Tulane cornerback Parry Nickerson on Sportstalk

NFL draft hopefull Tulane cornerback Parry Nickerson joins Bobby and Kristian to talk about his expectations in the NFL draft this year, how could he go? 


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Perry Nickerson tooling quarterback units of the NFL draft Perry how it. Rory and good glad to have you on the program and you bet so what's what's run as a your mind right now it's 48 hours of the draft. I'll presumptive. They would. Parodies are represented by a fish in a world sports. At Terry knickers on Twitter at the thing is that underscore real. What's this process been like a man you know walk us through the days and weeks leading up to the to the draft training wise etc. And it is big it is trainer on the they've been records com. Well spoke with admit that the base in movie there's been trained in Spanish city. Absolutely not a phone call will be the word knows maintain that. Perry what would have been like lovers and being represented by. Mardy fish and stand Wilkes. Whom little goes extremely awkward you know home that macho boot my truck there. Bill Maloney team and it is no where those. Now Perry will look at that I was camera whereas there was in high school right here on the West Bank. That alone. To me dole the one thing got to be boring way god given ability. Is how fast York. And then you know being a cornerback. That tremendous recoveries beat. And that we trying to Merrill wide out and eat and get turnaround at times that you're either able to close the deal again to recover. Would you say considering Amish man to man you play an NFL but it has to be a big asset that teams are aware. Yeah me of these a group good knack football all of them have look at the group went off in April and and one of bone and there on. And you know added that this article mark so our position at at the right. So Perry have grown album otherwise I think he obviously will always saints fan. I mean and less you know that a lot of whereas bankers play all over the different teams in the NFL. But but as assays what are your favorite teams are just. Given little Baghdad ground of view or maybe team as a young that you root for an NFL. On the net debt on. Is there you are obviously. Become friends. Feel from lone hit it to a code of their physical preparer here. Home but it now. The thing they're I had the nuclear arms you know I'll rule let when. But you know we have about growing up is it is because you know. That I'd like that this moment partner company could be near the group that neither partner you would didn't call me anything at this point. Perry what what do interaction he had with the saints. Oh my. React it was going to expect it. At. That quote in their local quoted at it and Gartner. On Monday at the coaches on their people that are mama formerly code or. Kurt. And that is the received coaching that are so we had good. I know yet could hurt the greater. And you don't very elegant MI did today's draft who we. Do with a number of years and he always comes out when a draft report and now breaks it down. That. Boys tonight great opportunity are I know you have to be pleased he has you going in the fourth round that a New Orleans Saints of with the 127 pit. Yeah I mean particular community it is didn't and to give up wouldn't go. Or is. Pretty captain you know make him a ball then as the Joker. North daughter through school. No it is practically a norm. Let the hooker. Perry your ball hawking your time at Tulane so much so that a lot of teams were really come throwing away from you still were able look. Throw some big numbers and interceptions who know how that happened in nineteen sort of thrown away from you game planning away from it. It did a lot of bills were incorporated and goes that are oh. No that repaired. And retired so market narcotic secure route tour. Perry Nickerson Tulane quarterback here on sports talk get ready for the NFL draft a 48 hours away Perry. What do you do to address you watch of friends of family and have a big parties come a little keyboard. And yeah. Through. Or a program of these yet. School. I'll be within gravity that we are crow. You know hopefully. You know I like it quarterly. A little bit below order. Perry what is. What what do scouts telling you what what was the feedback you're getting second round fifth round fourth round with a telling. I bet I really don't know where this tornado. You know I'm the only current permit. Or. Currently serve I have been you know what people. Who. Who like these is somewhere. And very do you view like yeah opportunity at Tulane. Because this day and age you know and as Delphi knew where every year it. But how did you enjoy it to build sustain yelled back yard and play at Tulane. And now have an opportunity to play in the NFL. I know Matt Forte from Slidell look at the success. Then he had learned a best running back in NFL history played at Tulane right there from Slidell with. That that had to. Bode well for yourself when your family. And that you're able to stay home and I played two ladies so get recognize. Potentially for to played a national football. He had me. Great north great. To their apartment. Wearing purple mark Graham. Beat beat Croat community be or Cordoba in oh. Let you know you're lead Monday at the. I hit it to rain this ingratiating so we can remember I want a great bet that they report record. Perry Nixon Tulane quarterback here on sports talk best luck to you throughout the three days and to arrive parent will be it is selected as I possibly can't. Fishman and wills. Sports reverence and pairing Neil Parry thanks man appreciate it reluctant great. Sports talk here on W bill MF and the dot com.