United SELA - ArcGNO

Terri Westerfield, United We Move
Sunday, December 10th

Terry Westerfield of United Way and her guests discuss ArcGNO, a non-profit organization that is committed to securing for all people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop function and live to their fullest potential.  


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Hello Republicans united way lives united I'm Carrie Westerfield. And Jordy needed I am always pleased to welcome friends in from the arc of greater New Orleans. I would look into the program doctors Stephen Sauer who is the executive director RG and welcome Steve thank you Gerri good to be here it's good to have you back and march here margin for as Margie is that Mardi Gras beat recycle coordinator. And welcome. Keating. You have to ended today in that way of southeast Louisiana's mission is to eradicate poverty in our region. United we fight for health education and financial stability. Of every person in every community. We blueprint for prosperity. And are strategically investing in programs and initiatives collaborations and advocacy efforts to meet our community's greatest needs. Oh the arc of greater New Orleans is committed to securing for all people with intellectual disabilities. The opportunity. To develop a function and live to their fullest potential and by doing so. Is also helping to keep vulnerable citizens from becoming victims of poverty. And skill building and employment opportunities while they're key and that's. A lot. Of what the arc is all about is that student teacher is Terry. I tell you like you've got some things going on we're talking a bit before the show. Looking through the web site infect us just give that right off the bat. If you don't mind giving the website upper body can find out more Chirac brand new website which he launches last week as you discovered is. Arc ER CGA no doubt or G. And it's easy to find folks there's lots of good information. And I was just surprised again a small agency what a big job you do for so many people. And all of the different programs I was counting up the top of my cabinet that looks like 1234. Talking about ten or twelve all these things going on. And it is for some of our most vulnerable citizens and the ark has been there from the very beginning of a long and storied history. Sure Terri restarted 1953. Grassroots organization parrots all over the country organizing. Because there were no services harder it's imaginative especially. There's nothing available for people with intellectual disabilities except institution as nation so. In the fifties parents start organizing is so parents organized in 1953. And found the arc. And died. Today that my elevator speech I think all the services I can present them pretty quickly got up and three generic categories are among. With a with a little. Footnote is we have one program that serves children. Little baby infant 03. We helped him nick connected to the right kinds of therapies and doctors as soon as possible because I can actually changed ejector their lives. Plus how to save maybe but I doubt bit because I see there are so important and what is Ali it's off I I have friends who have children poured warm with doubts. And so that it was something at first they did they do to ice it literally was just a few hours here and an end and she was made aware and the best thing for her. And for Stewart who's now this wonderful. Twenty I think he's 28 usual now he amazing me and is that they started when he was literally I think something like weeks old do we. Yet occupational therapy speech therapies yeah there are now people are Down syndrome going to college. And graduating with degrees in getting jobs because. Early on and they're able to I just some correct the bold developmental delays it's pretty amazing. And that struck. At the derby we have diversity program again now Ari if people want to find out and others are not that's also involved with is at the state or federal. Funding are something about how are screened and how to get involved yet it's all fairly funded. But anyone who. Any child who is I'd deemed eligible gets federal funding through the state DOC always go through. We called single point of entry this beau Louisiana that designated suppose is for this area is Easter seals. On so you connect with them you get eligible deemed eligible in the news to choose a service provider will one of Serb fighters in the area to do that and where the top you've been doing he's used it since 1953. Or about 200 famine that we're helping out with are in court nation. And that's amazing now. How many overall do you help because I know that you're in New Orleans or saint Tammany Saint Bernard. Jeff is kind of like me my gas we're now almost 600 people are serving and those type parish area yeah. And that's an. Again from birth until adulthood and we just bury one of our clients a couple of weeks ago someone who's been with us for very long time. We helped her in her home meant she was in her seventies and so. What's happening also is that people have healthier lifestyles to a disabilities used to die mature earlier because. They didn't have much activity and their allies didn't do very much and so the access to kind absolute services that you provide absolutely. But that is that's just absolutely wonderful for the 600 families are so let's keep talking York. Occupant of babies from the very beginning once you've been diagnosed you have some kind of intellectual disability. So from there let's walk through it where you go to extreme sure so after three years old the school system takes over basically come to school system takes. Can Carol pre K. Preschool pre KK all lead through age 21. I'm so we don't do anything with the school system and directly except that. We want class that we teach at a plaque and parish Scottish high school. Where we have a pre employment transition team. So we work with the students were about to transition out of high school age out of the system and get them ready for whatever is coming next and I can be with employment. Or vocational training or could be some sort of day activity that we get some of the other vocational activities against the trees that's that's with you off his. Right so we provide. If they if they sign up with the us through Louisiana rehabilitation services. For job training OK we have job coaches and so we do is reassess some skill level their interests. Then we will. Go out into the community talk to potential employers. And the good thing about our program is that if you hire someone. With disabilities to lies you get along with the person a job coach trip to six months RC two for one. End and you also get tax credit. For the year salary that you're paying the press were disabilities on today is there really is it's it's a system that's in San advises. Potential ploys to try to which is abilities. They may have lots of doubts or whatever but we have pretty good track record books via please somebody. You say you've had a very good place placement opportunities. And we go back to because. We start off and I mentioned pounds but. Again distrust it's not just children or adults with Down syndrome it's yeah on the intellectual disabilities challenges at Serra. Correct. If coach's abilities could cover anyone with something like Down's syndrome someone who has was born with fetal alcohol syndrome cerebral palsy. Autism. Basically describes someone who has some type of cognitive. A cognitive process delay. The process doesn't work. With seeing speed but the same type of accuracy lets say it's a moment I disability. But it might someone could range from severe to very very mild in terms of how they might be impacted. And therefore you have a different programs and services to help each at their own level correct correct or what is the other if it. You were talking to Donna bell Trace and that's Brady getting ready to to perhaps go out and get employment. What are some of the things that you've been able to do in terms of programs they might participated. To get them ready for that big moment. So. Prior to placing someone in the community. We have in house sort of we call it our enterprises so we have. We have a cruise at work in janitorial services we are present working on grounds keeping. Will have a talk about a morning Rabin recycling program cars that we haven't forgotten you. I directness and early on and those are all there are there wage earning jobs. But they are also. In and situations which were teaching people marketable skills. Anything from a practical skill. Like counting sorting to a more. Kind of a social skills. Discipline of a time keeping and showing up on time and interaction with colleagues or supervisors on so those it hosts a crew activities. Are they are vocation because they may be someone's been shot at a job but for others they're sort of a transition period from. From our place into the marketplace to get another job. One that I have some reference to employed the pokes into the janitorial work what a wonderful job. I don't know in the landscape and to some of the other things amazing. It under some companies that you'd like to give a shout out to to say thank you for helping. With the program sure would really economic city park we do dog park and we did a tennis courts. But do the entrance right by the museum a city park NC park has been a very consistent supporter of ours and in giving us contract work. And then we like to thank. Heel prints that. As it into employed are Tenet brokered for a very very long time. When listing things that people may not know optically public officials is that the state has a it's called a state use law. Which basically allows a public entities. To not. Go through the bid process but to if they set aside. A job a contract job for people we disabilities. Can they can actually go through it he called EDS. Which is a quasi government told non profit and EDS has the right to take a contract. And solicit. Bids from us aren't people doing our kind of work. So this CD that that that we have a lot of Justin parish contracts quite honestly. Being the city belittled timid about bypassing. Bid process right because of past. Issue here yes I young but is actually illegal process allow is at public entities to set aside. Jobs for people we disabilities decree that work. And that's amazing because it is it's an opportunity. To help others helped themselves to try to try and it's great the fact that you'll. They're able to her living and go well let's Margie has been very patient shall get just like alleged jocular guy and an NFL a RG because we're talking about employment I think part of the things in this area. Or most familiar with. It's a wonderful recycling center and the beads and I understand. There's all kinds of great news we're breaking it here folks is breaking news. Breaking these are breaking news are. Tell us that what's going well we are developing a he. Actual store like a retail space. We've we've put we've been recycling beads for. Over twenty years that we're taking it to a whole new level this year and. Were offering a whole lot of different products and and this everything is donated. To us so we have over eighty people. Bar our employees that that are associated with recycling the beads and so it's a great employer. And so the these sort these beads and and we resell them to people writing parades at Halloween carnival season. So now where making it it's a beautiful space and where having our grand opening. Rang Saturday. December 19. We are it's it's will be open from nine to whine and will be a thing every Saturday. Through. Then through through Mardi Gras. And down but we're also opening our arm regular store hours are Monday through Friday from 94. And so that's an exciting when people who who are path customers have come. And and seen our space and they're like wow this is fantastic you guys not taking it to a whole new whole new level where we're real store. Well how can people do when it come by if they wanted to visit. How does that work meeting just you're talking is easy to get an hour's just like. If they were going to eat we won't name to competitors I hit a fact we know you are competing with them and your giving some really good prices. What you user recycling. And you're putting people who really want that job. To work he's really got out front of the bells and whistles that yet and it's it's just it's a win win for everybody. Because you know people say money. But they also are providing jobs saving the earth Q and yeah yeah and so it I mean I I love it. I just learned it from the recent news cast that are. The greens here in New Orleans might be added to fill out more groggy on Friday. Oh this great don't want those but. I think about it. In my attic on my goodness I was ready for something actually think it or not getting an early start. What are might have a way of holiday decorations. And hot he's big exit or parties. Third filled with beads so now when I started to write them down first thing I need to do is put them in my car. And bring them to you because there are some lovely beads. And you sell them again and it quite good and competitive price right yeah definitely because they think they look just like the one to storage I. There even after they never got a little bit allowed attacks and argue our permanent drop offs of these we hat. Our website or give a complete list but we looked it's not get website address again right now it's everybody's right because it is it's a lovely new website that yes it's RG and with that they are CG and the dot board. ORG. And and if you I was amazed by how different sites you know we have a. I had all of our our locations. All of our our petitions and we you know we have an uptown at. Here. When you yet we have where it national and Loyola. And seventeenth anyone Nashville and eat and hanging west we go we're at 333 cell avenue. Loom letter B we are our location which is at 925 south to a bar road that's where it's. Our biggest drop off but it's also where we sort the beads and sell the beads the story is is there. And I'm Rossellini and shell met at 3770. Parkway and then in cutting ten weather stick east 25 avenue. And we also have locations permanent locations at. The arouses on airline and airline in the bar at 31 yes and the whole foods on magazine street. Have a whole section in the back in their garage where they have you can recycle everything and we've got. Three purple bands there and you know us by our purple band. That. They. And does that you think of all it's more likely. Yeah receptacle or for recycling money about the types are out now is only BE or would you also take other portable items we will take anything that is thrown off of a flat. So and and we leave as we sort through weeks everything right there. And portly and that that you know those that Kenneth we have that but everything else yet we sort in different categories and we've got everything from. Pearls to. Where actually separating some. Specific crisis. This year so if you're like in bock is earn higher is airing in back in not your read through yeah you're you're. Yeah yeah I'm also beware of current number targeting different in different crews and and to pretty much any even if you're in a truck parade. You know there there are. There are options for you we we do stuffed animals featuring Gibson and bouncy balls. That I think that tomorrow. Now you've got all these different items. How do you get them all sorted in time I have to look at the calendar. Begins here yeah where it. Aren't thinking about holidays it get me a bit in the year it's coming up and out. Yeah ago. It got part way we every year we get busier and busier earlier. And so in December is already going to be crazy and by the time twelfth night hits when everybody gets into Marty rom Dozier. It will be just nonstop. With customers and through through Mardi Gras and. You know be what we are looking for. It is. Volunteers to help let's sort these speeds we have. Times. Last year we recycled over 250000. Pounds BY. As you mentioned EE employee force of this news employees are helping out yet job. They'd adapt to that you. This is our great great opportunity when you are in use it faces other folks who go to the arc. And what fun and employees are fair deal and Ayers corporal to be doing it. It's my whole time you're really reluctant to lower sorting. He had definitely an and it's safer for our students who want. Have service hours is that they'll be working with people with intellectual disabilities and that's now and having fun but there. In meeting people. Yeah and and it's just by the end of it there's hugs all around and and you know people that's that's why I love working. And I know that the arc in egg unite it worked together with. On many of our big companies here in town wanna assert state to projects. Where there employees can come out in and gives and assistants though. It's it's a great great opportunity of giving back. We even had some Mardi Gras crews are men members that cruise. And and help us out this there then they look around and out now how are you gonna get through I'll ask him well with how. And those from time island they'll bring people in. That actually at thirteen thousand volunteers helpless. I'm me. So because bats and I think for coming up on the tee is listening audience because governors. Get a couple weeks about what you can do if you volunteer. And some Eagles being so let's hear your interest again 250. And you hopes you know supersede that right oh yeah yeah I mean we with Jeff we've collected more than. And it is a year round effort like we weep as soon as we. Empty box will get more donations in and fill that same pot is just. Nonstop to everybody's got the even people who don't think they have these happy though I did yeah. And given the ever breached again about. How people get involved at the doctors are Stephen got to go back to because we're talking to people deployed just hours likely or it could be it. These other programs that you are helping people to be able to be gainfully employed and the other wonderful program do to you now Ers on mine oh. That we think about what glory tours in theory we are in hospitality industry the service industries important. And some announcements they are Q. Because you have. A new facility of sorts of new rebrand it and talk about it so if you're in that there is big news. Big news down into Paris revenue initiative to talk about Terry. Oh and at 37 managing the feet up parkway. The old prince of peace Catholic parish. Which we've been occupying since we restored and after the hurricane. Our opening up we have opened up arc on the parkway which bin Laden venue for events but both parties weddings etc. And it's a new initiative it's gaining some traction in terms of people. A scheduling venues but what we're committed to once we sort of get to infrastructure up and running is. That will become yet another place where we provide vocational training so we will employ our folks with disabilities. But seeing setting up bus seeing working the event accent are with the idea of you know in this city. Those kind hospitality industry jobs are all over the place and took some and brother is feels absolutely. So it's a great location it's had its large it's it's it's there'll parish hall so there rather large building is stage and it. Com and now we're pretty excited about the future there. Obviously it couldn't get it say it was formally excuse me. It was sterling hall and how is that it's it's folks if you do before you wait you see it. Bigger better. It's got everything absolutely absolutely. I'm going to be place for people not knowing the parish but elsewhere what holds special events again all the holidays are. Fast approaching and then let's not forget as we rapidly in the new U into the new year. And as Marty said carnival will be far around after the hour now and I don't know look at the other programs that you lost to even have pardon me. For those who unfortunately may not be able to do more home they're not able to perhaps anticipate as much. In some of the activities that you have whether socialization. Activities or to find a job would you do wonderful things for them to a there. Yeah we do things for people either in their homes or out in the community so in their homes. There are some folks who are living on their own O overthrew made six that are and we can actually we have personal care assistants to help them. To achieve and maintain the level autonomy that they can. That they need to deliver on their own. And that can be waiting for helping him to pay their bills to showing about Shoppach said are navigating the public transit system. And some folks who live with their families and their families are the primary caretakers probably. And they we will offer personal care assistance to the individual. Which is also sort of arrest spits it. Service to the family members give similar break. So they can do what they need to do as well. So that's in the homes on the community and we have five community centers that a look at out front area and go to the same publication Margie mention dom. For the drop off locations for deeds. And there are a CUNY said as we call them and so those are for folks who may not be able to maintain a job they have they may work what did you days a week. But they but looking for meaningful activities the other days of the week. And so we do for them is we provide some very I'm. Integrated. Community based on TV so people show up on what those types centers in the morning. But analysts say they're very long we get back on bands or whatever and any given day we'll have a variety of options and to some of those options is simply fun field trips. Others are well as activities we emphasize Wallace active. We've part of with the why who lets his use their facilities etc. And then we do a lot of volunteer work. Last year we provided. A 1181000. Volunteer hours and other non profit I city. Three we have we a volunteer places like the SP CA. We've into the white in CA at that food bank. And as sharp folks are helping other nonprofits. And do dip. Until their missions. And luster on thinking that died during the great flood of 2016. We're collecting it cannot wait. Somebody donated goods from all the wonderful people in our southeast Louisiana region so that we could take these up to endorse or be on things for the flood victims. And several days we are doing things. We had good folks coming in from the arc. Score helping us prepare and get ready mentally for that so that those good golf to the people that needed them everything from diapers to water to. All kinds of things plus they were also there. What we are trying to pack. Back packs for kids whose mother first back to school so. That is only truly amazed in the end and again those smiles and the folks are helping. And I tell you want if they did their job we hear what X amount of hours I think about four. And about one and a half in. I could not believe. How fast how Christian how absolutely. Amazing they work and helping us get those backpacks were everywhere. Lowe's meaningful activity right as the assumption that pass was those with disabilities. You just need to be entertained it is heated television on but people thrive when they're getting meaningful activity. And they sort. Are certainly are and that continues to be what the park provides to so many in this region. I think it you always see here is starting to wind down it makes me think we'll be looking to for next year for the future Stephen either. Plans afoot that humans aboard and others have been thinking about it gives you look at it. Reinventing. Yourself or they are rather every time he's using it needs the community you've changed to meet with the community's needs are. You have a real thumb. We've looking to expand services on the North Shore I think you job there won't realize that the population shifted to the North Shore was Katrina. And the only thing we have over there at this point is our community center. And we get request to serve people up there optically our family services are that the baby. Program. So we're looking for ways to may be expanded the nor shall we got a license to operate. A family services a coronation serves up there. We simply haven't opened that office yet Iran and the two other of one more concrete than the other possibility that I did Terry. We briefly partner with the white LC is a young leadership council at its and we are with the city's blessing. We're gonna China own spearhead. This Mardi Gras. And all in the streets bead collection. It's just KB 22 Saturdays right and two day parades and we make it easier ourselves. Under crude for red and accrued a virus that's two Saturday day parades have we're gonna be with them on the streets trying to get people into it. Don't need to be right there young. And but that program has the possibility of really growing is a pilot program this year in the works well the ideas that we could be all over the city next Mardi Gras. That is Travis those conversations got full cycle or is it just recycle. I had. It Margie c'mon let's close out this program again for folks who want to know about where they can go. And more information what's the website at number. Its outlook web site is RTG and eight RCG in dot org. And phone number is 5048375105. And we just networks give that again because she knows someone Ronnie and I am here. Paper ahead 5048375105. And you can call T if you want to volunteer. If you want to get any information on our Mardi Gras beads and and where all of our locations are. Where where we also have lots of products available. Like saints and specialty beads and in college dean be you know I'm. Yeah baby yeah and and. You also can find out about volunteer and that's that's our. Our main thing right out this week we still have a lot of pizza sort through volunteers and volunteers volunteers. You can you can hear you wanna do individual. And were aware of going to be opened some Saturdays where people can come in and and volunteer when that's. And if you are here. With them some schools that we've done work as saw and grumble. And Xavier Tulane and so if you can you know if you wanna volunteer call that number. As our volunteer coordinator and we've well. Apia you'll always hop on her but you're wonderful thank you so very much. Margie Perez who was the market rob beat reached coordinator at our bigger New Orleans and thank you very much doctor Stevens. Parker greater New Orleans. And thank you listeners today for joining us you know it is southeast Louisiana has a blueprint for prosperity. To eradicate poverty we fight for health education and financial stability. Every person and every community. Deliver better we must live United's oh let's say right now folks. United.