Is Trump giving tough love to dead beat allies or pushing our friends away?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 12th
Tommy talks with CBS military analyst Jeff McCausland about President Trump's meeting with NATO leaders.

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I jokingly said Saddam it was a throwback Thursday here were talking about news stories from Tony eleven. And that they had Jordan Spiegel inspired to play some of the songs from Tony eleven as the number three song. Fireworks from Katy Perry your fire were guns only appropriate because they had some fireworks in Belgium. As it relates to the NATO's summit adjustment calls on joins us right now or CBS military on analyst. Good morning Tony well Tommy about hum I guess let's start with the significance of NATO as it comes to. As it relates to the world's defense against say aggression. And because I think colonel a lot of people know of it but they don't really know about it. Yeah workers there for what was that NATO longer. Enduring alliance and frankly this. The leader bill why the Greeks Wednesday back you know 500 PGA is the person bar in the United States for two major wars in Europe in World War I world war two and evaluate establishment NATO. Indeed enhance security abroad that provided us and our European allies. I would argue committed war or crime occurred on. I'd during the Cold War. Luckily it means NATO partners actually invoked article five fuel economy it was invoked the one country who come portable. If in fact in the eighty dollars were attacked there invoked that on September 11 2001. In response to the attack on the United States may have police. Troops to Afghanistan. They can troops to Iraq in the 1990s so and troops to Iraq in 2003. And it shouldn't force and aircraft those things. To our efforts in Syria the most important I think this is bill like minded. Alliance of values of democracy over time it allowed new democracies to join. And that that this year values and insured interest they get what as the most important in the United States benefits have been insecurity. Also understand the recovery of the European terms of their economies post World War II in the growth as occurred. But over time. As the into the benefitted nicely as well though we have many disagreements rhetorically about the level of defense spending by European allies at the end of the day. This alliance is in the best interest in my state local bank anybody look at these casually with this group that. Elena talk about the spending part of it is percentage of gross domestic product this is what each country. Spends on their own defense not money that is contributed to a big potter. That's correct in the dark purple as the culprits they are likely category and true. Insert for example of the NATO countries are not paying their virtual sure well technically they are because there are going Nikko budget. Which is separate from the individual defense budgets and all countries are paying their. Proportional amount that NATO budget allocation. Is based on each country's GDP United States pays the most scrutinized they the largest. GDP by far though what he's complaining about it like you say what they spend on the individual national different. Weighed on our call a timeout colonel Hisham infused so there is. A NATO defense fund to which countries in tribute delicate act does clarinet. And they help interpret that there are supposed to nobody ordered no Leo. Billy and reared and nobody owes the United States money avail mr. trumpets that they're in the owe money to themselves. Four under investing in their own in their own national defense budget. Which brings us to phase two of this which is what the president is talking about so we've got their fuel. Parent back in 2014. All impatient Crimea wrote a book. And the other NATO allies agreed that all countries would move towards 2% of GDP by the year 20/20 four about our country lies that included of course reach 2%. GDP at the moment. Though mr. trump and complaining about them not reaching that. Rapidly. Any Clinton now that boat was brought stones what a minute ago that they're gonna do that was more quickly. That being said there's no tangible proof that the case there was no formal statement that an accelerator remove the target rate. At the 2000 don't want me or something like that. Though there does appear to be a greater alacrity there is no firm. Framework no firm commitment in writing for them to accelerate or increase the defenseman and beyond what people are close to do. I would get some traffic problems let's take a break here and take a look at that and we come back we'll talk about the Russia Germany saying. And president Trump's comments as it relates of that 61 he won here's traffic now on double WL. I'd six when he five colonel just a causal amerigas CBS military analysts talking about NATO and the president and brochure of Brussels rather in the solid. And colonel before we get to Russia and Germany and the president's comments. A text comes in and I think it's a good when he says most people conciliatory she most people complete NATO with the UN. The UN is a joke says this Texan we should stop funding and I'd like to get your thoughts on and text. Well he's right personal that there aren't you can play these two and that's very inappropriate. I mean he. NATO as a collective defense. Organizations one that tackles one tackle and has the wherewithal conduct and conduct those operations. Certainly such the vote in local five over Afghanistan. Certainly feel because of a certain you know Bosnia stories seen him do that kind of work. But for many many years. A United Nations and collective security organization. With these problems. I don't disagree that is the way drivers joked that that's another argument. Because of the nature of having these are great powers control while the citizens. As it very difficult for the United Nations is Taj and make decisions about very very important she's been. So when it comes to deployment of troops NATO peacekeeping forces. Not NATO UN peacekeeping forces are obviously separate separate and distinct. From NATO forces inaugural NATO forces are used primarily in a confrontational situation. As of 00 won't. NATO forces have been used for everything and you should be asking operations tickle in body that NATO is described as well by geography. Only books on the NATO treaty it was very recite it was for collective security in the North Atlantic area. Because of the time in 1940 non denies there is not only outline its okay we have all these colonies in Africa and Asia. So you all need to go and defend our colleagues for it and I don't know accurate arch. The were morally you know collected some difference arrangement refute. The defense the North Atlantic areas that the sovereign territory you have in Europe it was also describe but that you aren't they. Whereas the United Nations is a worldwide global organization NATO countries as members of the UN. But individually. Contribute troops to peacekeeping operations in the U in there they'll say it however when NATO operation. Right NATO again and now NATO is just for the the did today it members of NATO as opposed the UN which is all around the world. The darker let's talk about the president and of Russia and Germany and pipelines at setter in Germany security. The President Clinton pretty outrageous statements and personal on. We have a president who has publicly criticizing. In really making comments about things that are Reuters aspect of it country been injured over its energy. Liberating our longstanding allies but you can approach however did it for nearly unable. Q are criticized mr. prudent at all and it's that it will go a long rumored it is sort of thing like the world. Turned upside. But they're put that would that was criticized the Germans these that they are control. Options which is simply not true. For the amount of energy agency and the question is overstated. Urgency since 79%. And probably the national debt German. There's about 20% and artwork there is no two ways about it. The pipeline delivered that were constructed back in 20022000. Injury would relations between Russia. Europe and United States where there whole different place. And probable and argues yes it's early part of Portland natural gas to an amount no question about it. The Russians are dependent on selling natural grass because frankly the only thing rush is ultimately around the world applauds. Is energy. In the Russian economy right now is in stagnation not recession. With a GDP grew at one point it certainly our economy. Right now about the size of Belgium for good ineffectual and ethnic that real natural gas in German and opportunity to. But in the anyways the future and so foot in terms. Personalities. And you know I use the old phrase it's personal it's not business how important is it. And Angela Merkel ended Donald Trump get along. Or is it Kenny put that out of the way inches keep it to business do you understand when a mass concurrently. It's. And I think it's. Unfortunately. We spent a lot of currency in the relationships were so our soul the policy. And the NATO allies alliance. It's been in an effort to try to extract more transaction. And mr. trump used to treat NATO and the transaction as opposed to relationship. And to think he hadn't talked about that actually weren't important than he has talked. He currently publicly. Very frequently. Underscored the its its commitment to the NATO allies oracle spot in fact has been an illusion wash that need it. Went on to new lows were the NAFTA at the time recently that he report that a NATO wedge to about congressional action. It hasn't talked about the shared values of all these liberal democracies that are that are so important. The cooperating animal publicly so that way. The relationships I think in the post your four feet mr. trumpet the good that you and seems to try to look at this as another you know corporate takeover transaction true that the court. Thank you colonel appreciate your time is always. Popular heaven today colonel just phone calls on CBS military analysts is man's got a ton of experience.