Tommy's call of the week

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, July 20th
Tommy's Call of the Week

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Connie Tucker double WL saint Tammany said you know what kids can bring scholes. In the school which is good they can also bring cell phones in schools which. Is a little different and I guess we're asking you do you do you want your kid to be able bring a cell phone. In the school and do you think they're somehow less safe if they cannot Ginny hi you're on got a W out the morning. Oh or eight Jimmie was obvious Mallon an evening or night. And you know get that label. And went back. Mean Kim what's cool what's it all again. I think it's horrible to only went part of its schools kids phones of blood. All get in general by but with or. Yeah he did Jimmy. Where kids were being followed. In our. You brought up what school you order it now. That China helmet or. And what all went on. Nobody. Which are what. The. You know. I'll go to my idea arm and dialect. They'll be doing and letting it. What the films that book with me it's. I. Yeah. A Nigerians naked lady Carla rob and I did. The. Oh. In up. Those clear is. Below it is seriously. My kid went to his school. And they wouldn't let him have cellphones. And I talk to the principal lines of Reno might be a good idea form ten hand on because instead of FaceBook and and it's that time and and all of that stuff in case there is a legitimate emergency. They could call the police. And the principal point and downloads. That's the danger and add is if there is a perceived threat and not a real threat. You could actually put the kids in jeopardy because they would be calling and alerts that were not real. Maybe not necessarily as a prank just because they perceived something that dated know about to be a thread. And in a police would come out and it could be a dangerous situation potentially.