Tom Fitzmorris & Angela Hill w/ Archbishop Aymond

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Tuesday, February 13th

Tom Fitzmorris asks Archbishop Aymond his famous question about Turtle meat during Lent.


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You know our body grudging it would not be the same without archbishop joining us sir we just gives us a sense of and I've been watching you sir and you have been having a wonderful time it's great that looked like. Nine billion due to a new loan to all the well it is and you born and raised here I was on them because I. We're here but a review. But and you don't you know on the floor it's definitely good to. Are you on mind. If I was born on Mardi Gras day and that was delivered by doctor at mom's solution on the jazz. Guitarist of the capital Kabul walking wallets cliche in the red beans every Monday you know it's all those things. And every year I ask you this thing build flash actually because people do ask you this on the radio pretty awful. Starting on Ash Wednesday. Is it OK to eat. Turtle meat. Turtle soup. I know. Alligators and advocates of Malibu and I hit it through all kinds of research. So elevated me is OK if it's really not me. OK I think in years past we've said that turtle soup is good offensive it. So you know they would view things physically reptiles do this do to rep. Point Mike glad we settled that went in New Orleans itself to sacrifice. Well that's just that's the most ironic thing of all you. The fact that we eat so well what we it. Led to mode. It's it's almost laughable than a lot of people and you got it changed a thing and you don't good. That's right in every other day of the week to hear what. It's two wonderful thing to have for your. What the drug war nobody brought the waiting until it happens again my my birthday has never fallen on Mardi Gras since really. And it won't know until an 84. I believe and I am glad that. All Obama on the ground I think we should never vote with you rating on the I've heard worse ideas. I also do the other fans but for the beginning. Six asked the members who wanted to celebrate mass. Before they get on the bus with the greens. But these two run. Spirit of and we've been talking about. I hate to say different but Helen Hunt water we have survived and flourished and continued to have fun. In and out of New York today if everybody when they. We've drawn we've both grown up with that all our lives like my sister is ten years old used to take it to the parade as we've lived with roommates that. But it's section. And it was only like three blocks. And it was a complete mix of everybody as the neighborhood ones for that matter and and everything has always been that way to beat the views that we all like it's we we share that the food that we like we care that. And it's something that they'll go very much. In the parades get bigger and bigger there's the matter is this isn't quite. They're here explode. Yes and then Rex is right behind. To prevent them all but he's concerned about the weather during the week it. And much much worse today. Eight gorgeous right. We always feel that we have the thing Karl we should thank god you got your equipment for the. Good god tomorrow Helena we put them coming up a thank you always for joining us about it no one can. But normally. And then finally got his feeds on life is. But see you again. What in the world. Well that's why. Oh at 1230 we have just enough certainly gonna take a break please stay with this is that they've shown in the brains of marginal. If you could call that market.