Update from Lee Circle

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, May 19th

Bob Mitchell in for Tommy.  Bob talks to WWL's Chris Miller, live at Lee Circle.


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Well we have Chris Miller with this right now Marriott golf the world's under proud crane right. Press are are are you on the scene right now. Yeah Bob Bob on the Howard avenue side at least circle where they're still make it. Preparations to begin the operation. How long do you think it's going to take them from what you conceive bode well for the statue was actually. Removed. I really couldn't tell you right now the statute still there they've been there ever a bit got a couple crane dog eat. One crane may have moved up to the very base at a stole another larger crane news across the street at least circle. And right behind it there's the earth moving equipment back though it. Small bulldozers they're moving some pallets around. Apparently bit a tribe back this larger green up. And that industry. Kind of a crossed the neutral ground at about power avenues and eighteen Wheeler flatbed. Presumably will be used to halt statue went once they get it down none of these crane could even extend the booms up into the air yet. So are really don't know what to tell you interpret what they're actually get beat removal process start. Part of many spectators on the scene right now. That's a good handful of people here that have gathered in the parking lot of the gas station and also a barricade on Howard avenue. But also around or buchert the other news media has set up. No one really showing any wait on the part of the ship shape perked up what people were taken down no teacher otherwise. One gentleman the American flag. You know and displaying any kind of outward. Confederate symbols. So it's pretty common saying right now. Very much so yeah people are just building about talking to each other. No news demonstrating her chanting or anything like that. Are there are a lot of what I would call just done well seek your version of people driving cars and Carlo and I know they connected to close but. You have a lot lot lot of traffic of people trying to see what's going on. Just a pedestrian that I mentioned created the decent sized crowd it's not shall we shall collect Mardi operate about absurd thing. But I I'd estimate. The report doesn't maybe. Are you going to be there all day. I'll be here till they get it off the bing on the truck at least well we'll send you lunch OK. I'll thank you all right Chris anything else you need to add. At this moment though we'll keep you up the gateway and day out start or activity near the equipment. All right that's our Chris Miller WW old news on the scene and will keep us up to date all day long.