Trump makes a fool of himself in Helsinki

Monday, July 16th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about President Trump's bizarre denial of Russia's election meddling

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And welcome back to our show I am so glad to be back with you it was nice to take a break and visit my son daughter in law and mine are new granddaughter who is great great being in Portland blog the city. All of that was nice but there was a little part of me that missed this. Conversation. Every day. Thank you for all the the text messages felt energetic they look and I wanna talk about this later on I wrote a blog before the show today. I titled what I learned on my summer vacation. And I ever remember you know is is a kid we come back to school and the teacher would ask you and your first a Becker schools and new school year to run composition. What you learned or what you do during your summer vacations so I kind of used that is a way of talking about what I learned. That last week. Visiting with our son daughter in law and kind and granddaughter. And it's not just about them but it's about the importance of parenting. And it's difficult it's challenging. But he is so important and some people just don't get it and it's important from the very very beginning of every child's life. So you can read that blog it's a posted on our website WWL dot com. And if it's not on our FaceBook page it will be in awe put her on the SO TA FaceBook page. I'm a little bit later so we'll get to that are shortly also I do want a talk a little bit about. Busy that very very. And does it was closed on Saturday and last night on the news on I'm hearing people talk about going to the zoo one Sunday. And many of them were saying they wanted to go see the killer Jack pork. They wanted to to they wanted to see that jaguar that they killed the animals. Is it wrong to want to go to the zoo to see that jag. That killed on animals. And he he got out. And I'm assuming they're gonna be honest about how we got out because of me that's kind of a a scary thought because if you were walking around there. I guess that habitat could attack you. If a cat got out so it's it's kind of important that the animal got out in the first place. But the animal didn't really do anything wrong. All the animals did was what it was. Created to do. And that is survived by killing other animals. Mean it's made it's not fair to some of the animals but to me that's kinda liked the life cycle anyway we'll get to that I'm a little bit later. But we're talking about the trump who didn't love fest. How some people in the news are calling it a summit I call it a love fest. So trump says hey all I can do was asked the question. And I asked Vladimir Putin. Did Russia. Metal. Industry has sixty election. Could you namely a single fact who of that we want to move in the definitively prove they collusion idiot that is utter nonsense but it's. The book when he's content just like with the president in recent dimensions you can access a prudent sense. Here's what president trump had to say I have great confidence in my. Intelligence people but. I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful. In his denial today. Okay yeah it's so and it's kind of like the husband. Or the wife to come home and you know you caught him having an affair but they said they really didn't do it. So even though you've got receipts for the hotel. Even though you've got receipts for the drinks and all the things that they did together even though you've got all the pay if they say they didn't do it well they didn't do it right. Here's our blue runners who pulled president trumped. Has asked president President Putin and Putin denied meddling in the 2006 election do you believe put. 66%. Saying now. But 34% say yes. Here's your opinion by going to our web site WW well dot com here is a Texas says please leave truffle loan. He'd beat that ditch fair and square get over scoot. Well as a patriotic American I'm here to spread the truth every day and job and I have found give extra credit for some things but I I I can't we trust law. Mean he's not leaving us a lot. And I would I'm not Hillary fan at all. Let's. This idea flee from Cologne non luckily go along I wouldn't leave any present a lot because I'm a patriotic American. And I am compelled every day to spread the truth. Here's a taxed at that says some love all the callers defending Russia what universe. MIA and upper mid city Jeff thanks for hanging on year on WWL. Boy and you do. I missed you guys to. Well I'm sorry you're the only open minded fair trial in person that WW. All right appreciate you sin. I'm really keep an open minded people topic you'd take their opinions. Are it and apparently been. Agree to a new and different bond after listening likes of other people I'll leave it there. We'll that there Robinette and I'll leave it okay. But. How it's got a big joke people were saying they believe go to. They've got to be. It's going to be a joke. I mean how. Our president is supporting. All these dictators. And oh look our. And just horrible people and the people in order for 200 years. He's given them art and it's it's it's an old world upside yeah it is. It's gonna help and he is a pathological liar. So there. Every. Or. Well here's an interesting things Jennifer guy called earlier last hour and he said that trump is a pathological liar. So are so he's lying so when he says he he he believes potent he's lying about that and he really doesn't only put. It in. Well all ultra without or is the line their pockets. And the protection is financial interest him in all these then secondly countries. Well and that's that's how he was race. And one more thing I would like to say yeah this is where people only they don't understand the electoral cut out. The whole reason for the Electoral College. Is so that the people United States. Wouldn't get fooled by some old guys are self righteous person and the electorate the Electoral College would vote for. And proper person when they popular vote was way out pay the Electoral College is who failed this country well in America. I I I understand but you know that's the game that they both agreed to play by I mean those are the rules and and Hillary lost at playing the game of the Electoral College. Right but Electoral College. Is not performing their fortune and they were sent out to function. They were supposed to over rule won the popular vote. Voter or. Particular strikes. I can't pick the right word yeah I'm not that I'm familiar I'm gonna have to look down Jeff 'cause I'm not that familiar wish I was at two that is why. That mechanism. Aided its trust in there and public remote property and they have a complete power to vote anyway they want they do not have to vote. Like they say oh they have the votes this way that they are supposed to use their own line and vote for Internet to be either of the nominee they can work their person electrical. July ordering. An arm to look that up and I appreciate the call and also Jeff you know one of the things that I look to celebrate on the show is that for so long. Talk radio across this country has been dominated. By right wing rhetoric and I don't mean Republican rhetoric I mean right wing rhetoric right wing hysteria. And it's about time that theory is. There's a sign of success. For something that is not trying to divide people and that is actually talking about the truth. You're appreciated Jeff logical of your Arnold stay where this if you wanna join us with your comment our number is 2601. A seventy. Harry could vinyl floor to use six ill one a seventy. And our text is a 7870. And here's a checks truck is winning America is winning UN your liberal listeners can't handle the truth. No that's exactly what we're doing I'm a patriotic American. I love this country I vote I pay taxes. And as a patriotic American not only saying it as a practicing patriotic American I am compelled every day. To expose the truth on this show. We'll be right back on interview room. Raising children is a family affair and I learned a lot on my summer vacation last week visiting my my son. The granddaughter daughter in law. And again that that's bloggers posted on our we're excited to be a hero stock comment we're gonna talk about that in just a little while but we're gonna hot conversation going on this hot. Monday afternoon July the sixteenth we're talking about president trump. Saying that he believes. Vladimir Putin when Putin says. That Russia did not meddle in the election. Here's part of what food had to say to a translator at a press conference in Helsinki just a little while ago. The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere in internal American affairs including election process. Cannot remember so last he says they didn't do it. Trump believes that in there but. All I can do is ask the question my. People came to me Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it's Russian. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russian I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be chipped. C'mon. This is a joke. I mean this is absolute. Comedy. I wanna have a little fun with this. Okay because that's the nature of this show because it helps us deal with the stupidity. Trump saying that he believes prove. That Russia did not panel in the election. Is like watched. I say it's like the white it has. Receipt evidence. Bank statements showing that her that her husband cheater owner but he comes home and says hey I didn't do it. And she believes in in spite of the evidence she believes in just because you set it. So I'd like it add to this could give me another scenario. Trump saying he police wooten that Russia's did not meddle in the election is like what. Our numbers 2601878. 8787. Here's a text you don't know what patriotism is. On the you can't prove that's on that this is just. And ignorance or comment I am a patriotic American. And I know that offends a lot of patriotic Americans who think that is somebody was my opinions should not be considered patriotic but I made damn patriotic American. And I love this country. And I vote and I pay taxes and I'll I Obey the laws and I promote what is positive about America while being honest about America I am. I and the prototype of a patriotic American and I feel the need every day to spread the truth. About politics in this country. From that every kid and you're on WW. Good. Yeah. Got a saying that have been and partner and Burke probably true. But couldn't I'm an independent I write. Look at it sure mostly what library to outlaw or. Along at the Russians should. Then back up our arms pushing 60%. More likely than never but what we call. You know under Mikhail Gorbachev kicked it it seemed like that they were some some moments they're aware of it in the there was this I'm openness on their there was this. On a attempt I mean you know they got frustrated because democracy doesn't come easy to any country I tried to convert from communism to democracy that's a rough rough our road. Which led to ultimately to Vladimir Putin. But I you know I I felt like there was a time there when we were you know a Reagan and then Gorbachev went when we we kind of we were kind of at peace with each other. Oh another I know I got it. Up. Here. I would I would agree I agree oh my. Are you. Understand. Is why. It. Took them. Under any circumstances why we're. We as a country have done to help. I mean I can't answer that it all a lot of that doesn't make sense also you know the the controversy over that continues in and they were people who were saying well it's really not like up is dot. A great gift of uranium where they can do any damage I don't know that much about uranium to be honest with you so I don't know but there are there are questions of their questions of about that in and that and there should be in. And look I'm not saying this does it look trump is not the only president that has placated to Russia or other countries. Well I agree. I agree I'd just doesn't make a lot of sense the other four guys out. Is I have great confidence and our intelligence community. And I can't imagine there were rush each by coming in this country. That award at least. Chapter in some way. Looked over. Much less you know about in some. Way. And then and they didn't even have to physically can with Suisse technology the way it is and social media the way it is. Much of what the Russians did worse ways. In social media and they didn't actually physically plant their legs. And their bodies and our country on our soil. Well yeah I guess that's propaganda. But. If you really just want the troops. I say that the Democrats or other Republicans. Promote the truth and error. Won't that that what you just said what you just said canned that is the truth but that's the truth. Well that's what I mean you know it's a it's a mixed up system where you're trying to convince serve out voters where your position is to manipulate them. The horse shot. It's a game and and it can handle I think advertisement should be limited and political party shall be issued statements. Where there positions are. It's going to be allowed there. Well candy you know since since since that's going to happen and since we're going to. Look at it it's its products it's our politicians they all they all do advertising that is misleading. And as long as that is the reality there where I'm trying to do with this show is focus on the fact that you are not as citizens as Americans. You and I need to be Smart enough to weed out the stuff that isn't true I mean it is something. Proclaims that it's gonna do something but a lot of people order stuff because of these in commercials are these little commercials they see and went on television and make a product look like it does everything. I can't tell you how many people have told me they've ordered the stuff they get an at home and it doesn't do anything. And it it's it's a mistake. I'm bothered early age Jerome or something strange Jim good to be true it probably yes. Your mother was right can I got to move on appreciate the call but look that that's that's where we are. And of course it's gonna be misleading advertising the Democrats have always tried to mislead. Voters when it comes Republicans. And vice Versa that's not new. But what what is happened is we have become so politically divide it. That people are believing what they want to believe rather than what's the truth and that's really scary. If you believe what you wanna believe about a product that you can end up buying a lot of products. That they don't live up to. What they say they're gonna do. So we have to always be discriminated. I'm scoots and we'll be right back. This is what Putin is saying to trial. Was may first. Hey thank you for the request then I I'll I love when you when you guys like requests buffer music for the show it means that your like involved there's interactive and higher as Leo well it. As shaggy from a 2000 it was in me. Well it's a Putin said he wasn't mantra goes OK I ask that question it was an am okay trump saying he believes proved. That Russia did not meddle in the election. Is like sports. I've got to Texas says it's like Hillary believing bill and not all the women that claimed that he abuse of our had a sexually assaulted them. Another Tex says trump believing a potent is like Bill Clinton saying that he smoked pot that didn't inhale. I mean really did anybody believes that from what's at the 92 campaign. That was the biggest confound the biggest joke. All right if you burn holes stay with us we'll get to your calls on numbers 2601878. 77 here's a Texas says was it okay when Obama. Medal in Israel's election now. Does that sound it's not OK I don't know why we do it but it's no it's not OK but see this as the excuse mongering. That is part of of politics today. Okay well armed because it's there are people who don't wanna say a truck there there are people cannot bring themselves to say. You know kind trop it idiot for believing proved just because food sent Annie trump looked like a buffoon. The president should not do it they can't bring themselves to admit that. Sony well well yeah but soared so did it. But but yet but others did it again I mentioned this earlier it's like it if somebody robs a bank. And the cops catch him he can go hey I'm not the only one other people of rob banks. I mean. It's almost like excuse. Montgomery. For the North Shore Bob welcome to show thanks for hanging on Bob. Hello Bob. OK let's go to a Michael in New Orleans Michael welcome to show. I'm good. Or if we are pretty we have a case or trucked saying that he believes Putin of Russia did meddle in the election is like what. It sorts are people saying beginning credit keeper Hugo that locally the win. Lot of I feel I love it that's it that's that's exactly the way to play the game. From Metairie Michael here on WL. Yes. President Akio believe it and extricate Japan but I created that puppet by the white saw got to play as I'm your puppet. The other purified by the. I'm gonna find that. On the aisle and working on that right now. Original but anyway it's like somebody tell me. Took a slide out at 7:30 PM. And pretty deep about cops border there. Not well look let's not insults on all truck supporters because look there are a lot of Smart trust supporters out there. I'm not attacking trough supporters in general I'm not attacking Republicans I'm simply exposing. The truth here about like this. This idiotic proceed. Our caller well hey I asked him and Buddha said no so it must be no. Here's our blue runner foods Cole president trump asked Putin. And prudent denied that its Russian medal in the election. Do you believe proved. 70% say no. 30% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site every appeals outcome. Instead of the text your says Cisco has the Everest I'll Eileen I've got evidence US intelligence has evidence. The evidence is out here. The evidence is out there that Russia metals. But but it's okay because who says they didn't so did he really didn't I laughed off from home or John welcome to the show. And put them because my. I just are now forty year old native American. I was brought the matter who he is worried or anything else. I respect where police officers. Services. And people being that he has our president of the United States. I agree you know I didn't I didn't agree oh. But I contrast. He was our broad and probably America. And you're really the original Americans. Not just remind people he has are currently in Ottawa. Well I I agree I mean it sounds like and that is in part directed to me and and I respect the onus I I I actually I respect the ultimate comfort a lot of the comforting and honest about you know I mean. Look I think there are here this is a really. Yeah did you mean. Go opera and cry and I I when it comes down to a yes I've respect the office of the presidency but that's not gonna stop me from being hurt him on about. Some history I mean not hurt. Well I'm OK with that I think we need a break from tradition because tradition wasn't nearly as anywhere. Yes sir. There are hard to believe we needed something different. John I'm glad you called and proud to have you sort of our afternoon listeners. Wrote I appreciate you being most. Here is attacks tell that says I would agree with you trump is really not out of his mind on this but I don't understand why it seems like. Some things he's really just delusional. Yeah I know I know I mean what you can argue that there are a lot of really struck his brilliant he lets even if you like a lot of things don't darts. This moment in time is absolutely delusional. And actually looking back on the visit the meeting with Kim Jung on. On North Korea North Korea and donating to change. In fact after the president left any said we didn't have anything to worry about because he talked to Kim Jung Jung and Kim Jung untold and yeah everything school. Or that was more activity. Toward building a nuclear weapons. Foreign adding to the nuclear weapons they already have. So we're not totally safe. Looked you cannot go through life. Just telling people. You're right because you want them to believe your right. At some point you've got to face reality. And it goes back to the very beginning that crowd inauguration day was factually not the biggest crowd ever to see inauguration. So. I mean if you can't even tell the truth about the little insignificant things. And do we expect you to tell the truth on the big stuff. I mean it's crazy. It's absolutely crazy but I you know I just I love this freedom I love this opportunity to all talk shows don't have to be the same. And everybody does that that spew rightwing rhetoric. And it we can be this way. And I love the fact that you respond. And it doesn't mean you always agree with me but I love that you're there. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Taxed paid 7870. Times coach and we'll be right back on debit or Euro. Yeah is such trumped up prudence. Puppets. And X. That awesome. Here's that could I'd Texas says sound. Trucks saying that he believes proof and that Russia did not meddle in the election is like. The jags pour at the zoo. Saying that he's a good friend of all the alpaca is a fact that I wanted us from New Orleans Steve welcome to the show. Eighty PCs. Are. I listen to what to. You know apartment. You know America surprise about it and from. An eight. Audit. It. I. 000. Aggregate. Only question related to. I don't. Know how to blow holes you know. Well. Well. At the president's gonna ask the question then he needed to at least imply that there was going to be a follow up and not just blatantly say oh he said I believe that. With all with all the information that US intelligence has it just seems to be that this is the epitome of being naive. Well and not as bad. Think. It is for all it is. Didn't Rodney on Google really all that we didn't let me just hold. Although. At all. Well that's not what's shocking and what what Putin's sets not -- to trust reaction is. Shocking. In. The the meeting. And we know we don't. The country. OK I think that's a good point Steve okay so so we shouldn't be shocked that wooden said it and we shouldn't be shocked that that was Trump's reaction. But we should be shocked that the president of the United States. Takes the word of the leader of Russian knowing what we know about rush. A I am I and I I get that point I get the point. So are on the that it could be. You know. People that. Do not political you know there. You know he's a little bit so why didn't know how many people. Well so you know that that that that that's right but you know it's been great here giving people an opportunity and this is one of the great things about talk radio A gives people an opportunity to reacted to use there. A freedom of expression free speech to say what they want even about the president of the United States and and you a lot of people support him and not those calls come through was well I'm not filtering did the calls didn't. It's trying to sway opinion in in terms of the calls. As I might I guess I might sway opinion in terms of what I think I mean I I I think that this was a really dumb thing for. For for trump to do and soul but you know that's my opinion I don't know that I really feel like I need to sway your opinion I mean he you're entitled to your opinion and like I got a text earlier that is is very reminiscent of many of the Texan that I receive every afternoon. And the Texas that. I don't always agree with you but you know I I I love the way you position your topics. And truthfully I'm really not here to sway elections I'm not here to sway your opinion. But I am here to tell the truth. And I am here to. To actually do is I'm an honest impression the on the rhetoric of the right. And the rhetoric of the left the aren't all of that to somewhere there is common sense somewhere there is a logical voice. And I don't think we should be a foot in it. I wanna get too deeply into this. But good talk radio is don't want conflict. And this simplistic thinkers the most simplistic thinkers they the bottom feeders. Even some of them on on top of talk radio our bottom feeders. They go to the lowest common denominator. Which is there they're all right all right when everything is filters to a right wing person. In some cases they're all left the mainly when it comes to the TV media. But you don't have to be that way. And this this reinforcement of the divide through the media. Is destroying our country. Until I love the fact that we can come on here every afternoon in New Orleans, Louisiana. And a lot of people listen on line and we welcome those of you who are listening online around the country. Thank you. WWL anytime anywhere and and and favor us and follow us on Twitter and and facial I love that on FaceBook and on the we can have these conversations. Because it really is rallying. This. Silent. Majority in this country that is not right or not left. It takes a little more effort to do this because you actually have to think. You know decade if you filter everything right or laughed. You have to think. You just know that no matter what you really feel this is what you gonna say. But man it if you if you think about the different issues and different presidents in different situations you've got to actually think and that is something that a lot of Americans don't know how to do. I'm skirts. Will be back under their hero. I am going to add to the conversation next hour. What I learned during my summer vacation last week. And we'll continue some of this conversation also I do wanna talk about the jaguar they got loose and now nine animals. Our debt as a result of its too general of getting loosened doing right. Jaguars do. Also harmed our continued so this conversation today but I want to talk more about this tomorrow because a lot of people are just so. Blind to the evidence from US intelligence state they think because they've been told by. Fox News or the conservatives so because they did tolls that there's no evidence. They believe it even though there is evidence. Penny evidence started mounting during the Obama administration. So yeah we'll we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow also you're just dom about a minute away from hearing the next code word in our intercom national cash contest. That means it. Just right now but you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in cash by texting the code word to seven to 81 and how does give good information here just a moment. Here is a Texas says the truth is available to those who research. What they are told. That's a great way to put it. I got a text earlier from somebody who said FDR said that. Patriotism is defined by being loyal to your country. Not. Your present. And I would think that a patriotic president to that would be. Required to be loyal to the country. And not. Himself. Here's the text critical thinking the other national deficit. And meet. It is a loss is so I love you guys. I don't agree we all even happened overall I love this month the saudis. It's time for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest the code word this hour is avocado. Taxed AZOCADO. 272881. That seven to 81 Texan now you could win a thousand dollars in cash right now. The next code words coming up right before the top of the hour news at town for clock. And happens every hour now through sixth 1000 dollars up for grabs. Good luck from Masha WWL. We never charge for text but individual plaintiffs and generous may apply please to a Texan drive. All right we are continues summit this conversation and we've got a lot more to talk about a minute showers urologist hang on. We're coming right back on different you'll.