Two thirds of US says NFL players have a right to kneel

Friday, September 14th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to Tim Malloy, Assistant Director of the Qunnipiac University Poll, about new polling that suggests Americans believe NFL players have a right to kneel during the anthem nearly 2-to-1

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And I'm Dave coated pursuit on this Friday. I love the stay is my favorite weekday by far when we finally get to Friday. And we got a great weekend ahead of us beautiful leather alive albeit it a whole lot better than what they're dealing with in the Carolinas obviously and what they're going to be dealing with in south Texas. I'm very happy being in the middle of these tropical disturbances at this point. A new poll finds most Americans support NFL player's right to Neil. During the National Anthem. But. Americans are split. On whether they approve of players deal kneeling in protest. During the national anthems so let's make sure we can understand the differentiation there and find out what people are saying and one thing I'm curious about is. How many of these people are NFL fans so to help us break down the new poll we called people who did it at quinnipiac. Joining us is Tim Malloy with quinnipiac make him happy Friday. Glad you're here so when did you do this Colin what did you find out. While ago over a period of six days and we elected two days ago. Trying to look at it. What we patted it like it is pretty interesting the disparity between them by market to one Americans like Kate you've got the right to constitutional right to do. They're pretty much detail where they make it to good. Idea and so it's apples and organs it's complicated but it sort of statement on on American people leaving them in the first manned. So there are saying. It would end in June 2 thirds of Americans and they this is a this is a widespread of demographic this is across the country. This is a good sample. It is. Six day. On but the people room or our calling houses down the people wrinkle shall poems stroke a computer in the conduct independents. Black Hispanic wait everybody we called alt country. Were you surprised that two thirds of people say that they support NFL player's right to Neil during the National Anthem. I'm not allowed to be surprised we just. But I would that no matter where the united urging the people that support first the order of the most agree the constitution got. Yet it the number. You know it's a big number. Yeah and you did this. During the time that Nike. Was featuring Colin camper neck and a new commercial. During the time that there was a lot of reaction to that in this this. Was again a very hot issue even though only two players. Took a knee during week one during the National Anthem in the NFL. Today Colin cavern a commercial brought this whole thing thanks to Nike back to the forefront of the public's awareness. It sure do and we took a poll on a 40% of Americans. I agree with Nike decision to include can't predict that just look at it third in just under. Their tourism represented. No we don't like them but again it's been in the target equate the guys put on uniform state picking me to the constitution but again it is that. The speech issue a certain level. So now while two thirds of Americans believe that these players have the right to take an eight. Less than half think that they should taken. They came up 47 points personal. I know 6% either didn't know or didn't wanna answer. Really don't know whatever. So 4747. So a lot more thinks they have the right to think they should exercise that right. It exactly. In other words if you went into the stadium have people be happy about it. Well I am curious did you ask. And and you may not have been human embryo to tell me this and I apologize if you can grasp and had digestive people if they were NFL fans because when I'm curious about is. How many of these people are watching the NFL on how much of a dangers it to the NFL now that they've instituted rules. But says they're gonna find teams whose players Neil and they told players you that you kidney. You can stand Lockerby can stay in the tunnel but if you're going to be on the field you got to stand so. I don't know well. Now we did you know and actually would never shall questions. About. But no we don't know which at. American. Apparently strike. And it was written by bright and did you find it significant differences between men and women blacks and whites. Hispanics and Asians or any demographic groups. We certainly do. Man is approved of needling by 53%. Wouldn't one orders disproved by its entry point one Hispanic vote divided. A black quoted a who were taking me by 7740%. Of that but that's dramatic talk about politics Tuesday it's it's divided and polarized. What opinions. So yes 77%. Of black voters. Support the taking of the knee which I. I did that shouldn't be surprising that that you're allowed to be surprised. Because this issue is. About. Perceived social injustice against blacks what else did you survey find that you think our listeners should there. Well I mean it's pretty accurately predict it would have been tick tick miniature right. What. Those are putting his name next to that Nike swoosh and it may just do. Q yeah satellite the past class that went well good. Am I all right so 67%. Of Americans. Approve of a field that players have the right to do it. 47% of Americans think that they should do it. And I wonder how once now produces and it is going viral. I wonder if we're gonna see more players now taking any. Once they find out that two thirds of all Americans think they have the right to do it in about half of Americans think bishop a wonderful Seymour and we did and we didn't we won just two players that. Well we hope that people are looking to recruit to exit whether I could affect the numbers on it but again. Wide ranging calling everybody triplets were record. Thousands of cool so it's a good old mature. Absolutely and you know I guess you don't get into the finer points of understanding of the constitution and constitutional rights because. When you get down to it you and I don't have the right to go to work and stated political pro. That are employed will inspire us for doing. And these are people who work for these the NFL who worked of these football teams or staging political protests. On their boss's time and so you know all the legal experts have told us now they don't have they don't legitimately have the right to do it. While their at their jobs. Died. You didn't get into the finer points with the Arab American voters you're pulling. When you asked who they believe they do you have the right and 67 presents a Yasser that that's got to be stunning one person did accuse me that when I tease this topic. I said a what does that all of your friends I don't think Yelp older brother and a weighted ball me and I don't think people money in my friends says. Well quickly. We work well Opel which we were or trump order serie a were doing. A global warming usually but this was big enough and in actual report the line between politics and sports that we this what what what do want to turn it was reported that. So we do cross. Sports were one. Tim aligned with equity act Quinnipiac University poll it's always a pleasure to talk Tia and I'll look forward to. In the future talking about future polls and surveys its it's great to get a feel the pulse of the American people. Have a great weekend tied him alive from quinnipiac your calls at 504260187. Become an out maxed. Someone wants to accuse the media. Of causing all of this we'll have that conversation after this election costs at 50426 or one point seven in tell me do you think. The players should kneeled during the National Anthem and like 67% of Americans. Do you believe. The players have the right to Andy support player's right to do it whether or not you want them to do it. You know Leo saying I don't support your opinion but I'll defend to the death your right to express it. I think that's a lot of what we're seeing here win at 67% of Americans to on quinnipiac a non political polling agency. That they support. NFL player's right to take in need during the National Anthem but only 47%. Think that they should taken me. Rick thanks for calling your on WWL. Image iron. Lessons. A two little. What you do when you aren't just talk radio talk about a constitutional right now as a member Raymond simple. I well well hello. I say that orbit where I said they don't have a constitutional right to due to war. Get ignored when you take any cold I don't know can't stick it I mean it's cracked it's the black white thing. Every black ice important and every white person now. Well 77% 77%. Of blacks support it. That's not every now means that not all blacks. When I want I want to other birds breed is what effect that now for you at all that it. You've got more current record at all well. And wipe it out and that would constitution. As a boy that would ultimately. That killed at. That particular. All of it by and and ABBA. Exactly. Like him. Well actually you don't bring your rhetoric you're a huge percentage of the people who did not stand for the National Anthem last year. Right of job and a coming cabinet of course one of them teams don't want this controversy teams don't want to deal with this so a lot of players. Have lost that out of the car or when their contract. I don't know if I'll black white geragos export and why we're. Agree to support there's a lot of people and white people. Beau Rick we appreciate the Colin and you're sharing your opinion. Jamal thanks calling your on WW. They don't do Mexico Konerko right Omega sort of program it is well. In the biggest example right quake and now. It happened no one talked about. Oklahoma City on black and white guys if you blow it. Like quote he. Well until 9/11 we talked a whole lot about that attack but I think it you know you week and I gat is it too much longer ago and and obviously 9/11 was more right. What is our arms and I have a spotlight. Quote that in black protesters are repeatedly he'd been. He got buy it from a formal better. You think the pick and mutual that we people vote for Dwight DP WW Torre you've taken all of a sudden. He's the suspect that a triplet. It's gonna go. I'm not a blow would it in the United States like a diplomat. Told that would not. Don't appreciate Attica. The white it's an outrage at the Al read it can't happen it's a good comparable period. Yeah I don't think you've ever heard anyone compare college Evernote to Timothy McVeigh before. But I understand the point you're trying to make. It would look out. 67% of Americans now support his right to take a name. Let's all look across the board. Well. Now well. You don't applaud. They say everybody it's agreed not to have to bear rates because. What did he do while he was not it would double opt for a step called propaganda immediate you know the media or the yeah yeah. Well he did during the National Anthem which is the song about a flag. Armed bandits would you like we all in yet to house in deeply and add them. Withstand the output and where at all and you look at the botnet so it's swell of people propaganda they can meet you got out to be public and available. Well I I think I know you're right you're right and I think there's propaganda on both sides there's no doubt about it. He was trying to get attention to his cause and he chose a means that would shock people. And that would get noticed and would get media coverage to govern X not stupid when it comes to managing. His marketing. He is obviously very good at that. Now he's paying the consequences for it no team wants him ha on their roster. And they don't have the room they don't have legal. No requirement to hire the guy you don't have to hire gag if you don't like his politics that's there's nothing against that the constitution does not say if a constitutional right to a job. From someone who disagrees with the the group so he he but yeah he was very successful in what he wanted to accomplish tomorrow I appreciate the call. 5042601878. Jack thanks for calling your RWW. Hi I'm opting some people jumping into the controversy in the middle in the beginning real. You mamma let go into Italy that's all try really gotten anything accomplished so we. Pull ought to support. He. Wanted to arm and the dome into thinking cap in criminology guide spot. Sixteen game or. Potential site column that will be. And the whole whole trial and when everybody at all. You know yea you're rite aid's same thing and it keeps coming back up because someone does something I thought we were getting close to being passed this. Because only two players now during week Kwan. It's not something we're sealing him seeing across the league anymore. But. Every time it feels like it's gonna go away something happens and you talked about the president really brought it back to center stage now Nike did it. By featuring cabernet and the response. To the Capra like ads brought this issue wax that's so we're not talking about it today I. Well well wait a minute. I. All of our programs. That you gave it. A point when he did. Yep they don't think he'd he knew what he was doing that he was intentionally coalescing his supporters that he was trying to call attention to his position. And showing that it's different than Colin camper next so that he could win votes in that what it's all about. Well you don't know what can people good news July. I don't believe there's been an model. Don. And I and a lot and people bring out is that like you know well is you know as Jack and owner. Like you widget you day making he you know he ought to be. Well one of the common about DO speak out armed. People that the huge. Error yes it's a it's a conservative group like you both. Aren't. But I mean she did you know it's you know based in. Scott for generations they've gotten on Scioscia on global. Yeah he's also a legitimate economist nominally but yet she's from a conservative think. OK and I'll. Repeatedly is you can't be out yeah outrageous 3%. When I got this it would seem that there has. OK let's use our people or more in the book the book. That's the average soon about passed out more about half LS. So yeah in. See in Hubble ought to people where you want everybody opinion. Seeing these confederate groups stronger it BOE the cop you know it. The tax cutter is. If you are smoker. If you oh and cooperation. Albert you you. All hype and all you know. Oh listen you know it's like everything else all discussions at some point turned political unfortunately. I was just talking about the fact that the economy's in great shape and edits and employees economy. Now several table tech and it's a couple employed it the economy was getting better under Obama yet lawless. It was improving we will recover from the recession under Obama and we continue to recover now under trump. I wasn't making it a political issue but it always becomes a political issue unfortunately because politics is infused in everything we say do you think. Now these days but make it appointed hey if you think you can do better now's a great time to try to find a better job of trying to help people. And I thought it would be an interesting conversation will continue with the conversation about Neil I'm pretty anthem and vast American support for the right to do so coming up next we got full lines right now all of you stay put your calls next. New poll finds that most Americans actually support NFL player's. Rights to kneel during the National Anthem. American voters say 67 to 30% and Quinnipiac University national poll released this week. That players have the right to protest by taking in need during the National Anthem. Now legal experts by a larger say they don't actually have that right. That they can lose their job for doing it but their boss can actually determine if they. Conducted political protests on company time that having been said 67%. Say they do you have the right but only 47%. Say they approve of the players doing it. I really did think this issue is at least fading into the background and ending to a completely go away but I thought it was kind of becoming a part of the background. But then the Nike ad with Colin cabinet brought it back to the forefront and it has been a firecracker. Massive explosion of reaction. Once again ever since go to the phones at final four to 601878. Jacqui thanks for calling your on WWL. Yes yes. Yeah. You just happen and not doing anything. A lot more pop. Market nordic and bad. And that and a. Well now I understand your point but he is doing some a little different he he he's not conducting. He protests that will land him in jail he is not. Is sacrifice saying he is freedom. In order to make his point. C previous three individuals you mentioned. They were civilly disobedient they intended. To demonstrate where they thought was wrong with the law by violating it on cabinet and to mine out hasn't broken any law. Well. Current equipment. Why when I'm on. That I'm saying that. Anyone. It. Do you think Jackie did take. Do you think that cap for next. Protest. Will be as effective. As war of the protests of Rosa Parks Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela those three people change the course of history do you think would. Would telling captain nick has done is gonna change the course of history. Well I thought I. Mean it were. Rare. And but the part about what. Do you. Think. And not something that is and we had time. Yeah I know you're only read about that are. And you cannot borrow you can argue he cannot argue Jackie. With the fact that he is brilliantly. Brought attention to his cause right or wrong. Like him or hate him agree with them or not. I don't think anyone can argue with the fact that he is successfully brought. The conversation to the forefront and he has made his plight now I don't think. And I understand the comparison but I don't think you can say what he is done. Is anywhere near. Wide Rosa Parks are eliciting accomplish in the United States and completely changing. The course of American history incomplete challenging the win entire class of people live there when Nelson Mandela did and in South Africa. But I I think you making good point and I understand it and we appreciate your call. Mike thanks on your on WWL. And we. There. Are older you know you know. All. The big. All. You know well so we don't know we did in estimates and outlet at all. Ought to agreement yeah. You know. I think people would have a problem with anybody kneeling for the American flag as fans did and I think NN the people who have a problem it would have a problem with that but deride. The heat are. Yet he had me doing it on his job made it more consequential for him. You know. People. Ball you know you can follow the ball that. You know I'm. A Google somebody out and oh ought. Not. I'm whether or not he should have done yet. You don't think he should have gone that you think he's ignorant for kneeling during the National Anthem on his job. Now another retirement and RT funny conducted a political protest while I was at work. A yeah well I don't know Andy. It's means not knowing if he didn't know that he be black balled if he didn't expect to lose his job because of it than your right he was ignorant to the outcome. But I understand your use in the word ignorant to be more of a defamatory to. I look at it all call you know all these you know which. Are durable. You know you know you know. He would he would not. Can you. All know there are you know. You know. He would not be able. Mike I appreciate your call sign an interest and you are just for full disclosure are black man and I. And you think Denny's and not a hero and he's ignorant. I'll bet it got black art it's not a orders it you know air more. And I think. You know not being out these two. Injected the ball. When you probably move in the duke quickly doesn't go on another call. Bit raw and he and it. About what the apple and will Ludwick will camp out there she oh. What the Republican he. And the way it. All all. What thought gee our old Auburn. Won't be worried about the owners politics. Oh yeah all out all all the war on me too long to Republicans. Do and on the way. Yeah you know I've never thought about the politics of the owners of the teams that I'm watch him play but. It's an interesting point nonetheless Mike I appreciate the call also hear Mike says he's a black man who thinks that telling tapper neck is ignorant. And not a hero. Interestingly. I want to go to that's in line six Steven called Steven you told the screener you're a white man and you support cap and. Absolutely epic or Segway. Let collar aren't they call or would it pure white one black the other way to lie. Aamir I ought it wore out there that support it right it'll last year now but it is no rule. Not being a meal or doing that out here if Kirk. This year that we're pro while her company. You can do it. Or you need to take back an important thing okay well there rule by the company they're for a bit. And uniform like I don't know note there are certain thing I couldn't do that work under certain thing. Can't do working but that didn't work for now though. It to wipe. But. Not wait for everybody. Right so you're in the 67% that support Colin Capp American NFL players in general right to Neil during the National Anthem. Now the second question was do you support them doing this. Do you do you think it's a good idea where do you fall on that you've did you think he should have done it. While you are right here. I. Do and where there. Are are in there and if you're at it on the origin. Chances are then it might be a good idea but it surely remember you or. Undergo a black quarterback wrought the will. Over. And I bet that you do when he had the winners can get away with that. Telling tabernacle who was later initially would then fell on hard times apparently couldn't and nobody wants them now. Is that a commentary on his talent on his politics or most. Made FS the NFL. Owners that question a widow lightning round next to be John Holt right now stay tune you're gonna get a chance to sound off after this. 248 we're doing a lightning round now Armitage who calls everybody who comes on the air at this point we'll have thirty seconds to make their point. And then we'll move on to the next caller several gets a chance to share their thoughts John you're up first in the lightning round yet thirty seconds. And on and on about what she quote chances all the borrow. You want to call. It is. And it's because there was a budget stage to people yeah indeed. It's a saint there and expect we're outcome not an act that that's. People in jail for the reasons. And it and he won't say it and stay in his country like what the ancient Mexican people trying to mix itself to call them maddening. About it began. You have a music this man and I'm guessing you're talking about president Donald Trump he's the man your referred to. Aaron we appreciate the call thirty seconds each Thomas here on WWL go for. Thomas syrup. And yeah when you want to get thirty seconds. Quality. Review what you. Side compared you'd you'd get on American and then net the net. We appreciate your call John do you got thirty seconds don't work. Yeah you. Open it. There. There are. Like partners. In a career. There. Are. Doing. And. I'd done a measure an avenue of some use thirty seconds are up anyway Tom you've got thirty seconds Tom go for it. It's like an acute. Indoors. In your eleventh Earl. In the oh mark. The radio. You are not required to stand for it national at American flag or check with your rent that GR a course in gear he will tell you this. Thought you Q or in open public. Actually if you will spare I'll tell you will stand at a dollar sank late. But they did you ask you to stand. I mean that this stadium announcer says ladies and gentlemen please rise for the presentation of our callers and our National Anthem. Eight now whether flag etiquette. Actually requires that you stand for it or not. The vast vast majority of people do. Now some people don't stop being an active some people don't stop their chit chat some steam people are in the line for the bathroom some people are in line at the concession stand. But. And I your point is that we should be if that was going to happen for doing it again this battle four to 601870. June oh we got the lightning round Ellen it's your turn. Yeah. What happened. And product that it hit it like they told and it happens yeah. Yeah out there you go. I'm cabinet made. I. But I thought both were pretty successful made 78. Rich he had thirty seconds. They are military 120 years wait I completely support why he sparked a protest thing I completely support as well right to protest. Of course that was a racial issue and of course our president is a race he's only told. On every occasion that he possibly can so this is pretty simple issue. All right we appreciate your making your point and do and and another thirty seconds rich know Linda it's your turn on WW. Outside it's not as big big Mac I'll bet which initially it was out of orbit that make it will bear app there. Because there that you knew and indeed go through a bad about it. I'm so glad that out who spoke rich. It yes jump into whatever it is that ER bad. And eat it but I think that Matt he'd be on top I did not. Because it wrong copy name on there are no one at that and the way to cope it would matter that he doesn't. Do you think do you think pound cavern act would have now even if there was a rule against it I mean he was trying to get attention any successfully did that. He week amid given a specific rule from his team are from the NFL but clearly there was a understood. Yeah. Think even of that era and 200. Chipped it up ending. Oh lucky you get. Out and eat it. That. Pretty it back. Stand went out and picked it every. Eat it. I. Are you for the pledge of allegiance and we appreciate the dog get a little stamps there really want to explore that a little bit more. All right Ernie you've got thirty seconds before it. Yes I'm definitely against him kneel in the Daschle at that he picked the wrong and you of course. And I won't wait while we. All the ball all the gentlemen. On the football teams lie there wide they're standing. And may. Senate asking the ones are kneeling mother kneeling asked the ones are standing whether standing yeah. Yeah yeah is it did because. It's the rule my team. Or hey this is the United States of America we should be proud of our country and I can't believe we have a military. Appellate colony and he's OK with that the that you know that that is dull. Well 67%. Of Americans. Support. NFL players right. To take a knee during the National Anthem. Only 47% think they should do it but 67%. According to the quinnipiac poll and it's of respectable. Nonpartisan poll. Feel that players have the right to do it. In now and it's probably similar to the SD have the right to burn the flag. Well we're in America where we were founded on the right to express yourself whether you agree with the government or not. Does that mean they they should do it. Not necessarily but did they have the right. To express themselves. 67% of Americans think NFL players do the most legal experts outside and I keep hidden on this because I think it's important that when you're at work you don't have a First Amendment right to express yourself. You get it outside of work but that work. I would be doing a lightning around really got time for two more so let's start with mark here on WW out yet thirty seconds. They. Beat you. Wreck at some point we have to point to get it right. Oh it. It one and two. Men on yeah. Oh well what. Same week that she we catch you met speech we will let. Now I want to record on their side and mean to cut jobs. Mike you got the last thirty seconds go forth. You have got to tell you doubt no doubt my nickname and data that they're back to get back the old law won't. And I you don't. We got one seconds are packed into appreciate it Democrats who people off on Iran would have felt bad that pregnant pause the mark took. Caught me by surprise I don't follow I think mark's point with really interest. Because. While I said calling tapper neck brilliantly. Was able to get the attention that he wanted. What he did not brilliantly do is make very clear what its causes. But a lot of people don't know precisely what it is. That he is protesting and precisely what he wants to see happen. I mean I think we know it's in general about perceived social injustice and it's about perceived white police killing black man. But what is the cause what is. The solution.