Trump jokes at CMA's and GOP tax plan.

Thursday, November 9th

It has been said that there should not be jokes about the President at awards shows because entertainers should entertain and not talk politics and there should be more respect for the office of the presidency. Were you surprised that country music performers made fun of President Trump?  Is the country music audience more diverse than it has ever been? Plus – New tax plan from Republicans. Senate leader Mitch McConnell says there will be no tax increase on the middle class.  Do you believe him?


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I'll love this weather is so nice finally a break from what has been just a very very warm. Fall but it was warm last fought this time. We've got a lot to get to this afternoon there's a new research that shows that more people are binge watching television than ever before. And there are fewer families are watching together. This is a trend that I've noticed with my son and his wife and I just I notice twists and millennial sand and and younger. There is this greater temptation now on it's I guess this baby boomers as well because their times it that there are doing. Of course I live alone so it's kind of hard to read and not watch television alone. But television is. Not. The the medium to gather Stanley like you once did in the before television that there was radio. Do you do been watching. Or is it just get to be too much for you. And do you find that you're watching more more television by yourself. In front of the TV or in front of the computer. We'll talk about that also. There's another study that shows that binge drinking is increasing among older females. A lot of people wanna blame me for that but I'm not accepting responsibility. So we'll talk about that as well are you getting older and binge drinking especially if you're a woman are you drinking more. Or less. Pope Francis says she's very upset. When he sees people taking pictures or making videos during mass. Now if you red mass at Saint Peter's Square. You would wanna take a picture. Do we wanna take a video. I mean there have been times. In my church downtown immaculate conception. Dead. I have wanted to take pictures because it's so beautiful. But I waited till after Russian when he gets to the holidays and churches all decorator for prefer Christmas. Sometimes I just wanna take a picture there there have been a couple of times. When I've taken a short. Video. Because the singing with some nights. So we just saw something that you want to want to do this we do agree with the Pope and it's wrong to take videos or pictures. During a man's. And have we become a society. Where we are so obsessed with capturing the moment. We actually missed the moment. There there are times I I I stop myself from doing a video. Or taking a picture. Because if I do I'm gonna miss the moment. So we'll get into that's a little bit later also time there's a new tax plan coming from Republicans and senator Mitch McConnell says. That there will be no tax increase to the middle class. Hope he's right because I would consider myself to be part of the middle class. Holes so our president trot has changed his opinion of China. Yeah during the campaign you remember when the president blamed China for stealing our jobs it on. Affecting our currency. In a negative way and he blamed China for everything. Now he's in China and it has employment effect president trump went so far to say. I don't blame a country. For taking advantage of another country if it helps their people. That's quite an shift. Is he going to be the same truck when he comes home. I mean I pick a president should be consistent. So we'll talk about that as well but last night there was something interesting on television. The country music awards. And what I found interesting is. There was some jokes about president trump. Criticism of political jokes and award shows this is something that's been popular recently. It's especially wrapped up since president trump took office. The criticism is a political jokes. That are based on the idea that you making fun of somebody when you're an entertainer. And if you're an entertainer you should entertain and not use president trump. To get a laugh. Respect for the office of the presidency is another reason political jokes during the war shows are condemned. This CME's opened with a somber recognition. Of the recent tragedies. The Las Vegas shooting. The Texas church shooting. The recent terrorist attack in New York City. And the season's. Devastating hurricanes in Texas Florida and Puerto Rico. But last night at the CMA awards posts Bradley about Brad Paisley. And Carrie Underwood. Used to their platform to launch political jokes even jokes about president trumped. And the country music audience in attendance. They were laughing. They seem to enjoy the humor. Cohost Carrie Underwood said quote. CNA has given us guidelines were specific topics to avoid so we can't be doing any silly little songs. Because this year show is a politics free zone. That's segued into cohost Brad Paisley saying. Can I do songs like weighed down Yonder on the sterile Moochie or stand by your man effort. To which Carrie Underwood said definitely not. Or then they sort of started to do this copper a Carrie Underwood service on big ticket forty cheats. And John Paisley sang right now he's probably meet Steve what the president. Right now he's so he's probably in his PGA is watching cable news reaching for his cellphone. And then they both sang. I'd show until rocket man starts a nuclear war and maybe next time he'll think. Before he tweets. Again I was just surprised that there were jokes about. President trump at the country music awards. And maybe this is an indication. That. Country music is changing in more ways than one. You know I want to talk about hypocrisy. And sometimes hypocrisy is actually funny than jokes. And the reaction to the jokes about president trump on the C amaze is rich in hypocrisy. This morning on fox and friends of the Fox News Channel. The topic of the jokes about the president ought to CME's came up and it was met with a host Brian Kilmeade saying hey those jokes about truck were funny. And the consensus does a FOX & Friends group on the set was that hey this was good humor. But I guess or may have been a few country music fans surprised at their jokes about. President trop. I'm a strong defender. Of comity. And I think that we all should be able to appreciate good comedy even if the target is a politician or a group that we support. However they're there but the trend is distinct and only the joke about the other guy it's funny and everything else is in really poor taste. Are right. Here's our this is Garth Brooks and that Garth Brooks less I won entertainer of the year. And he's backer got got a lot of criticism from his performance last night because Sarah looked like it might have been just a little bit of lip synching they're going on richest never wrote a popular saying. But this is more of our classic. Country song a modern country song the more her classic country song. Well there's a lot of criticism of country music today. Because it sounds too much like rock. Do you like country music more now. Than in the past. And is there anything wrong with doing jokes about president trump on the country music awards. And is it hypocritical to criticize other rewards for doing the same thing. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Harry coach 5042601. A seventy. In our text receipts every Saturday times coach and will be back country of Europe. Drawing is nice and it. Oh on its. And we're gonna see some sunshine city and it should be a great weekend and I've got to another family pack of 43 day passes for the volume road balloon festival. It's the first ever balloon festival and is this weekend it's right behind the civic center in shell match it's Friday Saturday and Sunday. And by winning the issue also are qualified to win for VIP ten passes and a festival poster. Now they're gonna have farm balloon glows every night and I'm thinking especially for those of you with really young kids. These balloons to hire balloons. They're gigantic. They're colorful. You know sometimes. Kids. Go out and it's just amazing to watch how they noticed things. 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I have another pair of tickets to giveaway to the Alley shoot Texas a and M game Saturday November 25 in Baton Rouge when you hear the LSU fight song. Speedy eight color chart contest line. And you will be a winner from tiger radio WW well. We're talking about the country music awards last night and I was surprised there are few jokes about president trump. Didn't expect that from the country music awards. But I think this is an indication that country music is much more diverse. Than it once was. The music itself. Is much more mass appeal to country music was a long time ago. And a lot of these performers have ties with with Hollywood. Bread pace Lee's wife is an actress. And if Hillary Clinton supporter. Carrie Underwood boys secretly Hillary Clinton supporter. And Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman. What she's part of Hollywood so there's a Hollywood connection there. So maybe country music has become a lot more. The first than it once was he hears are pretty general opinion poll. Were you surprised that country music performers. Made fun of president trumpet the CME's last night. Give us your opinion are going to our website WW real dot com here's a Texas says I still think it's all uncalled for. Meaning the jokes. Here's a Texas has not people will find political jokes funny. We issues in a comical way then comedians using jokes in a malicious way not hypocritical just facts. Well again if if somebody that you perceived as being liberal. Tells a joke about trot. Do you consider that to be malicious. And mean spirited because of the person telling the joke. When it's somebody like Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood do you assume that they're just joking because. Their country music performers therefore there really conservatives inside. Well maybe not. And I think this is just another example of the hypocrisy we deal with all the time. And it's a talk radio host eyewitness to park received every day. Conservatives who are now saying well you may think the man in the White House does not deserve respect but you should always respect the office of the presidency. Those people were bashing. Obama because they did like Obama and they were not respected the office of the presidency. So do you see the hypocrisy here. For many conservatives it's fine if Ted Nugent aura of country music fans talk about their political views while performing. But it's wrong for other artists to say anything negative about conservative politics or politicians. Mean if you if you wanna make the argument against liberal performance performers using the stage. To talk politics. They would also be wrong for conservative Vargas. Country music or not to use their stage to talk about politics. I have no problem with jokes. About President Obama our president trump or Hillary Clinton. In fact we've told a few over the years on this show. So all I applaud the diversity. Policy the CMA slash night. For having a few jokes about president trump. The left. Always seems to. Bear guilt also. When when they tell people like Ted Nugent and country artist to shut up and play. So you know this is this is coming from both sides. Conservatives don't want liberals to do jokes about the people they support and liberal so what conservatives who do jokes about the people who support. And liberals will go so far to say he should be talking about all that. Conservative politics why your onstage just play so I think that really is a criticism comes from both sides. But isn't this a hypocrisy that is one of the great contributors to the deep divide we have in America. I guess it's natural to become. Defensive when you feel like your site is under attack. But isn't wrong to criticize the other side for doing the same things that you do when you or your group or your favorite person comes under attack. And let's set the record straight. The art of telling jokes about president trumpet the CNA news is similar to the art of telling jokes about president trumpet the Academy Awards. The only difference is. The messenger. But yet how do you know picnic do you assume. That every country music performer is a conservative. I don't think that's an assumption of can be made any any longer. It could be argued that the jokes about trumped the Academy Awards are more mean spirited. But that's a judgment coming from those. Who are. Judging the jokes by the person who's telling the jokes. Why Weiss is so difficult for Americans to just relax and appreciate humor. How can how can we not see in ourselves. The total hypocrisy. If we condemn jokes in one venue. As inappropriate. And laughter jokes in another venue as fun. It seems to me that this is part of the apart receive it we so often talk about there's really is damaging our country. If you would like to join us for the comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. And what about country music has it become too diverse for you country music is bigger than its effort didn't got the broadest audience ever. And I know people who love pop rock and country. Has country music become too diverse. 2601870. Erick are 504260187. In a text SH every Saturday. I'm scoot shiver coming right back with more viewer comments after our CBS had a VW owners updates. Last night the CMA is this is John party and John won the entertainer Ohno received a new entertainer. Best new artist of the year last night at the C amaze. We're gonna feature a few of the winners but we're also are talking about the jokes they were told about president trumped hands tied its its office from my understanding that Saddam. The Carrie Underwood has been kind of Tom a quiet. Subtle supporter of Hillary Clinton. So is she and Brad Paisley. We're doing jokes about the president isn't that the same as liberals and Hollywood doing jokes about the president for the Academy Awards. Were you surprised that country music performers made fun of president trumpet the CMA awards last night that's a pretty general opinion poll 57%. Say no not surprised. And 50% say yes we're gonna have their eye discipline to check those so those numbers horse. I get to some of your text here just a moment let's go to DD in New Orleans Stevie welcome to the show. Good afternoon good afternoon. I think that Kutcher in the continent where probably in the last fifteen years black and I actually like it because it talks about mom lost in triple you know where and you have music. I'm still aren't being that I lean more toward the country music country western music nowadays because. It's like a lot of attention a lot of RV and you know rap music it's talking about my. Just not. It's not real life that is not something that you dream about shooting at the moment you dreamed about loving and losing on her having definitely. Well we don't we don't we don't dream about losing somebody but if we've lost somebody we have nightmares about that. Yeah like its bank and everyone goes through I can't relate to shooting and killing like like that like you know I mean there is extinct a lot gun violence. At the end of the bad thing for the club to have to have a shoot out. You go to the club you know we don't want to have some drinks and go and talk about it later on different. It'll you bring up an interesting point because outside of the melodies in a lot of ways to lyrics and and what to country music addresses is very soulful. Al Green saying a lot of my favorite on Africa. Artists who recently. But it. It was. Later at a pillow here on call to mind a bit like that but it turned out of the art it's resize it a lot on that. Are increasing you know that are actually your country and people in the YouTube. Like country and the like and Lou let me get to look at just. DT sound like a romantic. Now I am. I think nothing's good for you know we inner out of a relationship. I'm happy for like the last five or six years all that because often hearing about the potential of what you. It when you hear a song of ballots. Something that you feel like you've been through doesn't it comfort due to knows that if somebody wrote a song about distance they know exactly how I feel. Actually I can't relate to someone's shooting and killing in doing these you know I mean accurately that the what happened fail at it with my cousin who got merry. More reported the other airport under. Children don't think think it's awful. DD I appreciate all. Our ears a text that says sounds good I think the difference between the way country music awards show pokes fun at president trump. Is really not mean or malicious. And they did poke fun at Hillary as well. With the other show is there are just crass. And mean can they don't balance and how we jokes about Democrats. You know that that's that's a good point but I do remember now it's not happening was Steven called bear but I I do remember. When. David Letterman what was doing a show there are many times it David Letterman made fun of President Obama. We don't have any of these jokes off the top of my hand that there were times when they they did make fun of a President Obama and and Democrats. Is just that you know if if you have a certain perspective. That doesn't stand out to you. What stands out to you is if they attack your guy. Well here was. It was part of the the porn deter the opening of the country music awards last night when there was some mention of Hillary Clinton. Are. And all right they also while I'm told some jokes about president trump if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 260. When he Saturday. Area code 5042601. A seventy text number 87070. This is Chris Stapleton. And Chris stables and was named male vocalist of the year at the Steelers last night. You know I've noticed that with all the pop country music Chris Stapleton I even though he says he's younger he stands out as one of us have warned that the new performers. Who sounds more traditional country. I'm scoots and anti by the way to new name for country is called rogue country. Colonel where they came from the broke country is like the new genre pop music country. 2601 a seventy tech states every ace every will be back under of have derailed. That's the Randall amber she winds female vocalist of the year to see amaze last night you know the song is about. Timid play it turns out before eviction. This is about admiring the tin man from the wizard Obama's. Because he doesn't have a heart. And Arthur times when your hearts. Brings you so much pain. Just feel like I'm running lyrics for a song here but no I mean honestly how there are times when your hard brings you so much pain or your heart causing you to. Two to worry about things and hit it it cause you to be so sad that sometimes you just wish he didn't have our. A from uptown Ryan here under the WL. Good well imposed. You watch it and I'm caught in a couple of and she's it was about. Click to go on the issue with the cute but I typical union I want the maker response to your beef from the law and turn them on target are sure that I'm not mistaken. A home schooled on the listened to you this morning and I don't think Eastern Bank robberies are right there is kind of talk about what happened so war right. Right school. I would note that music as well of course but of course but under control about where music in the agree with everything and it is easy tent city. But my point is. One which you call up to talk about the violence of rap music and they're not gonna do with independent competent by asking price actually call it appeared just the top vote. The violence in rap music which are due. Of green rear. What where they're coming to the school of anything. We'll see I didn't get that impression I got the impression that here she was talking about her appreciation for country music and here she is an African American female. And I guess she assumes that. Society would look at her and think. You should be into another kind of music but personally she's not into it because it just doesn't fit her life in the country music speaks more to our heart. Well that don't go argue this point bought you know she didn't pick you know. Cheating in baseball had their emotional. But Ryan. Just because I guess it's an era when people put put people when people don't bring up. Everything doesn't mean that they support the other stuff too. And I think when she was talking about is from her perspective as an African American female. You wouldn't expect her to be and heavy metal but you'd expect her to be into rap and she doesn't like crap I'm sure she doesn't like heavy metal and death metal for the same reason she doesn't like some rap. Observers from school I didn't give the impression that maybe companies would understand how do you understand. Lot of that work full form that could provide some competition but also on establishing and about in the long cautioned that like what you knew much about titan. But Brian this is an interesting conversation because you know you you got one impression I didn't get that impression. But you know sometimes sometimes we look for things without realizing it where we're. Where we are just tuned in to hear certain things and I all the time on the show I get text from people who picked up on one thing that they think I said when that's not. And the meaning and also it's it's it's something that happens but I didn't get that impression from a different color but I I appreciate your call right. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon and our numbers 260. One a seventy. Every coach 504260187. And text Amber's age 7870. So relative by U country music fest in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Thomas rent young performer one of my favorite. Country reformers. And this is a song from him called craving you and to me what he did this song in the dome. Sounded like a pop song. I'm not being critical of that but it didn't sound like it didn't sound like an ocean is so my country do you. Architecture it is says. The crap today is not country. Now the text says today's country music is nothing it's nothing but bad rock band with a fiddle and that's a quote from Tom Petty. But this sounds more pop which is the way a lot of country music sounds. Iguodala Sam hunt and a lot of the performers it's. It's pop music. And then you've got Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Bret Michaels and Cindy law for another's doing country songs. This is a country song. I mean maybe defected it's about a cigarette makes him more country than the melody. I'm scoots up and we'll be back under review Al. This is Brothers Osborne the song is hitting my faults her brother's Osborne borne no vocal duo of the year last night at the country music awards. John lets us say this song I like to title it ain't my fault. Because so we use that when we talk about our politicians. From mob beat a weary here on WWL. He Larry. You didn't Durham and interrogated. I'm gonna. We're pretty California. And and there are. I came image in his sixties so our Europe non announcements and sit goes so. I saw a lot of would groups all rock. That time stones. And zeppelin you know you name it is there Steppenwolf. And I I'd turn that country as I got older on retired now I just became a retirement age. I thought about when did you go about finding their country. Two years ago OK so yeah return to country when it bush more. Pop and more diverse than it was when it was country western Michigan six. Our net and yeah our. Becoming the main. But what I could wrap. Country. There are songs their flesh. Now that's not the old I lost my dog died last week. My girlfriend you know laughs well my neighbor that. Yeah let go I'm gonna have to leave it there could have got to news coming out we will talk more about this coming up in the next hour. And I mean I love that country song. The lap dance his best when the strippers trying. I mean you can allow songs like that I'm scheduled to movie back into the if you don't.