain it or not are fairly good war. Detonated an opera in the pressure. And that and that to talk about that went to Egypt that goes to wrap. Actively engaged. In particular elections so that in on Kono. And of itself. The greatest fundamental questions which are going to fire the right to take fuel investigation. About. A possible Longo and our administration. In indeed obstruction of justice. But that separate and we you know that you shouldn't little Israel and when you take what it. From the geo strategic position. I'd be very very difficult and repair and great leaping EU at a very very weak government. On the part of the race and she could be defeated by April which would not because in my church and you've got coalition government in Germany which part. Are you apt Turkey. Which has become far more strippers. When it comes to the west you have that you did on the boat which seem to be moving more. Either push you got a very very aggressive cool rush. And what did you. But the pick and serious departure. A line neglect quote that the wrong. To look talking to the king of Saudi Arabia weapons deal cooked Turkey and so. Blushed and regaining the ones that are ever in school are frankly. And I'm in the recognition of Jerusalem the capital. So in the eyes of the Arab and the Islamic state is further depletion American influence at a time that we can least afford it. So where we're going to be hearing a lot about his two state solution so yup if you could state through the break when we come back let's talk about that because I think that's going to be than the new buzz word. Because president trop is saying this is the first step. They gonna support to two state solution. Of course that means everyone else's got to supported too in order for it to work. So stay with this we when he appropriate to six or 187 you were talking to doctor Arlen Allman. Author of the book anatomy of failure will be right back after the break. We're back we're talking a doctor Harlan Ullman author of the book anatomy a failure we're talking about the situation with Jerusalem being recognized by the trump administration or president trump. As the capital city. Israel shall we talk about this two state nation are we talking and out going to back to. The 1967. Occupation. Or the actual 1949. Armistice went on this whole thing was set up. As to that be in the geography that's going to be split up. They put. He haven't and the borders terrorists who don't know about that Eritrea betrayal but basically. Because they looked and looked at and and an army former president of the American policy where they would be on the line some kind of communication between the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean. And the way sank. And that is that include Herbert war content gobble. Get to the solution. Injured more let me tell you a potential Harry. About apple may be. Turning mr. trump mine based on being a real estate. Deal. And I believe he's been able to current and the saudis. Jack he's going to be very close to them he had a very successful visit the Saudi Arabia has charmed and seduce him. Maybe it will feel that or not that relationship with gradient pale in ought to be. Why were in Jerusalem. As the capital of Israel he may believe that this is gonna be Tricia. Aspect we have young clock since for the treatment goes defiant Netanyahu. I get a piece. It players. Gonna happen at the name is already in the brain because. Benjamin Netanyahu like many people say mine is mine which is. I cannot believe that he'd be fully trusted to come up with a deal given fact that he's. And that problem has already been patiently typical cynical. And so are mine that's what Google pay. Inside in the will be able to bring. A just. So and in this is two state solution in Jerusalem ands up as one in a divider. As a divided as a divided society. City which it is now which it was before 1967. Right and and so Bethlehem and in and have Roland. Would end up in Palestinian control. Correct and they had some kick its borders cherish you know Israel so. Jerk implant. And how do you get an up and acute problems of the estate solutions. A lot of problems and the question is my tenth for the war. But the general view is actually out of a Palestinian state. And you got an Israeli side by side. They're in Jerusalem he departed where. The True Religion could get along comic. Think that apple is exceedingly difficult. And it Peter outlined in mr. Trump's strategy. While it may sound. Like a good idea that in practice to go to the situation impossible to achieve with the fact that I think. Yeah I you know I mean I think and I agree with the statement that she made earlier we've got the Korean Peninsula issue that's going on we've got Japan it's scary nervous we got China who continues to play. Both sides against the world. Rushes all over the place they just thrown up smoke bombs everywhere they go. And and then you bring this on your plate at the same time and it seems to me that. Our higher in diplomatic. Attempts at all of this. In some sense at that you said it's gonna all become in a related and it's all gonna become extremely problematic. Academic situation wars. But the merry and this is not X potential. China Russia that we think. They are not a potential threat whether or not by the book career byters on the great. I would say that the country does have cancer. And they. And to hear what you don't feel well after the on the one. A lot as a minute and yet he can support city. He administration. Really cutting a lot of these which are just gonna make a bad situation worse. More typical in trying to find solutions to some of these extremely difficult issues. Who we've been talking to doctor Harlan Albany author of anatomy of a failure and I am going to read that book docked. We really appreciate you join us and we appreciate what you're right into this call hold of two victory difficult issue. One I wish we could resolve and I'm not very confident in that regard thanks again and have a great holiday season. We'll be right back after this you wanna hear from you 26 or 1870 give us call this new lawman indicted audio. We're back in on a jaguar per per ready jaguar opinion polls 71% of respondents say that US recognition of Jerusalem is Israel's capitalists Smart 71%. Got scrutiny studio so what's on on what. It's coming up but we'll talk about a time magazine's person of the year the silence breakers he's with the people who came forward talked about sexual harassment also we'll talk about the rally last night. In fair hope Alabama. With and Steve Bannon and Roy remorse mixing things happened there. We'll talk about the father of these ceiling basketball player who's accused of stealing items from an upscale store Indochina. He's pulled a son on UCLA. And some are wondering with the not he's using his son to get publicity for his sneaker company and the truck administration wants to change something the Obama administration did I imagine that. And they wanna roll back this this plan. I'm not tip pooling. The truck administration wants all servers to pool their tips. And it would be the manager who would decide where the Tesco. And some of whom might go to the cooks some of the test micro to dishwashers. And two other people so. This is a really interesting changer events. Having been a waiter at mass salons restroom which the Q remembers. I would have been opposed to that Yao won't be because also aren't surfers make it. Just barely any money at all and they're not even on minimum wage so the tips are compensating for that self. It's all uninteresting I would rather counted on my success yes not everybody success 'cause I knew I came to work hard and were ready to work hard every night. Stay tuned scoots up next.