Toy hall of fame

What toys made it into the Toys Hall of Fame?


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National toy hall thing more are clue. Magic eight ball matchbox cars matchbox cars but my little pony and paper airplane. Pez candy dispensers. Slave food at risk. Sand and transformers. Uno and Whipple ball. Some of these stories you can neat yeah and now. He can't beat him out of office. While. There really learned average sixty known around India wanna be around one they were clue. Paper airplane and with the ball. Those three guys in the international hall banked twelve fans are put out transformers sand. Risk plays food Pez candy dispenser. My little pony matchbox cars and Medicaid while we're left out power to pass to try and get in another day. Burress on hall of fame buffalo Orson. I've just getting married is not around I don't know I'm not so some of skier and it's the national toy hall of fame while there on the webs and the way habit toy hall of fame dot war in Georgia. And release is as silly and it is though. There in Rochester New York hello I wasn't far off valuing near buffalo so you know Leon of the bills game. I guess this thank you could stop in their you do go to nick tacos at displaced in Rochester. Would dance in the called the garbage. It sounds awful. But you go in and they have these different categories. And you start picking different things he want on your garbage play a carry it meets its vegetables it's cost as its cheeses it's all different stuff. And you just concocting your own beat mass of stuff. No way and I guess just nine assisted on the play well yeah yes so big that it nick Tahoe is garbage might have only had it once but it. Brings back fond it fond memories. All of chiefs. Probably slinky. And who walked downstairs to have players and make debts like any sound. I love my slinky but you now once you've got a slinky messed up. Once you pull that too far into that. Saying well you always do turned on itself as a menace even if you couldn't successfully untangle it and always had that little lake. Mal thing and thing you know it didn't quite sit right now and then it wouldn't walked on the stairs traded go way too stairs and drive shoot up to the side. That is all I ever hunters like eight and I think that's and limit the plastics like he's which didn't get as tangled as easily. Didn't walk downstairs as well either. And I didn't like territory this lanky what's yours text mediate 7870. And you surprised that uno transformers sand risk. Pez dispenser place food my little pony and matchbox cars along with the magic eight ball got shot out. Of the toy hall of fame induction text messages and it's 7870 favorite toys growing up Lego. Dirt. With a stretch Armstrong. Sign men and re old Hong could trucks and GI Joseph with Kong flu grant who left out looking in net nominees he you know. Transformers. Sand at risk plays food is candy dispenser. Matchbox cars and magic eight ball they were all nominees who did not get in so I ask people to text me at 87870 with their favorite toys. Packed east act now man when I was in high school mop up for hours sit around stand around ticking yankees activated to other Cisco lakers'. You have you to want to get get at those things I would do little balls on the strength on. To detect to test it against India and Adam I never got good data on I got really. Now the residents as a child QB dolls Candy Land chutes and ladders as I got older my record player. Lot of people are saying twelfth Tonka trucks one burns as a big we all I love my big yes and I green machine both of them. Risk one of the best games ever created as a text message today it's 77 inches why the paper airplane take so long to get involved thing you gotta wonder well is on its imminent they only induct a few years so there RO every year you like rarely left that one out. I mean my Medicaid followed that. Rugby ball cricket bat and surf board yeah look at your from around here. Silly body and the oh yeah 02 very good toys and other assist Tonka dump truck and ask commanders fast. I don't talk a dump truck. The yellow ones I think we I don't know -- yeah when I was real life but my knee and enact screwed around with it when I got bigger I would just you know fill it with all kinds of stuff but. We went camping that I think it was at a Jonestown somewhere. And my mom. I gave it to some kids who came around on a scavenger hunt. They promised to bring it back. Lol they did not it's. Members on mother you're just gave way might yellow Tonka dump truck oh and I never forgave her when I will in my twenties she bought me another one you still bring it out of the senate. It comes up every nickel incentive after a hot wheels Jack Star Wars toys. I care bears ran for access one text message I'm in my thirties but still sleep in my care payers one Z. Hey you might want to talk to somebody about that. That little wooden panel with a rubber ball and the Robert and in the red ball up up up did you ever be good at that no. You couldn't slackers are on the ball is now I'd try and drive and a laughingstock your neighborhood out there and as you add other redeeming qualities mr. The the little muscles texts coming and an 87870 little green soldiers Chinese jump rope was done Obama. What about don't spill the beans a fun game stretch Armstrong shooting marbles creepy crawlers. Another stretch Armstrong has his eyes still used a magic eight ball to try and make sense of all the BS at work. I loved my magic did pick up sticks. Tonka trucks battleships and Yo-Yo. Those are the most recent tax cumin and some very good toys folks out you have a fantastic weekend enjoyed it Chris cool weather gross saints coach tigers. And happy.