The Two Joe's Visit The Food Show

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, December 6th

Both Joe Faroldi's of the Lakeview Burgers And Seafood on Harrison Ave also Kitzy Adams with info about what's happening with Chris Owens.


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This is the who the heck ordered this disgusting weather voice and your local announcer Tom that's Morris. And it's time now for the food show every afternoon we sneak in. And we start talking about food Quinn nobody's looking. And we usually managed UK keep them occupied by that because who doesn't like to eat or to quote a friend of mine paid late friend of mine but I don't think it has anything to do with a if you if you don't eat you die. Andy you know and then we can all remember that in and enjoy ourselves it is at the same time we prevent our dealt a death to get this right yet. It's it's the food show. Coming to you on 105 point three FM HD 20 that's our official name I feel like that. I've just been asked over here by cutesy Adams. Whether this was still thirteen fifty we were thirteen fifty for a very long time. Going back in 1925. Believe it not and we had this idea. To take advantage of this HD radio thing that we can we have all fixed up and about a year ago we started doing the show on this frequency within the sound quality is incomparable better. And that this signal carries much more blood distinctly and feel old one did with that thirteen fifty stolen the Arab we have you know. Music news. Anyway our telephone numbers 26063. Succeed if you wanna call go ahead you're always welcome no matter what it's about. But we have three studio guests with us today. And the first when a missile catch your attention Chris Owens is publicist. Now now that's pretty gave cutesy Adams. That's you right yes time is. I. And everybody knows who Chris Owens is it it's the eight or nine club and its numbers I can. Isn't that wonderful yes it was 809 YST you know what it's not anymore it was eight on Saint Louis and in solid crisp on the bill to. 17273. They put their club right there in the corners and crystal's club 500 Irvin yeah that's that's been a long long time right around the corner from and that's exactly what. Right so I anyway that's still there and Chris Owens is still dance and he can bill and it and every now and then. She turns up somewhere has in fact she's pretty visible in the community. Just walking down the street and you run in Newark. You know she loves life loves New Orleans as always out about his back to the community. Attends a lot of socially it's yeah I know that's that's where she certainly would at least you are designed to what what do you see in me though if you are good. That. Apps. Yeah well anyway I'm glad you could make it here today in you might be wondering what the heck is does Chris Owens have to do. With food. I would have personally do kind of going there you go watch for an evening of entertainment menu and you have dinner or before after and music in the whole thing. Right so it absolutely yeah so they didn't entertainment there's a new audience that's what the whole city is about. I have the Joseph far rolled the duo. We have the the younger and the older or the elder let's make it the elderly make it. Make it we'll give it a little little spin of much ancient Roman. Cloth. When that's that's an Irish payments and it Joseph parole be. No generation that's all you now okay. Pitted at the drop probably going back to the days when. A more appropriate name for the French Quarter would have been the Italian quarter and and nobody's complaining about that because say. They came into this is over a hundred years ago and and they had all the full sentence via such tremendous line and what. The voice you're hearing just now is a joke for rolled DV younger gonna get right yeah. And the two of them. Collectively and sufficiently I think. Operate a restaurant in lake view called lake view burgers and seafood. This is. On Harrison avenue where it's that part of said Harrison avenue. That has really quite a whole lot of restaurants in it and I remember. After Hurricane Katrina among the many things that we room rate you know wringing our hands over I thought you know. Those guys over in lake view on Harrison avenue just in the last few years they have brought Ian. And encouraged so many new restaurant operations and you just it it had become a real restaurant row you just. Good park your car right the middle of the neutral ground yet I mean Elway or do you where else do you go to park your car in the neutral ground. Actually yeah you do it over there and and you just start walking down the street and use it without looks good and ended go jump in India and the way you know. You guys run a place called. And I guess this tells us a lot of what we decent hour. Lake view burgers and seafood which is it really what's the emphasis what's it was the burqa or the seafood well it's. A joint effort why we know it was a joint toros let everybody know our armed. We do that they're wonderful climate burger. My home land on the ground. And also all fresh Louisiana seafood. Every as much as we can get locally sourced we do. Yeah and I know what you mean by that because they are certain times a year because of the law. And it's infuriating. It is at least the one I'm about to tell you buy and I'm sure you know. You know speckled Trout. Should forget about it immediately unless you know somebody in Virginia or in North Carolina that's where it's mostly coming now. Not because we don't have any it's just that the law as written such that. If that's the big the well limits and about I'm a big big guys who get most of everything on recreational fishermen and I'm not saying that they should get some but I think. I think those of us who like to eat in restaurants ought to get them to absolutely and a bit make trying to make that point for years and years and same with the red fish bred. Red fish she can't get any auditorium on red permanently close season. Awful him away it will never just recently closed. A few months ago the crab season and a because they were shipping so much to the northeast. They were depleting our. Sources. And a and the sauces to movies we were running those. But thank you we've got a joke it. And I talk to somebody on the phone please do we have a deal here you know we've we like to have people come in. And sit around in person here on the show and that we shoot the breeze for awhile. But we also have another rule for our program and that is you can talk about anything you want anytime you want if it's about food it's about us. So let me jump over and say hello Joey Joey you there. Good afternoon likable and in it was. The rules about. Fifty years because that. At 11 of those adorable and view ports. Points brought a long time ago that the long time ago. Be really nice looking. Sic your suit and a real issue that you did. You know what drove it. Good idea we have here five years. They're okay well it well Knoxville. My son graduate no shoe is about fifty. You know we're gonna go down city or sixty susceptible I guess you'd say to kids. Have a great we hear it sounds like don't wanna go out to hear all of the Euro sixty. Unfortunately I have my door has got Udoh. And she has problems which built up all this food out with Gary. Yeah. And you know. What restaurant but it masterpiece so it's. Secretive what there. And in she liked to go like in order at the table with thing is a sort. We're it will ship that it would go in not. We don't ship. It will which wrecked in place that would be comedy. Act or. You know this is gonna seem like a cop out too easy to be true answer but this is the truth. This is such a big deal in the restaurant business these days that you can't even if you have a poor boy shop Horry you know it used to be goes with a hard wins to get the low fat. Low carbo you know hydrate to blow a little. Sodium and all that stuff. They would you know pretty much laugh that you if you win you know little neighborhood joint. But that the major restaurants the major players have always been on top of that you say you're a vegetarian no problem they'll they'll create something for you even better if you tell them what she won. And they'll do it that way. But you know some grilled fish with with no seasoning on it with no dip of eggs or milk or anything. They can do that you just have to ask him and say you know so and so has the food allergy. What you know what can you do this and they'll probably tell you won't do anything you want us to do that we you know with that it is within recent. And that's really all you need to know you have a bigger problem than that ago. And that is that you're trying to find a place. Around that time a year. When all the major restaurants are packed to the roof. And extremely. Busy time. So if you don't have a reservation yet I would hang up for me and get to work on that his stats which indeed that's the one that's going to be the problem. Okay yeah but there again I tell you off although all the major restaurants anything above the little neighborhood place would take care of that for in the two guys who are in here who themselves have a neighborhood joint. They're nodding. You know there was sent to that so that's. Well I have very remarkable stroke beau rob really. Love Spanish port we go to the view that the saint Dominic so. Pearson variant of things and you appear right it is a really dynamic buried there really is booed in. The photos they well what I Bhutto I I go to war but it's up here. Well well we don't feel good you must be sick of that drive and now I did it once and I know our ability. The audio. You. I don't even know what that means an idol which it looks to be here. Well look I thank you good luck with that and congratulations to your son and his who's who's Brett. Don't shoot it Tanya great service you're usually on the on the web. There were the oyster boat you'll. It's you the pictures so thank you America. Sealing it by its food show on top that Boris and did you hear anything there that might be a completely inaccurate and oh that was I mean it's it's really a problem I'm. Hi it's the Puccio. Coming to live from a perfectly miserable day here in New Orleans and miserable mainly because it's cold and wet which we know why and we were doing so well. You know it's been a great year well except for those are. And anyway. And we're talking with kitty Adams who is Chris Owens' publicist just in passing but she is also. The guy that Joseph for oral B calls mom separate them to get that in fact one and then there's this the young guy and in this the older guy Joseph for holding. And we have to put Joseph for release anyway they have a restaurant on Harrison avenue in lake view the name of which. Is lake view burgers and seafood. Shall we let's let's do the burgers burgers my wife. Is a burger fanatic my daughter is too but she's not to the extent that might like she's she's my wife is is crazy but. Burgers bullets wonderful she is found us but did she has high standards so. So you know no no spongy. Half and stale bread or any. They leave you ground crying your own beef right. And what do you use I use a a blend of jock and brisket. He's 15% brisket. It lends a very nice richest sort of you know I've just in the last few years I've seen brisket use as soon as to grind yeah we're making burgers. And I can tell you at ten years ago or so you wouldn't have seen that ever at all and I like brisket you have to use it mostly for smoking also. Perfect day for this today you make it's you boil it for about four hours you know. Keep the stay in the the brisket for a while and then you you kind of cook the critical of the vegetables down and then you have this wonderful wintertime. Kindness who slew logjam. And then you you put the chunks of brisket territory and it's wonderful you know and it lands like us and very nice richness to the park yep. You know. You what do you grill what's what's your apparatus for a I use a flat top. Yeah it gives you very nice sea air and it just encrusted very nicely. And keeps all of the keeps all of the the juices in the area well that's important. Now. And we're turning awfully. Mine is probably on Campbell go off next. So why or how big a job is this this is. A biggest of murder. It's eight ounce eight ounces of cancer Taylor criticized us. And use anything special in the way of bonds we do agree ocean behind all glass and I got I've been saying for years not that I'm right about anything really that. I and we saw that the the the worst thing but hamburgers. Is that the buns. That are almost universal. Art. That he nearly yeah. This week trying to pick it up and eat it. You wind up your your fingers start penetrating. Yet and then everything starts. Squalor easing out and it's just a total mess by the time here. You have what you guys among Prius went from Cortez is actually debris ocean debris hellish as very nice this place in Kenner. Yes yeah is it they make good bread so yes they do now. And and there is that okay and if you do pour poison of the stuff. Oh definitely yeah yeah they do you know some of our wonderful local. Are rose piece I pulled pork we do Cubans. Home yeah of course I got it puts on my Italian in there and yet we do meatballs and we do. Chicken Armon. You know we just specialty sandwiches every and I. You know. We do and some brisket a girl's. Brisket girl inside that it's like. A Philly steak or a girl time it's it's very easy thing to do this on the grill in a callous and semis greatly help you know and down. It's just. A wonderful pairing. A little different. And we do specialty. Appetizers also. You know the how much relish. He sticks is about sponsor wants relative peace and yes it is we know everybody does it cheese steaks but I do for a whole oil lately or what what is this exactly I had any best mozzarella cheese steaks and I say well what is that I don't even know Wichita. You know known mozzarella stick it out I I I I hit Condit and just never had a hand come on my throw off the block specific okay it says no pre battered new. Pre fried and new version and Austin, Texas ranch about how long it's about two and a half inches long. About an inch in diameter and and it's on the issue and what he'd do it. I deep fry you fried and battered and flies don't miss our little matter to begin you know and fruits and fresh burners Austin. Also it's like an appetizer yet. All okay all right you know like that doesn't sound familiar with me at all and I have been around long enough that it ought to. I guess well used in the fresh bullet hole it's a little bit. Is in the fresh buffalo mozzarella. Lends itself beautifully to a wonderful dish I would think so. You know there they are are this small numbers. And pictures could could could count among the fingers of one hand of hello restaurants that do. What they call. And Italian port. So that use you have French bread and you you put down some apartments on when their arms and some mozzarella cheese. And then. You come back with sliced meat balls are sliced Italian sausage. With that down red sauce on top of that new book read together stick it in the oven just to get toasted again. Anything like that has just like maple well we don't know I knew it would be in there somewhere and I got a chicken farm that's. Barrier Elvis says well. Now let's talk to change your mind to Chad is calling this on the green foam shed welcome to the coach. I. Agree about you. Came complained to a cold weather will go and complain anyway. With the and and you embers eat food. It is currently is eager to diamond. Score a lot yet. But I'm from the Portland area actual honor. And god when it listeners know that this. Berry Berry good ago they have everything every award and favorite eating human images which is currently in my heart it is June the four. Well good I'm glad to hear area. Through these guys know who you are by any chance. I and look. President from high school okay what high school. Oh we are pretty remote high school. You did no kidding so did I. Klesse 68 when it went as yours thirteen Margaret Court. You graduate in fourteen. Hurt. With the you know path. Well thanks for coming and in and talk endless I appreciate the call. Yeah probably will look good what though that's what they never tell a good life. It's the food show lined up for us okay so you've got an assortment of four boys and you've got the burgers and all that the two burgers rule. Over there not really they do with two that depends on how organized the that let's if it's a Tuesday they want doctors. Really taco is okay way I'd I didn't even hear about that what what he's doing Moussaoui apparently fevers and if it. Actually do pretty good assortment markets we do. Growth term growth nation and we do it Friday in the way too much else to do important factors that we slurs on the court no get a fresh we get a guy every day. Now you know there was a time where if you had any of those things that you just named. And put it on the menu that would automatically make you a Mexican restaurant sounds to me that you aren't really I mean we just have these in a few things from. But that's that's still good I think that the affection that does better now than it would have done so 81015 years ago. Is very popular. You know. I can never get them to the state together while on lifting them up to mime miles but I'm on the Perry death and OK soul then Michelle we get into the seafood with with what you do. The way you receive give oyster bar by any chance I don't have an oyster Baraka about it. You know that places rather small a lot of work. Well as I'm sure you get some more size than anything. You know we really don't have the area go for it but. We're very cap do what we have and policy food is locally sourced. Oysters are phenomenal. And they're winners of gulf shrimp. And our fish whenever fish we use these dissolve and catfish. Are we use we use my MIA for our tacos. So you know we're very proud of all our. Our our seafood dishes. And as is so popular today you can get it fried grilled blackened. Any anyway. Like. You know I'm I'm encouraged to hear that you're using. Does omens catfish because as of about like two or three years ago. It was all either. Frozen from Vietnam or someplace like that which you really don't want I mean it's not a bad product but if you if you really want catfish get real cats right I mean for goodness. And then they had the farmer ace stuff which I. Always it depends and who's we you where we have to come from I've had some real good I've had some really lousy. But I don't know you know Harlan pierced by any chance and he's in the seafood and yeah oh yeah ha yeah Harlan he was so I think the guy who really was behind this all of a sudden we have while it does omens catfish everywhere you go again. Well it's. The he has. Spread it out throughout the city. But. He's a main main source for that you know they're so small. Does that common forms so well all know little one scenario and you know it's hard it's sometimes is hard to get by now it's worth it. I'll wait for it toward you know well why eat something and Kerio and you know you gonna be able to get the good stuff right down the road and and so in this this is often on on your man I don't know why it's most of with us. The only time it's on his way and I of that availability. Get slammed into him which just a couple of months out of here. You probably noticed you look like you're old enough and I'm I think I'm still living you know not only you don't think so. But there used to be a restaurant the name of which was so also lake view seafood. Here remember that you know where toys. I'll tell you going in May have a great story about oysters and shrimp and and and kept. Bugging me being we're talking today. With Joseph parolee. Senior and junior. And also here Chris Owens' publicist. Cutesy Adams this and she's over here too in and she's connected with these guys went where no but anyway. I'd I gave them. A teaser and this is one it's that it goes back up. They didn't know the answer to this but I don't but he would be the first. And the they're used to be a restaurant called. Lake view seafood that was on pain boulevard but midway between the airport and little woods. And the guy who owned it. Was. A former marine. Baker he was a baker and so he faked his own bread. But he didn't big French bread he bake just like regular white bread but he didn't slice. The way you ordinarily would what he would do is cut off the top. Open it up. Pull out most of the middle stuff and then loaded up with fried seafood you can get it with shrimp with with oysters week with catfish. And they would go put some garlic butter in there and stick the whole thing in the oven and it was enough for like 34 people as you might well imagine. And it was called the seafood vote. And and day it was something of a few restaurants around town have serve I can tell you to a three places that still do. But not it's not something you see very often but they were famous for that and also because the guy. Well his name can never remember this is something like Joseph or you know. He I was in there once. And his phone rang and it was a pay phone sitting on the counter and remember those X answers that. LAQ. And but yeah we open. Ha yeah wait yeah we got we we got we got barrels softly. Brought that fascia. Yeah. Dress code cap you can communion draws if you want it. Hello guys that. So no oil it's kind of a place that's. Anyway but that so they you're sharing a name with them but they're long gone I mean that's the a thirty years ago well that's wonderful is a real area. You know we if we had so many of those yeah that's why we went to this little neighborhood. Restaurant. A lot of my restaurants have been in the French Quarter growing up there. But we just wanted to be a local neighborhood place who have lost so many albums through the years that's true. You know and we do. We call it our seafood Piero. And we do. A tennis they might not in a boat are barges but it's. Fried seafood a family stuff fried seafood garlic bread and Fries and you know. In no way that my wife loves fried seafood platters. And every now and and we wandered to someplace where she looks at the menu she looks at what's going on and some other tables and she says we gotta get qualities. And it's like this high. You know right through like 38 dollars worth and that's enough where fifteen people trust that it's it's really amazing you. Yeah of one of those. All right kinda like that not to that extent but yes we are very nice of family. Seafood Piero gore you know catfish shrimp or whatever. Combination is like in. You know well sounds good to me I mean I find it. Part two to kick away from the table want to start you know issues. Anyway this is lake view seafood so there in in lake view. You know after the hurricane. As I've been watching the developments. On Harrison avenue. For years and ended it all these new restaurants were opening one after another. And it became really a great part of town to go just you know without having reservations or anything it just pull up. And it and eat. And long ago wiped out because he hasn't hurt deep deep water around me Aaliyah. I remember Tony Angelos hit the water was actually at the roof went proved costly. So. I figured you know I hope we get any of this back again but no. This like twice as many restaurants as there were back then and it's become. A big deal in your part of it I think you said that her they named apparently is or Shara. It really is this. You know. And yeah its that's got to be great. It is it is part of something like that because it is so much other variety you know common that's pretty much are gourmet shop. You cannot possibly put your finger on what Susan Spicer doesn't affect it coming she so unique as she is cool yeah and just as a great job with everything. So. This this is still working pretty well. And are very and. We're where we're just so happy to be a part of lake view. And it's it's transformed so much. He knows a lot of older retirees and saw a lot of people in comeback. And so they started. Build in these new homes. A lot of corporate structure that came into this itty output near little young executives there them and it's lend itself very well to. Developing the area. Well that's good yeah I'd certainly has worked out well. And we have a chance to give. Punish people come from other places a true taste of neural ones. And that that's what it is you do you know we've we've been talking about sandwiches and stuff you get any deeper in it than that like gumbo or so much we do Aceh idols chicken and sausage gumbo we do a seafood gumbo. And we do and beans on Monday that. We occasionally do our specials during the week okay. You just never know which unified we just had done Turkey and sizes from Thanksgiving in all of us and well you know say if it you've got to make that plan. Focuses this just too much good stuff coming out of Turkey that you wiped out to you and you can't just throw that way that we had so many tea is an indicator to us oh Julia we had apparently. So many holidays and so many catering jobs were bid for Thanksgiving that we catered family's pool parties and everything. Now it's it's fondly. Now. And we do a great catering business to them come in and we have what I mean you Leo so great web site. In honor of the website so really yes like it to have been delivered within two hours or cook with absolutely no I mean I'm Gary I also thank you very much. Guys can do without double we do have a full fledged catering company and that's just rolled catering company we do evil planning. So we do a lot on that little referring there now the united so while you can't ignore it and it's just too good news and great location in. I Alex is it just shows that the last supper because this sort of he. What does this members of 53 you who knew there yet commercially you know it's just audited. Most haven't figured out by now. Facing a do. Thankfully. No you never figure out this business total no I don't know anybody that guys and if if he if anyone does get to the point where they know everything that's gonna happen on any given night. They ought to quit at the restaurant business and write a book right and you'll make a million dollar write a book millions of I have said many many years. The only thing consistent about the restaurant business is the inconsistency and never know just when you think you got it figured out it's done. But he at least she's all the ice machine always worked perfectly. And you never you know it is and then agree strapped never get stopped. Have never it never happens there's joys of restaurant business. It's the food show on top it's more us this restaurant we're talking about it's on Harrison avenue. What's the cross screen or would. It's between Marshall for ocean and their own security and you're right around the corner from the boot the statement of where he's still lock. So he's this is always there just a couple weeks ago. You know they've always kept a pretty low profile than. Really there I mean. Even. You know the use the guy who were Bob about a rough Bob who started it back in I think 1972. Pounds. He. He always did I thought it classy kind of a place it was a steak house but they did a lot of other things that real good service. All the people in a neighborhood a there all the time so everybody knew everybody else to do and yes well that's right yeah. Yeah I like going there. It's it's in what used to be a bank. And they. But that was one of the ones I was worried about because of the flooding. It's only he got a little more of a recently yes all of the Wimbledon August. Flew. Boy you just is no wonder people were angry well you know after all that. It was us it was a came so fast though bail out that there was nothing we can do about it. Well that that happens. Let's see anything we've missed in the discussing moments. This as a way we do have a very very deadly night crash always times to start. It doesn't says. How much did it depends on what's going down that day what time do you clothes on we cause ground. Monday through Wednesday were close at midnight and noon Thursday to Saturday we close at one man. All okay so you give or take a little bit dependent on what's going on. I'm a bit fits itself good buzz in the neighborhood gases were connected where. Attached to parlay is which is a par les Carly. What's that it's a barge of active political neighborhood by its very popular. There are offered a long time and around. We we have all their late night crowd because they don't serve to elsewhere across the aisle not to each other where. That works. That works. I remembered today the the use via a kid with a high school with. Whose name was of that deal. And there was there was some restaurant that had that name wherever I remember one of the teachers that rumble. He couldn't quite get the pronunciation right it always came out while the check. Her book but we'll let you know it was that's that is before. And that's the one Irene Adler I via. And that's. That's the place that that. Oh with a Jaeger. Angry Andrew Jaeger had for awhile. I never got a chance to eat it it came and went so quickly and hopefully there is seeking to have Falwell I always hope for that you never get enough rest you had a it's the food show we will come back I'm sorry erupted there which you when you've got to stop you gotta stop and will be back in a moment after first pleased that you feel like eating a burger right now we've got a new place for you well how new is it you you're not real real. Two and a half okay. And I haven't been there yet my wife knew all about it so she's that she's she's our Berger editor. And he really she's really into it. And this is on nine Harrison avenue. Near the corner of martial polish. In that great you know here we are new ones we have. We have a number of restaurants and then there are a number of dishes that are named for World War I hear it's an area close. They say they've lost track of world war tool in a lot of places but now I'm not here here. No indeed. Let's see you told me something that just stopped me dead in my tracks and this might be if this might go down as the most interesting part of it. You to tell me that you used to run victorious. Station. Obviously I mean yeah up right that that building it's still there Curtis and Davis architectural building yes. And they had a box car wasn't a streamline big passenger car it was on the box cost three box colors three box go as the dining there they served our whole bunch of stuff but the main stay was time or rib. And people call me I would say I get a call on that subject about once every three weeks or so and there aren't. There that many people who remember its members and and always when can we is there another one somewhere though. No I don't I remembered it being very good myself I hate to tell but who is you were running it. Yes now and I we were we enjoyed wonderful success there and people really enjoyed our our primary. And this group. Really instituted the salad bar in the united I resemble that yeah you know there was a nation and national chain there were a lot tougher as the chain we started it they sought in San Francisco via. New Orleans was our fifth restaurant. And I went by the airport call letters his restaurant was MSY yeah up and down. Well over the eight years. We had a growth expansion we had 46 units around the kind of okay. What happened to them they just disappeared well it seems today there was so attuned to the market. That during that time if you remember. And Liu quite young but there's grain embargo with Russia oh boy do remit and that sent the grain prices I eat the feed for the cattle prices through the roof. And then also at the same time cardiologist. Was telling everybody how terrible red meat was I am so these guys said we've got to. Kind of anticipate this. This company before we put out of this thing now but we are very proud of products in Alice. We gauged in house and and you always very well thought of by by people. And in we have a number of other restaurants like I earned it abides remember the damn that was kind of in the same category well every every city we we opened in Addis spin off restaurant via heroes the read a blues. In fact city. You know in Dallas it was the rail and in Denver's side tracked you know. People tried to capitalize off of what we were doing. Now what that's fascinating is that brings our conversation to and uninteresting and us now I'm gonna have an answer. And whenever anybody asks aid them in Kassim really you mentioned. And Chris Owens just keeps on going and keeps just she's got credible three times the energy that I have. Incredible and incredible businesswoman entity. And a nice person all around and always involved and everything you see she shows up and everything everything it shows apparently you've partisans know getting knocked it cheeky how can she keep that alienation of vegetarians. All out and does these are some that apple would not salads that we have Beth Terry. I'd say is yeah. Yeah that's webcast all you bet well I'd I'm not going to be your guest is that's against the rules okay my diet I will but I'd be happy to go over there. And my wife will be happy the edge of coming withers there that she really does sound unlike him she loves. Thank a much but thanks you forever being onto this and good luck once again the utes lake view burgers and seafood on Harrison avenue and lake view. Hence the name. The and though we will take a break. And get some news in here and then we'll begin with the second course of food show. Here on 105 point three FM HD radio I told you I was gonna tell you by the HD radio but it never did get around it. It's oh OK you you have one. You've got it got to understand. OK I'm I'm glad somebody does this sometimes. Sometimes it takes a little explaining. Our. State tune we have more of the food show coming up. And as you know or calls are open the entire time anything you wanna talk about having to do with food. Whether it's by cooking it or. Or going out to eat we cover all that every day in and no kidding there was a call you'll find as friendly and know also. A little rope cocoa.