Tom Fitzmorris & Angela Hill w/ Karrueche Tran from CLAWS on TNT

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, February 13th

Tom & Angela happen to run into Karrueche Tran (From the TV series CLAWS on TNT) at Zulu.


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We're back and we're with a very special woman I'm gonna have you say your name because of it I don't wanna ruin the game really teach train. And you are in laws and the show. All I hear about how hilarious that you are in a beauty salon and you murder people yeah I got married and we'll. Pratt yeah. It's creepy at the great things apple until I see. Do you think and and amateur that's great congratulations AT and and it shot right here in New Orleans shot right you know. Might it it down the child and everywhere but it. And we'll. And I watch them absolutely you know. Yeah she just told us this is your first money Rashid and I'm sorry we're not television at this point hires and the described. Oh she is a unicorn she has little ears she is. I have unicorn has had at that point Canaccord. If this perfect you've got into it and you did it yourself at local shops cat walked down to or a street shots polyps. And copy shop around and I box seats in its and a pizza I thought they'd sit. Used theory it's just adding findings is doing and having wine. If your first money room yet. Overruled won't let it. Loud. I don't like. And it's great to there's many people don't try to get to where I can't get to play but I can't say it did so much fun to this threat that it. Having. At a good time watching the re TV that I really I thought come from the line. Will be happy to adopt you. Yeah. Everybody about whether you're working or not that's now that you do wonders how apply continued success to. Now I have just this was your first victory keeps them and in some of the things that. Was it tough and you were I know every little girl sitting there saying how can I do. And I took this shot at a point where I would. Really worked hard and hope coming out I was acting classes conflict now I was doing everything to them. In fact my crash and the audition and I'm gone out at a tournament you know people. To actually you know feed them think faith in the room and went. Pop that pop hit it. I don't think continue to work hard at their craft which pad to use they thought his time. Congratulations and good luck to always think he felt like. Wow yeah. I'd throw the had a horrible. News that you get so what's my thank you thank you much. You. Think this this has. Made this statement after all the years I've been doing this show. On of what Marty was all about that that conversation you just that was fascinating. I'm telling and it's so Paul much a part of what it's all about. Very much so and for purchasing and first I didn't get it and Washington's it. Well. Yes that's what washes across everybody's funeral. No adorable and and but the message he had for people who want to break it's tough getting into television on Google rather bury just. And but she was she was correct she was holding her craft solutions really rent. They just didn't fall on her lap around trying other audition she had worked out and ready to take another break our begins item we're going to be. Joining us borrow Mardi Gras mambo and thanks also to authenticate don't think crudely made some delicious being explorers with Apple's top and we'll. And they don't think pre three generations treat yourself all year Long Island Jefferson highway. WW WL radio in New Orleans WW well at them HD 110 in New Orleans residents whose. Over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia are broadcasting system.