Urn makes its way to the Goodwill

An urn was brought to the Goodwill to be sold.


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Apparently filled with cremated ashes. As Richard put an unearned employee gas I guess whoever was donating it forgot to check to see if there's any you know. Remains are announced just kind of weird justice creepy what's on their joke. It's a bronze colored. Engraved with Richard L petting 1929. To 1981 on it. The stores holding on to the art an effort to return to the deceased prelates and experts say so. Portsmouth police said that it's not a crime to donated Aaron with ashes but called it quote. Got fleeced at the arm and ashes are considered private property and whoever owns them could do with. It could do. With them as they away and so they wanted to donate them to the Salvation Army they could. I'm just thinking if began donate the aren't as you want to attach a four year gain a year. Ambien at the the house or whatever. Yeah at least check to see if there are ashes still in the arc I'd look in their I think it does America you can you tell I donate Graham on the Salvation Army. This has not opera it is it is weird I did it.