Traffic cam money pads the general fund

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, May 30th
A new report from the Bureau of Government Research says New Orleans isn’t using ANY traffic camera money to fix the streets. Our guest, Amy Glovinsky, President of the Bureau of Governmental Research says, "on the issue of traffic related fees, fines, and taxes [that] simply takes a commitment to use the discretionary funds."

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And a bureau of government researcher or BGR. Report. Says New Orleans isn't using any traffic camera money to fix the streets and are ready jaguar opinion poll you can log on 870 eights editing. Are we would love way to cull Lynn then talked to us and answer it would you be OK with traffic cameras. If the money was dedicated for better streets. As it stands now 63%. Owners saying yes but I have a feeling that number. Is gonna fall in eagle events ski present of the bureau of governmental research joins as the morning Amy. Roaring. Out yet nice Memorial Day. Good com tell me what the report that you guys released shows. While our purpose been undertaking a report what the finally identify away that the city could cut and played a responsibly. On that prevent that. Maintenance plan for our street network. Then all of our primary objective and of course been going about it we came across the metric in fact that they can inform the dialogue and I'll put it on the right track. Do you. Well for wanting as you mentioned and opening the city that annually approximately. 52. Million dollar and street related the Cochran and pack that all the right now of that money goes into about general fund and none of that. It allocated to street that big to be a very. And I'll click the start in terms of that relationship to the street network and the fact that it is derived from that. You'd let me rewind their for a second where does that 52 million come from. But traffic camera. Traffic ticket. Parking meter parking ticket. It's our honor is there anything in. The chartered the city charter that says that money should go to road repairs. Not that particular packet of money. You know man today although what you're looking to have fun. Something we're sitting on that very important start let. I'm part of a rational relationship between a source of funding and the youth of the infrastructure boat named the pac could be. I played for the Banesha. Start looking and and confirm the bucket crowd certainly you know we recognized a critical need likely. X stated that in rabbinate that the that he worked with just take. Annual increase. And began allocating batted two for a preventative maintenance plan we likely could get up far away and having it funded. Weird is the money from FEMA fit in all this was a two billion. Right right so. The distinction here that they make me capital repairs. And preventive maintenance. Capital hair repair conflict of Abu reconstruction and rebuilding and comes out of the capital budget. And as you mentioned even dug out. A big at one point nine billion but all and worked slightly over two billion dollar and it but staying revenue that we can used to reconstruct straight. And by that or you're talking about gone all laid down. Taking care of the leak in pipes put an in new pipes and nothing leaks and had been in the street doesn't collapse right. Well about that it. That think that I would broader issue that involves coordinated with the food and water board but but that what I mean and taking all of the street but have slipped into the a pair elk point of no return and termed out. You know dealing crack and acting possible. And I actually reconstructing and rebuilding and addressing infrastructure but underneath and that propped up and a coordinated. Fashion. Other it you don't preventive maintenance what does not reconstructing and rebuilding that is actually sealing cracks and say. Fixing potholes that that we prolong life span of our street and that number is. Thirty to 35 million dollars annually and that need to come from the city's general spot and. And then money would be there to 52 million wasn't taken from the general funds from the cameras parking meters Saturn ranked. You know that may be applied oversimplification. But money. As our report lays out there are ways that up money could be there at the city work with start mining for a bit and even prioritized but the terms the spending. Amy I'm overly simple guys it's probably realized that correct me if I'm saying anything wrong here. That the money generated by traffic cameras tickets parking tickets etc. We use for preventative maintenance for the streets of new loans which it would cost. About thirty to 35 million delegate there right now. So. But preventative maintenance we mean fill in and potholes and cracks of the sub surface doesn't become eroded. Even more and if you wondered about the two billion dollars from FEMA. That's a different bucket of money and aunts devoted toward capital repairs for the street which is. The permanent fix coordinated with sort of more report. Now. Did you when we did come up with 35 million I presume. How did you do that did you mention the streets are the mileage deejay tell them it was a methodology. Well interestingly now up about it at that we actually talked to the Betty and that we are undertaking. Does work. To sort of facilitate for the long haul in a responsible funding of the issues that what it you're not. We didn't go behind. What are a number we picked up at that number that thing seat and then and dapper to. To identify away that the city could meet at number. So. In terms of legalities would it involve. A change to the city charter in ordered to dedicate that money. His street repairs and what's involved and change in the city charter. So what Bart. 52 million dollars. That content from traffic related fees and fines. Dollar going into the general fund meaning there are available for discretionary spending. So there really that much complexity here and terms of the legal framework we're operating on a more. And it you object prioritizing. Measured dollar for preventive maintenance and ensuring that. They're being back that way from an accounting perspective that certainly would be present you. Aggregate. The current dedicated funding at a sort of bully ball and then. Superb responsibly. Alex Cate discretionary funding to prevent a maintenance. Kansas City responded to so that idea. Title and the city has retained our report they have not responded. Directly to. Don't know I can't speak for what they might sank their comments though are included in our report to the extent that that on any particular you. And again Amy just understand. It wanted to dedicate their money would involve a change of the city charter. I bet that they're definitely right now happened etiquette on come out about eight up nine dollar a year which I'm sure it's thirty side. Correct terribly sorry about that. One point nine. Dedicated knowledge. And some local share of the state. Gas tax revenue. That Lipper bark about traffic related these. And fine and pact that we do not need a charter change we just need a priority invasion of dollar for the purpose. I'm not finding the preventive maintenance plan. Global we will lead you see anything so many times people are and we go back to the casino money where are supposed to be dedicated to education. Which it is but it it was like zero something near Wright because they took the same amount or take the same amount out so. Technically it's dedicated to an end of this is now which came on court. Technically their money goes education and it's taken out on the back end and I just wonder. I mean with you without a chartered changed. And in terms of budgeting and priorities would we be taken meant that word in and I mentioned that because and a lot of people have a problem with traffic cameras etc. Well I you know your crack at bat and beyond the scope of our our report although I will say that we do you have. Barea. Portrait dedicated funding right now that we do argue that these two. Reexamine. And determine whether they do the dedicated bunny got back proper pat local priority so for example. I'm sport and convention and and the Padilla believe that 14%. Of the total local revenue whereas Streep are only repeating. 3% dedicated funding they'll. On the dedicated funding side there certainly the work to be gone in terms of aligning should've been priority at what the dedicated. Finding strain. But on the issue a traffic related fees fines and act that. That simply take com. Sort of a commitment. Can use that discretionary funding for the purpose and prevent that met in a portion of the growing up thank you all that we recognize that there are other critical but he needs support cannot. And that portion may even be only the annual increase of what's right now are about six point 7% at art creating inflationary rate. So that better hope there at a relatively. Simple to compliment. Amy is enormous and to an end. Well it could it critically important right now and I appreciate your having me on to talk about that because as we use the two billion dollar to rebuild street. If we don't begin to maintain them in a fiscally prudent way. We're gonna fighter now and the same situation that you're become a likely without and the battle eat a dollar but very important thing for copper. Thank you for coming on Amy we'll talk to you again Amy glove Hinske present the bureau of governmental research.