United Way SELA - Tricentennial Events

Kirby Nagle and her guests discuss the city's Tricentennial volunteer challenge of 300,000 hours for the next 300.


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Welcome all of this addition of the united way of southeast Louisiana's live the united radio I'm curbing angle. United way fight for the health education and financial stability of every person in every community we serve. We've got a plan to get that done. Our blueprint for prosperity is laser focused on eradicating poverty with a bold vision of that global communities were all individuals are healthy. Educated. And economically stable. And on the show recovery programs collaborations initiatives volunteers and an advocacy efforts all aimed at eradicating poverty in southeast Louisiana. Joining me today we have Jed brown Russell of the 2018 no look commission urged the co chair of the community engagement committee. Along with Jed we have the a second I don't say the other the second part in some cases the first co chairs say yeah. Curry Smith leg in the co chair of the Toni T know commissions community engagement committee. Along with Michelle Clark paying united way of southeast Louisiana's senior director of investor relations so thank you to three beefed there for joining me today. Let's just get into it we are here to talk about the tri Centennial and all that involves now to celebrate 300 years of rich history. Diversity cultural traditions and resilience the city of New Orleans we'll celebrate 2018 and extra Centennial. Like no other to accomplish this mayor actually injured formed the Tony eighteen or commissioned to a lot and put firm fronts. And programs that on the anniversary of the founding of this great city. There are a variety of special events concerts fireworks and the completion of major infrastructure projects. We'll all take place and this year that is yells and eighteen alongside. The special events well this group peers working on interest and you know commissions. City. She's me yearlong tri Centennial volunteer challenge. Which is called 300000. For the next 300 took our analysts are a few what exactly does 300000 for the next 300 entail. Absolutely so as you mentioned earlier this year is the 300 anniversary of the founding of new Orleans back in 1718. So there are a number of big events and this week especially has been a particularly this one. But throughout the year we've been celebrating and collaborating way if I think about a 160 projects now from trying to different nonprofit partners. All focus on community service and I kind of civic engagement component. So looking at how we can get the neighborhoods the individuals. And our community overall involved and celebrating and commemorating this 300 fear for our city. So that challenge and it's named 300000 for the next 300 really speaks to getting people involved and having them participate. In ways that are focused on service and logging 300000 hours. Over these this entire year. So you know it's of a big tall task and I think with those nine U nonprofit partners. What are their projects like in their hours were probably gonna sit you know succeed and then you get surpassing that number of by well on our way it's been very busy these first three months. You can go to 2018 Nolan dot com to find out some of the projects that are there are ready. We are still looking for other nonprofit partners to participate so if people have an idea to beautify their neighborhood or you get out and you. Some sort of build or cleanup day. We'd love for them to come to partner with us. So we you said at the website there again is when he eighteen Nolan dot com that's 2018. And OL eight dot com you can find out. Howell to volunteer how to pick a project on that website Jed if you will run us through the partners the key players that are on onboard this project. So of course united way she is chief among them they have absolutely. Pick a city. And I'm passing on behalf of the commission evening great partners. And I don't think that there is a better partner we we could have collaborate with I mean you know and it laid literally. I am is that common thread that has been running through so many. Nonprofits. I'm throughout the city and so I am such a great partner. For us to be working well and again I think. I think Harry. I'm kind of rattled off on all of the things that we're focusing on Campbell what a week that the commission has has a really created you point that out earlier. There are tons of events that are that are rolling in have been rolled out right I'm in the past our MP days. I'm alone and this is what it means to to celebrate it's bicentennial in a city like New Orleans. It is really brain. I'm all folks from all walks of life together and and thinks he Mandalay. For helping us make that happen well I want. So thank you on behalf of the united way for forgiveness not shy about making sure it. We're part of this program on the and we will spend some time. I know you guys were very busy this week so we'll we'll go back and recap those those events I'm here a little later in the show Michelle I'll bring in at this point I know that there's a new partner. Our Kirby talked a little bit at last last week we're talking about national volunteer wreak. I'm but it group that steps up. Oh so very often and they've done so again in a big way to lift up this work. Yes we're so thankful to have energy corporation V this year sponsor our armed volunteers challenge are really of the ties into the online to challenge. A really really truly couldn't have done what other partnership. They. Came to its table they wanted to partner as they really wanted to find a way to get back to this city and be apart of the Tyson to nail. And that's really allows. Everyone to get involved and be apart of it so we can't we really truly think you'd energy corporation. Jets allow this to happen well and if you will I know this is there a big year for energy in united way in general. They've done so much I'm from. I'll go ahead and put it up there CI to think about Tucker had but even the genuine runner prosperity senator and so many other pieces. Other invested in united ways work and I think. You know I know there's no better person probably in you to to say thanks to them to talk to act. Absolutely I mean energy is. It's they're trillion amazing partner the united way they they go above and beyond a matter no matter what the asking are always looking to do more not only was this ties in San you're times but. As you mentioned Jamie winner prosperity and there. Also just helped us put on poverty simulation experience for our members in the community right so they're really focused on really. The mission of the united way eradicating poverty in the city and they're really looking to do. Whatever they can do they care about the community they care about the individuals. And they're truly great partner let's have them well if we're talking about eradicating. Are pretty. They just in general building a better and brighter future for New Orleans. I think there's no better way to do it and during this type of volunteer service project and I'm looking get a lot of research. If it's successful. As huge right and saw I think again this goes back to what what it means are really you know celebrate our tri Centennial. One of the things our committee. Community engagement committee has really meant. Focusing on are some of the issues that plea us the most right to talk about resiliency and talk about public safety. When you talk about equity. Common these are all that means that pour into those issues and so what we've been constantly doing. It's trying to put forward projects that address those issues head on and on and so the economic impact. I'm that this is heading on our community is he used its lasting this is what it means to make an impression on at at 300 earmarks absolutely. If you go a little bit further than just in general volunteers in that. Touched on the of its ability to. Early lesson that economic burden on not only the city on the pieces and parts of their working on that all of these nonprofit partners negatives are coming to the table. So hey we need a little bit of help. To make this next move to take this next step up whether it's advancing commissioner particular project or job. Yes absolutely and that's the thing I think. So awesome week I mean even in the nonprofit world we see where we are operating in silos whether it's an actual X right war force. But I think when you have opportunities like this to make direct impact on. Some of those map graphic that needs help. On this is I proceeded today and so what you know so much appreciate. Folks like united way is Gian either stepping up to the plate. I'm to release say hey this is what it means. To be a part of the war islands in the community. And so I again hats off to them for I'm taking such a huge step so if you're not profit after listening. And you've got to project some type of event that your gonna you know where it what are what are what are the ways that they can get involved. Short so one really get involved would be to me a log on 22 you know dot com and submit that project to be a part of this 300000 for the next 300 challenge. You know that's I think probably the easiest way to engage and and get a lot of attention around any sort of volunteer opportunity. Because it will need to be a truly collaborative effort for us to you hit that mark and then successfully get to 300000 hours. That that would be kind of primary the way to do it. Another way that of course has already passed but we did definitely pushed it out to the nonprofit community and getting them involved. Is is a separate challenge not focused on service but focused on. Projects and programs and we were able to award 500000 dollars. Things you partnership with the city. And very very excited about that we actually had an opportunity earlier this week to use some you know some activities. With the nonprofits. There were three that one the various categories. And we are able to work harsh programs as well the top three winners. This year we're navigational. Which is and initiative focused on infant mental health and he'll health and educational lines of Louisiana. And then Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation. So those were full awards. And then we also had some partial or we were able to get out. I made the announcement last you know last month had to New Orleans entrepreneur week and then this week as part of this tri Centennial international week. Where it will focus on all of this nonprofits bring them together for Taylor Hall in the name of that challenge that was the next 300 talent. Tests I think another piece that's so special and unique about these events but. Are connected to the tres content it was their ability to bring together not only nonprofits but our our community at large yes absolutely so. I'm as carry plan at a couple weeks ago at norm in fact you were weak we the announced the winners. I'm so we have those three winners but we also camelback ventures 1881 institute. I'll find seventeen of them one as Mardi Gras Indian culture campuses. I am New Orleans museum of art. I United Negro College Fund the first semi to Louisiana angering core. I am re circulating farms were also partial winners of those dollars is a while. So that that impact on the larger community. Is really really important to us because will be king it just focus on where we bit where we have been and where we are now we have to really look forward. And so it's challenges like beef and opportunities like bees that really opened the door. Four majesty our profits for the community offers. The folks if you just shooting and were talking about. The week that just took place was a major week in the 2018. Neuro intra Centennial celebration thanks to that 2018. Tri Centennial commission and all the pieces and parts that are part of that. And so in the house say we've got straight Russell Kris Smith and the shell pain I'm talking about not only. All of the sound of celebratory events that have taken place but also some very important challenges. Are writing New Orleans fourth an extra hundred years one of them being the volunteer. Challenge 300000 for the extra hundred the shelter where we stand today in the collection of these 300000 hours. Which is exciting. For months and that's point. We've reached 85. Hours. I entered. It's incredibly in terms there reaching. Treatment here. It. And son nonprofits. Are eaten there all. Hours. You've got to recognize. Every store or nine. What Clinton's conservancy. You'd three irons as VP. And there. Coming in the next few weeks. As. Partners. And YouTube is. With each. Very. And years age. Eight at an important part of the robbery. It. That. Means for. Years. Are. Of course so I you mentioned that the many products that are still available. I looked at just the single page and there were I didn't click on it through the end I'll be honest we're a lot Connecticut. But I mean just your run through some of these pieces or some just general neighborhood that beautification projects a recess coach assistant. Partner with a garden day helping with the smoothie king event senator concession stand. Creating hygiene kits for the harmless beads starting with Parker great roundtree on those so well. Food pantry volunteering and I like this in particular military vehicle restoration citizens were truly. A challenge that's going to meet the needs of anyone atop they're looking for volunteers and I think let's just tell folks curry. This is a family friendly we encourage group activities we want you come get involved me apart or something they're correct. Definitely absolutely serie a this is kind of the the peak week if you will of the tri Centennial year and today there is the citywide family reunion over Armstrong park. Also the dog parade over a city park are city park. By which this service challenge it really is a yearlong initiative. And yeah and that is one way that I think is very easy way to engage the entire family people all ages. And it goes out there is an individual again and go on to 2018 or dot com. Take a look at the website and see what projects are available. And if you're nonprofit. Especially because we have many months ahead of us are thrust of the year. And you have a project in mind you know please pray you know propose it and and put it up to us. Would love to have to be apart. This year's initiative. And a lot of people have things planned around the Katrina anniversary date. Universities of course two big kick off on their you know first week or first weekend back in session. I'm so there are opportunities distilled and involved and and will be throughout the year and I think this is probably the easiest way to do that. So I mean let's talk about it you mentioned hurricane Katrina and certainly was. Left its mark on the world and without. Volunteerism. Which play significant on the rebuild the recovery right we we'll get to this point today. And so I think edition general we take a step back and talk about volunteers and in general what role has it played in the history of New Orleans. We can look at Katrina recently that there are so many other instances. I think. You know we we always talk about the city that care for cats I don't think that they're the big bigger acting. Our great for our city but. I think this this time. That we're in really presents a unique opportunity. Four as we talked about for nonprofits who are looking to bring in and engage more people. But also for individuals who are just I'm not isn't engage and involve this action should be. In the past and now. This is opportunity to really really leave your mark. Right for our eye on the 300. Anniversary of our city but also it's of really. Kick us off for what the next 300. No pun intended but when it makes 300. Com's ship really look like in match should be engaged citizens and engage community. How we have to be able to be reciprocal. From what are nonprofits with our government what our citizens who were when it's a give and take kind of thing and so I'm I think this puts us on that passed. I'm I'm really excited I'm excited about this week come out and off. Com but I'm also excited about the rest of the years while for volunteers and it's really important and I think that. I think. Hopefully that they tried to its annual change some some fault is mine. About. You know volunteering to participate in what local organizations. Totally I think you know you you have these moments in our history that were lows looking Hurricane Katrina looking at the tornado last year when daddy the August 5 floods cost here. But you see people come back and and volunteers get involved in the neighborhoods. And I think that is a part of the legacy of this sitting in this part of our history and you look at the legacy. Of volunteerism and some of our high moments were hosted Super Bowls or final fours or All Star Games. And large scale events like that cannot be pulled off what our I think like huge volunteer participation. Am and this city does that I think better than anywhere else and found sound Mike Tate set I I hope that this year. It is a moment for people to get engaged as volunteers. And truly give back to the city. And and leave their individual marks on this you know on this moment. I think there's one other interesting note to and that's to go back to the first date this this child was kicked off. And we were all there together bombing and it was significant too because we chose to senator of that around our them smartly king junior day of service and I think that's a comment on. Your team with your committee in the commission at large being very aware and very conscious of the fact that it's important that this isn't just. What's gonna click these are for the sake of collecting air to get so worked on SP really conscious about. The way in which were getting this work done and coming together as a community is as. The family that is New Orleans arch now. I think in and I know curry is in the same boat. And he and I play connected. Through an organization where we were volunteering right is why I think any paid work and we've re connected. Through this I Centennial but I think you know one of the things that I always say is very. I found myself through nonviolence terrorism right there's like an equal out there this is the best way to find yourself this illusion south and service. And so I think that. Hopefully where we are really pushing people in engaging people. On to do just right because I think we just Russia's surface we talked about hours. I'm sure that there's probably three times as many hours that have actually been. And perform my bin Laden so that's a call to action as well let's a lot and saw him leave a mark and him really see the impact that we're making. But absolutely I mean I am we have we have to be able to come matches give ourselves the gear for others it's one. Certainly gathering new Yorker you mentioned that this was kicked off on Martin Luther King weekend and now clear quote from. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself you know everybody can be great because anybody can surf and I think that should be the theme of getting involved with the choice Antonio this year is you know MP grace be a great citizen. And do so by participating in this challenge. Well fantastic folks appeared again just tuning in. Recapping. All that has happened so far in the tri Centennial volunteered challenged. Yet we have so much more to go as were about a third of the way collecting those 300000 hours. If you wanna get involved make sure your visiting 2018 you know dot com that's to use your one day and so I'll say dot com. So there some big news. This week and I know that you are have been running around with you now audit events this week but if you didn't get that the news flash are treated. The realist announced this week that New Orleans as the top city to visit in the world in 2018. Thanks in large part. And this is not. Susan nothing on my behalf. Tell us as to the work that that 2018. You know commission is doing celebrating mistress and annual. And only through the volunteer challenge which they didn't mention that they shouldn't have to eat and often events that you guys I mean this was bigger Q can run down through them sped him up you will but even just starting with. Navy week which was. And it has ships prominent and yeah I mean if I think every year. That the economy it's an amazing of them by by to see happening during the tri Centennial year is just amazing you know. I think all of the events that the commission has put together. I'm really had this just common. Of equity and inclusion and just. Everybody calm and together it really. That thing that it reminded me of is the way in New Orleans won this informal writing more altogether. And I think then. This week has really shown us whether it's the needy weekly it's as cancer or at. The wind what was the name one city one in PO like that pack their last day here our city our feature with a K with the kids in the wire. On Mac out what do what a wonderful of that and so I'm when he talked about interfaith service all of bill's been calm exists. So much. What New Orleans really really stands for and means. And we want we stand together we've always seen that we are able to do gory scenes and so I know that there are other the affected Maine back curry. Yeah probably Carly is as close by. Everything is a blur at this point but. Again that the work that the commission is Darlene I'm just really speaks at the greatness of our city and I'm so proud of the city I'm so proud of the work that the commission is doing. Play it adds I guess it feels good to be honored and that way you play you know I don't disagree. You regard it. Sure thing that's been a busy week aren't you figure out all of the events that they've listed off and then you know looking ahead to next week being Jazz Fest and all the while he's going on the pelicans were gonna playoff broadcast it's an exciting time to be here. And scale of these things are special I think for. You know folks are listening and then no we know certainly this is an unfamiliar for you. And that there are a couple other big pieces that are going on with the commission. That and I know you are involved in specifically that we talk about I'm a little bit because they're major infrastructure pieces that are going on. On as a part of imprudent loans because some of some of the issues that we have folks that come in town idealism and Fisher actually challenged they haven't I think we can all go back to January remember you can see how all I'm a little bit of bulletproof. Freezing temperatures having an op black wire connection and a city as all of us are losing your celebrity through your got a few aches remains just got a new airport. A journalist opening up suburban Sri infrastructure that's been redone we know we have them bring perjury and car extension off again men walk that's open and I mean there's so many things are all tied into this tri Centennial celebration of just putting your loans off on the right foot for that next regard for him. And that's the thing I think. It it would it would have been very easy. Before the commission to focus on. Just celebrating. Right but I think that they war intentional and deliberate. And incorporating things are forward looking. Even our our. Are very happy next 300 tablets with a forward looking forward thinking ideas competition and so whether you're talking about. You know ideas on what you're talking about infrastructure. I mean those things are going to have lasting impacts on the next 300 years and that's what this is around. So let's recap at all again just put it up nice and neat to them as we close out the show on our last. For five minutes here. The big focus though today we were talking about is the volunteers dressed and getting of on church on charges 300000 for the extra hundreds of somebody's listening how to get involved or that you. Sure thing I'm so log on between eighteen no us in 2018. And OLA dot com. That's where you can. See what projects Ernie on there if you are a nonprofit her neighborhood association or or anything of the sort where you have a service project. Coming up propose it and see you know make it make it a part of this challenge. As Michelle mentioned that you were about 180000 or so hours logged. That's out of 300000 so we got a ways ago but we've got many months before the end of the year with Montreal via part of it. You can see other events that are taking place throughout the year again this past week was you know particularly busy. But this was not the only way it's not just one week out when he eighteen it is the entire year. So there will be other public celebrations. And ways to participate more than just so. And show these projects are family friendly. Absolutely wide range of I mean whether you wanna get your hands dirty or you'd rather. You know hey guess at what guarding whatever it is between an eight. Matters and counts and that we've got to get anyone involved in the age I know we talked about this last week on the national volunteer week Cilic is just last week. But you know if you're gonna involve a volunteerism it's great if you do have a specific skill set and you can find on certain out of these hundreds of projects there's something there for you but if you don't. If you're a little more like me and you don't have the greens and you don't have. Experience with carpentry here in those other pieces are certainly something out there that you can get involved in and we wanna encourage people to leave that. It's I always like to it's I'm close our show live. Call to the folks are listening if they haven't volunteered if they haven't been a part of this each of news channel star what's your plea to them to say. Come be involved and come. Be apart of the next 300 and and why you act at I think it's important SA bit. There's an old project is too small there's none too big right and so what you're talking about a church or sorority or fraternity. Or you know or some other kind of social and me. Organization. There is nothing. That where pushing away are pushing out in all counts in all matters. An and I think that that is a very symbolic again of what this commission stands for every single hour every single person who works it. I'm matter so the call to action is. Go out long line change and register your project and pull people in engaged new people in new faces. And to. Until what you do and certainly and she said that so well and so assists and record for use. Worry is some whites as well maybe I'm by myself I don't you know I don't have a group to get together. And certainly as you meet new people as well GO. Mentioned earlier absolutely right so who's gonna copy and paste it's come back after and test. Hours. But now I mean I think it's it's customizable to whatever your comfortable way you know can be a one off projects where you're there for just that Saturday for 45 hours or you can find some in the you're able to engage. Once a week once a month whatever your comfortable. And you know this is the year that it come January 1 you said yourself on and it involved or like some preferences and you wait for news. After bodyguards understandably has always says early it's all good and we're still early in the year it's still April. And what better time than right now right if if the best time was yesterday in the second missed time is now to get him involved. So c'mon join us. I'm Selena showing no. I just give you one last chance as you mentioned earlier Entergy just their support for this project and and signing on to help lift up. All of the volunteer that's taking place across the city both shows are being logged and we hope that your like you did that article really triggered a lot of hours. Another thinks energy if you will absolutely energy corporation we could not have done it without them here's the thing for them to be partners with us. But this is your challenge they really. Care about our community and help help make this impact happens we can't thank them yet again thank you energy corporation probably chief for united way. And and this volunteer challenge I want to thank my guests as well. For more information please visit united Wacey Le dot org and follow us on FaceBook Twitter. And it's Graham are searching for the handle at united way C that's united way SEL. Day and as always we encourage you to join united way. Give volunteer advocates. And connect. United way of southeast Louisiana has a blueprint for prosperity. Across all seven pair she is we serve from the West Bank to the North Shore for funding every resource we can't develop equitable communities. United we faced partly in southeast Louisiana. No matter any obstacles no matter the odds we fight for the health education and financial stability in every person in every community. Because change doesn't happen Malone and hope isn't a one main thing. We have one like to live to live better we must live united.