Trump knocks NFL protesters on Twitter

Newell Normand
Friday, August 10th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about the latest round of controversy in the NFL Anthem protest saga

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We wanna hear from you guys say no filter Friday what happened this week that just con us and shoot over the bench. Are anything else anything else that's a little weird or a little strange or a little out of the ordinary for you and or maybe something. You're looking for an answer for maybe someone and listening audience can help you and god forbid maybe I might be at Lehman helping a little bit as well. Or we could just continue our conversation from the previous hour depends on used this is Euro hour your show this hour so let us know what you're thinking about as good line to talk to Tommy in Baton Rouge let's say you Tommy. You know usually show. Warner charm. You search. Our. In. Just wonder are. You call in. Your mind. Couldn't even. Apple. You own acts its core. But it's far. Oh. Which. Particular option. Now that's fair tax would replace the company. Tax. But it's not. A joke or. Each. Thought I won the point. You know in chair. Aren't agreed to make sure that she's. Just seeing. Or two about web site. Is making changes. In. Who. Changes. Her. So it acts that are not in jail. Yet you know not liking congress when it goes through the statehouses well can be hijacked by folks that have different thoughts on different issues that done that are involved and it's incumbent upon us like you said to stay on top of it to make sure that we are educated about the situation and what it really means. And the devil's in the details always. And tracks are come among normal unit. Off or stay or our circuit all about it. And it just so many. So you don't tested the theory of ignorance is bless them right. The net charts that the arms are. It is. Even harder. Check. And Mo himself and oh yeah and most people don't realize. That on. It. When Abrams or. And they want to earn. That and. Just certain shut out the issue oh. Run at it just. People don't know. Dawn. In niche social. I've always I'm always been enamored by the flat tax. It is it is no right Oz it is what it is the number is wooded as you noted is in in in in his pocket change. Rule it eat at all. In the. Certain you all. Know about you could. Still. And why. She opened. And even in collection. Of people. Are you that no law percentage it's. Cost collapse and or. Two construction. And Arabs that's going to be in it. Unless you go to appoint a sale consumption tax you're right Paula that is it is leakage. And that cannot allow two. Foreigners say you. Know bare facts. It takes two people agree to ball or tax do you do to. In Baltimore and let me walk or. Not he had no doubt. Chip. Mop up the ballot. A hundred box. That's correct Tommy thanks so much for Colin and appreciate it. Are out you know one of the issues that came up I was reading. And doing some research. Never ceases to amaze me and I don't know what to think about this so. In the UK. They are worried that. The people that are panhandling on the street the poor. Are not getting enough. Money. As people don't carry loose change as much as they used to. Sew enough for profit there developed. A bar food. Necklace. That the homeless way around their neck. So if you wanna give them something. You take you Smartphone. And you scan the bar code. And then it will give you a profile. On net homeless person. And you can decide how much money you wanna transferred to that homeless person. Vis a vis the gap. And you can also direct where you want it spent not a part of life. You can directed you know it it be five housing or it be for food or be whatever and I think that there's a processing. Point that I actually distributes the products to them as opposed to allowing them to go by drugs or. Alcohol or whatever it may be. But it doesn't deal with the panhandling. And it just seems to me that it would being purge that. Not sure. Where this is going to be I'm gonna try to stay on top of this issue and see what's going on with that but just for on that it. A little weird that we were worried about people not having enough change in their pocket to give it a panhandlers on a street I don't know maybe I'm crazy. Total I want talk to general applause what say you jumped. Yeah. I. I am comment and mine. That period that it. And it. At. What. Look at them. It. You know I've heard this before today it would be curious to have a public. You know audit to all and at the state level. All industries. In the individual corporations as to what their respective tax shield it is. In the state. And out I don't know about you that. My curiosity has always been piqued as it relates to that he heard all the time that there pain too much and then the other side says it pay too little. And I'm trying to figure out who knows what what is actually pay. You you hear these are anecdotal stories and you know how I am I wanna see the empirical data. And no probably seen a good source in this where it outlines. You know the data. As it relates to tax collection on these industries and he and the companies that make these particularly in. Oh it. Was probably the that. But that's a whole different story Jim. Little different story. It. Will. Work that. Hole at pebble. Pebble. I. And there. But. When it's Lara and everything and not. In. Other than that. Oh sure absolutely. Jim I gotta get to a break thanks so much for colony and all know Phil defrauding. Hall of Famer Jim Brown says he didn't never Neil. We'll be back Kim Jordan had some. Dicey little words for the president as well when we return this is new rule on debit every else. On attacks on this news about the panhandlers and use case seems that it would be a great thing that the 28 year old socialist female Cortez an uncle Bernie Sanders would be trying to push for in the mid terms. Why not they want to do all kinds a giveaway freebies cents. You know. And on other attacks against next they'll be holding up signs that say they take credit. And debit cards by using the square. Total line to Willie truck in what's gone all oily. I if I do. Not want to say something about that taxes. Are. Recently got into the truck in this this isn't as at January. Our job now girls. Seventeen no one. Yeah and that one out all it brought all chairman. Of the seventeen that brought all. Happen then taken. In battle who'll. It repaid economic. Even now what's left go out this particular about all I am. Human. Out. Check three. Wood out have a they sport should do whatever I need to pay for. What he were here. What an idiot in debt that it can enjoy. Are optional I took out their I would have you won't say they're about will be jail would be neat school. Alternate between you and you're an independent. No company work or carpet. Now on the say it's a company truck that it makes a hundred about the if companies it would you. We're the whole. Court but then potentially in shark. You. Actually. You can you can all. You want me it won't. Well Willie I don't think we're out we're gonna get to a tax free world if you can if you can. Get that pass on I'm with you name. Yeah it is. Should be. Should do it but unfortunately allele the services and stop somebody's got to pay for it somehow you know. It's as if you. Go if you have a lot of its outcome do you optical. Now what you do. And. Right right. So you were well on a pay the consumption tax on that's. Outlook it would need to pay well but yet meet up in the habitable. Absolutely Willie thanks so much gone appreciate you call be safe on a highway too while you're out there. Total on one Davone river parishes what's going on Dave. Yeah I say you want thought yeah yes. Yeah Holland you're. Book actually goes you've been. A little courtroom. We got there right now. All chick future it'll. Or Republican just term Republican let election. But that it will croak you know. And the vehicle. Or a wonder what you should it. Wendy's president back when to protest on. Vietnam War. People you don't burn it or burn clinic. In these simple way to keep that will probably do that what we've brought. You know. I don't know you know. How would know what he would have said I can't I can't predict what he's gonna set a more. And much less glitzy what he's gonna say 35 years ago. Yeah or. Or or forty so the years ago now so it's a dollar to flaunt its long in the net. In I mean law you know this or well ID you know this issue is is in and it's in Israel itself. In reveal itself again Dave thanks so much for Colin. Can't Jordan. Is and come out and he said that that Donald Trump's insecure and a goober. For making the statements that he made a president tweeted again. About dealing deer in the anthem. In on this all goes back to everybody yeah talking about this First Amendment writing and and so forth and I've said from the beginning this is about an employer employee relationship you got every right to say what you want. It's just. Where you say in when you say in it you're at work. You don't have that right. Now it's all gobbled up into the with the NFL PA in the collective bargaining agreement referred to as the CB day. And you know we're talking about. The killing. Of young black man by police. So I have the latest statistics thus far in 2018. And will talk about those. Because that is the crux to the issue what is it. That were actually. Protests. That argument has been about the manner of the protest but what is it that we're protesting. And why are we at. The crossroads that we're at on this issue. We'll be right back after the break this is new rule on dividend Leo. We're back and is still felt a Friday you wanna hear from new what is the issue of the week that there's just absolutely driving you crazy. You know just a couple of things here locally and and obviously cam Jordan is now come unease made some comments about the cut. The president called him in securing and argue goober has a relates to. That issue we had a lot of talk on the national TV stations and cable stations last night about you know reports about who Nils who didn't who stayed in the locker room who didn't who did this who did that. You know the rule whether or not this is a First Amendment right First Amendment protects against government intrusion doesn't it doesn't protect against. Other folks intrusion when you're working for somebody else you don't get to wait tables at a restaurant and stand in the restaurant and say I would need here. I would go eat next door. Because this place sucks well guess what you you don't have the right to do that you don't get to exercise. Your free speech that way you don't get too. Decide. While working. What's social cause you're gonna stand up for. No matter how valid it is I think everybody. Is concerned with inappropriate police shootings that's a no brainer. Because if it's inappropriate it's illegal it's murder. Who would wanna stand up for that. I wouldn't. I was in the business forty years. I don't know of anybody that will. But to make the general classifications and all police shootings or. Have a racial animus or some kind of ethnic animus and our. Discriminatory. In in what they do. Or anything else. I think is misleading. Thus far in Louisiana. There have been twelve. Killings. Eleven. They've been six whites and three blacks and three unknown. At the hands of the police. This year India in this country 626. Police shootings and never their resulted. In a killing. Of that. 300. Let me make sure got Detroit what 241 a white. 114 black 83 Hispanics twenty others in a hundred and and 68. Unknown race. So when we begin to look at. This statistics. It's not as though and if you hear the Talking Heads talking about it. Is that it it's only one race that's getting the disproportionate. Share. Of those that are actually being killed by police on our streets. And then when you start to look at the the data as to who's on all armed and this is all according to the Washington Post that is now running at data bank on police shootings across the country. Of all of these police shootings a small. Small small number. Or cases where individuals on all armed now does that mean that there are no cases where there is animus. That there is an evil intent. By a police officer. Now it doesn't mean that at all. And I'm sure everyone in this country would be. At least of the folks I know would be a close. To that total on one Paula Hammond what say you Paul. Eight boy I'd like to support us. The first question you want Erica agent or what that what that nearly it was or distract you. Want to leave me out of each each. It changed from police brutality to disrespect the play. Net while the narrative that the motive behind. The the manner in which their protest thing. Has always been consistent. Or app. New media. Where. All the respect in the way it is an issue. Yeah but it did you you you have to admit that the manner in which they chose to stand up on that cause. Was to kneeled Daryn the National Anthem in there are many people the majority of the people in this country that believe that's being disrespectful to the flag. That's not true why would it be old. And a but back bowl active and I'd be a great deal. In fact the most of the national polls that have been done by Gary left leaning organizations. I think some of those polls had revealed that the majority of African Americans in this country don't think that's the appropriate way to do it. I just go Google I mean you confined to find any number of I mean it talked about this last night. On on MSNBC. CNN. You know fox all of them on both sides have said that this is statistically what the data showed in fact we just talked about a national. Poll yesterday were 53%. Now announce all right that was a different issue just bankrupted them sort. And I think it would need to fold it and able act about bold big ticket. It. Well I'm like you can be as cynical as you want in this kept. It in and is skeptical as you want they are these are weight it. And there's so many that are that are in. That there's going to be so many whites so many blacks and many Hispanics nominee this so many that in in court and jeered geographically as well on me and I don't know to tell our. All automatic. Optical all look at the Outback Bowl OPEC it's got it. Would be it would be a duty. Look comic I think the third they're varied opinions on this matter again it. I understand it. You know in a pool that we should let it all. Right. That's my opinion is. I think you need you should stand up the for the flag if that's what your employer wants you to do. You don't you don't get it. If you ran a business would you want somebody in what are your employees saying. Mob bosses and no good sell and so he runs. A sloppy business I would go shop at his competitor. Now you've you're not gonna let him say that. You don't want a firearm. That's the same thing here at these guys are at war. They have no entitlement to anything. They weren't and they are an employee. Of an employer. And they wanna use the employer or his forum in order to stand up for their social cause. That doesn't mean it's not worthy I'm not attacking. Their opinion. When I'm attacking is is that they don't have a First Amendment right to do it before game. They wanna do it spends some real money and go out on a street corner and and create the biggest brewer you want. But that that's where this thing is getting all mixed up is that we think we have our right to do what that are in place of employment. They don't work that way. Because when you boil it down to them to do to the look at least common denominator of attacking your employer what if your social causes I don't like the owner. He asked to sit there and take it I don't think so. It was a call 260187. Near Texas at 8787. And this is Jules under EWL. It's go to Jolo plus on line one would say the journal. Ray I don't. Know nor are there are you off. Who dictate. What is the proper way to purpose. And did you let Colin at a prayer. All. How can you. They go to like this don't prepare like there. Easy Euro on my pick if you're on my payroll and your work and campaign and you. And and why. They have owners have a problem in fact Jerry Jones a Dallas that we're gonna stand up to of the law. It has a number of current number of others that have said the same thing that they would prefer not to have any any of neatly. So I mean collect. It's not it's not a question of whether or not. Their feelings are valid or not. That's not really the issue the issue with the NFL is whether or not. An employee. Tintin. Protest. Or do something contrary to the wishes. Of the older the employer. And later played itself. Every time. You you say you can protest like beer. Or people are protest in a certain waiting to know you can do it like. That much talent you get beat down no you can't do like. You're distorting. You're distorting the only sure sure. It. People you're talking about what. You're talking about what other people have said what I'm I'm saying. What I'm saying is. Is that. You can protest whenever you like however you. You just he would do it while in the employee why while at work in the car owner. Does not watching two. Because you don't have a you don't have a right to do that. You don't have you don't have First Amendment right. To do that you can be terminated you could be sanction could be any number of. Did you ticket buyer Germany correct and I have that right. That aren't. If not if you wanna stay employed okay what if you bet you know OK on the order and ramp up. Absolutely and do so hot so I think actually. They're not sure that they're. Because they're saying it 'cause they are saying it is their right and I disagree with them it's not. An end to stay and just. No First Amendment is a against government intrusion. There's no point here is they want to be able to do it in stay employed. You don't get the way it. Ever agreed. Oh. That's expire though. Yes and you say in and now Kyle now Colin is challenging the NFL. Saying that nobody wants to hire me because I did acts. I. And it's better that so you disagree you disagree with them look you stood up you wanna be a man you gotta suffer the consequences. It. Absolutely. I agree with you a 100%. Oh because that thank you wall all we agreed to disagree. And respect how many. People are ridicule white black. Or by. So it looked terrific on how many people of color me. The population. On the it's you write that report and compare nick or where you. Oh yeah that we also asked and it we're caught. And. And there's also something wrong when there's a disproportionate number of perpetrators. That are African American so you gotta talk about that. As well so while we're talking about and in Louisiana there were twelve. Police shootings thus far this year six Y three black in three unknown race. 32% of the Louisiana population. Is black. So these numbers. Are not out of whack. And I mean when you so when you begin to look at it and thus far 201833. Of this 626. Killing. Where Vick victims that were on all art. All you hear on the national rhetoric is about all of the un armed victims out of being killed. 33 of 626. This is not a pretty business it's a difficult situation and even when everything goes right. There is the potential. For ugly Al columns that doesn't make it right. I get that. But you've got to be looking. Deeper into the details before we can start making these generalizations. When I hear from you 260187. Or Texas at 87870. This is no rule on debit a video. We're back or go to the talk blondes is utilized to Mike and met through what say you Mike. Fair and an Oreo. Quick comment about the protest issue. I don't disagree Q what comes to Kia importers. You know ability to. Tell which can and cannot do an in your right it is you have the right first free speech to do what you want which also. Have consequences when it comes to doing something which are important agree within. They have them on the right to do that I don't have a problem disappear but my point view is that most public opinion in passing has partial. All the time and thus to the Korea shall it and about the issue of necessarily. It would be and it goes doing or where they're doing it at that track the issue that ought to get people upset. 90% of the people get upset about it upset the fact that they are protests being or do or healing during national. Their net for the policed and apps for the military it is distracting. That's what gets up most of the people who don't agree with what they're doing that gives them. And our I get I mean what but I have set on this issue from day one. And I think I was one of the first you know around here to say it. This wasn't about the right to protest in the manner in which they're protest this is about the forum in which they choose. I don't disagree ineffective forbidden. And it and I get the beacon hand of the lot differently in its president stepped in its work that situation so that part and it looked like the. Mike can you hold on an eye contact to the after the break as I gotta get to the cash conscious hole and I get bacteria promised. It's ready for your your chance to win a thousand dollars in the Anaconda national cash contest the code word this hour. Is cake. Tex CA KE 27881. That's 72881. Tex now and you could win 1000 dollars cash. Listen for the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour now to 6 PM. 1000 dollars is up for grab winner for your wallet. Good luck from all of us at WWL we never charge for attacks but individual plan text and data rates do apply. And remember please don't text and drive will be right back.