United Way - SELA - Annual Meeting

Kirby Nagle and her guests discuss the organization’s upcoming Annual Meeting scheduled for June 27, 2018 as well as reflect on the successes of the past year and recognize their supporters for all their efforts.

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What amounts of this edition of the united way of southeast Louisiana's live the united radio I'm Kirby Nagle. United way fights for the health education and financial stability of every person in every community we serve. We've got a plan to get that done. Our blueprint for prosperity is a laser focus on eradicating poverty with a bold vision of equitable communities were all individuals are healthy. Educated and financially stable and on the show were covering the programs collaborations initiatives volunteers and an advocacy efforts. All aimed at eradicating poverty in southeast Louisiana joining me today our guest in studio we have Michael Williams Sanyo are way of southeast Louisiana's. President and CEO thanks Michael for coming around me were costs united way of southeast losing its board of trustees chairman thanks for coming brick going to be here. And at least Thorpe. Senior vice president of resource development and marketing for united way. Very happy to be here thinks Ernie thank you to victory be for coming on I know we're on previewing a special event. So united way of southeast Louisiana takes a moment upon is each summer to reflect on the successes of the past year. Look forward to the next and honor supporters and partners for their steadfast dedication to united way. Not today we wanna encourage folks to join us for united way of southeast Louisiana's 2018. Annual meeting. This is an opportunity to celebrate her wins in her issue to our new board leadership. Announce our region's 2018 most generous workplace which is exciting. And recognize companies individuals and partners through out southeast Louisiana. Who exemplified. What it means to live the united solely Telus and tickets are limited at this point or just a few days away but. Until some reading we know about the event and how we can secure tickets. Absolutely so weak and we do you have a few tickets left would love is many of our. Partners supporters standards advocates and volunteers to attack and it's going to be this coming Wednesday June 27. At the river view ran I'm in New Orleans. Tickets are 65 dollars in it and individual tickets and then tables are also available for a little bit of a lower price and we hope you will go to our web site. I united Wacey led dot org to purchase tickets we really want as many friends and partners to be around the rim to hear out. Not only here at the successes that he thinks that the number one thing we wanna make sure ever early news is. And that we could not do this work we could not creepy and packed with out all our partners and our supporters so please come just Steussie can be thank and recognize because no. No individual that is sitting around that table. Am did not have a hand in in the work to get asked to where we are and comedian packs that were released Feyerick if you'll take a minute I know as torture this year you've put a lot of emphasis on. Thanking. Those individuals and partners in collaborations that that make this work possible why is that a focus sees that the the thank you peace their gratitude. Thanks derby I think the first thing to remember is that. What we just said is absolutely true none of this could happen without the generosity. And support goes both financially in the Von terrorism that takes place. With without. The masses. I think we owe it to the community be able. Helped change our lives and changed the trajectory of the people we serve and can't be done so. They can't get them out so well when we're thinking about building equitable communities and really changing the way this community works. It's not can be done by one organization it's not going to be done by a handful of people it's really gonna take. A tremendous. Focus and work and that and that's why I think it's important keep. Keep reminding them that they are making a difference. That's fantastic folks if you're listening again we're talking Europe annual meeting coming up. On Wednesday June 27 after review room as we mentioned there are still a few tickets and a and it. Select few tables available so I'm you may not have your first option but we definitely I can take care of you. Get your tickets still available at united way Selig dot org. And as Rick was mentioning you know you were talking really about the collaboration aspect of her work with partners and and volunteers and in donors coming together. To make this for possible Michael and I know. Your gonna talk about a lot of the successes that Unita is experiencing in 201718. At the meeting. Let's take a moment numb to walk through and preview some of these big wins. And as we're talking about partnership specifically. Let's just start off with the prosperity senator that we we talk so much about. How to how did united way go about securing this new contract with the city of New Orleans economic workforce senators come to really help. Support all that is a genuine wonder prosperity senator. Well thanks Korea while sermon successes here we have to do a whole another show just that just to talk about them but. In particular were very proud of the day when letter prosperity sooner. Com for a few reasons. Certainly you know one being in every you adopt an honor and a very amazing. Individual who's dedicated himself the slice work. But also because of the culmination of years and years of capacity building and are you in a way to be able to help families become more financially stable concern now. Harry of Wales on the fourth floor we have Jay went and prosperity sooner and in order to make this a dream a reality. Get to our partners and the city New Orleans network for economic opportunity which is now housed. At the New Orleans business alliance earnings their leader Quinn messer and now asked to guard tears or chief operating officer. Who have invested in office you know substantially so that we can deliver. Financial education and coaching services to individuals that are trend to inter. Or reenter the workforce and Sowers a great example of a public private partnership. That we think is gonna make a huge difference in the lives of so many folks there and. So when you mention public private partnership let's just keep throwing with this workforce development topic. And look to the ready for work table which I know you're making some significant process tell folks. What what is ready for our table and what part of our work is it connected to. One and this is something that Rick is certainly joined the chorus on but you know when you look at the effects. The Kremlin justice reforms that recently enacted. In fact that a large number of individuals annually regardless of reforms are turned our community. Out of our prison systems the number one predictor of their success. Is employment. If an individual can come out of prison. Can become gainfully employed and earn a living wage. The likelihood of recidivism goes waited so and so we are an intermediary organization. For the ready for project. Which is going to be working with our party started working with employers. To begin address some of those barriers to employment employment service closely prism. We can immediately get them or pathway to jobs. Princes. Path way to economic prosperity. And Michael that that fits it extremely well until the blueprint to do that we've from established you can't have. Financially stable. Communities when. When we have this number of people reentering. They're they're armed civilian life for us in their own. Reentering their life after prison. Without a job without a place to live in without the skills necessary that to us stay out of jail so that work is incredibly important. And as you know the legislators. The legislature is battling mightily to try to balance the budget. And in in in a way that I could say I've I've not seen anywhere else united way of stepping up to try to do. Things to supplement those funds to help health care of these men and women an opportunity to really have a successful life after they've. They've soft finish their sentence. There occur reduces this is a clear example of him and I know we've talked about it Rick and a park not a great deal. Around you know where you can awaken demonstrate that we're good for people. Were good for community. But equally important prepare for business sort of take a person's coming out of our prison system where we're spending money every year to incarcerate them. And putting them on the pathway to Alou a livable wage job and move where they begin the page Texas. Possibly acquire pass it's become consumer spending money in local bezel says. The shift and resources that benefits the state. Is you know tremendous and so this up ice we think we're under things that are absolutely good for the local economy and for the business to him. Well and I think I mean it's certainly does the reaction that you receive from state leaders. Being in the space and being a part is testament to the fact that they believe in in united way you're and we Brandon and the staff and supporters from being able to make this. A possibility now but we're talking about believing in united way I think may be there's no better demonstration. Of on the organization's irrelevancy. A mother and to look to the partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank. My so we are all start with you just can't tell us. What events. Were part of that partnership this year or no it was new and and particularly special for united way. It was I think Adam really did the Federal Reserve Bank is continuously for years been focused on how can that is its community. Serve the community. As a whole and I think that they realize there are atlas data Alice which stands for asset limited income constrained in employee. Really shed some light on the fact that not only is there in 19% of individuals and or region that are below the poverty line but then another now you know. 28 purse and it's added that eased. Hard working individuals that are still not able to run for H castle to write a budget because of many hairy ears. Access to quality education access and affordable transportation. Workforce development opportunities Saturn and so. I'm with the Alice report Federal Reserve Bank was able to say we need to be not only investing in his people in poverty we need to be investing Alice. And he's got me where community our business community our finances are going to sue they were kind enough to host. And if any partnership between anyway called investing in casting an Alice and our how to invest in the workforce and through Alice. And we were able to partner with Enron's business alliance and organizations like turner industries which are doing such great work across the state. To invest in the house population so we are able is that an amazing event and have a meeting business. Community supporters joined the table here at the work that we are all doing collectively. Q to support us because once again it can't be done. And we also listed in the events and to actually we were invited to partake in that Michael SATA and an amazing panel. With am with the patent. NAACP at Birmingham Alabama as well as actors are Italy seeking Mississippi and and it worked first on an organization in Birmingham to talk once again about. How these news and the nonprofit communities and the government's should be working together to to support house to support its. Marginalized in Phoenix. Kirby another another way to think about Alice believes a lot of acronyms in a united way and course asset limited income constrained. Floyd and Floyd had a cousin another way to say that is people who were. They're gainfully employed but there one small hiccup one small speed bump away from. Financial disaster. And we knew than 90% that we mentioned. They're living below poverty now 228%. That are at risk you're almost we're almost at a 50% at risk population in the greater New Orleans community right that is just not. Not a number that can make sense in the long run we've got to drop that number down and cut down dramatically. So and we talked about creating. Communities that it can prosper in the future one of the things is wonderful about united way and the worst that the the staff and and the leadership of united way. Are are accomplishing is there really striking at the root. Of feeding that bond that 50% that that really shouldn't you shouldn't be. Such risks or would we take away those. Those kinds of problems when we make sure that they're healthy financially stable and do that at its root through education. You really can move the needle on on success and this year we've we've done so much so much work in that area it's very rewarding it's also I said before the show started. The fast this year my life has changed her. Right. The board united way it's just incredible. Credit incredible accomplishments. I wanted to you mentioned public private partnerships despondent. Touch on one aspect of that. Under Michael's leadership the united way has gone from zero. Members. The million dollar round table those are individuals who contribute a minimum of a million dollar certain two I think where seven might call. That's segment seven is seven and now we know that we we can't run the united way and individuals who make one large contribution it takes. It really does is set before takes the masses. But it's it sure is a vote of confidence when individuals see they work we're doing see the impact raping and step up with that kind of commitment. So you know congratulations. A bit to united way and huge thank you to. Those members of them now a seven members of the million dollar round table not not before has that ever been accomplished so. But I think it's a great example of you know. When your do over this meaningful. Never planned strikes and issues that people are universally care about witches. Everybody believes that everyone should have access to economic opportunity and is good for the entire community I think oftentimes a visual for me curry pops and in my head. Argument instincts are based human instinct does that help others. So they'll receive a personal trip in the street are instinct is to turn to help and so. I think we get away offers. Is a way you for individuals who may not see folks tripping in the street and there. Villa turned to help him we're we're able to do. There's things that scale because Tony plus thousand folks every year investment the dues are when. I think we have to go speak at a Federal Reserve Bank event. Or ten national press conferences on data releases like Dallas report. We're not just talking. About ourselves we're talking about everyone who had decided they made a commitment to care enough to invest in us. If you're just tuning in we are recapping some of the major wins the successes from the 201718. Campaign year for united way of southeast Louisiana. Again we're previewing and looking forward to the annual meeting which is coming up Wednesday June 27 at that river view room. Tickets are still available at united way. See you look. Dot org to being purged folks if you're listening today to hop online and and grab a couple before they're all gone and again that's Wednesday June 27 were hoping you'll see is there. We just finish recapping some of the workforce. Pieces of the united ways. Work from the last year that demonstrated our relevancy in not only their region. I'm southeast Louisiana but the south and nationally some of the work that we've done. I'm I think one of the most exciting new parts. Of our work Michael out you start start this off as our investment in equity this year because I think that says so much about where we're going as an organization. Come into the future. Let's start with the list our vision which is local communities were everywhere and this healthy educated financially stable until a replacement emphasis on everyone. That's all people and so the first red take a look at ourselves as an organization. That you can look at the community and so what how to we measure. Whether we're actually making progress in becoming a more quote me in the work everyone has access to economic opportunity and so. We've gotten some funding so grant funding out of precious. Part of a Toyota grand to do some. Initial studying our board is committed to make some investments. Can contain the study looked at indicators for how we measure what is or isn't amicable community. Umbrella to go back to I think. The basic I think premise as that. I've not met an individual. Ever to. Doesn't believe that everyone should have access economic opportunity. And we see it is our job to begin to identify those barriers. And mitigate this barrier sometimes or systems. Sometimes around understanding him in the shared understanding that your social conscious the connection trapped people make different decisions. I'm suburb were hurling. Or early in this process but I really excited because if you look at the future of New Orleans and our local economy. And more inclusive. More equitable economy. Is actually good for every one of them including business and goes back to. You know and away you know we're good for people were good for communion were good for business. And I can you tell us to also mean I think that speaks for itself on these summed it up quite perfectly but I know you also made a agreement. Around the community equity effort as well. Yeah I've had the pleasure of actually participating. In what is now known as campaign for equity in New Orleans. And you know in particular for me it was helpful. Just understand history and systems and policies and kind of ways that we as humans can review and react to things. But we've made we've made a Graham we've made an investment to help. Offer more business leaders policy makers and community leaders the same opportunity. Commerce are pleased that the campaign record in New Orleans has had 550. Participants are far. Their goal by the end of the year as thousands and these are folks from diverse backgrounds all races. Genders. Arm political affiliations. You name and they're 35 plus people that come together for two days. To share worked together crater a better understanding of and the challenges we face in the community and so we're excited about cameras Cameron Heyward goes. And Rick as. From your perspective that for leadership why make this step. Time to invest more dollars more time and energy toward a more equitable communities which are so critical to our mission. Equitable communities her one of the attributes of an equitable community's engagement. And and when you see people who are left out of growth and development and prosperity they essentially retreat and they don't retreat to a good place. When there disengaged. It hurts economy it hurts the community. And and more and more importantly it hurts them and their family so. The focus and equitable communities as critical. It's necessary. To create an engaged community. And and it's it's underpinning of healthy society as far as I can tell. Absolutely it and look let's talk about the underpinning of our society. In general and that's our government right. And we took some advances Leo I'd like to own toss this over to you so I knew this was them something that was Kosier hurt as a as a personal friend of neck tumor sickly. But you launch the dancing or singularly institute for justice Thomas and partnership with them Loyola University New Orleans college of law. Understand applications are still open up to this point for folks in Houston. Absolutely Aston and by no means was any this this is the tireless effort. A charming cast he appear chief operating officer and an overseer of all of our public policy advocacy work. As Alice Kim sport our amazing public policy chair. Amazing advocates like Matalin Shanken patty were a partner. That partner with Lilly university. And geek guys need to mercy glee who is a founding member ever women's leadership council on an as when the united. Why is a fierce advocate and believer in. I'm an injustice and making sure that all individuals were well informed understanding that their constitutional rights and so. Through partnership with Whitley elect. We've added had a great fortune of having united way partner with a little art school for dean Nancy mercy Korea. I'm institute for justice and it is easy six week program program. Where individuals leaders and our community can learn more about the bill of rights the constitution and understanding that writes about individuals. I'm once again to provide equitable communities where all individuals are understanding of then that is their values and it in the right city all his ass so. That is going on three colonial law school in partnership the united way and applications are available. On the united ways website as well as little as website we really want to encourage individuals to participate in case. It's not a precedent brand new I'm program that we're just excited bring more more people around the table to get involved in advocacy work. Effort and if you are interest if you're listening fortunately there are scholarships available also. Financial resources should not be an issue again is Lisa you can apply online at the united Lacey Le dot org. I'm annually while war while we're on you again folks preaching and work were recapping. Our success is from the last year in advance of the united way of southeast Louisiana's. Annual meeting which is coming up on June 27 that's this upcoming Wednesday. Tickets are available at united Lacey not org unless economically to shout out some of the campaign successes I know that this was. A big year for united way he had several. Surprise guests that came through but we had our workplaces. That as always I'm step up to the table their employees make a big commitment to united way into the people of southeast Louisiana yes. In Q we went and we can't do anything with that especially individual donors. At the workplaces in the leadership of the workplace is how united way to come in Q there. Employees the opportunity key. How level whatever level they feel comfortable it. To support their community. So I'm we have more than 250. Non profit and sorry 250 organizations and workplaces that support united way. And more than 20000 donors across our seven pairs region. That and that invest in this work and worked at the annual meeting Natalie highlight all of those organizations especially our top sixty. Largest work workplaces that support but especially our top ten. Largest corporate supporters. And so we're very very excited accurately you know who the top ten. Hancock Whitney. International Paper. Pan American insurance group shall. They're rightly companies UPS. And Valero refining and with within these organizations. Of the eleven point eight million dollars that we were so fourteen factories this year more than five million dollars canes just from his top ten organization while. And it from the employees and that's the big thing this is. When organizations supporting united way it's there employee giving that makes it happen it's not just. A corporate gift or agree it's it's it's all of this collective gas combines so. We're so appreciative and we can't we highlight. Its corporate support that we receive from those companies from the top sixty from all organizations for weigh all individuals. Well certainly those companies and their employees or workers is rather get. It we always talk about that in office they get it do they get why united way is good for business and Rick if you knowing you Shea for sure Britney. Of the year you're your thoughts on that topic. Probably one of the hardest things we've had to accomplish is to try to communicate all the great work here's an example all of the things that we just talked about the things that we're gonna lay out. Very clearly at the annual meeting at the annual meeting will reach 500 people hopefully they take that message back but the population at large. And I said my year went quickly one of the things that really wanted to accomplish is having more of the general public understand the great work that's being done by united way. And it unfortunately I would say that still too much of that work is being done in in Nam. Outside the spotlight where people don't know that's an example. Well over a year ago there was an after there was a terrible floods that hit that this community and that there are reaches. Baton Rouge and Lafayette intentional parish. Today we're still investing. Millions of dollars to help people recover and that. It is it's like we move on from one project in the next we get those things go and they don't go away we still support as we layer on new initiatives through. Public policy and partnerships in the we just keep. Layering all that work work on unto. In into the community. But here we are well over a year are still helping people rebuild their houses from a flood that took place a year and a half ago. More than a year and a half ago. And and yet it's gone from the the everyday consciousness. The general public but there we are and there we will be until work is done. And Michael for you I know I mean use your alma que me regularly talked with business leaders and continuing to make the case and as Rick said there is just so much going on the breath of work is. Is awe inspiring some would say I think I certainly would we barely been able to scratch the surface of what's gone on and seventeen and eighteen. So how are you how you condense that message choose to business leaders from locally. Well I don't think once again I don't know restart whereas you know are you now where is good for people good for communion good for business. Arm. And we're going to be the trend invest more heavily in marketing communicating our message so the more folks. Can hear about us and right now folks give listening to his radio program. Are a perfect position today I just take this information enjoy and hold onto it. But actually share it now once again I'll go back to we 120000. Individuals. Better than 20000 investments every year. So those are donors and advocates and volunteers. By the Madison if you took when you heard today. And shared it whereas a friend or coworker or neighbor. And asked them to join you in the joining underway in 20000 would become 40040000. To become 80000. Next scene there we're talking about our resources and influence on the scale. They actually can get things done and so simple things you know we communicate a lot through social media FaceBook Twitter. Mr. Graham. You know I'm on Twitter trying to communicate the framework that we do. I thinkers folks there primus and social media to follow us or you see something you like share treasury be surprised at different settlement. Go to united way seal I'm FaceBook like us. And and you give you re absolutely stunned at what you see happening within this community it. That's a great snapshot of the work we in our final minute just wrap us up to us from our time what's coming up this Wednesday. June 20 cents or our annual meeting and it's our year in review act and on Wednesday the 27 at the river he ran were going to be honoring our top corporate partners. We're going to be talking all the amazing work in the community impact it's been treated because. All of our generous supporters prosecuted be acknowledging some major and supporters of the united we currently the united awards are gonna have their individual in the united award. I'm going to be honoring the small medium and large companies that support asked our public policy toward our community impact awards. And communication awards we can't do any of his work without everywhere and we wanna make sure we say thanks in addition we're going to be. And having our new campaign chair Roger Ogden. In I'm in attendance is in keeping on large when he eighteen camp site urging ever get involved are so excited to have his leadership and his influence in our community. I'm CU timber reiterate the importance of giving to united way and a huge stakes too scary Loria who served as our campaign charities here. Under his leadership we're able to accomplish on these meeting activities week we can't do the impact without the support of all of our dinners advocates and volunteers takes everybody. That's fantastic tickets are still available at united way C a dot org and leave he came in thirty seconds you have one other event wanna make sure Padgett retire united coming up. On Friday July 13 yes one of our mean I'm efforts is to engage retiree east who used to be involved the united way or wanna find a way to get involved in their community. So were gonna have a retirement party. At the fairgrounds and on in July and July 7 to July 3 or I writer Arthur to my apologies that's and all retirees are seeing in your retirees are invited. I'm to join ASEAN and being engaged in our work we're going to have Italian Robert series hosting and gay service RMC were so happy to have her. And I'm a retire entire fashion show and re individuals who don't need this work and clothes anymore can give then eighteen I way to support our partners at stride New Orleans you're trying into the workforce needs some good seating so. We're excited for that event more information Geddes on her web site. And there are social media. For our and that event is free. I'm so that's retire united coming up on July 13 and then this Wednesday again always talked about today. He highways annual meeting on Wednesday July 27 tickets are still available. Our thank our guest Michael Wayne send at great costs and leaf or for joining us today. For more information we encourage you to visit united Wacey Le dot org. And follow assessor Rick said on social media are searching for the handle the united Wacey and as always we encourage you join united way. Give volunteer advocates and connect we have one life to live. To look better we must live united.