Universal Basic Income comes to Chicago

Newell Normand
Thursday, July 19th
Newell talks to DePaul University Professor Dr. Jason Hill about a Chicago alderman who is calling for a pilot program to provide a Universal Basic Income to select families in Chicago

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Good morning to all and so many things to talk about somebody topic so many things happening both nationally on the state level and local as well we're gonna jump right into this conversation. As a relates to this. Notion. Of a universal basic income programmers Chicago Alderman I may Apollo Wal-Mart says. There with dwindling jobs due to automation the Chicago Alderman is making the case that universal basic in com. Is the only solution. What he proposes is a pilot program wherein they give 500. Dollars a month 2000 residents in Chicago. In perpetuity. And they're free to spend that money. Anyway they some desire joining us on aligned to talk about this is doctor Jason Hill and doctor hill is. A professor at DePaul university and has written a number of articles and has a great book out called we have over comment immigrants letter to the American people. Welcome to the show doctor hill. Doctor hill wondered quote something that you said in one of your articles and in it talks about that we need to be. Spending more time in this country. While in the education of our kids advocating values such as individualism and capitalism Americanism free speech self reliance. And the morality of wealth creation. These things can't run counter to what is being proposed in Chicago does not. I think so I think that this is. Really a move to add to that the that the advance a move toward an acceptance of socialist America. And I think the idea that you know giving this money to everyone. To chip away at me in more credible. And acceptable for the public I think this is it really skillful move on the part of the advocate. And I think and and used it that but the court and couple income from work. You. On the value people you devalue them and you make it on to productive. That in turn to you that you put people to war. And you you you you. Eviscerate market dignity to the war but I think between that he is you know we have this this woman and the kind of Coca quick. Who is now going on national TV talking about the fact she does socialist that you want free education curriculum we know there are not a sport but we. Creep everything. And I equipped than when I left. Where socialism which used to be about Latin America. Is now becoming acceptable and I think that it is universally income. Movement. Which could cook it and move in Chicago. It that way advance this agenda. The doctors. In your article as well you you say that. That you talk about. This notion of our universities. Or are actually propagating a lot of this. Socialist agenda. Thinking on the left. And that you know people are being fleeced. Quite frankly because they're not there's not a a holistic presentation of both sides of the issue that our kids are learning each and every day. Yet. That is true amendment well we will comment on the whole section where I leave it took a vote at the cook there. In this class with twenty years and as an immigrant who has no a Croat citizens of this great republic aboard. I took effect of Clinton years. See we are indoctrination. In the humanities and social sciences a student. Michael cocoa marxism and could on the net when ideology. Where it was an immediate what you're teaching philosophy that is true or history between the two. The land quote from marxism. And let an ideology and not just. You know it's that. Our students have been taught. And an American and that could be taught that capitalism is not just. And that America is I mean spirited and you're a bit. Intrinsically racist. Bigoted concrete. And in the we cylinder that this is knack with such from the trio. And I'm in the group that now and ten years and I what the rebels even before it was commitment. Couldn't give credit course you know when I try to keep. Conservative principles or values night. London England and we're not talked with pact with the vote. Nobel Prize winners in economic electric preached the virtues of capitalism go so well and hope. He didn't do that. It is that we ship horrible. When my credit so that. Socialism is a formal political talent. This investment objective by pointing to a group of evidence but short and lyrically. This movement with the resistance. We do. Is immune to a system where Matt is a social sciences. Are. Infiltrated. We've let the weak offenses they do that course of monopoly. You know teaching industry. Yeah you know there was one passage in your article and I've always try to figure out a way to say it. And I have to say you release you really put it well and I'm a steeler properties obviously you know up product. For. It's as ordinarily the best way to counter an intellectual adversary is to a contest of rational faculties. The person with reality on his or her side with the best relevant facts and strongest arguments. Usually wins but today scholars and humanities and social sciences increasingly declare that modern. Argumentation. Is they wiped western form domination in linguistic imperialism. That silence his racial and ethnic minorities. In deep values that lived experiences. I couldn't put it any better because I've experienced that myself where were always going. She's that he issue of race and ethnicity on issues that have nothing to do with that. And when you look at the empirical data of the demographic makeup of the country. In relation to whatever issue is presented. Others are going to be more disproportionately. Impacted but that's not what they wanna hear. No so when we get back to this universal basic income. They say one of the motivated says this is to overcome the stigma. Of having like the snap caller when you're in the line. At the grocery store is really good idea to give people 500 dollars a month and they can spend on anything they want. Now that the ridiculous and perhaps no condition that the suit in the money is and what and money now. Strippers the current. There's no incentive for them invest the money in an education. In field development. This is not by. Being on the part of Chicago. Who comes up for election. In there is some. But by that quote I don't know if it very. Clearly. But both of those who are married aren't going to be the recipient of funds. Black. America. Are some latent negative on its side appeal to the black. And I do not mean that 500 a month is going to show and why. But. Oh. Cook column for the calls to cut it's loses is Coke. Other state of Illinois go. It was this the city. Had you been. Into those who something like 100 are open. 100. And resident more than. Lots of more than you know and and and and we are as this system that is. Colossal failure and we're going to appropriate money. There's two on. A system where you can let undergo a month do with it but it. This is it that it would do really well yeah. I was gonna say it's interesting is it's not your Chicago and another looking edited New York I saw that there is a couple of jurisdictions in California that have embraced this and there's other areas around the country that are thinking about. Initiatives along the same lines. They're. Does he goes not to the universal business and we decided that it is set so. What the first city to a low on the illegal immigrant youth to vote in election. I would you can there's certain kinds in this country. Unprecedented. Phenomenon alive in the concrete was she. In iron. Going to be irreversible the American people don't have really gone and this move these moves are moves toward a really quick to move toward socialist. Article more than illegal immigrant or non non or even non non. Citizens. Oh. Is again a move towards kind of me. Votes toward. And or the democratic part of what is increasingly increasingly toward. And they're doing back there. And sometimes not as though. Michael declaration. There wasn't a stealth when President Obama talked about it in Johannesburg South Africa day before yes. Yeah I didn't have the opposite that open and then you know students in that students with people in and so on. And a point nine million dollar hope. Doctor doctor hill for the benefit of my listening audience your African American correct. Well in Britain currently. Written so when you wait when you talk this message. Those those. What is the reaction from the minority population when you look at that you when you're talking this message what is your reaction. Well you know I wouldn't do that caught the I always caught my message in the form of. Dignity I want people. In my note status when there are Hispanic or black I was in my message is too. Help you to. With Coakley or law that they have to see Nabisco but so my my my. My heart is not been technically he's not a team. But there is dignity. In an independent course and there is something that La when you are dependent on the well there's been what dependent on. The government or ignored when you become what I call. I spoke to economic outlook when there's a Big Apple. So on and their it will not cool people on the the book but when. I put them quicker Icrc and the that your fellow. You know Yo-Yo. Leo your creator. And the net of one to go. But and the response is that has been people glued. But the and so condition. They've been so in this market back in the end so the son and two. And great. A lot of them and implement. That. Want to get them to wean them though and this is the cult of the involved and called entitlement. It is very very difficult I try to be very gentle and not agreed to competition with them. And an actual that are cold but the equipment it's one that is not. Indeed it too well creation. And I also my book and it taught you know I also point two weighted with an American life in the twenty equipment that is. You earned but if you're nobody wants them back but it's. People like content to coat and. And the Americans it has been a diplomat and creep up on the way. On the put this on the leases that would encode them. You hit it politely and it was up and was happening is that. War or write in educational system that it is. A it would let people. And his and there are examples in more recent history of that as well in the late sixties actually early in the early seventies to mid seventies as well aware. The middle income Black America was incredibly strong correct. There under and let me ask you that can you stay with us through the break I got to take a quick break and let's talk more about that when we return that's Erica or Colorado we have doctor Jason Hill professor at DePaul University to. Professor of philosophy joining us and we're talking about universal basic in com we'll be right back. Give us a call 2601 point seven near Texas at 870 eights this is a tool when Davida via. Chicago law outlook Alderman Amir Paul wall are wants to embrace universal basic can come and give 1000 individuals 500 dollars a month as a pilot program. For the city of Chicago to look further into what could ultimately be a one point 35. Billion dollar program. Under universal basic income and and join us is doctor Jason Hill and author of a professor honors distinguished faculty member. DePaul University we were talking about the opportunity doctor hill both the in his twenties and thirties as well as of late sixties and seventies. About the middle class. Folks made up of African Americans that were very very successful in in this whole notion that you talked about it but tried to recover lost dignity. And become independent and then the importance of saint so if you could finish on that would be great. Right I mean this is one of the points that I actually. Nate in my book we have overcome. That it is as a result I think all the advance of the welfare state. To the predominant towards. Projected towards the American. Epidemic he fixes that in empathize and sympathize. Blacks to marry this state. Not to let them to take care oh they're crammed in the commune with and we've that was so so a breakdown of the family unit. And defender but and take care of their children. Concomitant that we saw a disproportionate. Rise in crime wave though so that quick dump you it's. And want them the in some things that I've signs in the manner that is. And it is changing well most of my chagrin. It Ellen immigrants come to this country such as myself and and and hundreds felt that the movement that night so police stored in the book. I've written we can overcome it that immigrants don't come with entitlement mentality we don't come your way. The idea that the government colder than it actually did a good 120. But it. I work for it by or a week and went to school full time to put myself through school support or the forward and scholarship adamant Ph.D.s. And because they're addicted to hard work when you swear that toilet but this stuff envelopes in the back what is. Even someone that source there's Dayton heart war. And and people in this country used. That kind of mentality where. Doctor Helen out of Karachi again I apologize I gotta get tore heartbreak a really appreciate you joining us we have overcome an immigrant slated to the American people by doctor Jason Hill. She read it thank you. We're back we're talking about universal basics in com another program wherein they would give if pilot program in Chicago 500 dollars. A month to 1000 individuals. And you know they talk about the fact that with due to automation in the fact that most people don't have a thousand dollars in savings. That they need to find an alternative way. To deal with this and that. It would bring about the elimination of households living below the poverty level and it we give everyone a base level of income security. That they believe would result in an explosion. In creativity. Entrepreneurship. And re search. Otto you but I hadn't seen any of the entitled. Meant program's lead to an explosion. In creativity entrepreneurship. And research sounds good line on Jake Slidell what's going project. Called off. Question ought. That state in this country is huge problem. Having said that I'll drink. All. We. The acceptable living wage needs to be all really because. You know he's talking about incentives and why you people. Working at minimum wage job have a standard old living lest there and people that. Problem I think. That we need to dirt changed the rewards system. And make sure that that people. In. Worker. Work. Q4 you know basically double and legal. Standard living in that makes sense in. Yeah and incentive based system you want the benefit in order to get you to the next level that you're not working pork. Which he got a war. And in in in if you lose your job you lose the benefit so it encourages people to work. In an auction houses and all the stuff where you ago. You can live in tea ordered them in the government pays eight ordered an artist that did that. You know Ayers. Giving people more money or through. And stuff like I think that's a solution I think that if people. It needs to be modern control or stop the abuse. Are they public housing. You know it aspires. I don't portion of the traditional projects but at least tapping. Ball you know apart which grouped together. That way. I. So there is so that you could lecturer ago it still. Abuse in this program objectives. Well that we've had many shows about that any program. From an administrative standpoint is going to be subject is on the abuse because there are malcontents that want to beat the system. Historically been the system and I'll build spend more time to attack the creativity that that talk about here may very well be how to beat the system. This same. The same creativity that you see in prisons. Where you know the folks sit there and it's a badge of honor to get a deputy to lose his job because they creatively. Fabricate situations for them this Rula if they took the time to used at saint. Mental power capacity creativity. Is something of a worthy cause they might be better served for. That says. Our outages let's go to Mike in battery would say you might. All on. Your honor it. Out there. Are you a chance to. Your question. Issue. It brought up the point that morality. To the right way. Talk about morality specially built so that this city. Discussions on the legal ramifications of Americans or. Immigrants. To quirky. I'm well that violate the law they should go to jail Alicia get around they should pay the fines that whatever the the law that the remedies are that. That are there that they should be imposed. Well we don't we don't talk about we talk about we don't talk about. Let's. The most recent round upset have been done by Homeland Security investigations they've actually find and arrested the employers. So about. Heard that I'm glad that you are. Yeah I heard the big went up in in the mideast and one in the midwest the big roundups in a couple and in on the West Coast. Where you had hundreds of of illegals that were arrested working in processing plants and otherwise. The employer's work word. It fines were imposed and in one case I think they were arrested. The idea. That there are. The port of what it comes. Or get ear. With people. There. Com. Oh work. It. Oh. We saw some more. Cheap you know why. And we are. Where. Are. It and all. We're hero that that moral juxtaposition. Position is is not good either I mean the fact of the matter is is that. Your year 100% correct. No problem with some. Really tell a chip. Out. Which were strict. That you this discussion. Yeah and that we don't we talk about. It. Come over. Archer and are. Now I brought. That they're coming over in backpacks they're coming over and in all kinds of different modalities. Amanda it's not a it's not in one silo or another it's in a multitude of the silence and look when Mexico the other day announces. That they're talking about legalize and all kinds of different drugs. Going to be a huge problem for us in the US huge. Try to make it. Like it. We. Are one went public in. Its they're all. This year they're the ones we think there common take each. When the truth is we are public and or not are. It. Are. We art. Heart. A legitimate patient about. Just what. You'd get it. Republican leader. It it is a difficult conversation it's not just straightforward. You know one shot. You know takes at all situations again I mean but the fact of the matter is is that we're Republican ourselves in the mirror and walked right around the obvious. And we can't even get the simple things straight. And did you and now we're talking about you know universal basic income. We we can't afford what we're doing now. And we're gonna go guarantee folks 500 a month in perpetuity. I don't know where they think this money's coming from. And it's going to be interest because if you look at a lot of the socialist countries. Right now they're all struggling with this issue might got to get to a break thanks for call really appreciate it we'll be right back. 260187. Or Texas it's it's. When a blue runner a junior potion to won't consider universal basic income program where the government gives qualifying families 500 dollars a month for expenses 86%. Of the respondents saying oh. I don't know about you folks but I guess entitlements are gonna be the answer to everything. You know. How much should be given this some of the propaganda that's being put out there 101000 dollars annually although the exact amount varies widely from country to country. How much would it cost in the United States 3.2. Trillion dollars to distribute 101000 dollars you beyond all citizens. If you made exclusions for children households earning more than a 100000 so already they whack and off. A group of folks that don't wanna give it to. And retirees receiving Social Security because we all know that that Social Security benefit just gives users that incredible lifestyle and everybody was looking for. And now falls to one point five trillion and then they go on as saying now how would we pay for it. Due to the inherent scale of universal income no kidding funding would likely come from a variety of sources. Carbon taxes OK. That if you have a car you're gonna get tax income taxes big surprise there. Negative interest rates OK earnings from it investments so if you have a few dollars and you put it in a marketer you IRA you're gonna be paying. More in taxes for that decrease in military spending that kind of case safety and security our own that's an important. Sovereign wealth funds there you go. And resource base revenues Albie and export it you know what this looks like to me. Distribution of wealth plain and simple simple argument new marketing scheme got a nice little pamphlet here. You know talking about. A case study. And Namibia. You know I mean it it's. And if and his doctor hill pointed out if you don't think this is about to 2018 mid term elections you sadly mistaken. This is coming up in Chicago New York on a West Coast any any number of cities where they have been fighting to wit the historical poverty issues that they've done nothing about mostly under democratic leadership in in the major cities they've they've accomplished nothing. And now all of a sudden we've repackaged and other entitlement program called that you BI. And were off and running. If you go look at France. They are approaching there any greater than 50% income tax rate in effect with some of the two years ago they had some. The legislation considered in France that your income taxed the highest income tax rate was going to be pushing 70%. So what happened the wealthy French move to Belgium. They got out of France they have a choice they can go wherever they wanna go there and activists day. And and and finance and in just take all of their hard earned dollars away from themselves. And re distributed to others to give him a guaranteed. 101000 dollar check heard 151000 dollar check or whatever it is that the that there that they're gonna do now the scare tactic here. Is that. Dude automation. That there will be no jobs. In fact in his same little slick. The presentation. One point 64 robots per 100 workers in the United States at present time. In Korea four point 78 robots Japan three point 14 robots are 100 acres Germany two point 92. Robots per 100 acres. And did they call 100 workers excuse me and they're talking about that the developing world is most at risk for jobs at risk. In in fact they're talking about in insurance business that 99%. Of the insurance business jobs are at risk. 97% of agriculture. 97%. Of Aspen. 88% of construction laborer jobs are at risk 79%. Of truck drivers and 68%. Of mail carriers just the other day and was on was asking people to call them about investing together to create. New. Trucking and delivery options because they can't rely on on the other companies that are out there at the present time that don't have the capacity. I'm not sure where they're getting all of this data from but it seems as though it's. Pretty nice slick scare tactic to try and impact at 2018. Elections let us not be fooled. But the issue Connery. It was a call 2601878. 7870. This is new rule on Davida BO. We're back a universal basic income program where the government gives qualifying families 500 dollars a month per expenses do you think New Orleans should consider this. 89% of the respondents saying though. Socialism. Advocates. Fasting ownership and control of the means of production capital and land in the community as a whole. And they believe that the product of one's efforts belongs to the community. And at the most successful and productive people should be. The most penalized. I don't know about you but that doesn't sound too promising to me. 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