United Way - SELA - Red Beans

Kirby Nagle and her guests discuss the United Way 9th Annual Red Beans 'N' Rice Cook-Off, which marks the official kick-off of the 2018 West St. Tammany United Way campaign. Proceeds benefit suicide prevention, mental health services and other United Way programs serving St. Tammany Parish.

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Good day folks this is Kirby Jane Nagle thanks for tuning in to united way of southeast Louisiana's live united radio. United way fights for the health education and financial stability of every person in every community we serve. We've got a plan to get that done. Our blueprint for prosperity is a laser focus on eradicating poverty. With a bold vision of equitable communities we're all individuals are healthy educated and economically stable city. And on the show were covering the programs collaborations initiatives volunteerism an advocacy efforts all aimed. At eradicating poverty in southeast Louisiana and on today's show we're talking about one of our favorite events that comes up. Each year and that's red beans and rice which. Which got the tooth to events east and west on the North Shore in saint Tammany parish today's guest we have Sonja Newman. He had a way of southeast Louisiana's resources on the manager forcing Timmy payers thanks for coming on again Sonja thanks very happy caddie and two of our favorite guest so we wish we wish you happy on more and once a year but I. Last this is what. This is allow all the time all I guess to have Chris Kaufman. Two dozen eighteen east bread being generous committee chair and fire chief with saint Tammany. Department part arm and one. Thanks for coming on again Chris and Christopher Hines Chris with a K. I'm from the west beings west red beans and rice committee chair. I would refer department number twelve chief of our prevention that's correct thanks for coming on. So does that again united where southeast Louisiana kicks off its community writing a campaign in saint teeming with these two unique events the red beans and rice took off. This year marks the ninth annual west event correct is this. Fourteenth annual Easter event and again this year the proceeds benefit suicide prevention. Mental health services and other united way programs serving residents saint Temi so Sonya let's let's talk red beans. Give us the when where how what we need to know four what's coming up in just a a week or so. Yes so it's gonna be a lot of fun our west saint team any event. Is going to be on Monday July 30 at saints Alaska academies jam. In downtown cutting ten it's 11 AM to 2 PM and tickets are ten dollars per person. All you can need red beans and it's gonna be a lot of fun so that's the west and then on the east it's the very next Monday Monday August this six. 11 AM to 2 PM and Allen is at the Slidell city auditorium. And ten dollars a person for that one as well so it's just great way to come out and support. United way and help us celebrate kicking off the annual. You nine away giving campaign. And ten dollars for all you can eat red beans you certainly can't get deals like fat. And you're that I know and southeast Louisiana soaps are gentlemen. Don't be so quick to jump on the might just yet. I know it's so yeah go at least his listeners to confuse. Natalie can you tell support the spelling abilities that you tell support because we're ball cap and he has great here. It doesn't come across the radio that the but if you look at it in an anti social media maybe later in the week you'll see the photo there. We appreciate you got the live united I united way had on so bonus points for Chris with McKay. The picture that's right we were almost definitely yet so look this is a friendly competition goes back many many years as we said so for folks are familiar. Chris with the seats start us off just tells the history of this event I know you guys and take bragging rights is that. The first. Yes well we created the red beans or rice cook off a little over fifteen years ago when I was brought into it by the just completed his last term mayor Freddie drowned and who by the way he won lead she is east cook off and so he's doing our takeout things this year. But he got me involved with united way and that I gave me some guidance on the first cook off. And here we all fourteen years later. With our fourteenth annual event and the whole idea was to to kick off united ways campaigns and and and bring awareness to it too would Unita wade doesn't impact that it hasn't saint Tammany parish. And I think we've done just that and one of the ways we want to expand that was to have Caribbean right scoop golf on the west and and Chris would district twelve in Rick testament district four. Well it was so nice to take on that responsible thing grows that that Wes event as well. And it was it was all about getting awareness and get people involved and possibly. Having a a campaign down at their business so there employment with united way. And really get people involved in I've been on a leadership council and been part of Yunnan away for over fifteen years so. Part of it is socialize awareness on the other part is we would love to get people. To really understand the impact the united way has this buffalo the largest nonprofit agency in my opinion it has the largest impact there when you talk about helping people. Absolutely and we'll talk about that impact specifically in saint Tammany parish. I'm at some nice opportunity to be able to focus on on our neighbors to the North Shore we talks often about the work that goes on nor owns but the reality is. Notary does have a significant impact. To the north side of a departure training so we'll go into that and indeed tell a little later but he Christa also they have to twist your arm to Taguchi and daughters is something you'd jumped. Willingly absolutely it's was wrong I don't know. It actually in. So the so. He would be closed no because they start talking about you know the programs that have been that is it was suicide prevention programs. You know Chris with this day. Nice to campaign you know it's okay talk about it in her own television and survivors suicide. Brothers so so. Mostly what awaited extort getting mass jail but also help people we we have to see you on a daily basis the fire service police services. We deal with this on a daily basis. Re gay yet to actually have a call to go these guys that we work with. It was first so we can do you know big problem even if this through. On love and phone razor like this. It's well worth every word. Parents of folks having your ten dollars you get unlimited red beans whether you make the east or west event. They're gonna go to support again all these all the proceeds go to support a mental health awareness pieces. I'm suicide prevention and and other programs that united way funds on the North Shore. Comments it's a fantastic event that the proceeds do wonderful work and if you do I get tickets for listening you can buy them online now. At united way sealant dot word so you can go ahead and make those purchases today. He can get a method or when you get their that the lines are long you might do yourself a favor and and get him early. Signing I know. This is a big event and you couldn't pull it off without some assistance so can you tell us about some of the special sponsors you've you've got lined up this year. Yes so we really want to thank our presenting sponsors for both the events are presenting sponsors for the west saint team the event is a loop LLC. And Luke actually does an amazing united way employee giving campaign. Natalie do they support us financially that they supporters with volunteer hours. Not just volunteering in the community that volunteering on our different committees on our. Leadership council on our board of trustees they're just an amazing organization that. I'm really focuses on on giving back and helping those who are most moral world and our community. And then our other presenting sponsor in west saint team many is key slur federal credit union. And done this is they're sexy year being a presenting sponsor and they're growing. And saint team any parish and on the North Shore and we just appreciate them so much. And then our presenting sponsor for the EC team any red beans and rice took off. Is Slidell memorial hospital and I turn North Shore and they've both been longtime supporters of. I think we got out early or is that grudge match yeah you know we got Philly or apartments out of the way we mention the date the time tickets you come where the dollars go. Certainly we've outlined for folks it's a great event now let's talk let's do the dirty talk to also tell us all about this competition it's elevated its own zone. Now let's talk first talking about the east and then we'll get into the competition on the White House. Because we only have our report competition on the west the as we have so many of the poems that participate. But on the east we have an event that has as many as 26 teams. We have dessert. Booth that is put on by east saint Tammany chamber of commerce. We have several of boots. Sale of lemonade. The different beverages. That all proceeds go to our exam but we usually have on an average four or 500 people come up to this man. We're not competing with anybody on red being Monday here on the east. We we really wanna invite people to come out spend their lunchtime if they wanna bring their employees to launch their clients to launch. Where can you go as you sit curve for 101000 eat. His many means as you would like. A lot of the different boots wearing different economists that you can. To your red beans and we do have desserts available and and it's a great networking opportunity when you talk about it Nazi and who's who who announces event absolutely and a we have people that look forward to this each and every year. And now we judge to boot so they decorate the boots. Some people where customs. Oh we have Ashley Rodriguez MC and I'll faint tests are a vantage wanted to have a crack down. Yeses and she does a great jab she really understands why we do we do with united way and and in these two events so. Ash is going to be RNC and would look and fall with to have and another successfully advances that weekend. We can at the end of the day and raise some money that we we think has direct an important impact and saint Tammany parish. And and we used that term mental health because it just in compass is everything and as Chris Wells you know I can't think of a family hasn't been touched you when we talk in public. That that that can connect whether it be a friend a family member of that is so it would mental health law. Or a suicide event that they can connect to why we do know we don't and saint Tammany. Last year we ended the year with 37 suicides we've already hit thirty in 2018. That is alarming. We've kept it in check what are you get what our events and you know programs great call on doctor John Preston who's made this. A priority in saint Tammany so. You know as Chris. I just wanna emphasize while we do both cook offs and and the purpose and truly I can't thank you Natalie enough. That they have let this be one of their initiatives in saint Tammany. To really attack an issue that is really. I think a worldwide issue when you talk about sports mental health thought even deal appeal an addiction. Crisis we're in it's a fact and every community. And people to scramble in the Como with programs. That can address these concerns in saint Tammy at least we have. We have a program. That we can work tool is that we trying to make a difference and change the future and curse of the cave in last switched I mean it's. Similar. Some are outlined but you got a little fly over there as well who we later abroad Matthew. I. Herat in delivering you'll go or go over the the west known challenger about it. And a statement. So anyway. We've got we've when he was teams I think this this year roughly. I don't know. How many people coming because I didn't you know take the time the case Kelly. You know Chris we'll see did track that would the same it's the same type things like he said we have on the firefighters. Competition and we get more fire departments on the west side competing here we do is we've got this glorious moment that you guys that pain it. He works as bill actually donated to paint we have a fire helmet that is really cool and it goes with the farm implement it winds the fire department. So Charlie. It as a trophy that they have bragging rights for the year and you know and on aside though last year bush fire department art issue nine more. So they not only. Have the bragging rights with whom it feels that the cook for takeout means for this year so you know please. They're favored using it to to push you know whatever we have indeed take out there or actually this year. We've got. Delivery services available to him that's contest on the west side. Look I'm all about it it would buckle up because any any dollar amount that comes in we were so close to you guys hear that. We were so cool keep trying to I'm a hundred equipment. That's okay. But we're not gonna quit once we once police Apache guys we're not gonna quit we gonna keep doing this every year. We we also have a battle battle for the bad for the police agencies aside to do so there's a decorative bad that they kinky for. There bragging rights brighter all right. And to an original source please winner first place second place there's yep now is that the best way to boost the best as I think that's people's choice people's choice is there. Much is always find folks you know lobby and you collegiate you'd get from this underdog and that's how we're talking about. You know tasting perhaps these powerful bulls overall means it is and right. And Jesus personal recipes which I love red beans I communities. You regretted asking that it. Tell us Sonja fab Chris just mentioned it but what are the specifics around via the delivery for this year. So the delivery were offering that option and last eighteen mini. And on since the event is that things Alaska academy in downtown Pennington are radius for that. Is bomb highway 192. By twelve so that holds for one Chinese and car dealership lots of businesses there in north park if you like for us to deliver your beans. You'd need to order five or more orders. And will deliver those to you but it does need to be pre ordered. And then actually the radius in the other direction. Is to Ronald Reagan highway. And then up highway 21 a little bit to say though on kid placed that order just go to our website united way ST LE dot org. Slash 2018 red beans and you can click on that delivery option it does need to be prepaid and pre ordered for us to do that day you're not gonna you know cash they have scored just for delivery person accent in gorgeous for delivery read people can certainly get through to take Albert. We've not to cast yes we had to go and he's right there take out yes and I want also mention. Obviously my forces and coordination. State and parish government's lab hopefully useful ones captain Kevin swan. And also like I wanna make. Point to the point one of our. Our responses has been with us since the beginning we couldn't do without them. This community of beings right and I got an opportunity to meet some of the family members every year we pick up to beings. They provide the red means to both events we pick overall pick up over 450 pounds a red beans. And as a wanna thank really cool family. They connect to what we're doing as well and they they're committed to help on this golf. Oh yes certainly we can do red beans and rice about the preeminent. Being supplier committee of you beans thank you again. They're wonderful job every year and let's just recap again from the tops on you give us the date and time for folks that may just be tuning in to. Red beans arrest cook offs coming up and say to Amy parish. Yes to the west saint team any red beans and rice took office Monday July 30. Saints Alaska academies GM dresses one to two south Massachusetts street in Covington 11 AM to 2 PM. Ten dollars all you can neat so that's the west July 30 and then the very next Monday is the east. Monday August 6 at Slidell city auditorium. Tony 562 street in Slidell 11 AM to 2 PM as well ten dollars all you can meet. Those are offering that dying end ion drive through and take out services. And on the west is offering the delivery services. Four in the die in this economy it's three hours if you mean them a lot of folks can get away from their arsenal David if you have the opportunity to comment enjoy the festivities and a Chris you guys you raffles and I'm so many things throughout the day is using duo was damaged because I and. You know but also. I get into the Frontline. Army gave him he would say something else to lose on the edges of the okay my friends over over the fire department. They've participated scorcher is also OK so we want to remind you that there are participating can't let them. And thank you thank you thank you to move LLC and keys there because they are fabulous people's. Only love I think you can harm and appreciate that this. Request so many wonderful guest in studio with us today we can't say thank you enough and and look I mean this is a fun Saturday but it's a very fun event. We talked about the desserts and Chris Lucy I'm looking at you because I know there is a particularly special person like sheer. That kind of dominated the dessert competition. Yeah well. You know correct them moms being put in that's right. I don't know what to it's I just think of the last twelve months yeah yes and she'll be back this year and it just started out is is something we wanted to edit. They it to the the fire department cooking team and she usually cooks around fifteen different case yes. And has you know she does all America knows who their average. Peach. In a lot of different of the case and and we now have a dessert category for the judges. And it just as a whole other layer to we do it has great want to give strategy can be messaging program tested. Really expect some desserts for you sit testers test not only you're appetite attach your pants on and see how well your answer or. It's really a funny I would like to at least mentioned Kirby. 21 yet revealing 211 is Natalie Portman. And we track calls crisis calls that come through obviously our entire southeast Louisiana you know that we region. And just in saint Tammany paris' approximately. 3000 calls you'd come in. And we get quarterly reports and you know in saint Tammany. We're getting a larger call volume monies out of Paris in the west but both of them pretty active. And a humble concerned about the crisis calls the other calls usually an urgent. But we continue to have crisis goals. In saint Tammany parish and helpless to rectum and right please. And if and when it is one of those counseling type phone calls myself mentally ill. They can actually has themselves and more. We Indian commerce services first responders as quickly as possible so to report we have with with united way it's part of our plan to help. Reduced the number of suicide now helps calls would respond to. Telus Sonia for folks that are familiar with 211 and what exactly. Is 21 wanton and worsening of the resources that via link which is zip part two and one offers to the community. Yes to be a link to 11 is actually a community information and referral. Hotline. Right on so not only do they offer referral to community resources. But they also offer a crisis counseling that Chris was talking about how. Mom so all you have to do is literally call 211%. That is the number cult to online. In just to give you an example of some of the information her pearls that they can help you out when at this. Emergency shelter rent and utility information household needs food substance appease child care crisis counseling domestic violence. General counseling. Disaster information and then of course suicide intervention. But I really do wanna touch on just a general counseling because one of the reasons that people don't get help. On the mental health services and they need is because they think that they cannot afford it right and there are challenges with that certainly and all of our communities. And on some of programs that. 21 camera for you to. There's organizations that offer their services. On either free depending on your income or at a sliding scale. And again folks were talking about this today because we're previewing their red beans and rice cook offs coming up on Monday. July 30 and Monday August 6 in saint Tammany parish east and west if you want more information or buy tickets in advance. Producer on our website at united way CNET dot org it's ten dollars all you can eat. Red beans and desserts. And so many other wonderful things to come enjoy throughout the cook off. Assigning every talking about feeling in the impact on and the resource as it provides a sentencing teaming bullets arc big picture. United way. Describe the impact. Of the united rain saint Tammany parish it's made possible through the generosity of the donors. There not only in saint Tammany but across southeast Louisiana southern parishes we serve. Yes so well let's look just specifically at saint teaming you for write me absolutely I mean nine A way actually funds twenty different agencies. In saint teaming pairs there either located in saint team any or they service eighteen many. And on date united way funds 29 different programs. To the services. That are provided to same team he cares residents 39 a way. Funded programs was 27039. Services. And when he seventeen so. We got obviously touched a lot of people through funding the different programs. And you know one organization cannot do it Alam and that is why united way partners. With these organizations that are doing the best work in there are specific area. And on these organizations have been. They added on they have to report back to us you know would is it that they're doing with the money that they received from the united way. And then we compile all of that data so that we can have. On being at the most transparency possible to let you know. How your dollars are working in the community and that's really important to us to on the it would net to share that with the community. On just to give you some other idea of at the impact that's been made hundred an 181000 hours of child a sinner. Based child care in saint teeny perish alone since 2017 car or truck in a single year year and yet what 20162017. Catch at twelve month period that is that we do look at. On our individual development program. Which is where it's also called idea programmed course 913. 1904. Dollars. Com home purchases three that that program. And come out and encourage people to go to our website united way Sealy dot org and check out that idea program. With partner a lot of width on like habitat for community for this first time homeowners from here on two help and I sat down payment on their hands. Star Amy wise prescription savings drug program. On 2016 data shows that saint teeny precedent save 245. Thousand dollars on. Just in saint team any on their prescriptions by using that program. And then gone through Dolly Parton imagination library which. Even that Dolly Parton easy does it united way to actually covers the cost of it of course I'm since we started that program and saint teeny we sent out almost 40000 books. Two children in saint teeny and that's important because early childhood reading we want make space children. To the love of Reading early on and that they have that early on and they're gonna do better in school once they began. Well I mean certainly you just made the case for understanding why united ways are important to the community and let's back up again I'm we're talking about the red beans and rice took off which all proceeds. Benefit suicide prevention mental health awareness and mental health programs. I mean and some of the programs it's on you mentioned that united way funds in the in the parish. So so gentlemen if you if you will forests and before we take our last few minutes to recap the event again tell us. I'm you know how are these cook offs raise awareness for for these issues I'm from which the beneficiaries. That we've outlined today actually. You know on both sides we have members from each of the organizations that wanna go ahead and it shows there's their wares or services they provide there're there're. Welcome to to come to the events themselves and also a little table and they'll provide some deserves themselves that don't pass other information. You know that's and most definitely encouraged. And and that that's actually united way funded agencies you get to see him talked on the sea with the dolls are actually doing so. Just from the impact standpoint. I think both of us be in and soon. The first response agency. Environment. We see this stuff on the frontlines and and obviously when you talk to our families our employees. Everybody's been touched by this and my opinion this is a universal one thing we can come together. They have the largest impact in if you haven't made a donation you haven't selected an organization. Let's make it united way. You still can sponsor this event bring you and your client yeah. You employees to this event. Become a partner would you know anyway I would love to be able to follow up after the red beans and rice took off so we can do it campaign. Look at some long term donations that we can truly put through to the selection process as Sonia explained. I am I now have a kid. Been here over fifteen years at trusts. I support the process. And has a great quality control process that. They know where every dollar goes and they may actually gets the most impact and we follow it through the through the system so. Get involved come to the red beans or rice could go former west on July 30. Or you can come also to the one on the east Monday August 6 and come out supporters in a great event to support united way. Sharp and I think you know effort we're talking instantaneous specifically talk about united where's a good Steward of of the donors' dollars this is a numbers that jumped off the page to me in this and that saint Jimmy impact report that's on you for righted. So 400000 dollars raised in the parish about one or more than one point two million dollars invested back and appears at. That shows that not only are we could stooge for dollars but we're leveraging your dollars to have a large impact possible and that's through things like. These red beans cook off that allow us to do more than just take a single dollar. And give it to another one of the agencies in the way the united whereas used to work. We're leveraging their collective impact to have the biggest impact possible and certainly spoke to that which your fifteen years experience. So again for folks preaching in Sonja kick us off our wrap us up. Got just about a minute and a half left until folks one more time where they can get their tickets how much it costs and then our dates and time. And we have our say you can get your ticket on our web site you nine midway SEL a dot or. You can also get your tickets at the door Monday July 30 in west saint emea has seen scholastic academy Jian Mullen institute. The following Monday August the sixth. At the Slidell city auditorium eleven to two as well. That website again as he nine Wacey Le dot org. And I'm gonna give you my phone number in case anybody wants to call me near instant finding out more information about. United way and maybe starting a campaign that's fantastic. It's you'll call me thank you know I had a height 7780815. Save assign in new men can't say it one more time a little slower for folks that are Graham enter pins and erection tea cups and get ready for a campaign 985778. 081. Thigh and leave me messages final audience from rarely am mad despot I'll definitely call you back. And Gemma as you said there are still sponsorships available folks are sponsors they do a sign up as a team they can do that as well. Being you know my last thirty seconds just tell us what you would say encourage folks to attend. First vote counted by industry number twelve on number one saint Samuels so those issues in getting tickets or. If you wanna be a sponsor an excellent call wanna have a great. Ten dollars all the being gee can the desserts. You get to walk around network and really learn a little more about it anyways I encourage you wanna come now people are using it for you and your activities for it asks of us part. Might be ludicrous and I can't marry in each other. Gonna escalate as our Allan good hunk bring your hair a removable cap that's right that's a way it works. Sonja cursing Chris on I think US for joining me today for more information. As always you can visit united race or follow us on FaceBook Twitter and into Graham are searching for the handle united way SE LA. We encourage you join united way. Give volunteer advocates and connect with us. We want our mind you that we only have one life to live so of better we must live united.