United Way SELA - Hands On New Orleans

Terri Westerfield, United We Move
Sunday, January 7th
Terry Westerfield of United Way and her guests discuss Hands On New Orleans, whose mission is to help revitalize our neighborhoods and create a more vibrant community.

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Hello everyone welcome to united way live united I am here Westerfield. And joining me today I am proud and pleased to welcome in or out on you it's our crowd from the hands on a New Orleans. Which is also. The biggest volunteer group in this entire community c'mon guys get yourself and like I like public. Hey we've got to start off with. Let me let you know that hate in judo is the project director for hints on no eight mile candidacy yet that's yet to come. Name's Amy. Also joining us today coloring Matthews who is the assistant director of disaster management. Forehands on a lull right calorie. Also want to welcome to the program we have such a large group folks here mr. go down the line on every bush walk. Who is with marketing metrics and outcomes and is in americorps Vista folks that stands for volunteer in service to America. And right now odd reason the backs Ohio operate welcome. Also joining us today Brett ten a mom brat is also working with disaster preparedness for americorps and he is an air or Vista. Gardner good job Gardiner is a community partner and volunteer coordinator. Americorps Vista welcome garner your item like say hello. And Michelle baker who is with corporate engagement who is an americorps Vista hello hello happy to be here. And read write berg who is at resource development and expert who was with americorps Vista is that about right rate. OK. Everybody's. Joining us today act say this is an exciting and show. I united way of southeast Louisiana we have a mission and it's to eradicate. Poverty in our region that we fight for the health. Education and financial stability of every person in every community we have a blueprint for prosperity. And are strategically investing in programs and initiatives. Collaborations. And advocacy efforts to meet our communities. Greatest needs. And for those of you were listened to days if you don't know by now in we've been here since Katrina. You will find out volunteering in our community is one simple way. Maybe one of the best ways for everyone to help strengthen. Our region. The hands on mission is to engage in power in transform our community through volunteer service. And realized the power that volunteers have to make it true impact your world in his hands on New Orleans has led an effort. To revitalize. Our neighborhoods and a lot more and let's start to be getting Payton here as you. How did you start in hands on started before. Or after Katrina. Just following Katrina so the history of the organization precedes my air and I love the guy in 2006. We were a official mobilized team here in New Orleans. Kind of launched out of our Atlanta office through the hands on network. And then shortly after we became our own officials you know I'd a one C three official nonprofit and sort of dedicated the long term recovery effort ahead of us with. At that time point in time some home rebuilds these days really cater our volunteer projects that we directly lead to other communities faces so whether it's working with youth. Seniors working in public parks across the city schools that we can help refurbish and beautify. Local community gardens all those various areas where we're trying to rebuild the fabric. Of the local New Orleans community aren't so how do you go about choosing the projects and then. Getting volunteers. So garner and I tag team that'll of that as a matter of fact as our partner for Nader but we really. Reach out to any and all community groups whether it's a local grassroots organization or somebody more you know. Well known or household name to united way. Everything across that spectrum we collaborate Natalie to recruit volunteers but also says the project management which the really key component. We can kind of share that knowledge base and those skills with all of our partners and not only have some. Hands on folks doing that sweat equity but also the ability doesn't make sure those volunteers having a great experience. Wanna come back for more and stay hungry for you have negative feeling when you go home and nine. It could save your bid. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers that come here in the last dozen years or so countless yet I really inspiring. A remarkable job. And it sometimes eight quotient it's used in terms of volunteer hours to dollars. Yeah every year to help turn on the call. So basically it's money contributes there you know our time outside of their lets it work schedule or even school schedule there's an average that each volunteer hours worth. Across the country coast to coast at 24 dollars and fourteen cents. So even appear and of americorps Vista not make of that amount of money they detonate a huge impact. And it really multiplies those dollars across our community and cost savings to local efforts. What what you really deserve a hand because. Some latest information I have over. Sixteen million dollars in community savings because of what hands on the world has been able to do and rapid assay 170000. Hours of community service we've why it. And 6000 plus volunteers since 2006. I think that's a lot more is that her artery that's wrong girl excuse me. I am 60000. Or more zero an area. Where there have. Okay and over 213 thousand service hours and and 100 plus community partners. And again over 4300. Service. Projects your machine eight let me just say that we're very privileged and lucky to be able to collaborate with united way as often as we. And so we service the hands on volunteer center to help Courtney a lot of efforts across not only. Part of Orleans parish but all the greater pair on the North Shore shell South Shore up river down rivers where I had a footprint we'll. Talk a little bit about that because oh you're here and have it working with disaster in things and also is it. Brett who you know is is also LO back there may become we'll come here to the microphone because. What should talk about this last year. Was the huge dealers say 100 year flood mean I think it was. What are the biggest thing. Things that we had happened in terms of just about people coming in post K. Then it's like to help Malia are it still going on here it is another hero upon us. And we're still working and long term recovery all of what has to happen how would you. Volunteers. Help make the recovery so much better. Well when it comes to. To recovery and think fixing up your own home. It's very expensive and a lot of people here are in the impoverished are on the line which it called Alice. And well you know you can get materials donated but to get timed and which is a lot more valuable to everybody. That's where the real cost is being saved you know we'd measure but it apparently. How people are. Saving money. When you split you know twenty volunteers holding for eight hours. That's thousands of dollars but that's still a lot of work began a lot done and are a lot of our partners on the North Shore. And on the South Shore just you know. They're troopers and they know how to lead a bunch of people in the field and guard her how does that work entrance into you because. It's volunteers and is needed but you also need some of these partnerships to get either with other volunteers and is it me or. Good corporate citizens who want to be stopped. Exactly yes Syria and we picked out a few weekends for each month and we said that he can sign up online on our web Saturday hands on New Orleans orgy. And people different volunteers who wanted to go out to Houston what reporter if there. Or Lake Charles Dickens out of on the website and we can determine whether you deployed out of those places of war connect with political movement on the ground in this place. Now is that out patent it works with the party are we volunteer center yeah you are because. Aren't partners mentioning in our thinking about hurricanes that came through an and you can that be deployed elsewhere but. If you're worried you're still working on what happened happened and Holland beyond. Wow how'd you do there you work with our partners united way. Yeah others our reservations that specifically are in charge of the case management. And holding the hand of those homeowners. Helping them guide through that FEMA process potentially which can be you know little red tape to get through. But then also we have partners that actually are in charge of that regal process to not just a short term. Relief work but that down the road that long slog that we've got we've seen here in New Orleans over the past twelve years. And help and share that knowledge they shared those talents with other you know municipalities across state. They can save that time and save that money to goes on to. Here's now. Once the disaster in terms and we know it's long term we know it's going to take quite a while for this recovery to continue for people who all be back in their homes. But when there are other projects that are run around. The community are in a war on specifically let's say people look at that wow that neighborhood could. Benefit it just a good clean up one Saturday. That would inspire people they get involved. And maybe it could be better for all. Is that the kind of project he'll take on bombings. We wanna be that fabric you know it to connect volunteers to where they're needed most. And so whether it's volunteers that want to pursue their passion and work with a certain demographic are certain part of the city or within their schedule. Or on the other end where he helped us partners know. What volunteer capacity they can add their programming and help them expand there horizons a little bit with the types of volunteers they can engage. We do you work with a lot of those neighbor associations which are obviously very grassroots very local help them get that extra. A leg up as in schools I know that we've had some schools that I've been out to an I think you're so happy at eight splatters answers about what. But really it was wonderful to watch. People throughout the community on all ages. Guinea gathered in that brush act that can and hateful walls and my goodness does that one pay it right and everything up. And literally lifted the spirits of bond. Well they don't calls hands on for not I don't outlook helped our side they're definitely a little dirty Gil sweaty. And we have projects ranging from what you said painting projects. Light construction. Helping out schools to redo their libraries. Or you know organizer spaces decorate so they can be best prepared to engage their students' data de. Not have those distractions or pet peeves in that facility. Which may have some years on and on those walls so on helps her make sure every kid has a pride. Full attitude about the building up there and happening as they go to school everyday. Who's listening today if they want to get involved is that you said that. All age groups for moderates their car out point where for legal reasons it's a liability. You have to be at least certain nature some organizations such as a home builds has a certain minimum. Eighteen and up there's actually a few organizations that dedicate their programming to youth getting involved with people programs. They can have fifteen or sixteen and up there's a whole host of other organizations that would love to have families working together. On a weekender a day off. And get those families involved so. Are at this point I have to ask because we've got this great group of folks at which you can all see yesterday because when we end Arnie or accept the most believe we've ever had it. I wanna know. From each of view hi you've got involved in on terrorism. Why. Did this spoke to you where you're from and about why you joined americorps and Brett I'm gonna ask you first please give me your me and tell your home counted and how you got involved. Well I'm Bret Tannenbaum on from pressure PA just outside of Philadelphia. Finished college back in December didn't really know what I want to do but I want to help people. So I looked around on lines all years of service and just kind of just kept apply them. Got a call one day from hands on New Orleans they said they wanted me so I drove down here and here I am had family who were in Katrina figured I could help out with disasters. And trying to help people recover after their homes washed away. And what he'd been doing so far. A couple of projects here and there are trying to get. More people to show up and volunteer for projects. And then. Really just. Mucking gutting houses. Calling up different organizations trying to get volunteers together so we can help more people. Or you're talking about the vikings got it OK first time you've ever done out of that absolutely. Certain. And were you surprised by just not devastation and you've seen absolutely. The August flood that came through I was we had to go mutton got a house right after that and I was just surprised and water got into the house. How much was involved in taking care of these people they were obviously on the poverty line but we helped clear up their house. Allan very important lesson never open a microwave. Or refrigerator and I knew without a lot about microwaves until too late. But how does it make you feel the that your high hazard dusty sweaty. But I think tired but it's a good tired eviscerate you've helped people. And that's really what matters and what do you think this is something of such you wanna kind of a career path now. Entirely possible I'm gonna get through this whole year service and then maybe take on more jobs. One hour ride or do a second year we have our away with Frederick. I hate me or. It hard. He's he's RT logic outline. Michelle police did you name it tell us where you're front and why did you get involved volunteers. It's all acre and I am from the Chicago area actually open Indian. And I went to two plane and on iTunes and I found love with new oil and just kind of funny because. When your hat to link you see all of the New Orleans. But I familiar with the boot and the and I an adversary some wonderful school. And so. When I I went back home right after college and I sat. I need to go back to New Orleans so I have applied to do this that I office will be greatly to help new violence and be in New Orleans. And so threw him vomit and so much more about it that I did in the four years. To. We'll put some of the things that you worked on week we heard mark in guiding and you've been. Down in the weeks is they say I haven't nominee McCain guiding but I have band doing a lot of service at school we just had. I'm loyal to their roles on the hollow alumni days I plan that Taft kept central cities and we did them. And painting and we repainted their basketball cooler and their computers off and library read Sheldon. But he everything every community or every school or park neighborhood need something different and so that's the beauty of volunteers and that not only. Anybody who wants to sign up and can find something that they want to do it feel that they can contribute and even if you're in a lifelong New Orleans resident just like Michelle you can expand a little bit in the end neighbor as you may not have a lot of times they intend. We get to know those residents get to know that population really work arm in arm with those residents and helping them make the most of their community as well. Well that brings me to question I want to speak with mystery driver because you are. In New Orleans native what got you involved in volunteerism. Yes so I grew up in New Orleans my left and went out to California for college that they and after I graduated I realized I really want to come back here and I thought that serving with americorps be a great way to do that. And at least for a year. And I also really wanted to do some good work with a non profits and I found this option with hands on it it is pretty. Well how about their permissive which so many of you part because you are what you do explain a little bit patent your other targets involved that. Why choose them. Me for those of us who've been around awhile later makes me think of the old days and a lot of us to run off to join the peace Gordon's numbers did so this is working at home. Ray yeah I think I guess you kind of call americorps that domestic peace corps you get to do. That kind of service where they're really involves closely with community about your actually. In the United States and even in the community where you grew up like I am so it sort of but a friend am I think in a lot of ways they could be a better experience for some people. Or is it a new experience you're you're really discovery areas neighborhoods out of your hometown that you had no it. Knowledge about the sport yeah I definitely am because hands on those projects all over the place that we've north and central city trim man and I'm out in the east. A lot of neighborhoods I haven't really explored when I was in high school or even younger so. I'm uplink and anxious the on this side at New Orleans even darker up here and does it make you feel good that you've got back to hell yeah does I think Purdue at work for people dance. It's probably even more meaningful sometime from there. Or patent. How do people I. Mike Reid and the others have gotten involved because I know that we're gonna want to talk to all received to Britain how does the whole system were becoming. Are at this time now getting connected to hands on a war on. That is the federal program with federally funded so it's really a godsend to you nonprofits that aren't able to hire a full time professional. You know akin to Teach for America or something we can give these. Young people like college mostly an experience where they can benefit gains in skills they're not paid as much as they deserve. But they can really gain some experience. And it's at least better than a free intern ship and had we not paid. Well as far as recruitment we recruit Chris because mostly through that federal program. So there's up a mechanism for us to actually do a full interview with these. Applicants and Elsa gets an experience out of college on. You know. In terms of being applying for a job being interviewed. What it takes to become a professional. And then that year of service you're able to kind of grooming your resume groom your professional experience and build that up into your next career path. I have to ask robbery because our plea please give your name please. My name is Audrey. And lasting bush why he's not to argue from Syria as well it's nice it's the free agent and actually my grandfather. And I'm actually from mobile content. On the air let Ari you work. Four cans and causes Kirk or mr. You're in charge of marketing metrics at outcomes. That sounds like your career path that tiger what to pursue. Your your stage here but yet it really helps get the word out. About volunteers and hands on why aren't here practicing and rare absolutely. It is the perfect job that I could've asked for after college because I studied public relations and advertising for four years. But I knew I want me to making impact and do something meaningful for me and I found hands on and I knew I won Indian you islands and it was marketing and social media and I mean it was perfectly packaged in a little. Box with a ribbon on tide turning eight and add it lit honestly it was per day. Or what have you heard surgery here because appeared engaging in all the social media all the things trying to get the word out refining you're getting good response people are. Well that's responding to all the information your putting. Yeah that and so part of what I'd been doing is building up. Our website on the first game my boss is like robbery at one EU telling blow up everything that we had in the past and start over. It says that it's just not your shot matters in order here talking about the applause I thought to. What mr. Crist cameras yes he's got David is our leader he's in love at the end he's great leader. So he kind of if I knew that this tax. Blowing everything out and I started fresh and you went say. Generate continent and kind of getting the word out away. And ramping up our online social media presents as counselor face in Graham and Twitter. And managing. Was I think it's interesting because people listening to you about volunteers and it's not just always rolling up your your shirt sleeves so to speak. And mucking and got in there are so many things that are. Needed in the volunteering at adding that component seemed to so many nonprofits who don't have. The financial where are actually hire people to do that so that in itself for some it's great to sell it. Makes me think everybody YouTube can find it needs that what helped you and help someone else or return and it's. Not just you know during the spring when the weather's nice it'll meter in the summer we're doing work all year around when it's hot but yes we wanna make sure everybody's. Kind of welcome. Also comparable volunteer and wanna have. As few hurdles to volunteer when you have that. Impulse on a free morning and you're looking up opportunities when to jump right in with our partners and you wary you know work where your comfortable where you wanna get some. Reward out of it. Plenty of light on terrorism again as we made the case toward you so important so necessary. But this is going to be a big I'm calling it challenge I think that is a right way and it's all tied in with our tri Centennial. I can't believe we hope the new year is here. And broke who's gonna throw this number out and and Peyton and Gartner and everybody else you can always end. 300. The hours and hours. Of volunteers and explain at least. We are one of a couple of organizations that are partnering with the tri Centennial commission as well as the city of New Orleans. Two really spearhead a effort to challenge locals in particular. To help us track. Hours ever entire calendar year obviously this is under the kind of headline of the militant. 300 threat Centennial today announced the kind of kick off in terms locals being aware of this for next year. But it's not just for tourists want to make sure all locals are invited to be part of this challenge. And get back like a said in their home community where they're comfortable and be part of this big effort were trying to engage. 30000. Individual volunteers that might do you service projects throughout the course between eighteen and not think we feel very confident we're gonna. Blow that number out of the water with sorrow are locals that are excited to get back during especially. Such an important here is this looking back at our history and celebrating our future all right so let's talk about how to get him out again website and Horry a number vote. The website for all things tri Centennial including this service challenges. Www. Tony eighteen Nolan dot com. And so that more times right now ready for and paper when he eighteen Nolan dot com you can find all of not only. You know citywide projects in terms of improvements to the airport. The old guy here hall. On kind of efforts that are going to be. Lumped into the tri Centennial bit especially that service component. You can find projects that benefit in areas such as equity resilience public safety and others and I can get involved. And connect to you a whole host of organizations. We wanna actually had actually have. 300 unique sites that'll be highlighted and really pushed for locals that involved with next year you happily chosen. Im okay is gonna be a big win for us we do a big panel payday having to Sam never had a multi day off which is fine by me wanna make it a day on not a day off but I get a little. Comp time during Mardi Gras so I'm happy with that. Hands I'll be leading an effort in central city with some of our school part public school partners. And doing some school beatification as well as humble a blight reduction in block clearing. In that area of the city but we're looking for 300 volunteers to be arm in arm with us for Saturday. January 13. From nine to twelve noon and now we're into a lot of good work that day on am located in his honor. Are you know 300 volunteers and the unique corporate sponsors to is this gardeners or something where you get involved or is just with other civic groups. And bringing partners to the table. And so we're asking basically opened up to the public to anyone who elect to come out. And his service this day but you working for a big corporation downtown or whether your high schooler local high school. What Malcolm anyone is welcome to come to this service. It. And how does that work with partnerships we know it talked about united way and other nonprofits that are there corporations are corporations rather out there and other groups on issues. Who get involved will be part of this challenge we're lucky that I local companies and particularly here in New Orleans really believe in giving back. And so we have a lot of local companies that we've worked with throughout the years. Not only that but in Michelle's role she actually engages out of town companies as well so obviously New Orleans horse all would be a destination for. Individual tourists are families anyone I'd be vowing tourists and volunteered their free time. But in particular conferences conventions you know sales summits all those kind of groups that wanna get back. To New Orleans even if they're not living here full time can do so through our corporate engagement program. And have you Harry had I passed the word that would again be through Aubrey and social media and getting the word out there is that helping Michelle yeah definitely we have. Aubrey always. Put that of FaceBook post or anything to get people out there and then I. Just you know take all the emails of people lining a common I'll let them know that being a we have this big challenges that. That are going to be contributing to those hours to go even if they're coming in and they're not local. And then it's also important linkage with the local corporations than that Blake is a really big focus for us as one of. Now in this challenge I have to ask what that still involve any of the disaster work that out he's been involved and. We're deathly cross their fingers there's no future ones but yes as far as work that's gonna happen across the region we obviously don't wanna leave any stone unturned in every. Individual you're working we hear church you can track your hours to your website and give your hours counted. There's a local campaign you'll see rolling out soon know if I'm in that number for the 300 literally act cater to locals are well all. Locals to be considered and that number for our 300000 our service talent and what are other nonprofit to want to get involved candy do so. We're currently. Growing our list of committed partners for this effort so any local. Even if you're not official IRS nonprofit that doesn't matter if your community group doing good work a faith based organization doing it work. Or at official nonprofit here in the city. We want you to get involved with us as well and we will be happy to coordinate with you and get you Natalie some hands on volunteers but also some you know told the necessary a little bit of a leg up for me future projects are successful so what do way to kick out the tri Centennial. It is for us we're excited patent please one last time that web address. Tony eighteen Nolan dot com you can get involved in any way you wanna get involved there's a whole host of projects from. Working with youth to seniors working as a mentor. On throughout the year you can get involved on single days like are animal day MLK day coming up on Saturday January 13 and on a lot of events here around the state can. And if you went information just regarding. Other projects or other information hints on where should you go. Www. Hands on New Orleans dot org we can help connect heeding any project that your heart desires. It sounds great thank you all. And we have what are rated as one last note you can also follow us on Twitter instant ram and eight at. He ends on no. Remember that you get blood I don't know how it. I think you also an epic all of you very much for joining me today. Patent you know is the project director for hands on New Orleans coloring Matthews who's the assistant director. A disaster management artery bush who is target marketing metrics and outcomes and is an americorps Vista. That's a volunteer in service to America. Brett ten Bob Brett in from around the Philly area disaster preparedness americorps Vista. Gartner golf is a community partner and volunteer coordinator and an americorps Vista. Michelle do acre corporate engagement americorps mr. and read bribery our hometown guy as a charter resource development. And as an americorps Vista. Or all of you do indeed thanks so much for joining us and please remember united way of saudis Louisiana has a blueprint for prosperity. To eradicate poverty in our region. United way fights about health education and financial stability of every person in every community to live better we must live united. For more information please visit united steel dot org. Also find us on FaceBook united ways to Elop. Or on Twitter and tightly sealed so please join united way give. Advocate volunteer. Cat act lets all say it live yeah and I did.