United Way SELA - Volunteer Day

Kirby Nagle and her guests discuss National Volunteer Week April 15 - 21, 2018 as well as the city's Tricentennial volunteer challenge.


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Welcome all of this edition of the united way of southeast Louisiana's live the united radio I'm Kirby Nagle. United way fight for the health education and financial stability of every person in every community we serve and we have a plan to get that done. Our blueprint for prosperity is a laser focus on eradicating poverty. But the bold vision of equitable communities were all individuals are healthy educated and economically stable. And on the show we're covering the programs collaborations initiatives voluntarism and advocacy efforts all aimed at eradicating poverty. And southeast Louisiana. Now joining me today we've got a full house here in the studio cookie Rojas New Orleans baby takes senior vice president. And general manager Kerr Smith the co chair and get this right co chair of the community engagement committee with the tri Centennial commission. Peyton Juno. Hands on Orleans project director and two of our united way I own right here with a smelly read Unita in southeast Louisiana director of resource development. And Hannah bridges. Donor relations commissioner welcome all. Tonight thanks for thanks Purdue thanks Richard Herman now what we're talking about today well it's national volunteer week April 15 through the 21. It's an opportunity to celebrate the impact of sponsors service and the power of volunteers to come together. Tackle tough challenges and a charter more resilient communities and each year we take this time to recognize of people and organizations that inspire us to serve. Recognizing and thanking volunteers who lend their time talent and voice to make a difference in our community. I kick this week off. We've got some exciting news cookie you're here to share with us I know you got announcement. We're talking about the new partnership with the baby cakes and united way tell us all about it. Yeah absolutely works out to partner with united way because. It's an opportunity to really get a hold of what's going on in the community here and want to read and wall and a region. For years I've been down here my third year down here and I've been trying to find a way that makes sense for every one and would this be in the tri Centennial. I think it with united way taken the lead in regards to being able to. Basically catalog the number of volunteer hours and watch Indians. Contribute to our community it made sense for us to part with them. And we have that opportunity our venue to be able to showcase all the individuals are committees and individuals as we can. Who are making a difference and having an impact in our communities we've got some games. Lined up this season no one in April and I believe one in September August regardless August yet what will be honoring and recognizing those individuals. That are making a difference who lives in making impacts which the most important thing. We're just happy to be a small part of me just to be able. So there. To honor those individuals and I'll be able to utilize all the platforms that we have available to us via our social media platforms or in game opportunities so it's it's a boon for us to be a partner with such a respective organizations like united way well. That leads me to this I hear that you have a different connection Tina outerwear and Dodgers this partnership beer part of the family as well. Yes I am so I'm actually an attorney by trade and what happened was an epiphany that I wanted to work and community relations. And my ultimate goal was to work and sports and community relations and one of the things that I I knew was united way and it's partnership with the NFL and somehow some way for the grace of god and therefore good for united way for a few years in Ireland for him when it was that it was united way. Southeast iron. New England. And I we were able to eventually become the united we have an island and I started off Isiah. As a traditional fundraisers and account exact and I made my way and I became the senior vice president campaign chair of united way. And now we were able to generate since. We were the only united way in this day such a small state for the size of Paris. We were able to generate however about 24 million dollars a year round for the statin island and its credit to the people that we have on our staff and to all the business leaders. That were part of our organizational chairs and you know what it's like it. We're jet that galvanizes the we went from being a fund raising machine to transition into more of an impact. And the goal was. You can say you raise X amount of dollars for what you do with those dollars aren't you putting it back into the community through programs are actually united way beneficiary. As the Boys and Girls Club kid growing up so I knew the impact grown up and impoverished community. How much Unita and makes a difference and so I was able to share that story when I went out to corporate leaders though say hey look if it wasn't for united way and the programs that it's important. My local Boys and Girls Club god knows where I'd be. So I was able to use that is attachment whenever we generated resources are you Obama. I'm alarm on gambling. Love the united where I am very excited about the partnership an opportunity to work there who want to make a difference here in the greater ones region. Well folks if you're listening we couldn't say it better ourselves that's the kind of impact united way can have. On a single person and those who need our donors are supporters are listening. Thank you for lending your impact to to stories like cookies and that have led to this beautiful partnership with Unita in southeast Louisiana. In the baby cakes now cookie mentioned at the Chara Centennial Currie. We've got a fantastic program that's running I should say challenge. That's running here in it not just New Orleans and across southeast Louisiana really. All focused on gathering 300000. Servers hours during the 2018 tries intending and I know you've got fantastic information assurance those on from where we stand today. It's April. And where were going in the future with that events are coming up. Absolutely thanks Carrie. So as mentioned does serve on the community engagement committee on the Chara Centennial commission and now one of our charges was you know how to we involve the people at large a population of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. To be a part of the celebration of the tri Centennial. And so obviously later this month there's going to be big celebrations with some fireworks shows the tall ships for navy's fleet week is coming up here. But really for kind of a hands on approach of getting people into the action. And allowing them to be a part of that legacy of celebrating not just the past 300 years looking at New Orleans history the thing about the next three injured yourself. That is how this challenge was born so the name of the challenges 300000 hours for the next 300 years. As you mentioned it's a service challenge right now we have a when a sale 155. Projects. That have been officially submitted. Fifteen of those have already completed that I means there's a 140 that are still operating. And if you're out there and listening in your affiliated with the nonprofit organization or volunteer group we're still looking for more projects that we'd love to get to 300 projects total. To help us complete that challenge. And get the fulfillment of those 300000 hours. Now with those that are already being completed or or in progress. We actually logged about 50000 hours on outs in the first three months ago really happy with the progress. I'm we expect there will be some numbers reported over the next few weeks that'll kind of threw stun a little bit. Those total waste ago comments of the good news is they're so plenty of opportunities for people involved. I'm so you know right now waiting gates I think it's 2700 volunteers. Through this fifteen different projects. That's from ninety different nonprofit partners and whether it's hundred different nonprofits out there in southeast Louisiana. Anybody that's got an idea of ways to you know make a lasting impact on making New Orleans and southeast Louisiana better place where interest in getting involved. So if anyone who's intercity and and we can end. There's all the information you confined to 12018. Nolan dot com and overtime 28 team Noaa dot com. So 2018. Channel dot com and that is the official website for the tri Centennial. Has a listing of all the events from celebrations commemoration just you volunteer service. And you can search for anything it's under the tab volunteer challenge or service challenge. And that was out all the projects that we've you know to date logs and then also. I guess instructions if anybody wants to submit their idea for project to be included in other semi strong arm of the tri Centennial campaign I know we've got a whole other show client has to make sure we're hitting all those pieces but. I do understand there's been a recent. A new addition to the sponsorship and that's energy corporation which -- tiger I can't say enough about the fantastic support they provide absolutely so I'm yeah that's which is in recent addition nom Entergy came in and they are the official title sponsor of this service challenge so thrilled to have their partnership. They've been you know a good partner over the years and it's you know anyway. Answer of course at city of New Orleans processes as one more way that they've been giving back. I'm couldn't do without them or without the help of our partners and friends here united way and hands on New Orleans and the network volunteers that it three organizations. They're really orchestrating this service challenge them so it is a true collaboration and herself to be part of it. I know united way in house are very excited to be part of that I think the hash and we're using is united for Knoll 300 so we encourage anyone it's out and about. And serving on any of those volunteer projects if you're gonna put something on social views that hash tag united for Nolan 300 to help lift up. What you're doing we can take a look at that share garner channels as well Peyton let's bring you in at this point hands on hormones I know you guys are kind of serving as logistical. The carrying through this this project as a partner with with never volunteers for all of those projects victory mentioned which there are. Hundreds of center of the year yeah that we have the. Fun part I feel like it to be on the ground with all of our partners. Open to collaborating coordinate. These wide scale volunteer efforts that he's ninety groups and we want to add to that number so. Natalie in terms of partners that volunteers so if you're trying to kind of navigate the spectrum of opportunities. We would love people to cut off all their passions. Find areas faithful comfortable or wanna explore their own interests. And so we have a web site. Through that's when he eighteen nowlin dot com portal you can browse all those different opportunities and you can work with youth in the city seniors. Macular green thumb work in the community garden. Mentor. Do little light carpentry all this kind of things you may wanna explore. In or use a drill before you wanna do that and remain planted trees where you wanna write that. Or to studies you already are comparable in Philly really tells us that we love to have your skill set to help support these other partners throughout the city and throughout the region. To get a lot done this year there were not only kind of challenging people to get involved were challenging people to. Make a difference and get involved through this press continual now. Now tell me a little bit more about hands on outside of volunteer. While the trek Centennial volunteers in my effort you guys function as Billy what I think is remarkable as a one stop. Volunteer plays so there's any organization or business that that once again involved once upon a volunteer project for them to people look to find correct that's correct we try to be good hub. Now only connect volunteers to nonprofits but also connect nonprofits to each other we're super collaborative buyer nature. I'll be loved the partnership with the baby cakes we're in house and then rebuilding it McLaren all our partners there and with all the members of the press continual committee. Really helping the network amongst those peer groups because we wanna lift all boats together as we have this monumental effort and collaborations. So folks you're just tuning in we are talking about national volunteer week it's taking place right now through the end 121. Which got united way in house the baby cakes hands on New Orleans and a represented from the norm in tri Centennial commission and I wanna turn to our united way family at this point Hannah. And morality thank you guys for coming on today. Yeah well let's talk about what's going on in house with the united way in all the ways that folks can get involved. Hand I know you handle it day to day volunteerism with united way. I'm just how many people wanna get involved they wanna get engaged what's the best way to do it. Absolutely I was so I the united way not just for the tri Centennial by at the dirty air we do you usually about one. Volunteer project a month it's usually the second Saturday of the month although we're trying to expand to do some week day. I activities as well for folks who might be working on the weekend but wanna get involved. And if you wanna get involved. Please go to Q. United way sealant dot org slash volunteers say that former tunnels slower the united way Phelan as CLA dot org slash volunteered. We also have a link to you. That hands on report all witches as Penn patent mentioned you can search through buy insurance or at the date that your available. I'm and then all of those hours that you volunteer will be locked towards that is I try Centennial goals for the 300000 hours. That's fantastic so and then let's just say it's on an individual that's the best way I can find out. What if our volunteer at my family or group there are opportunities to do that as well. Absolutely so on that site it'll give a list of the days of action I'm as well as if there are any I'm. Age restrictions or. The ability restrictions because some of the projects are a little bit more physically intensive we do make an effort to have. Opportunities for folks who are less able bodied. I'm NC can you know there's just a broad range of opportunities for excellence very friendly friendly very inclusive that's fantastic for. Media and Mel. I know you personally oversee one of the united ways affinity groups that his mission to mission but we have several of them. For coach we have so many ways in involving black and limit your interest in a particular group for you wanna be around a group of women leaders or youth leaders. Or high school students there are ways in which you can do absolutely. Yes so. So I've got four groups that I wanna talk to see you and you guys about today the first one is the one that we had a around for the longest time it's called winning united. We've had and this group of being engaged amazing women. Getting involved in our united way for fifteen years now. And I really they're focused around there there service projects or funding there advocacy really focuses on women and children are living in poverty. And they've got an event coming up pretty stand on the 21 it's rebuild project there is fantastic. There's lady out in New Orleans east choose home wives it was you know is destroyed by the tornadoes. And us Italy's of women united are going to be helping her to rebuild her home very very exciting. I hope that if your interest in women united you'll go check them out on her website to learn more about you can join him in and went in united. Also I want to talk to you about one of our guess it is the newest of our affinity groups called retire united. And these are for individuals to this is for individuals who are retired currently or are about to retire and in a few years so. Our first meeting and like I said this is a brand new. Affinity group for united way. We had kind of a a little bit of a kick off cover. It and as early greatly got some feedback from some of our recent retiree is on them on what they want the group to look like. And as we start kind of forging forward with this group and really. Looking for ways to its you know give our. Our retirees that way to continue to. You know to kind of work with united way in and you know. Help out individuals who are living in poverty lives or where we're really excited about where this curve is going and the first meeting is actually coming up Krejci and it's on the nineteenth at noon at our offices on canal street that's that's the story. That is yet April 19 acts. So if you wanna learn more about to retire united. It's there's so many opportunities coming up we've got volunteer opportunities. We actually have your retirement party coming up in July they wanna learn. It's going to be so much time I've just been on the conversations as we've been planning. Trust me if you're retired or about to retire you're gonna when it comes her retire party it's gonna mail. I'll blast so check out I united we Selig dot org slash retire united. Couple more I'm opportunities. Are young leaders movement is for young professionals. I encourage you check us out on FaceBook. So. The focus for this year for our young leaders movement is for children who are living in poverty they kind of takes like a different aspect of the poverty work and kind of tackle that issue and this year and its children in poverty. So I'm and some of the projects that they have been working on and which third asparagus is stuffing stockings for local homeless I used. There was also a project Travis he'll and he and I want to talk a little bit more about. About actually. Absolutely that was one of my favorite projects. It's it's hard to say it. Figure out of paper at. New. Orleans parish. We had groups of students coming in and plants plants. Not that aren't there ain't going to they're going to care for them for a couple of months and then they're going to be taken to you the VA hospital. I just tie it kind of at brighten up the patient's rooms air contest it so the whole the idea behind this project wise. Both giving an idea to the students. Like an investment in the community even though they are currently incarcerated. A lot of them will be released. Varies in and we want to continue doing gauge them in their communities. Rather than having them feel it because we know that that's going to lead lead to better outcomes for them essentially and then also just giving them a sense of caring for these plants and seeing something grow. And giving them some hope for the future and knowing that. The work that they're dealing with you know a single potted plant is going to leave to someone in hospital. Hopefully feeling a little bit more positive because they've got some greenery. Fantastic. And none they've got one more totals there briefly mission in mission your answer is yes so mission in mission is the nearest and dearest to my heart. It started back in 2013. At wind. President vice president of the student councils. Bath washer and Franklin high schools. They kind of issued a service challenge to each other we that we can get the most service hours in mind. And so we called it mission in mission it has grown to seven high school cents and every year for a month. Those seven high schools compete against each other to see who can hit and make the most difference in the community. It's a lot of fun and I can't even tell you how inspiring high school students are. The winner this year by the way it was Riverdale high schools and we elderly male and test yeah it's it was it was a lot of fun this year as always and we contributed. About 4500 service hours this year wages. Desperately exciting to have significant and in just very quickly tell us a little bit more about what's going on and that the next the first baby cakes on is coming up. This week the seventeenth finally got big plans for. Recognizing our volunteers and our companies are the most volunteer hours absolutely so all of affinity groups that I just mentioned will be recognized. At the baby cakes game. We are so excited to have this opportunity. It's kind of shout out our great volunteers and I mean we united way we couldn't I can't even tell you how grateful we are and how excited we are about the partnership with the baby cakes this is a great opportunity we just. Love having chances to say thank you to our donors our volunteers are advocates and this is just are really. Really cool opportunity for us. An and we also have our our. Top volunteer company of the end of the year and we will be announcing the gains and really I am a little suspense are so much suspense are maintained. Folks if you're just tuning in again we're talking about national volunteer week which is taking place this week. Cookie anchor it like to bring you both back into the conversation this point and let's just take up a broader step back and look at volunteers and in general. Why is volunteers and so important so cruel to critical to the livelihood of the community like cars and and southeast Louisiana pretty well I think Amylin. Testament. My parents both worked enough factories now is last key kid. And so it's very easy as latchkey kid just you know basically wandered up be engaged. Hand thankfully my parents decide it means to me program. During the summer months especially right school. And I think if you're able to make him an impact on someone's life and basically give them some sort of structure I think kids really thrived when there's structured environment an average team. And for me it was snowing going to be picked up at this time going to be dropped off at times back as timeless as this time activities. And then just being able to be exposed to so many things makes a significant impact we've we may take for granted on a daily game basis the lives that we touch. But as a volunteer I know I get a great feeling and I know you mentioned before all the different things I'm terrible with tools. I. Any do not have agrees in my have a black some tips to keep plants away from me. But it's one of those things where. If I can help go to second harvest and prepare meals for the countless people are gonna benefit from that. Then I may not see the impact directly. But I know that it's being something that's gonna help improve our community that someone's gonna have a meal that day and that just makes you feel good it's good for your soul good karma. It's just so good for the community get involved in any case I think the important things and Washington August under I think is when companies recognize the importance on terrorism is when it really helps when you and you know that your company believes in giving back to the community that's important. Well let me ask you one more question. Because I think you I'm universe have a connection has arc athletics you obviously work in athletics and I know. Why are rewarded as for the coaches and the players don't have time to spend. A few hours here in their on the community and get their hands dirty or maybe not maybe for not turning. But just working in the community and and what school what role DC volunteers and play you know with the baby cakes and your roster in the coach's fault for our roster. And coaches I think the important thing is for them to be able to maybe stay in their wheel house and helping kids develop the skills that they need by having free camps are ballpark. Throughout the season for any child come out of the ballpark to be able to learn from professional athlete importance of you know not only claim on the field but also off the field so discipline and all the other piece is right coral sleep well etc. And then a lot of our players and they do this without being recognized so I'll do it now for them is. They go to a lot of children's hospitals around the and they tell us he's in your organizations like care about. I can't tell you how many players come to my office that Tommy hey Jeff if I can do with this organization of that organization or someone in my family passed away from this if I can do just let me know. And he's just ask him they're more than happy to do it whenever they have some free time in baseball being such a long season. There there are some times but also their days are filled and they also played late at night that right when I see them get up the next they'd go out I think it's really important and and again like dude on the down low and kudos to them to be feeling that they're given back to me. Absolutely when their time is as short as bibles and as we appreciate any moment they can spend working with our community here in southeast Louisiana curry. Let's talk a little bit about equipping these last few minutes we have. I'm the sort of role. Volunteer mrs. Volunteers and has played in in newer ones. And they treated does have such a great need I know we're grateful for every minute of volunteers and that we get and why we're collecting a lot of extra Centennial effort. Certainly the through her years leading up to 2018. Wouldn't be what they are without parole. Our volunteerism. Absolutely so reflection on New Orleans and you know in the past 300 years and more specifically the past twelve years of the recovery since Hurricane Katrina. There's no way that we review where we are today without volunteerism. And without individuals from our community and then individuals from across the country and across the world coming in and help and get new Orleans back on its feet. So I think you know it's been a big part of the story of rebuilding this city. And more largely I think could be kind of touched on this of scene companies get invested in seeing their employees invested. Has been a big part of that story is well. Because you know you get somebody who moves here for job opportunities that they really become part of the community whenever they get out and they're helping their neighbors. To give back on their feet and clean up after the tornadoes in New Orleans east last year. And I've recovery obviously continues. And and just to continue to improve. The city from you know where was where we are today there's there's always something that can be done. Lesson that I learned very early in life was was too much time with Boy Scouts comment it was you know in reference to clean up after. Going camping was leave everything better than you found it very calm but I think if you apply that to life and you your life in a city or community. The whole world via a much better place. Well we're talking about corporate voluntarism paying I know that do you all hands on your own throughout the year work with many of our own workplace campaign. Companies or organizations and help them for instance and of Folgers. I'm Dave yeah spent a lot of time this year big time may be there one of our top fives volunteer attorneys are in our top five for shirt. But I know we have a number of companies that spend a great deal of time with their employees are really making an effort to make it different. That means so much you know with the help of those companies we are so much more than the sum of our parts. Individuals volunteering together or tremendous because you get to meet. Other people on the outside your demographic or make new friends bring your family but as a company it's such a great opportunity team build. Build those strong connections only within that group but also integrate them into that neighborhood as a whole or the city is whole and I think it's a really. Unique city for a lot of reasons and one of those is certainly the efforts that all of our local companies have given to sit here and here and you know I want to give your second to touch honesty because I know you've played such a big role in this. Let's talk about disaster recovery response and volunteers and has played a significant. Role in making sure that that that goes off with. It's few challenges posture I mean we've been dealt so many blows over the years but it. That since their resiliency in that ability to come back and get back on her feet really is. In great part due to these relationships and connections valley for neighbor to neighbor but from company to company. And being a good skewered. The corporate Steward within the community to be able to make these Natalie. Financial investments but time investments we recognize that time is valuable. For companies in particular for them take off a day or have to give back is a huge gift to the neighbors that they support. So OK Hannah and now before we finish when it closes some rapid fire voluntarism questions national volunteer week. Folks that are listening maybe one or volunteer but you've got a couple. The F a few hang up such a thing about how much time do I need to volunteer. I'm generally a product or about three hours. We do you have another short or we also have folding project but it and OK I work full time. To my still able to volunteer. Absolutely. We have lots of Saturday opportunities. And opportunities there that we depending on your work schedule we are willing to work just reach out to us and we can find volunteer opportunities to meet your needs can we can't touch earlier let's talk about it again during need any type of training to volunteer. Great. And articulating the needs responsibilities. OK I want a volunteer at my family and friends how to idea. Just go to united plays you dot or slash volunteer you can sign up and you can also. Say that you got a team. You know however many people's you don't have top effort and great you can tell him look I wanna voluntary these are poor people and only gets stuck. Now Britain on offense on my own you know you can ask for that absolutely perfect in an again just one more time are there any age restrictions. So volunteering. Generally not some projects are sixteen girl there but for the most part it's him. Fantastic. Cookie curry Owen thank you guys for coming in tossing about that that particular project that we've got going on I know our tri Centennial peace is going on throughout the year and we're so grateful for the baby cakes to lift up those efforts. I'm not only united way and hands on network volunteers are partners in this piece. But all of those in divulge individuals in southeast Louisiana who are volunteering in so we just wanna say thank you once again. For turning this favorite really for making that effort throughout the year until. And do. And Peyton and Melanie and Hannah I'll see you guys back at the office later this week years. We appreciate it and they are always hustling an hour hour we can't say enough so thank you to cookie Rojas Peyton geno Melanie read Haney for Hannah bridges excuse me. Any like that encourage them. For joining us today for more information please visit us at united way C Le dot org. And follow us on FaceBook Twitter and answer Gramm by searching for the handle. Act united Wacey that's united way SE LA and has always being courage you to join united way by giving volunteering advocating connect. We have one liked to live to look better we must live the united.