Tigers vs Tigers

How will LSU defeat Auburn?


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Vegas expects LSU and Auburn to be a game where about 44 to 45 points or scores a Steve is that Auburn being a seven point favorite ten make it to get 26 to nineteen game. You expect them any school points to be scored between the tigers in the tigers'. Yeah that sounds about right I'd probably go maybe a little bit on the underside of that just because these two teams I think have pretty good defense is. I know LSU has been struggling on the on the front side on the defensive line but. I think this is going to be a tight match up I don't know even if all Burma under covering that seven points. Reds aren't so some confidence of the ousted tigers can't compete and hang with the number ten team in the nation Adrian Peterson says it another five years in the tank. That lease city your sports just yet for five years they'll put him at 3637. Years old in the NFL running back you had I don't think that's gonna happen but hey we'll see if he's yet this year anything he's gonna shine in Arizona real quickly I really don't just because Arizona's offensive line may be the worst in the NFL.