Tyeler Davison with Kristian Garic

Saints Football
Wednesday, June 13th
Tyeler Davison talks about big expectations for the Saints defensive line entering the 2018 season

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It's also obvious Dale's like hey this week uses for you your that you shout out your four I was like. A kid he's been for years even mentally time and time has passed. It is time to live for us. Familiar to make every every season calendar. Knobs and you Carol. You Carol. But on this crazy you know Tom because especially in the fifth. We you know to listen to so. What's it like you were here during the lean years and flashy guys come to the playoffs obviously now the expectations were on this team. What's that been like going from when it was lean to being I thought of as one of the better teams in the league. You know it is it is a little bit different you know community cheered but my targets farther ourselves arcs are expectations it was. Source of our own selves so you can you know from from that standpoint filling Israel's a moment. When you know we're expecting to go to a bigger every year so. You know now would now this year we is Lou the more confidence on that we just came here. You guys embrace that. Yeah we definitely brings patience definitely embraces. I mean because not really about the people's expectations and to do its powers that it poses the most you know and I mean we knew we wanna go. We expect ourselves to do better than than anybody else that is unique unit into the even allowed to do thing that was new world. You know we've been watching all the way and so. I thought we embraces mills who buy into it and and nation knows a lot of Communist government to. This is pretty young team by and large has had success last year many make sure that you don't regional press clippings and keep keep focused on. Keating where you'll lose it happens sometimes you can. I was gonna take one minutes on you know just continue to. It's better to focus on on all the little things that we go to improve on and in. On your normal little little details of our you know our assignments or to meet. From all those things we do is put or or bill go to work on this. And keep trying to improve and and we know though that accidentally take yourself you know there's just don't look good moved on to your head up from from working. To look at this that. Where is your game grown going to your fourth year here I come authorities got a lot more consistent. You know working might take neat especially. On offense of the game when working my technique and Indian dance consistently. So that you know constantly doing the right thing. An in imposition immensely. You look at this. Shelvin rank it you guys are all on his third fourth year Americans a little over a million nice veteran group that are mixed in there so should be too much guys haven't seen. Yeah exactly. You know we definitely grown together over the over the last few years to self. NC accident you know development and you can get better and better for years so. You know they it is they whose real good for us know. He says haven't played some years ago than now and our garden got better get this too so. You know we've been a lot of different situations. As a team and as a group so you know they wouldn't we be better for. It's kind of tongue in cheek question a title and he kept the pads on for Colin it's only getting guys down in the trenches. It is and it's it is war negated Obama pointedly he. It really testimony and then noble Russians don't know no no real heart collisions. This is down there like this regards in August. So via. I'm disagree with those so what you were gonna if you can't use it as what he worked and in many camps like this appreciates the rumor or my defining Vito as your technique. Especially. And on the run game seven you know crash and a new workers union and. And writes about your work on you know make sure that you react to. On this from blocks you know the right way. And then once you've done that you were going on on students in the blocking view into the into the ball carrier right away you know we're in an effort to the ball a couple of on days like that this in mind that the little details disappeared technique flipping your hips on the past trying to hit their hands we're gonna do it removes a Uga. So a lot lot of finessed moves and pass first and a lot of room farm and take needs and comes around who's the comic relief in the comic relief. Are we got a few. Chancellor's. Armed them rove he's pretty formulas and us confidence. To everybody everybody have their moments with concerns and some funny expression.