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Kirby Nagle and her guests from FestiGals discuss the nonprofit organization that inspires, connects and celebrates women while supporting causes important to their well-being.

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Welcome all to this addition of the united way of southeast Louisiana's live the united radio I'm Kirby Nagle. United way fights for the health education and financial stability of every person in every community we serve. And we got a plan to get that done our blueprint for prosperity is a laser focused on eradicating party. The bold vision of hackable communities were all individuals are healthy educated and financially stable. And on the show we're covering the programs collaborations initiatives. Volunteers and an advocacy efforts all aimed at eradicating poverty in southeast Louisiana. Now joining me on today's show we have two wonderful guests in the studio Dianne lamb lions. Who is the creator of fester gals now in its eight years thanks so much for coming today dying and and Candice Cassiopeia New Orleans family justice honor the director of fundraising Candace and you've been on quite a bit so thanks for coming in this having me fantastic. Folks they were talking all about Bessie gals Jesse houses in women's we can experience. Is the nor its new orleans' first and only women centric festival itself each summer for women to enjoy themselves. Be inspired and become empowered in a safe festival environment. And a celebration brings women together in New Orleans to connect and celebrate we'll supporting causes important to their well being. Now since it's our founding in 2011 testing out such collectively raised nearly 200000. Dollars for charities. The support women and their troubles with cancer domestic violence displacement. And personal and professional development. The women offense again houses as they say has truly become a source of strength for each other it's such a wonderful event each year. Stand if you'll start a soft tell us where and when everything we know know about this year's event. It's a lot to talk about how we don't we're we've got plenty of time. Jesse has weekend is. June 21 so it's next week. It is genes when he first 24. It's at the jungle hotel that's their headquarters hotel and just passing. And we start Thursday night with an interactive culinary experience. That's a hands on cooking experience it's almost sold out a lot of our events are almost sold out. Friday June 22 is our tri Centennial today you know New Orleans is in the middle of a wonderful celebration unlike any other city councilor and choice in January is it. So we decided to focus on the women everywhere islands the history of New Orleans and tell the stories of what we as women. Had gone through and we're we're going forward it's amazing it's a full day that you can experience with coffee and lunch and fast he talks in the afternoon. And then that night we also have our stepped up parade which we're gonna talk about in a minute. And on Saturday it getting it whole liberty or give me the all of a lot of hard or want I want Argentine treasures breakfasts and tour at and that's route where my. Favorite secret locations in the corner. Followed by lunch and your parents who gets girlfriends go enjoy a new esteem that matches crews in the afternoon. And poppy Tucker for dinner. We follow up the Sunday morning whip the house of blues a special price just for the past. So come on down it's fast began dot board. We want you to participate we have a few tickets left to really going today is very busy so we wanna see every woman cannot join. Connect with other women that are like minded it's an amazing weekend. Other is so much going on and we'll we'll take some time to go in depth and talk through. Some of the fantastic speakers that jabs and you've you've got to on number of them lined up. Or tell folks one more time the little sliver of the website FE ST I. GA LS dot Ford so a handful of tickets are still available if you're listening. I hop online quickly and get a there's I'm looking at the schedule it's just fantastic and more of the the items that you hit was the second line that's gone sorry and I can you tell sold about. Little more in detour on that and I'm into the community impact partner is this year well Gary thanks and happy to. You know I planned fest again as a weekend for women because and a meeting planner and for years I would bring. Clients that are coming to planned meetings and more violence and they would. Come to new islands and say oh my god it's so much more at and I thought it was just for mr. thought it was just clubs. Now I see these wonderful speakers IC second in parades that we only can do it here second line column. And I don't mean you know marching grab it just a second line up or you are part. A corporate group that's intent to do what are letting those are the three ways you wouldn't say I'm our second line this year. It's what we changed the name used to diss them as role in the words and understand that they didn't have to and that would be challenging Sawyer it's called the step up a second on parade she stuck domestic violence. So it's stepped up and step out and help fellow women it's going to start in the French Quarter and Carl Max museum on kind time we have currently 32. Women's marching crude side. I'll that are coming on board that's rational line for them. The sirens to the pussy footers to the bosom buddies are all on board they are raising money so if you can't come and you can also go currently. To the web site. That's decals that award and you can bid to help support these women. As were right now hoping to get matching partners and as we've got to 151000 dollars currently. We're hoping to get 30008. And next Saturday night. So this has stepped up parade. It'll be starting a French Quarter. Over 15100 women are second lining fashioning and her New Orleans in fabulous cast seems weak and it Harris. And Harris has an amazing party with us we have groovy seven if you have an experience I. Oh yes they're yeah if we have food and beverage and the cost is only 35 dollars to participate way out of spring once in a lifetime experience yeah that's a fan fast and we need all the guys either come out and support their women in the parade. We need to be on the sideline and it's down mystery that's right it's so much fun to go to the quarter. And it's it's fun to go on to canal street and then on to point is well my dad my favorite thing to do is step Berry. Yet if people I mean if you haven't done it if you haven't had a chance to second liner parade through the corner. It is don't once in A lifetime experience or but he should do wants and what better opportunity in the second line step up pray to stop domestic violence this year benefiting. New Orleans family justice there's a Telus Candace you know why this partnership makes much sense for you. This is such an important partnership for us Diane and her team. Recognize. What an issue domestic violence is. In the state of Louisiana and for the women of New Orleans. On and we are so grateful to them for. Bringing an awareness and shedding light on this issue in Louisiana. One of four women well be they victim of domestic violence in her lifetime and Louisiana ranks second in the nation for female homicide we've been in the top ten since 1997. So to have women leaders in our community like Ian and her team rally around us the boots on the ground who are providing direct services here in our city. To support eyes and CU. I'm shine a light on the issue that we're fighting everyday so hard to curb in our community is is. Amazing and we could not be more grateful for their support and the support of all of our amazing. Female march increase they had stepped out for eyes we are at over 161000 dollars a create iron to 171000 dollars. We're not stopping there not stopping and we just we can't thank them enough for their support the sirens of New Orleans saying nation and the weed ads Mandy milk shakers. Her wonder women have Nolan who headed up by our fantastic grand divas Stephanie Burks. Dance floor early analyst Galley wags the pussy footers and the list goes on. You're not in one of these groups if you wanna start here and crew. You can also do that step up for us that waste are your and crew and march in the parade along side. These fantastic marching cruise which is such a great idea that as to gals this fit together because. You know we all see them in Mardi Gras parades and cash I was I was opposed to her I was out in the sirens. This is your chance to really march and parade along with them. For such an amazing cause and the fact that they have all come out and stepped up for us. Means so much to our our clients. And secondly justice honor. We seat last year Len we saw over 2000 individual clients adult. In children survivors. I'm our one stop shop downtown here come on Loyola avenue. And we had over 6240. Total visits to our senator think about her injures 65 days it and here. We had over 6240. Total visits that's our start since last year. We are providing for wraparound services. To adult and child survivors of domestic violence. Child abuse stocking. Trafficking and sexual assault we are. Orleans parish is designated service provider for domestic violence and sexual assault. And on the services that we provide our clients really put them on a pathway to have. And our executive director merry clearly injury I'm is really committed to the mission. Mitigating which promise that I'll often times the children in our communities are dealing with the growing up in a violent community growing up in a violent town. On children who experienced domestic violence at a young age are 74%. More likely. To commit a violent acts as an adult investing your dollars. In net. This type of work in this type of trauma. Recovery services. Is really what's gonna help break the cycle of violence in our community and we are so grateful to united way of southeast Louisiana. For continually supporting our programs and our efforts. And our community partners like the amazing women access to gals we just really can't thank them enough. Tells tells us I mean when you re here to harm the numbers of the folks that are coming in seeking services certainly these dollars for the women that are stepping up and being a party stressing gals. Events in the second line parade in those are just gonna go off along way with offerings which can provide to women and failing needs absolutely fueled got a very long way and these unrestricted dollars as we say in the nonprofit world. When you receive a grant often times Tom and we're very grateful for that grants that we that we have. But there is the funds are very restricted their very specific. And with unrestricted dollars that we raised through these that spastic Alcee van and other special events throughout the year. Were able to take those dollars and spread them across all of our programs. We've just started are all our alternative healing program to help with the junior league of neurons in the gold ring foundation. And we are providing. Everything from art therapy to sole survivors singing group to belly dance to trauma informed GO back. And often times our clients are able to work out. A lot of these issues in a safe place. That they can move their body and they can feel comfortable in addition to receiving. Trauma therapy and talk therapy and a host of other issues I mean. We help with education and employment. It's housing temporary housing emergency housing. We have a number of children's services playland story land. Are bilingual. Child and adult trauma therapists. It certainly sounds like advocate there's a lot going on its own lives every dollar for folks that if you're just seeing him were talking all about Ceci gals. Celebrations coming up just this week in June 21 through the 24. In new if you are part of the second line parade to step up for domestic violence you're dollars are gonna go to support the New Orleans family justice center all that they do. To help survivors of domestic violence Diane Lang Melissa was back up a lot of. Tell me who is a fast again. I think you. Okay how fantastic I think it it's an interesting right it as the announcement created. In 2011. It was about women. Seen. Them real war and creating fun and getting back to the girl that you were in college before Mary diet or house mortgage. Had a job that you're more treatment. All of that just a fun person and connecting with women. Whether it's your mother or your sister or your cousin you don't get together with our area often it was about that connecting women. When I stand over the last seven years is the diversity of the group just. Blows in the way we have women of all walks of light sweet kind doctors and post masters and and really. We're pleased that have come to test again and connected. Over common issues that all women and that to me seems to my soul. It really does make me very happy to see. That they connect and disconnect that weekend right we've had a girl last year that came from Dallas because she'd heard about it from someone in New Orleans. Met a group of four women here they sort of took her into their group in but she was fine with everybody. They just went to South Africa on a wild card in the trip to Canada like. For two weeks that's really connect absolutely not what a strange person and about Darlington. To talk. About like what we. A few things we need absolutely. We shouldn't need more donations for our second step parade okay. We need 350. Portion for the parade and you can just contacts as or better FaceBook paid sure recap you know fantastic. Because we do we have we expecting 2500 people. That's a lot of people one course a lot of restaurants has stepped up in recent that's where things now about cross outings so getting worse that is one thing we need an imagination if people can. Participate because it maybe I don't like putting amputees in funny hats. During teens industry or have a problem Heatley. In 35 dollar donation does she. The only justice it's easy that's nothing you tend to which just goes your imagination its own needed. That is one step service that is or whoever's in so many people don't know even. So mine mine mission that this is to try to make people we year. This amazing. Non violent images dissent and we keep seeing shine a light on we suggest women. Decorate themselves with a blinking lights the little wire lights but by that light all of those brightly lit up with. 2000 women rushing in through the French Quarter and have an amazing party Harris. And it is cocktails all of a third of Ariza I'll ask him REL a bites or they'll want staple food a lot of yeah we need folks out. And I think it like to talk about that. Of course it's amaze Tuesday said it starts on Friday morning at 830 we have a shopping showcase amazing vendors I mean things you don't see everywhere else. It's acted on hotel on canal street. Wake up to about where she's crazy and harm our courses who works for human resources and drug company and she's hysterical she's five books. And of America traveling with your parents she's got this deep voice and actually making eye and I can somewhat relate. We go from that she Turk are wonderful channel four. Anchorwoman has written a new book about life you know creating your path to success he's had she become an anchor every girl and violence path. And of course Monica pier is going to be part of our policy mind. About just amazing and testing. So then I mean we move on to another fashion it's called you two personal professional challenges in today's work place that this is gonna talk about everything from me to. You to. We've got Stephanie life bar retire from salon to Torrey. And actually and this is present in Japan does but I'm telling law it's a great session are normal women. Dealing with normal issues and workplace. Right thinking hey we also have lecture letter of war add my name. Mean Mary I think people about the remedy rumor thing just avenue and there. Feel good after a hangover Iraqis also rate making it all the time says she and that's scandal. Oprah that force. And Renee that's beaming Mary saying to secure gonna talk about your name here you know if you have to address these nets are important and I hope you get here. Design your success as our next business of fashion. You know I and that little granddaughters who sometimes don't address and you are what you will air. If you want to look good right weird head mania but the girl. Anyway still rate in Charleston in the girl from the southern right's jail in New Orleans yes yes. With Al this year on Ronald Reagan who is a fabulous deal maker is going to be doing talking about jewelry how it makes us. She it'll also be in my arms and Christian patient and Tracy is of course the fashion in Staten Island. And I am just excited about bowl. He has speakers this woman is amazing her name is doctor Horton she'll be talking. Sheen was death. Marry divorce. Dropped out of college and three kids and decided to go back to school and she became nuclear. Counselors. If she did this death to reach Ed did you hear me divorce no money. She's able to be successful today and Mort. If she can do it I can do you Trent England in doing and that's why I think it's great that that's when women. To be the best that they actually and and we talked briefly about our favorite part my favorite part is the best he talks. So the fast detox is rapid fire just erupted talks so. Your passionate about our car karaoke. On her. Car karaoke that we all we all course. Waking intuition we have Carrie Roy you know that the island there at three steps to finding answers I've met that's on top. Helping that trauma that block you Mary Jane walls. John Saunders sexual harassment. Giant video. And we go to FaceBook and social me it's important to talk about it this way she is experts from the enemy or punch and shine that will be presented by each of the fabulous glass artist and just amazing woman who knows how to mystery things. Are slow and there. And then turning up your volume in the Bosnia and navigating within. You know like. As we get to the end there's a means to be in the way they are figuring. That situation there's house. It's tough decisions talked to my sister last night who's getting in her eighties she said I'm starting to think about what needs him way. And do you anchor team rule is my favorite dynamic speakers I've known her for twenty years. I say she's rock star will focus its national speakers who were lucky to have her inner inner. Audience here. And they could be the thoughts and view in Korea that's Jessica. And she's tired of talent is what you. Need to know you. Care so. Fifteen minutes. He talks rapid fire that's recruiting them. And it's fun nobody you know it's like we can hardly think it's. So whispers and that's the server out of towners you and after that we have as to cocktails. Or prices at the funding and we have a parade at night so it's exciting day packed with fun. And in the week and it's time to explore violence with something that's. Well it's certainly there something available on the table for anyone that's interested again tickets are available but limited. I'm accessing gals dot org so hurry up and snag a pair for you and your friends while you still came and they audiences it Dotty sister or your mother lives mean if you like turn on. Are now. May I your mother in law fancy gals dot org and then they tell us your 2018 grin diva was a such a special person. Listen you know we've always. We've always taken the time she's amazing women we care Thomas we had. Rob environments we've had Margarita dialing of course and along the way we met one of and five others and concerned skipping over people what we met. Stephanie Burks she's a dynamic socialite who gives of herself and her time in our community. Every day she came to test again it's about five years ago with a flock of women and she just brings more every year. They dress up in crazy costumes parade they bring their husbands they have a blast. And she is dynamic she's a businesswoman she husband company co write car construction zone. She goes out there with a hard hat on talent his men what to do that she's a mother issue really got at all and I think she is the perfect green but he. So if you know Stephanie Burton thinks has and a lot of people she's on many many community boards. I'll come out and cheer her on it's going to be an amazing group and she has her super women winter so they'll be trailing along since our last resting. Get custody and passed him absolutely Indy him join 35 dollars. But at best she. Stepped out parade. And then I want to make sure gonna try to continue to make its fifty dollars just little line 75 for the day. That's 75 for breakfast. Lunch and 26. Speakers really that. A bargain deal yeah it's a bargain deal for folks are just tuning in again we're talking about fancy gals a celebration. Coming up June 21 through the 24. Women only celebration in New Orleans tickets are available. At fancy gals dot org and this year's beneficiary of the second line parade. Is in New Orleans family justice Anderson Candace will come back to you. For just a few moments and and tell us a little bit more. About some of the direct services that you are providing to our domestic round survivors in our region. Think you we're providing. Wraparound comprehensive services to adult and child survivors of domestic violence sexual assault child abuse. Stocking and human trafficking. I'm so we see a wide range of clients every day at our one stop sinner on downtown little I think like. I'm Diane said a lot of folks don't know that we that we are there. But the services that we provide a client can come to us from aloft an or an appointment. They will get and immediate intake with days. Whenever therapist and Iowa have. They'll be managed bill that have a case manager kind of assess where they are we meet clients where they are glad they need to they need emergency housing. Do they need temporary housing today need help when it's education or employment services to get out of a situation that parents. What type of planning to they need what is their safety. How safer today after his karma man who. A lot of times we have mothers that comes to us and their children have been exposed to violence in the hand and maybe that mother isn't quite ready yet. To get the services that she needs for herself but she's identified that her child needs and services. We have bilingual child therapist we have one of only a couple. I'm registered child's play therapist in the state on. Staff with us and we see that once that mother has a child and our services. Didn't she herself made and then say okay I'm ready also. So we can provide. Just at the such a spectrum of services advocacy. If you are housing. A criminal or civil court proceedings. We assist with temporary restraining orders divorce child custody. You pieces. Again education and employment than him because so many times folks stay in a situation that is dangerous and now and not healthy and toxic. Because they don't have the financial resources to get out of that situation there. If you're gonna kicker if you're gonna create a safe and sustainable path we'd hoped for someone they've got to be independent and self sufficient as united way has so well. It's toast today if someone is listening in their rooms they might be. And the situations. I'm ready for when they need help what type what we always tell folks they can call 211 and don't get connected but I know you guys also have a wonderful resource. Com if they do need additional help is that what what number should I call my storm's slow if you forget your phone your pencil out because we know there are folks need help out there we wanna make sure you get access. Yes you can call our front desk at 504. 5924. Series are of five again that's fives you're 45924005. You can visit us at our website at WWW. Died in Iowa at JC and at JC. Dot org. And then we also have a 24 hour. Crisis line 2.4 hour help. 504866. 9554. Again that 24 hour help line is 504. 8669554. And I saw it managed services yes again or are free and confidential. A lot of clients come to us and they may not be ready yet for talk therapy or some of our other services that they can participate in some of our alternative healing programs. Again like I mentioned. Art therapy trauma informed you go re key. The size all of these things kind of work at this address this trauma. In their bodies by the work that we're doing. Are skilled and trained therapist advocates attorneys. On that we have on staff are. Serving our communities. Drilling is underserved. Questions and so we are here for everyone. And defaced domestic violence or sexual assault news. No bounds no social racial socio economic bounds on its fans across all of the news and we are rallying point and morons and weird. So grateful for all of our our partnerships our partners for supporting. Our mission and this work till I was to keep providing these programs won't. That's fantastic we will a trucker averages these last two minutes Diane I'm Telus. What are we leave out I want to be able via ups and sponsors need to thank and I certainly do we do we have a lot of them in New Orleans tourism marketing has been a big partner because it is a tri Centennial. Women's day of course celebrating women 300 years of just amazing women in our community we also of course have. Great lines sponsors great because there is forgot to say monster melons we have wind we have great cocky sponsors. Don't start me going moment but you know time that she talks is retrospect Cox. Communication. Can't we just you know my company accident we plan to produce some meetings and we consults on digital media as well. So we have the team at my office and spends hours helping this as our game that's fantastic help women. You know we looked around and says how can we and content city. And what can get back to year round consistently. I'm just excited this year people know is that of the basis for and that's a lot of fun. But I want instant analyst for the stepped up parade and the money were racing for the New Orleans family justice center. It's so important in this city just up to best performance. Twenty dollars to digital content whenever I go on and that's against our people to save enough time what can I had to help donate. Donate to give it as a gift basket that we raffle off of course food that. And we will celebrate. Its next writing night. This this right and I try and it is closer than you think. 22 will be on the streets at 8 o'clock in the French Quarter and you will never seen this many women all costumes dancing Albanians to count for such a wonderful cause again all the funds from the second line parade go. To the general Stanley justice center in tolls one more time quickly for folks wanna get tickets for the full week in order again. That's the gals. Hard and it. EST. IG a I'll ask dot org or you can send an email to info act. Testy gals die for okay in the curriculum board dump it or ward. Move quickly folks tickets are running out I want to thank my guests again for joining us Diane lines confessing als he can discuss here for norms and we just senator thank you so much. For the two view joining us today. For more information please visit united way C Le dot org and follow us on FaceBook Twitter and answer Graham are searching for the handle united way C. As always we encourage you to join united way give volunteer advocates and connect. Are also encourage folks to save the date for our upcoming united way of southeast Louisiana annual meeting now that's Wednesday June 27. At the review room tickets are still on sale. I united waste your dot org. You know under way southeast Louisiana has a blueprint for prosperity across all seven parishes we served. From the West Bank to the North Shore are finding every resource we can't to build equitable communities. United we face poverty in southeast Louisiana no matter the obstacles no matter the odds we fight for the health education and financial stability of every person. In every community. We have one life to live. To a better we must live united.